Best Documentary Torrent Sites in 2024 - Safe & Working

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 13 Jun 2022

This article lists the best documentary torrent sites based on our research. We determined the most excellent sites with data metrics as the basis. For each best entry, you’ll find the following information: the average monthly visitors, estimated torrents, quality of the torrent library, security defects, accessibility, and seed-peer ratio. We recommend using NordVPN to keep your connection secure and private.

Not all documentaries, particularly crowdfunded indie projects, are readily available on popular content platforms. And if they’re distributed via channels not accessible to audiences worldwide, watching them legally from your location is downright impossible.

Fortunately, with the existence of torrent sites, users can download and watch a variety of documentaries. But with hundreds of torrent sites out there, it’s difficult to determine where to start. Others may have the documentary you seek, but only in a lower resolution. For these reasons, our experts began a comprehensive analysis of torrent sites ranging from the well-known to the least popular.

And now, let’s have a look at the list.

1337x (

Monthly Visits of 1337x, 26.7M

1337x is the most visited public torrent tracking website with one of the largest torrent databases. The website has almost 26.7 million monthly global visits. You can easily find your favorite documentary from its library (which also features thousands of torrents across various categories).

The website features a neat interface. On the home page, you will see the top trending torrents classified under relevant categories. Fortunately, the platform has the most active torrenting community, resulting in higher seeding-leeching ratios.

Countries With Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 26.7 Million

The Pirate Bay (

The Pirate Bay Traffic Metrics

The Pirate Bay always remains at the top of torrent sites. As the oldest of its kind, it has an active torrent community. The website has the biggest torrent library, estimated at ten million. For this reason, it receives more than 21.1 million visits monthly.

This website may seem safe to use just by looking at its simple and clean interface. But in reality, accessing it can damage your computer and collect your personal data. Therefore, it would be best to use NordVPN to hide your network identity and safely access The Pirate Bay.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.   

Average Monthly Visitors: 21.1 million


TorrentGalaxy (

TorrentGalaxy Traffic Metrics

Torrent Galaxy (commonly known as TGx) is another incredible torrent tracking platform, offering an inclusive range of downloads. Its collection is also large enough to deliver different kinds of documentaries. Hence, you can easily get your favorite ones.

With its user-friendly interface, the site is easy to navigate. The platform also receives 4.2 million global visits monthly. Additionally, each torrent page displays the seeding-leeching ratio, health indicator, file size, and screen resolution.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 4.2 million.

TorrentDay (


TorrentDay Traffic Metrics

TorrentDay is an excellent torrent tracking website. However, not all users can access it because only members who received an invite can log in. The platform has a considerably large collection. But you can only join through an invite by existing members.

Non-registered users cannot access its library. A donation of $15 is required to gain access for a month. The site has nearly 4.2 million visits monthly.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 3.9 million.

TorLock (

TorLock Traffic Metrics

TorLock is an incredible public torrent website. It has the biggest database, consisting of millions of torrents. Users can easily navigate through its categories. With about 1.7 million visitors monthly, users can expect an optimum seeding-leeching ratio.

Each torrent page shows related information, including torrent size, uploaded name, and swarm ratings. The only downside is its adult-centric pop-ups and banner ads. Nevertheless, it features a practical layout, making it easy to navigate.

Countries with Access Issues: Germany.

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.7 Million


Government bodies in many countries are now enforcing laws that prohibit digital piracy. Since implementing these regulations, internet service providers (ISPs) have been blocking access to these sites. They can track you no matter which torrent site you visit. Once they track illegal activities through your IP, they can report you to the authorities.

On the other hand, torrent sites are capable of acquiring sensitive information without your consent. They can even sell these data for their benefit. Therefore, it is extremely important to access torrent websites through a secured connection. For an all-in-one solution, you need a cyber-protector such as NordVPN.