15 Best Music Torrent Sites: How to Download Music in May 2024

Frederik Lipfert
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Updated on 28 Oct 2022

Music torrenting sites have been around for a long time. They were actually the first torrent sites. Downloading movies, tv shows, games, or ebooks all came later. Indeed, music is a source of joy in everyone's life. That's for sure. So the more music, usually the better.

If you're really into music and prefer to download music from torrent sites this article is for you.

We've compiled the list of the best music torrent sites to download music for free.

You can't access your favorite music torrenting sites?

Many music torrenting sites are not accessible in a lot of countries because they are blocked by the government. Especially in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, India, and Saudi Arabia, you will have a hard time accessing these torrent sites.

But there's an easy workaround.

Simply use a VPN service to make yourself look like you're accessing the website from a different place in the world. Easy peasy.

What to look out for when choosing the best torrent site for downloading music torrents?

A few important points. Torrent sites that verify their torrent files are the best to go with especially to download music. Especially if their torrent files have a decent number of seeds and not too many leechers. (That's people only downloading files but not uploading any).

If the websites are heavy on ads, an ad blocker usually does the trick. And just to stay on the safe side, use a VPN. It will keep your actions anonymous.

You could use this knowledge here to download files illegally from any of the music torrent sites. You shouldn't. If you do that's your choice and responsibility. It's not something we encourage you to do and therefore take no responsibility for potential legal issues you may encounter.

Top 15 Best Music Torrenting Sites

  • 1337x
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Torlock
  • KickassTorrents
  • TokyoToshokan
  • LimeTorrents
  • TorrentDownloads
  • SoundPark
  • RockBox
  • MixTapeTorrent
  • DirtyTorrents
  • TorrentFunk
  • RuTracker
  • Torrent9

Now, let's look at the best music torrenting sites:

1. 1337X


In a close race, 1337x beat out the Pirate bay to make the top of our list for the best music torrent site. It also has a section specifically for music torrents. You can find a variety of music genres, including pop, rock, jazz, and genres.

Music torrent search and exploration are made simple and easy using 1337X's clean and straightforward user interface.

Their most popular music torrents list is updated daily and is a great way to find great music.

For each music torrent on the platform, 1337X shows the date, size, and uploader's name. Finally, 1337X allows you to download various torrent files, including magnet links for movies, anime, games, and much more.

These features, the large number of users, and data make it our top torrent site.

2. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent websites in history. The platform maintains the biggest torrent library with thousands of torrents. When it comes to downloading music, this torrent platform is the first choice for most people.

The Pirate Bay also offers the ability to download various other media, including movies, TV series, games, software, and much more.

You are able to even download high-quality FLAC music from The Pirate Bay.

Overall, The Pirate Bay is a great choice among many torrent sites for music.

3. Torlock


Torlock is the third most popular music torrent site. Torlock exclusively includes verified torrents, unlike other well-known music torrent websites. Which definitely makes if one of the best torrent sites.

As a result, Torlock does not host any false or spammy torrent content. Similar to 1337X, Torlock also features a section specifically for music, making finding and exploring music quite simple.

Torlock shows each music torrent's size and file count, making choosing a file to download easier.

One annoyance is the many random ads. But the service they provide does make up for it.

4. KickassTorrents


Original launched as KickassTorrents, KickassTorrents is back after being available at katcro.co for a while.

In essence, the new KickassTorrents is a brand-new version of the popular original torrent website KickassTorrent. This brand-new torrent website was created by former employees and features a clean, safe database.

Music-based torrents can be found in their own section on KickassTorrents.

The user interface reminds of the old KickassTorrents website and is easy to navigate. Searching for music torrents is a breeze.



RARBG is an excellent torrent website with 3.4 million monthly worldwide users. Like any other torrent website, RARBG also offers direct torrent downloads combined with magnet links. You may need to enter a captcha to verify yourself as a human. Its developers particularly place an effort in maintaining its security.

Moreover, its UI is user-friendly. Instead of searching for a new music album or a specific singer, you can easily pick from trending torrents in the following torrent shelf. Users can benefit from the site’s optimal seed-peer ratio, making the downloads faster.

6. TokyoToshokan


TokyoToshokan is a great source for downloading music torrents. As the name hints, its focus is on Japanese content but that includes music as well.

It has several remarkable characteristics, including a simple user interface, practical search criteria, a lack of advertisements, and an extensive library of torrent files.

Thanks to a recent upgrade, the search function now supports file names and metadata hashes. Great features for any of the torrent sites. For instance, if you unintentionally erased a track, you can download it again by looking for the filename. Very practical.

7. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is the next great music torrent site on the list. LimeTorrents provides verified one-click torrent downloads, much like Torlock does.

The music-specific part of LimeTorrents includes information about each torrent's size, upload speed, peers, and seeds.

Compared with other sites there are not many search filters available. Simply select the music option and you will only search for torrents that contain music.

Similar to other torrent sites you can also download torrents of movies, games, software, ebooks, and much more in addition to music.

8. TorrentDownloads


One of the top music torrent sites is TorrentDownloads.

On TorrentDownloads, music-related information is expertly divided into various categories, including Electronic, Folk, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Rock, and much more. Additionally, TorrentDownloads only includes torrents that have been confirmed.

There are more than thirty different music genres available here.

Overall, the massive library of music torrents on TorrentDownloads makes it the ideal site for downloading music.

9. SoundPark


We now have SoundPark, an excellent music torrent site. You can download entire albums in lossless quality using this torrent site.

SoundPark's music is expertly organized into various areas, and you can limit search results based on genres, artists, and different other criteria.

SoundPark provides complete information about the music files and albums. As well as the number of seeds and leeches. Stats any of the torrent websites should care to provide.

10. RockBox


Up till now, we have discussed general torrent music download sites. Now let's explore a few niches.

RockBox, also known as Rawkbawx, is all about Rock, Funk, Electronic, Gothic, and Metal.

Use the two search boxes on the left and center of the screen to look up and download music torrents. Many of the music torrents are available in 320 Kbps – sweet!

Sadly RockBox does not support magnet links, so downloading the torrent files first and adding them to your torrent client is your only option.

What's pleasant about RockBox is that the website is not riddled with adverts.

11. MixtapeTorrent


On MixTapeTorrent, you can find free remix music from thousands of independent DJs.
A trade that not even the best music torrent sites provide. Actually free music. Nice!

When you look up your favorite artist, a DJ mix of that artist will come up in the search results. Is your favorite song on this list? Probably not. Can you find great songs? For sure!

Mixtape categories like Blends, Appacellas, R&B, WestCoat, and others are available for search. Additionally, it is possible to search by DJs as a filter.

Every music torrent listing includes a cover, a track list, and user comments. Many reviews can help you determine whether the mixtape is popular or not.

12. DirtyTorrents


DirtyTorrents is a free and definitely a good music torrent site that also lets you download games, apps, and other content.

It works like a meta-search engine that surfaces popular music torrents from many websites. Enter you search into the search bar and quickly discover new music. You can go to any torrent sites by clicking the get torrent button and start downloading songs. Depending on the site, the music files are either available to download via a torrent file or through a magnet link.

DirtyTorrents makes discovering great music easy as well. Simply check out their most-downloaded torrents of the past day or even all-time.

13. TorrentFunk


Download hot tracks from TorrentFunk to jam out to your favorite music torrents.

For help finding the best music tracks, use the search bar in the top left corner of the screen. Before launching the search, refine the results by choosing the music category.

By selecting the verified-only checkbox, only vetted torrents will show up if you're looking for high-quality uploads only. Well-known and reliable contributors upload them.

FLAC and other lossless, top-notch audio file formats are also available in audio torrents. For relevant search results, mention the format while searching. Then simply start downloading torrents.

Not only that, but in the music section, you can access the music by selecting an alphabet. If the artist's name starts with that, it can be located.

14. RuTracker


Saving something a little different for the last, RuTracker fits the bill for being out of the box. Originally in Russian, you will have to rely on the browser translator to comprehend things.

You can use leading browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that provide the option to translate the page.

Still its features make is one of the most popular music torrent sites.

Before anything else, create an account here on RuTracker to search torrents. Don't sweat it out, as the registration barely takes a minute to complete.

Once logged in, search for music through the dialog box placed in the top center of the page. Here you get several options for performing the search.

What's fantastic about RuTracker is the amount of additional file info available. Artist bio, composition, album information, file quality, and many more. RuTracker is a great place to look to find music by specific criteria.

Almost all torrents also include magnet links in addition to the torrent files. Which makes downloading the music super convenient.

15. Torrent9


Torrent9 is an incredible public torrent website. Although the website is in Spanish, you can easily download all your favorite songs from their extensive music collection. Additionally, they have thousands of torrents in different categories. The site has almost 1.1 million visits per month.

English-speaking users might have a hard time browsing around this platform because everything, from the navigation down to the individual pages, is in Spanish. Its redeeming feature is the UI that looks similar to popular websites.

Is Torrenting music illegal?

Using a torrent client or downloading a torrent are not illegal by nature. But downloading torrent files that contain copyright-protected content is.

Any copyrighted material that is downloaded or distributed without the owner's consent is unlawful.

Downloading Torrent Files

In order to download torrent files you first need one of the many torrent clients available. Download and install either Bittorrent or uTorrent. Both are great choices.

The next step is to use the torrent client to open the downloaded torrent files from any of your favorite torrenting sites. These are the small files that end in .torrent that you downloaded from any of the torrent sites. Alternatively, you can utilize the magnet links, which launch the download right away on your device. Without you having to download the torrent file first. Pretty convenient.

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Today we reviewed the top torrenting sites in the world. The best music torrents and your favorite music tracks can be found on many of websites on our list. Go check them out and let us know which site you like the most. Happy torrenting!