VyprVPN Review 2024: An Intriguing Alternative

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 16 Feb 2022
Frederik is a serial entrepreneur that jumped into entrepreneurship after earning his doctorate in physics. Founding and running an analytics company got him into the online privacy and security space he's now contributing to with vpncheck. Read full bio

Expert Contributions

Raeesa Essop
Raeesa Essop Network Engineer
Oksana Ivanova
Oksana Ivanova User Interface Designer
Jaosn Alexander
Jason Alexander Cybersecurity Researcher
Monika Lewko
Monika Lewko Privacy & Data Protection Lawyer
Alla Robert Aristakesyan
Alla Robert Aristakesyan Business Consultant
Tamara Milacic
Tamara Milacic Pricing Expert
This review is based on the exclusive research, analyses, and tests our experts have conducted of VyprVPN.

VyprVPN has made a name for itself in the VPN industry thanks to owning its entire server network and bypassing censorships in highly restrictive countries. Many VPN reviews place VyprVPN among their top 20 VPNs, but we’ve heard that VyprVPN wasn’t the best VPN for torrenting and also doesn’t provide the best value based on their pricing plans and extra features offered (or lack thereof).

However, VyprVPN recently overhauled its operations, so we asked industry experts to test VyprVPN for themselves to determine whether it now deserves a spot among the top VPNs. Before you decide to purchase a subscription, our VyprVPN review explores everything you need to know about their VPN services, from how fast it is to how transparent they are as an organization.

Short on Time? Main Points Below:

  • Access Any Streaming Service: VyprVPN manages to bypass all streaming restrictions thanks to its use of VyprDNS. You can access 35+ streaming libraries.
  • Tier 1 Server Network: VyprVPN is one of a small number of VPNs that own and operate their entire server network.
  • Obfuscation Capabilities: VyprVPN manages to bypass censorships in highly restricted countries such as China, Iran, and the UAE.
  • Solid Privacy & Security: The VPN has a no-logs policy, and it uses industry-standard encryption. It has also been publicly audited to verify these claims.
  • Multiple Protocols: VyprVPN offers the standard OpenVPN alongside WireGuard, Chameleon (their proprietary protocol), and IKEv2.
  • Easy to Use Apps: The VPN provides well-designed apps that are suitable for beginners but still come with some advanced functionalities.

VyprVPN Performance: A Rough Diamond?

The fact that VyprVPN owns its entire server network gives the VPN a great platform in terms of reliability and performance. However, in terms of the actual speeds you’ll get, VyprVPN is somewhat of a mixed bag. This is according to our network performance expert, Raeesa Essop, and below is her detailed analysis.

Our Expert Review and Rating of VyprVPN's Network Performance

Raeesa Essop
Raeesa Essop
Network Engineer

VyprVPN has very little in the way of extra features. It does however have some proprietary software/protocols that can make it stand out against the other options on the market. Another outstanding feature is the claim that the VPN owns all of their infrastructures and has no need for 3rd-party companies/DNS servers.

To allow the VPN to only use their DNS servers this feature needs to be enabled in the interface. It does not appear to dramatically affect performance (negatively or positively). However, their anti-censorship VPN protocol ‘Chameleon’ does have a noticeable impact on performance. This protocol uses OpenVPN as its base and aims to allow users in restrictive countries such as China and Turkey to freely browse the internet. 

Over several tests using this protocol, download rates saw a dip of 50% while upload rates experienced dips between 10 and 15%. The latency remained relatively the same. With regard to the claim that their infrastructure is entirely their own, under some rather superficial tests, the claim was proven to be mostly true. I do believe VyprVPN uses some third party infrastructure to improve performance and serviceability. 

With regard to their usage of virtual servers, VyprVPN has been vaguely open about it several years ago, however, they aren’t open about just how many servers are not physical, and where they are actually located. This may be a point of contention for many users looking to adopt the best possible VPN service.

Looking at performance, the upload rates held up well. On average they saw a dip of less than 30%. The highest dip being 59% (Lisbon, Portugal) and the smallest dip being 11% (Riga, Latvia). The download rates on average saw a decrease of between 60-70%. The largest drop being 80% (Madrid, Spain) and the smallest drop being 25% (Rome, Italy). In terms of latency, it had an average performance with only 3 servers having a latency under 200ms. Wireguard exhibited the best performance out of all of the protocols.

While the VPN exhibits great upload speeds on average, it might not be sufficient for commercial use. It only offers per-app split tunnelling for certain operating systems and does not have any ad-blocking features (although they have stated that they are currently working on ad-blocking features) which is usually a requirement for SMEs looking to invest in a VPN. 

In terms of streaming and unblocking geo-restricted websites, the VPN fared very well. Unblocking went smoothly when using the Chameleon protocol but it also worked with the other available options. That being said, the anti-censorship protocol does not work to unblock applications that have been banned in some countries, it only works to unblock websites.

There are no designated servers for streaming/torrenting/gaming, so it is up to the user to choose the server best suited to the application at hand. If the potential user is in a country that heavily restricts internet usage this may be a worthy investment. However, there seems to be no other reason to choose VyprVPN over the many other better performing more feature-rich VPNs on the market.

However, don’t hand the VPN its hat yet as it has lots of other functionalities to offer, starting with streaming.

Based on my opinion as an Electronic and Automation Engineer, I rate VyprVPN 5/10.


    Excellent Streaming capabilities

    Streaming has quickly become an essential feature for any quality VPN service as most streaming services now block VPNs. Although these restrictions are put in place by the services due to pressure from copyright holders, it’s still quite frustrating not being able to access a streaming service or having your titles limited based on your location.

    Luckily, VyprVPN is one of the VPNs that have put in the extra work to ensure that their service works with pretty much every streaming service. This is enabled by the VPN’s private DNS service known as VyprDNS, so you need to ensure that you are not using a third-party DNS service before streaming.

    Netflix: Enjoy Multiple Libraries

    Netflix is available in almost every country. However, the streaming service is notorious for customizing its titles for each country it serves. This means that you may not get some titles that are available on the streaming service, depending on where you are connecting from. For example, according to Finder.com, the US has 1,326 TV shows and 4,339 movies. The UK, which has one of the largest Netflix libraries, only has 542 TV Shows and 2425 movies, while Lithuania has just 213 TV Shows and 585 Movies.

    Luckily, VyprVPN allows you to maximize your Netflix subscription by providing access to multiple Netflix libraries. VyprVPN allows access to multiple Netflix libraries

    The VPN supports Netflix US, Canada, UK, and Germany, and you can connect to any server in those countries to enjoy the respective library.

    Hulu: Works Seamless

    Hulu is a great alternative to Netflix, especially if you like TV shows more than movies, and the service also provides a great way to ditch cable as you can add Live TV. Unfortunately, unlike Netflix, the service is only available in the US, some parts of Japan, and US territories and military bases. This means that you will need a VPN if you have a subscription or you would like to create one but are outside the US. However, this can’t be just any VPN service as Hulu blocks most VPNs. 

    Fortunately, VyprVPN manages to bypass these blocks, and you can connect to any server in the US, UK, Germany, or Canada. All these servers will redirect you to the US version of Hulu, so you can enjoy the service with the advantage of your nearest server.

    Amazon Prime Video: Unblocked

    Amazon Prime Video is available in 200+ countries and territories, but you have to connect to the US version if you want to get the value for your money. To do this, you only need to connect to a US server with a compatible VPN like VyprVPN, and you won’t even need to change your entire Amazon account to the US. You can also access the German and UK versions of Prime Video by connecting to a server in those countries.

    BBC iPlayer: Unblocked UK Geo-Location

    BBC iPlayer provides lots of free content, but the streaming service is only available in the UK. To access the live TV and VOD content provided, you will need to have a VPN that is not blocked by the service. VyprVPN is one of them, and it redirects you to the UK if you connect to any server in Canada, Germany, UK, or the US. Here’s VyprVPN unblocking the service using a US server.VyprVPN unblocking the BBC iPlayer service using a US server

    DAZN: Stream in 3 Virtual Locations

    DAZN is available worldwide, but it is also one of the toughest streaming services to access if you are outside your country. This is because, unlike other services such as Netflix, DAZN associates an account with a specific country, and you need an IP address from that country to access it. On top of that, the streaming service also blocks VPNs – even before you start streaming – making it hard to access it even if you have a subscription. 

    Fortunately, VyprVPN manages to unblock the service in Canada, Germany, and the US.VyprVPN unblock the DAZN Germany

    Other Supported Streaming Services

    VyprVPN Supported Streaming ServicesVyprVPN goes beyond the above popular streaming services to provide access to about 30 other streaming services. These include Paramount Plus (US),  Apple TV+ (US), SkyGo UK (UK), SkyGo Italy (Italy), NFL Gamepass (Australia, Netherlands, UK, US), ITV (UK), Channel 4 (UK), Channel 5/My5 (UK), TVPlayer (UK), Eurosport Player (Germany, UK), SkySports (Italy, UK), HBO Max (US), HBO Now (US), MLB.tv (US), ESPN+ (US), WatchESPN (US), NHL.tv (Canada), CBC Gem (Canada), Crunchyroll (US), MuchTV (Canada), 3Sat (Germany), ARD / Das Erste (Germany), BR (Germany), Arte (Germany), and more.

    Are the VPN’s streaming speeds reliable?

    If a VPN can’t let you stream at your desired quality comfortably, then it’s not suitable for streaming, regardless of the streaming services it unblocks. For this reason, we connected VyprVPN to servers in several countries and conducted multiple speed and streaming tests. We did the tests using a stable fiber connection of 20 Mbps.

    The first test was without a VPN connection, and it was meant to act as the control test.The first test was without a VPN connection

    We then conducted several tests when connected to servers in the same country and others in neighboring countries, and they all provided impressive speeds of between 19 Mbps and 20 Mbps.VyprVPN connected to servers in the same country and others in neighboring countries

    We connected to multiple regions in other continents for the other tests, and we averaged 17 Mbps to 19 Mbps, which was quite remarkable. Only the upload speeds took a significant hit.VyprVPN connected to multiple regions in other continents

    All tests were done using WireGuard, the default protocol on most of the VPN’s apps, and it’s also the protocol we recommend for streaming as it is fast and secure. When using OpenVPN, there was a drop in speed, but only a minor one. In all cases, VyprVPN managed to stream smoothly.

    Torrenting with VyprVPN

    Regarding Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and torrent services, VyprVPN states that: “At Golden Frog, we have the utmost respect for your privacy. We do not log or retain any information from VPN sessions or block the use of any ports. Because our service treats all traffic equally, peer-to-peer and BitTorrent traffic is allowed.”

    This is good to see, and it is a great improvement on the VPN’s older stance on privacy and torrenting. Now, you can use the VPN with peace of mind knowing that your activities will always remain private. The VPN’s private DNS and kill switch will also help ensure that you don’t get exposed.

    Servers & Locations

    The servers and locations provided by a VPN service determine the experience you are going to have and the virtual locations you can connect to.  Most VPNs pride themselves in the number of servers they offer, but VyprVPN takes a different approach in ensuring reliability – this VPN owns and manages its entire server network!

    Since everything about the network is handled in-house, VyprVPN can promise high levels of availability and reliability. 

    The VPN’s network consists of 700+ VPN servers spread across 70 countries. The regions covered are: 

    • North America
    • Central America
    • South America
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • Oceania

    Some of these servers are virtual servers, but the VPN does not state the locations that don’t use physical servers.

    VyprVPN App Design: Some questionable choices

    VyprVPN provides apps that look similar across all devices and are easy to use. The design is quite simplistic, and you can navigate to features and servers from the main screen with just a single click. That’s enough from us though, as we turned to an experienced UX designer to get their professional opinion.

    Our Expert Review and Rating of VyprVPN's UI/UX Design

    Oksana Ivanova
    Oksana Ivanova
    User Interface Designer

    VyprVPN is designed with questionable UI choices. For example, the color changes upon connecting to a server and a hamburger menu across all devices, even if it’s not a natural/native component.

    There was an issue with user experience when creating a new account on the iOS application. It showed the “network error” when creating a new account and there was no way to proceed any further. The only alternative would be to go to the website from the desktop to create an account.

    In terms of general navigation and flows, the app caters to the general/beginner public. It offers a quick, one-button-connect option and the first fastest server available. For advanced users, the application features a set of advanced settings. There are fewer features for iOS mobile than for Windows, however.

    The choice of colors is simple. It’s limited to 3 primary colors (excluding white) and a gradient. It looks like a regular modern iOS application design. But 3D buttons and distinct shadows are visible. There’s also a full-screen color inversion upon connect. It means that the system should use two matching color pallets, and it’s not clear why. It would be easier to keep the background color intact and make the “Disconnect” button a red color instead. It seems like there was no reason for this visual effect.

    The other thing about the user experience of the application is the Chrome extension. It’s difficult to copy and paste the credentials. If you type your email and click somewhere outside the extension overlay, you will return to the empty fields. You will have to retype everything from scratch. It makes copying and pasting credentials impossible. It means that you have to keep them right in front of you on paper or some other device to type manually.

    Here are the pros and cons of the VyprVPN design:




    • Beginner-friendly, clear call to action
    • Questionable UI design choices, gimmicks 
    • Just one click to connect, no extra tuning is needed
    • Questionable accessibility and Chrome extension UX
    • Consistent design across all devices

    Based on my opinion as a UX designer I rate VyprVPN’s user interference and user experience 6 / 10.


      Device Support of VyprVPN

      Device Support of VyprVPNVyprVPN provides apps for several devices and platforms that allow you to secure your data regardless of the device you are using. Here’s a breakdown of where you can install and set up VyprVPN.


      You can install VyprVPN on:

      • Windows 7
      • Windows 8.1
      • Windows 10

      Apart from the apps, you can also set up the VPN manually on:


      You can install VyprVPN on all Mac devices running Mac OSX 10.12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina), or 11 (Big Sur).

      The VPN also provides manual setup instructions for:

      These guides let you choose the protocol you’d like to use.


      Unfortunately, VyprVPN doesn’t provide a Linux app to allow users to connect easily through a graphical client. However, the app provides guides that can help you set up the VPN through two methods:

      • Manual VPN Setup – The VPN officially supports devices running Ubuntu or Mint, but it also works on all Debian-based Linux operating systems.
      • VyprVPN CLI – Currently only supports Ubuntu 16.0.04.

      You can find the setup instructions on the website.


      You can install VyprVPN on all devices running Android 5 (Lollipop), 6 (Marshmallow), 7 (Nougat), 8 (Oreo), 9 (Pie), 10, or 11.


      VyprVPN provides an iOS app that you can install on iOS 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14.

      Fire OS

      VyprVPN has a Firestick and Fire TV app that can be installed on all 2nd and third-generation Firesticks and as well as Fire TV cubes and Smart TVs.

      Home Router

      VyprVPN provides a fantastic router that can help secure your entire home network. The app can be installed on routers running Tomato by Shibby firmware (MIPS: K26RT-N or K26RT-AC and ARM: K26ARM). The VPN website provides a guide on how to set up the VPN app.

      Apart from the app, you can also set up VyprVPN manually on routers running on:

      • DD-WRT – All firmware versions with OpenVPN functionality.
      • OpenWRT – Version 15.05 (Chaos Calmer).
      • AsusWRT and AsusWRT-Merlin – All firmware versions with a built-in VPN client.
      • Anonabox – Anonabox Pro and the Anonabox Tunneler routers.

      Below are the router installation guides.

      The processes are similar for all VPNs that allow manual VPN configuration.

      Other Devices

      You can also set up VyprVPN on:

      OpenELEC/Kodi on OpenELEC v5 and higher – How to configure VyprVPN PPTP on OpenElec.

      Apps and Extensions

      Here’s a deeper look at the various apps and extensions offered by VyprVPN.

      VyprVPN App for Windows

      The VyprVPN app for Windows features a simple interface that shows your location, your connection status, the selected server, and the connection button.VyprVPN App for Windows highlighting 'Connect' buttong and Fatest Server functionality

      By clicking Connect, you can secure your connection with a single click. The app provides a ‘Fastest Server’ functionality that chooses the best server for you, depending on your location.

      If you’d like to select a specific server, you can click Servers on the lower tab to go to the server section. This will give you a list of all the servers sorted according to speed (latency).VyprVPN App for Windows server section

      You can rearrange the list by clicking the Sorted By label, and you will be able to change the filter to By Region or By Country. VyprVPN App for Windows showing Sorted By label

      The two filters sort the servers based on the alphabet, and they also display the latency.

      VyprVPN also allows you to customize your connection using several features and functionalities. To do that, click Customize on the lower tab. This will give you several options:

      • Public Wi-Fi Protection – The feature automatically secures all networks that have not been added as a ‘trusted network.’
      • Activate the kill switch
      • Select a protocol (WireGuard, IKEv2, Chameleon, and OpenVPN)
      • Enable a third-party DNS service
      • Activate automatic reconnections
      • Determine how the app behaves on Start Up
      • Choose your TAP adapter.VyprVPN App for Windows allows you to customize your connection

      When you are satisfied with the settings, you can then click Connect to establish a connection to the server of your choice. The VyprVPN app will now show your connection status, server location, and connection duration.VyprVPN app showing connection status, server location, and connection duration

      You can change the server or even settings when connected, and the VPN will establish a new connection.

      VyprVPN App for Mac

      The VyprVPN app for Mac features a similar design to that of Windows. After logging in, you can see the connection status, selected server, and connection button. The app also provides a ‘Fastest Server’ option that lets you optimize your connection.

      The process of selecting a server is also quite similar to Windows, as you can sort them alphabetically depending on the region or country.

      Using the customize tab, you can determine how the VPN app behaves and the various settings you’d like to use. The features on the app include:

      • Public Wi-Fi Protection
      • Blocking Malicious Sites
      • Connection Per App (split-tunneling)
      • Kill Switch (System Level, App Level, LAN Level)
      • Protocol Selection (Chameleon, WireGuard, OpenVPN 256-bit, and IKEv2)
      • Automatic Port Selection
      • DNS Configuration
      • Automatic Reconnect
      • Startup Options (Launch on Start, Connect on Launch)
      • Fastest Server
      • Automatic Troubleshooting

      The app also has a hamburger menu button on the top left side that gives you the option to contact support (within the app) or update to the latest version.

      VyprVPN for Android

      VyprVPN provides an Android app on the Google Play Store, and you can also download it as an APK. The app borrows the same design used on desktop apps for familiarity. The main screen shows the connection status, the server selected (with Fastest Server as the default), and the connection button.

      You can choose a server by clicking Servers on the lower side then scrolling through the list.  To tailor the connection, click Customize, and you’ll get several options. These include:

      • Public Wi-Fi Protection
      • Connection Per App (Split Tunneling)
      • Kill Switch
      • Protocol Selection – WireGuard, Chameleon, and OpenVPN.
      • DNS Customization
      • Automatic Reconnection
      • Auto Connection – when Android starts.VyprVPN for Android

      Overall, the Android VPN app gets pretty much everything right. It’s easy to use, provides advanced features, and doesn’t have any connection issues.

      VyprVPN App for iOS

      The VyprVPN app for iOS is available on the App Store, and it looks just like the other VyprVPN apps. On the main screen, the app shows the connection status, selected server, and connection button. It also helps users connect faster by providing a ‘Fastest Server’ option.

      The Customize option provides the following possibilities:

      • Public Wi-Fi Protection
      • Automatic Reconnection
      • Protocol Selection – IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard (iOS 12 and higher), and Chameleon.VyprVPN App for iOS

      Overall, the iOS app is easy to use, but it is quite stripped down and doesn’t provide any advanced features.

      VyprVPN App for Firestick

      VyprVPN provides an app for Firestick on the Amazon store. The app features a fantastic interface and lots of features that include:

      • Public Wi-Fi Protection
      • Malicious site blocking
      • Kill Switch
      • Protocol Selection (Chameleon, OpenVPN 256-bit, and OpenVPN 160-bit)
      • Port SelectionVyprVPN App for Firestick interface

      However, the app has been marred by connection issues since 2017, and it still doesn’t work properly four years on. When you connect to a server, it keeps connecting and authenticating but never manages to establish a connection successfully.VyprVPN app for Firestick on the Amazon store hightlighting Connect button and Public IP Location

      If streaming on Firestick is your primary VPN use, you may want to look elsewhere.

      VyprVPN App for Routers

      VyprVPN is one of the few VPNs that provide an app for routers. The app provides the following features:

      • Multiple Protocols – Chameleon 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN 256-bit encryption
      • Split Tunneling (Per Device VPN) – With the options VPN Required, VPN Preferred, or Bypass VPN.
      • Automatic Reconnection – You can also set reconnection attempts.

      The app can be an excellent way of securing all the devices in your home.

      Chrome Extension

      VyprVPN also provides a Chrome extension that you can take advantage of to secure your browser connection without impacting the rest of your computer. The extension is a simplified version of the other apps, and it’s still in Beta as of this review.

      The main page shows the location, connection status, selected server, and the connection button.  VyprVPN Chrome extension

      There’s no option for choosing the optimal server, and the server list is also limited to 19 locations in 12 countries.

      Getting Started with VyprVPN

      Now that you are familiar with what VyprVPN has to offer, let’s walk through the process of creating an account and securing your connection. VyprVPN makes the process quite straightforward as it only requires a few steps.

      The first of these is, of course, navigating to the VPN’s website. From the main page, you can click Buy Now or Get VyprVPN.Getting Started with VyprVPN This will take you to the checkout page, where you can select a plan among the three provided. The longer plans offer more value for your money, but you can also start with the monthly plan. All the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.VyprVPN Price Plan options

      After choosing a plan, scroll down to the second section and provide the details you’d like to use for your account. The website requires a name, an email address, and a password.VyprVPN Create an Account

      From there, scroll down to the payment details section. You can choose between a payment card and PayPal. Unfortunately, there’s no cryptocurrency option.VyprVPN entering payment details and payment options

      Lastly, fill in the captcha provided and click Secure Checkout or Complete Your Purchase, depending on the payment method you chose.VyprVPN fill in the captcha provided and click Secure Checkout or Complete Your Purchase

      Once you complete the payment, you will receive a verification email. Verify your email address, and you’ll be set. You can go ahead and install the VPN apps for your device, then provide the login credentials.Install the VPN apps for your device

      VyprVPN Security: No Mean Feat!

      VyprVPN does well when it comes to its choice of security standards. The VPN uses AES-256-GCM for all data encryptions with SHA 2 for authentication, RSA 2048-bit for handshake, and Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman for key exchange. 

      Overall, this kind of security is as good as any. However, security goes beyond the choice of encryption algorithms to how they are implemented and their supporting features and functionalities. To get a clear picture of the level of security that VyprVPN offers, we sought the opinion of Jason Alexander, a seasoned Cybersecurity Specialist.

      Our Expert Review and Rating of VyprVPN's Security

      Jaosn Alexander
      Jason Alexander
      Cybersecurity Researcher

      Golden Frog’s VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, which is an improvement to the US, UK, and many other countries, from a privacy perspective (see below for recent 2024 action related to Swiss privacy).

      Their list of CVE’s (common vulnerabilities and exposures) is short. They provide their own protocol – ‘Chameleon’ – to bypass censorship and deep packet inspection. Chameleon is a slight re-work of OpenVPN that changes the metadata.

      OpenVPN has a long history of vulnerabilities (as do all Tier 1 VPN developers). I have suggested it would be good to provide transparency around the timeliness of updates as any tardiness here can lead to exploitation and exposure.

      The tested Windows VPN Kill Switch was a bit glitchy – I wouldn’t rely on it 100%. If you require a kill switch, you should be aware there are a LOT of other things that are likely to catch you easily, in addition to snippets of unexpectedly exposed traffic.

      I did not find any mention of server handling. Given Vypr VPNs’ strong audit result, this is not critical. Still, I’d feel more comfortable knowing there was solid disk-based encryption to mitigate the risks of physical compromise.

      On the list of improvements, I suggest adding a transparency report and a warrant canary notice. I would not consider any of these matters as serious impairments.

      Vypr VPN’s service does not have a lot of value-added extras. Still, I’d happily trade those for the solid foundation of audited privacy that Golden Frog is able to offer. Their 2018 audit is quality work that is on-point. Henry from chat support advises that another audit is happening within 2024.

      Based on my opinion as a cybersecurity specialist I rate Vypr VPN's security at 8.5 / 10.


        The Range of Protocols Offered

        VPN protocols are used for tunneling encrypted data to the VPN server, and they usually affect the levels of speed and security you get. This means that a good VPN needs to provide multiple protocols from which the user can choose the most appropriate option depending on what they want to accomplish.

        VyprVPN does well to provide several options:

        • OpenVPN: This is the most recommended protocol in the VPN industry due to its excellent balance of speed and security. 
        • WireGuard: This is a new protocol that is much faster than OpenVPN, and it has been proven to be secure.
        • Chameleon: This is VyprVPN’s proprietary protocol meant to help users bypass censorships in countries such as China, Russia, Iran, and the UAE. It is a modified version of 256-bit OpenVPN.
        • IKEv2: This is a modern protocol that offers great speeds and good enough security. It is most recommended for mobile devices due to its reconnection capabilities.

        Note that the protocols vary depending on the device, as shown in our device section.

        VyprVPN Security Features

        Besides encrypting your data and tunneling it to a server, a VPN needs to provide several features that prevent any accidental exposures and enhance the user’s overall security. VyprVPN provides several of these.

        A Kill Switch

        A kill switch is a useful feature that prevents exposure by disabling internet access whenever your VPN connection is dropped. The feature is quite useful for torrenting fans and other users who deal with sensitive data.

        Unlike most VPNs, the VyprVPN kill switch starts working immediately after it’s activated (not when the VPN connection drops accidentally). This ensures that you never forget to turn on the VPN when you are using a sensitive app. The VyprVPN kill switch is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and Fire TV.

        Malicious Sites Blocking

        This is a limited VyprVPN feature that is only available on Mac, Android, and Fire TV. The feature enhances security by blocking sites that are associated with malware. When that happens, you will see a VyprVPN warning, but you will still have the option to proceed.

        NAT Firewall

        NAT Firewall is a feature provided by VyprVPN that blocks unrequested inbound traffic. The feature helps provide security as it prevents hackers and bots from scanning your devices to find loopholes. NAT Firewall is enabled on the server level, so it doesn’t need activating on the app. However, you can disable it on your account dashboard.

        Public Wi-Fi Protection

        Public Wi-Fi Protection is another useful VPN feature that ensures you remain secure whenever you connect to an unknown Wi-Fi network. This feature is super useful for users who rely on public Wi-Fi hotspots as such connections are often unsecured.

        VyprVPN Reliability: Is the policy change enough?

        Until 2018, VyprVPN used to collect lots of logs that included the user’s source IP address, the VyprVPN IP address assigned, and the connection start and stop time. This meant that you were never really private as anything you did on the network could be correlated to your session and, ultimately, your real IP address.

        However, the VPN has since changed its privacy policy. It now states that:

        “VyprVPN is a zero log VPN Service. We do not record or retain any data when you use the VyprVPN Service.

        This means:

        • We do not log a user’s source IP address (typically assigned to the user by their ISP).

        • We do not log the IP address assigned to the user when using VyprVPN.

        • We do not log connection start or stop time.

        • We do not log a user’s traffic or the content of any communications.

        • We are network neutral. We do not discriminate against devices, protocols, or applications.

        • We do not throttle or rate limit your Internet connection.”

        This policy change was a huge improvement, and it was compounded with a public security audit in the same year. But is that enough, or is the VPN still haunted by its past and its association with the US?

        To get an expert opinion, we turned to Monika Lewko, an International Business & Privacy Lawyer.

        Our Expert Review and Rating of VyprVPN's Data Privacy Protection

        Monika Lewko
        Monika Lewko
        Privacy & Data Protection Lawyer

        VyprVPN is a service provided by Golden Frog, GmbH, a company based in Switzerland, which is well known for its favorable privacy provisions. The processing of personal data in Switzerland is mainly regulated by the Federal Act on Data Protection of June 19, 1992 (DPA) and its executive orders – the Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection (DPO) and the Ordinance on Data Protection Certification (ODPC). Similar to the GDPR, the revised Swiss DPA pronounces an extraterritorial effect – it may apply to events and circumstances influencing Switzerland even if they are initiated abroad. Additionally, Switzerland is not a part of any intelligence alliance such as Five, Nine, or Fourteen Eyes.


        Golden Frog GmbH carries on with the standard among quality VPN services, the No Logs Policy. It collects Personal Data mostly during the process of creating and maintaining the account for the user (creating a subscription). The justification for this data collection is to provide and maintain their Services and provide customer support for those Services. The company doesn’t explicitly implement GDPR requirements. Instead, it declares to take reasonable steps to allow the user to correct, amend, delete, or limit the use of his/her Personal Data. There is no specially designated person to deal with Personal Data like GDPR required Data Protection Officer (DPO), however, the user is provided with the general support email to control how his/hers Personal Data are being used. There is also no information provided dedicated to CCPA compliance with the frame of the VyprVPN Privacy Policy. Nonetheless, because the company is headquartered in Switzerland, there is no above-average concern for the processed Personal Data.

        Based on my opinion as an international business & privacy lawyer I rate VyprVPN's privacy 8 / 10.


          Excellent Customer Support

          VyprVPN provides several customer support options that let you easily solve any issues you may have.

          Live Chat

          There’s a 24/7 live chat option on the website that lets you talk to an agent within seconds. The option is labeled ‘Support’ and is available on pretty much every page. Once you click it, you can search for an issue or click Live Chat to get connected.

          Email/ Ticket Support

          If you are having a technical issue, this option is better as it offers more comprehensive assistance. To get started, you can fill a form on the website. Alternatively, send a ticket from within any of the VyprVPN apps by going to Menu > Support > Contact Support.

          You can also send the team an email via support@vyprvpn.com.

          VyprVPN Company Overview, History, and Reliability Structure

          The trust you put on a VPN can only go as far as the business behind it. After all, we have seen many VPNs owned by companies with questionable business models and others suspected to be honeypots for the NSA and other surveillance agencies.

          We wanted to get an expert’s opinion on how the company behind VyprVPN operates, so we engaged our Business Consultant, Alla Aristakesyan.

          Our Expert Review and Rating of VyprVPN's Business Structure

          Alla Robert Aristakesyan
          Alla Robert Aristakesyan
          Business Consultant

          Based on the conducted research, VyprVPN has its footprint in the VPN industry, considering its latest move towards ‘no logs’ policy and popular customers among the VyprVPN for Businesses (including Reddit, Wunder, Canonical the company behind Ubuntu, and eos). 

          Golden Frog, the company behind VyprVPN, was founded in 2009, by Ronald (Ron) and Carolyn Yokubaitis, Internet veterans who have owned and operated Internet businesses since the dawn of the public Internet in 1994. Their businesses include Texas.net (one of the first 50 ISPs in the United States), Giganews (the world’s leading Usenet provider), Data Foundry (data center colocation and managed services) and Golden Frog. The latter is currently headed by their son Sunday Yokubaitis as the CEO of the company, which makes the company a family owned business. While started in the US, Golden Frog was later incorporated in Switzerland due to security purposes (as claimed by the company) as GmbH, abbreviation for the The Swiss “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung” (in English: “limited liability company” / “LLC”), which is the second most preferred legal form of a Swiss company after AG (“Joint Stock Company”). 

          In respect to the mission of the company, Golden Frog claims to be a global service provider committed to developing applications and services that preserve an open and secure Internet. With users in 195+ countries, VyprVPN offers worldwide server locations, 700+ servers, and 300,000+ IPs as per company data. At the same time, most employees of Golden Frog and its sister companies work out of offices in Austin, Texas. While the exact number of employees is not known, the company’s Linkedin page mentions the range between 51 – 200 employees, out of which 31 members are listed as current employees of Golden Frog, including part-time roles. 

          In terms of business model, offering separate packages for individuals and businesses, VyprVPN has adopted the SaaS model and also offers a reseller program for VyprVPN as a stand-alone product or as a bundle with other services of the buyer companies. However, no financial information (such as revenue and profitability) is available for further assessing the company’s performance. 

          Based on my opinion as a business consultant, I rate VyprVPN business 5 / 10.


            VyprVPN Pricing: Acceptable prices, discouraging strategy

            VyprVPN provides three pricing plans that offer the same features, with the subscription length being the only difference. The VPN provides starter discounts and offers more reductions if you choose to go for the longer subscription plans.

            Here’s a breakdown of VyprVPN’s pricing.

            Plan Price Discount Savings
            2 months $6.47/month 50% $12.95 over two months
            18 months $2.50/month 81% $188.10 over a year and a half
            36 months $1.67/month 87% $406.20 over 3 years

            The VPN’s regular prices are a bit higher, but they still offer discounts on longer subscriptions.

            Plan Price Discount Savings
            1 months 12.95/month 0% 0%
            12 months $3.75/month 71% $110.40 over a year
            36 months $1.67/month 87% $406.20 over 3 years

            VyprVPN provides three pricing plans

            Payment Methods

            VyprVPN accepts payments through:

            • Debit/ Credit Cards
            • PayPal

            Unfortunately, there’s no way to sign up anonymously as the VPN doesn’t accept Bitcoin.

            Free Trial? Money-Back Guarantee?

            VyprVPN does not provide a free trial, but it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This lets you try out the VPN risk-free as you can get a full refund if the VPN doesn’t meet your expectations. To do so, cancel your subscription through the VyprVPN dashboard and reach out to the team via live chat. 

            Note: We were able to establish that there’s a hidden 3-day free trial on the VyprVPN Firestick app, but that’s only because the app doesn’t work well.

            Overall, VyprVPN has its highs and lows when it comes to pricing. To know how the VPN fares against the best in the market, we reached out to Tamara Milacic, a Pricing Consultant with 6+ years of experience.

            Our Expert Review and Rating of VyprVPN’s Pricing

            Tamara Milacic
            Tamara Milacic
            Pricing Expert

            In analysing VyprVPN’s pricing, they display a familiar 3 tier pricing structure like many of their competitors. The plan pricing varies on the basis of commitment, going from 2 months to 3 years. The way that it is presented is not clear. There is no indication of a one month plan price but the discounts on the longer plans do refer to this price of $12.95 when indicating savings.

            In terms of strategy they are aiming for a price leader strategy. Their pricing for the 3 year plan is very competitive at $1.67 and they provide a price comparison chart on their website that pits them against competition on features and price. However, even though they do emphasize security and no-logs features, unlike many of their competitors, they fail to provide any bitcoin or anonymous type of payment.

            In terms of messaging, their header does not have a visible pricing page link and instead they emphasize ‘Buy Now’ buttons on their site that take visitors to the pricing page. Additionally, on the pricing page they have their prices listed from lowest to highest, thereby not taking advantage of anchoring customer’s expectations by showing them a high price first. That coupled with the unclear discount messaging and lack of monthly plan price makes their pricing comms confusing. They do offer the market standard 30 day money back guarantee but fail to make the cancellation process simple. There is a two step cancelation process that involves both online work and customer service touch.

            VyprVPN do offer business plans by utilizing their market differentiation of owning their own servers. The two plans that they do offer do not have public pricing available but instead display ‘Starting at’ pricing. This allows them to cater quotes to individual business customers but it does anchor customer’s expectations from the bottom. If a customer gets quotes much higher than the From pricing of $299 or $349 they may deem it unfair and have an adverse reaction because they were expecting something closer to this pricing. Lastly, offering only two currencies (EUR, USD) that are simply conversions from one another may be leaving money on the table in countries where customer’s willingness to pay is higher. However, this does depend on how their customers are geographically spread out.

            Based on my opinion as a pricing consultant I rate VyprVPN’s pricing 6 / 10.


              VyprVPN’s Extra Features

              To help you get the best value for your money, VyprVPN also provides several extra functionalities.

              Scrambling (Chameleon)

              The ability to bypass tough censorships such as the Great Firewall of China is one of VyprVPN’s flagship features. The VPN accomplishes this through its proprietary protocol, Chameleon, which is based on 256-bit OpenVPN. 

              The protocol scrambles OpenVPN data to help avoid the deep packet inspection (dpi) blocking techniques used by repressive regimes. This is coupled with a functionality known as Smart IP that changes the user’s IP address periodically without dropping the connection to avoid detection.

              Split Tunneling

              VyprVPN provides split tunneling to let users decide the apps they’d like to tunnel through the VPN. This functionality is provided through a feature known as Connection Per App, but it is limited to only Android, macOS, and routers. For routers, the feature determines the devices whose traffic will be encrypted.

              VyprVPN Cloud

              If you’d like to get a VPN for business, VyprVPN offers a VPN server-deployment solution that helps secure your cloud servers. The service can be set up on DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and VirtualBox.

              Pros and Cons


              • Owns and manages its own network
              • Publicly audited no-logging claims
              • Unblocks Netflix, iPlayer, Disney+, and more
              • Supports torrenting
              • Multiple protocols, including WireGuard
              • Works in highly censored countries such as China
              • 24/7 live chat support


              • Mediocre in terms of its performance and speeds
              • No cryptocurrency payment option