Top 10 Best Software Torrent Sites for 2024 – Safe & Working

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 19 Jun 2022

Software companies have been imposing expensive subscription fees on their applications. For this reason, users who need specific programs but can’t afford the fees turn to torrent websites. Free cracked copies are distributed on these platforms for many people to download and enjoy.

Since these programs are illegally modified, you can’t say for sure if they’re safe to use on your computer. If you’re not careful, you might be executing something that can destroy your system. To minimize the risks, our experts compiled a list of the best software torrent sites where you can source cracked programs that are safe to use.

These are the metrics we considered in our process of ranking the best software torrent websites:

  • Monthly traffic
  • Countries with access
  • number. of torrents uploaded
  • Daily uploads
  • Seed-peer ratio
  • Other factors related to the cybersecurity

Although torrent sites look safe and accessible, vulnerabilities are still present when browsing them. Hence, our network experts tested many virtual private network providers to determine which one delivers maximum protection. After their analysis, they have concluded that NordVPN is the best tool for torrenting. 

And now, let’s check out the list of the best software torrent sites.

The Pirate Bay (

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the oldest and most popular torrent site established in 2003. It has the biggest database, consisting of more than ten million torrents. Users can easily browse this site owing to its simple interface. With its categorized library, users can quickly find the software of their choice.

Although authorities successfully shut this torrent site down, it was able to re-emerge and keep its prominence. The site gets about 21.1 million visits per month.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 21.1 million

TorrentGalaxy (

TorrentGalaxy Stats

TorrentGalaxy (or  TGx) is another excellent choice among torrent websites. It quickly rose to popularity for offering a wide range of downloads, including software, music, movies, games, and many more.

Its home page displays the top trending torrents from each category. Moreover, looking for your preferred software is convenient because of its simple layout. As a platform with excellent features, it’s no wonder why it receives 4.2 million visits from different countries monthly.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 4.2 million.



RARBG is a torrent site known to be movie-centric. But the truth is that it has so much to offer. With millions of torrents spread in its various categories, you’ll likely find what you’ve been searching for. Since its formation in 2008, the site continuously expands its library of software, utility tools, anime, music, and many more.

RARBG, which gains around 3.4 million monthly visits, is indeed an exceptional addition to the torrent industry. Furthermore, the structure of its navigation is handy for users. One thing annoying about the website is its excessive ads. But with the abundance of software that the site provides, it’s easy to forgive such a disadvantage.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 3.4 million.

MagnetDL (

MagnetDL Stats

MagnetDL is a well-known torrent indexing search engine. The platform only indexes torrents instead of hosting them. Therefore, it can offer thousands of software torrents from numerous sources. The site gains 3.3 million global visits every month. 

The platform’s ease of use comes from its excellent placement of categories and the search bar at the top. Additionally, since many people are active in their community, users can expect a high seed-peer ratio.  This platform can easily fulfill your need for software.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 3.3 Million

TorrentDownloads (

TorrentDownloads Traffic Metrics

TorrentDownloads is an entertainment-oriented torrent platform offering diverse torrents in music, movies, software, books, and games. The website has more than 2.7 million global visits and an extremely active torrent community.

Administrators and community members always upload verified torrents to this platform daily. Due to the high seed-peer ratio, downloading torrents is much faster than its competitors. Each torrent page indicates the health condition, seeds, leeches, and size of the file.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 2.7 million


ZOOQLE Traffic Metrics

Note: This site is no longer accessible.

ZOOQLE is an impressive torrent tracking platform that offers a large collection. Users can enjoy fast download speeds due to its high seeding and leeching ratio. Although the platform is movie-oriented, users can still find the best software from this site.

Our experts noted that browsing around ZOOQLE and searching for their needs is a pleasant experience. It has a clean and straightforward interface. In terms of monthly stats, this site gathers 2.1 million global visits.  

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 2.1 Million

TorLock (

TorLock Traffic Metrics

TorLock has always been delivering excellence as a torrent tracking platform. With a large number of visits, hitting 1.7 million monthly, it’s probably easy to find most software from the website. Interface-wise, it looks plain and old-school.  

The site indexes thousands of torrents in all categories. Looking at its software category, you will notice that it has daily uploads. What’s more, you’ll find the most recent and popular software releases.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.7 Million

LimeTorrents (

LimeTorrents Traffic Metrics

LimeTorrents may be an underappreciated,  torrent indexing site. But you shouldn’t ignore what it offers because it has torrents in almost every category. The platform has always been grappling with the big boys of the torrenting industry. In terms of visits, it gets 415,800 monthly, which is only a fraction of what its competitors attract.

LimeTorrent offers a collection of ten million torrents, covering apps, software, movies, music, games, and mature content. In all probability, you will find the best software torrents from this platform. Despite these advantages, your experience on this site will be dampened by the on-page and pop-up ads.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 415K

iBit (

iBit Traffic Metrics

iBit is the only torrent search engine with listings of verified torrents. Meaning, every torrent uploaded to the platform is checked before becoming part of the library. This extra step performed by the site’s admins gives users peace of mind, knowing that their software downloads are safe. Its collection offers thousands of software torrents.

iBit’s interface is simple yet practical. Each torrent page presents all the necessary info, such as file size, date uploaded, seeders, and leechers. This site averages 370,800 global visits in a month.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 370,800.

Toros (

Toros Traffic Metrics(Note: This site is no longer accessible.)

Toros is an incredibly famous torrent tracking website with millions of torrents in its collection. Besides hosting the torrents, they are also indexing torrents from different torrent sites. Therefore, you can effortlessly and quickly search from thousands of software torrents.

The website user interface displays health indicators and related information for torrents. However, the on-screen adult and page redirecting advertisements will certainly upset you. In addition to this, you must access the torrent websites using NordVPN.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 70,600.

Bottom Line:

In some countries, the government enforces strict regulations to fight piracy. Such efforts include blocking torrent websites. Since internet service providers (ISPs) are capable of detecting your network activity, they can easily catch you red-handed. Furthermore, torrent websites have the means to extract your sensitive information. This can then be sold to various entities without your consent.

To mitigate these risks, our network experts highly recommend using a secured connection when accessing torrent sites. Therefore, it is important to have a cyber protector like NordVPN to disguise your identity online.