Top 10 Music Torrent Sites: Safe & Working in 2022

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 15 Mar 2022

Music Torrent Sites: Why & How To Access Them Safely

Online users torrent music typically because the tracks they want are not available in their region. They may have the money to pay, but the songs are just not on any legal streaming service accessible to them. Others simply download music from torrent sites because they’re free. Whatever your reasons are, you’ve come to the right place.

You don’t have to search for the best music torrent sites anymore. Our VPNcheck team has done the research and compiled them into our top 10 list. The sites that make it to our list are both reliable and are accessed by a huge number of users.

But before you try accessing torrent sites, it is important to protect your digital privacy and sensitive information. Remember that torrenting is strictly prohibited and punishable by law in some countries. Hence, it becomes essential to spoof your identity (i.e, hide your IP address) from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) with tools like ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

And now, we present our best music torrent websites:



Monthly Visits of 1337x, 26.7M

1337x tops our best music torrent list. You can download tracks from a variety of music, including pop, rock, jazz, and genres. You can easily benefit from its colossal number of collections. It indexes more than 10 million torrents per estimate, which means you can get any content from the site.

The landing page displays the trending torrents of the week from each category. You can also grab both magnet links or directly download torrent files. In terms of popularity, it receives more than 26.7 million visitors from various countries monthly.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 26.7 million.

The Pirate Bay


Monthly Visits of The Pirate Bay, 21.1M

The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent tracking websites in history. The platform maintains the biggest torrent library with thousands of torrents. When it comes to downloading music, this torrent platform is the first choice for most people.

The site receives more than 21.1 million global visitors per month. Notorious for facing legal challenges, its data center was once raided and forced to shut down. But in no time, the website was restored.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 21.1 million.



Monthly Visits of RARBG, 3.4M

RARBG is an excellent torrent website with 3.4 million monthly worldwide users. Like any other torrent website, RARBG also offers direct torrent downloads combined with magnet links. You may need to enter a captcha to verify yourself as a human. Its developers particularly place an effort in maintaining its security.

Moreover, its UI is user-friendly. Instead of searching for a new music album or a specific singer, you can easily pick from trending torrents in the following torrent shelf. Users can benefit from the site’s optimal seed-peer ratio, making the downloads faster.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 3.4 million.

KickAss Torrents


Monthly Visits of Kickass Torrents, 3.2M

KickAss Torrents is the oldest existing torrent tracking website. Its monthly visits are roughly 3.2 million. It’s among the torrent sites that also struggled with many legal battles. Before its shutdown, KickAss Torrents was once the top-ranked website.

This platform boasts millions of torrents and excellent seed-leech ratios in different categories. As an established torrent site, nobody can compete with KickAss Torrents. It has been continuously shifting from URL to URL.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 3.2 million.



Monthly Visits of TorrentDownloads, 2.7M

TorrentDownloads is an entertainment-centric platform offering diverse torrents in music, movies, software, books, and games. It has more than 2.7 million global monthly visitors and an extremely active torrent community.

The site’s administrators and community members upload torrents on a daily basis, hugely benefitting its users. With its high seed-peer ratio, the torrent downloading speed is much faster than its competitors. The main page indicates the health condition, seeds, leeches, and size of the file.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 2.7 million.



Monthly Visits of TorLock, 1.7M

TorLock is a well-known torrent tracker website, with about 1.7 million users every month. The website indexes thousands of torrents. Moreover, its torrent library extends up to million torrents in different categories.

At first glance, it would seem that the platform is outdated. But you can actually download the newest songs and albums. TorLock even has many torrents under movies, anime, eBooks, and anime. Its only downsides are the pop-ups and adult-oriented ads.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.7 million.



Monthly Visits of Torrent9, 1.1M

Torrent9 is an incredible public torrent website. Although the website is in Spanish, you can easily download all your favorite songs from their extensive music collection. Additionally, they have thousands of torrents in different categories. The site has almost 1.1 million visits per month.

English-speaking users might have a hard time browsing around this platform because everything, from the navigation down to the individual pages, is in Spanish. Its redeeming feature is the UI that looks similar to popular websites.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.1 million.



Monthly Visits of LimeTorrents, 415K

The top 8 on our list is LimeTorrents, with roughly 415,800 monthly visitors. It’s incredible for possessing one of the biggest torrent libraries, featuring more than 10 million torrents. Additionally, it has a broad collection of torrents, from music, movies, apps, and games to adult content.

Therefore, you will likely download all of your favorite songs from various genres from this platform. It has always been competing well with other popular torrent sites with its vast number of torrents. Just know that its pop-up ads can be a headache.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 415K.

Sound Park World


Monthly Visits of Sound Park World, 388K

As the name suggests, Sound Park World is an amazing music-focused torrent indexing platform. Instead of hosting torrents, it simply indexes them from other sites. Upon testing it out, we found out that it’s even fetching magnet links and torrent files from Pirate Bay.

In general, the website has a smooth and clean interface. But with a single click on any part of the website, you’ll find that ads pop up automatically. Your computer might be at risk because hackers could steal your information. In this case, you need to hide your identity on the network and remain protected.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 388.6K



Monthly Visits of DirtyTorrents, 84.5K

DirtyTorrents is a torrent search engine with 84,500 worldwide visitors. The platform is very similar to other torrent search engines. The site doesn’t host torrents. It indexes thousands of torrents from different websites as well. Hence, it will make things easier for you to look for and download your favorite tracks.

DirtyTorrents intelligently index the torrents with high seed-peer ratios. Meaning you can download torrents faster. But since most torrents are vulnerable to hackers, we always suggest using a secured internet connection and mask your IP with NordVPN.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 84.5K

Our Final Verdict

Torrent sites make it possible for music lovers to download all the tracks they want, from recent releases to various singers and genres. We have compiled this list for you so that you don’t have to go through every torrent site with a bad interface and low monthly traffic. We considered some aspects first before we determined the best.

Our network security experts heavily emphasize the use of a secured connection when accessing torrent sites. That’s because your ISP can track everything you do, giving them evidence to report you to the authorities in your country. Eliminate this kind of risk by subscribing to a reliable virtual private network service, such as NordVPN.

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