Barbara Niveyro

Barbara Niveyro


Open Designer for Innovation, Communicator, and Writer.



Barbara Niveyro is a media producer, writer, designer and educator focused on urbanism, health, education and technology. She worked in communication and multimedia with digital platforms, non-profits, brands, and creatives such as Amnesty International, Brooklyn Ballet, NYXT, Arteinformado, DiMoDA, Eyebeam, Greenpeace, and Rolf Art. Barbara has worked in the film industry for more than ten years, in roles ranging from production to distribution, and sound design to stop-motion. She has collaborated with corporations and studios such as Turner, Construir Tv, BAFICI, Brett Morgan, Larson Studios, and Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Barbara describes herself as a “design leader, obsessed with time management and innovation, who works with a multicultural and multidisciplinary vision”.

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