10 Best Kodi Live TV Addons: Free Kodi TV Channels for 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 1 Mar 2022

Use this list of Kodi addons to watch live TV anywhere, anytime—VPN safety instructions included!

  • Our Top 10 list of addons for live TV viewing
  • Installation instructions on how to install addons using ExpressVPN safely—with screenshots
  • Summary

Are you trying to watch live TV on Kodi, but you’re unsure of which ones offer the channels you want, what addons are working now, or how to install them without risking your computer’s security?

Our top 10 list of Kodi addons for 2024 presents you with the best free addons to add to your download list. These Kodi Live Streaming addons—some official, some 3rd party—give you access to your favorite sports, news, and entertainment live TV channels from all over the world.

Plus, we’ll show you step-by-step, with screenshots, how to set up and use ExpressVPN to safely install Kodi Live TV addons.

Kodi Live TV Addons Top 10 List

Xumo TV - Free live TV HD streaming at its best

Xumo TV - Free live TV HD streaming at its best

The world of over-the-top—OTT—platforms is getting pretty cutthroat with their pricing packages. But unlike many traditional OTT platforms, Xumo is totally free, and it’s becoming very popular with over 35 million users.

The platform grants you access to over 190 live tv channels in a variety of categories including news, sports, movies, reality tv, music, and more. It also has a good mix of cable and digital channels. There are no premium channels, but they offer a lot of on-demand streaming movies to make up for it.

One catch with the service is what makes it free in the first place—the ads. As they say, “nothing in life is free.” And with Xumo, you’ll have to watch a lot of ads when viewing. But it’s the same with anything free on the internet, so you’re probably used to it by now.

780p streaming is available with Xumo, so as long as you have a good internet connection, you shouldn’t see many interruptions. However, the platform only offers streaming in North America and Europe, so you’ll need a solid VPN if you’re outside of those regions to avoid bumps in the road.

There aren’t really any customization options or channel bundles with Xumo—it’s free after all—but with access to over 190 channels, it’s a solid Kodi addon.

Pluto TV - Largest user base for Free Kodi live streaming channels

Pluto TV - Largest user base for Free live TV

Founded in 2013, Pluto TV offers a mix of hundreds of network, cable, and internet channels. The platform is free, so there are no bills or contracts, and there’s also no sign-up either. It’s perfect for those looking to ‘cut the cord’ and avoid paying money to cable providers and streaming services. 

The platform offers a sleek, easy-to-use interface that’ll remind any child of the 80s—or earlier—of the old TV Guide channel. But don’t worry, you won’t be endlessly scrolling up and down to find what you want. There are search and category functions that make it a bit more modern.

On the negative side, though the interface is easy to navigate, it can be a little glitchy—even on Kodi. But it’s not problematic enough to take the app out of any top 10 list. 

And like any free live TV add-on, you’ll have to watch some ads. But there are no additional ads with the programming, so it’s no different from watching live TV on cable or any non-premium channel. 

Pluto TV offers streaming channels in both SD and HD, so you should be able to have solid streaming quality regardless of what you watch or if you watch it on Firestick or on your computer.

Overall, though Pluto TV may not offer premium channels or ad-free content, it’s a great app to download from the official addons repository.

Catch-Up TV & More - Channel options in countries outside the US

Catch-Up TV & More - Channel options in countries outside the US

To start, this Kodi addon isn’t as optimal for American users as the Exodus addon for Kodi.. It only offers four American live TV channels at the moment. 

But America is a melting pot with millions of expats, so it makes the list! If you come from another country or speak another language and are living in America, Catch-up TV & More is pure gold. 

The Catch-Up Kodi addon offers a lengthy list of global live TV options from 16 countries outside the US. Many of the country categories offer over 10 channels for you to catch up on your favorite programming. Plus, there’s an international live TV category that adds even more icing to the cake. 

The beauty is that Catch-Up TV doesn’t just pull from one region of the world, all 6 continents have representation. And they’d probably have a channel from Antarctica if it were available.

So if you’re an expat living in America or just someone who wants to learn another language, try this addon. It works well with Kodi on Firestick, it’s in the official addons repository.

NewsOn - Local news anywhere, anytime

NewsOn - Local news anywhere, anytime

Having a diverse and complete selection of addons is key to using Kodi. After all, you can’t just watch TV and Sports all the time. You need to know what’s going on in the world!

NewsOn gives you access to local news stations throughout the country. With this addon, you can always be in-the-know of what’s happening on the ground and from a source close to the event.

For easy access, the developers broke up the interface into four categories:

  • Live Now – grants access to local newscasts as they’re happening
  • Breaking News – brings up feeds from local news stations covering live events
  • Local Stations – Find your favorite station by call sign
  • Browse by State – Find your favorite local station by state

As of now, NewsOn offers over 175 stations from 114 markets, which means you should be able to find the news important to you. Plus, every feed runs in HD, so it’s perfect if you want to use Kodi on Firestick to see newscasts on your TV. 

Most importantly, the feeds always connect, run smoothly, and there is rarely a connection interruption. 

Last, if you miss a broadcast and you want to catch up on things, NewsOn allows you to access a broadcast up to 48 hours after airing. With this addon, you’ll never miss the local firefighters rescuing a cat from a tree!

7 of 9 - A clean, customizable interface

7 of 9 - A clean, customizable interface

Named after the Star Trek: Voyager character, 7 of 9 has been around for a while and is a fan favorite for those who enjoy Kodi TV addons. It’s in the Diamond Wizard repository, so it’s one of the easiest addons to locate and install. 

If you’re not sure about safely installing this Kodi addon, just review our step-by-step instructions in the next section.

There’s only one caveat to 7 of 9 to gain access to Live TV. Once it’s installed, you’ll need to click on the category labeled IPTV and install another addon called Beta Quadrant — IPTV. After installation, you’ll have access to live TV.

The interface is nice with 7 of 9 and breaks up the channels by category—it even has a Kids TV section. And it also offers a breakdown of channels by country. Just know that some of these categories might require additional addons to access some channels. You’ve gone this far; why stop now?

One of the best features of 7 of 9 is its clean interface that’s fully customizable. This makes things easy when trying to access your favorite channels, unlike some of the other addons out there. 

7 of 9 is a must-have for anyone looking for more live TV options than other popular addons like Limitless.

SportsDevil - Go-to addon for everything live sports

SportsDevil - Go-to addon for everything live sports

What’s a live TV addons list without mentioning the best Kodi sports addons? 

SportsDevil is one of the most well-known Kodi live TV addons out there. Regularly featured on many top addons lists, it’s almost a required download for any sports lover.

With the SportsDevil Kodi addon, you’ll gain access to a variety of live sporting events, including:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • UFC and Boxing
  • Professional Wrestling
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Domestic and International soccer
  • And more!

You even have access to live bar sports like darts and pool. Plus, it features sports replays, so you never miss a game.

However, don’t be fooled by the addon’s title. SportsDevil offers more than just sports. Within the app, you can access the ‘Live TV’ category, which also grants you access to the ‘World TV’ section under ShadowsNet.ro. This grants you access to other live TV channels around the world.

SportsDevil is available on most of the major repositories. Just make sure that you’re using a VPN before downloading—see the instructions below. And also check to see that you’re downloading the latest version to avoid any glitches or interruptions.

Achilles TV - Live TV entertainment with a sports selection too

Achilles TV - Live TV entertainment with a sports selection too

Achilles TV is a favorite of Kodi users who want to watch live TV. The app is available on a wide range of repositories and offers a great menu set up. Plus, the TV channels work all the time.

With Achilles, you’ll get access to TV channels from various countries around the world like the US, UK, Italy, India, Spain and more. It’s truly a global access addon that makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Unlike some of the other non-sports focused addons on this list, the Achilles Kodi addon also opens you up to sports channels. This is great for people who don’t want to go overboard on the addons, but still would like to watch a game or two. 

The final perk to mention with Achilles TV is the exceptional sound quality. There are a lot of addons available that give you access to channels but have you adjusting the volume setting every thirty seconds. You’ll be able to set it and forget it with this addon.

J1TV - Well-rounded live TV functionality

J1TV - Well-rounded live TV functionality

J1TV is one of the most well-rounded addons that offers a wide range of streaming content. But it also gives you access to live TV, live events, and live concerts. This makes it great for people who use Kodi on Firestick. 

The addon is in the Butter Fingers repository. And it’s been around for a while, so it works on both Kodi 18 and Kodi 19. 

While many other addons break things up by country, J1TV categorizes by genre. This makes it a preferable platform for people who don’t want to take any extra steps in their channel searches. 

The only real problem with J1TV is that you may have YouTube errors when trying to run some channels. This means you’ll need to use a personal YouTube API key in order to access the channel.

This shouldn’t be an issue if you keep your personal information locked down. Also, always use a VPN when viewing live TV content.

Fetch! - A truly global live TV experience

Fetch! - A truly global live TV experience

Compatible with Kodi 19 and Kodi 18, Fetch! is an addon that does global live TV right. It’s a 3rd party app, so you won’t find it on the official Kodi repository. But it’s easy to download and find a 3rd party provider to access it from the Doomzday Repository.

With Fetch!, you’ll have access to live TV from countries all over the world. They even have channels from countries like Kurdistan, Tunisia, and Algeria if you’re so inclined.

In addition, the addon breaks channels and other streaming options down into a wide range of categories, including movies, travel, kids/family, classics, education, religion, music, travel, and so many more. You’ll also gain access to an extensive library of series and movies. 

Fetch! stands out from many other 3rd party addons because the live TV and streams play with high-quality picture and audio. The source links are reliable, and there’s a lot of HD content. Plus, it doesn’t need to buffer very much. 

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive and allows you to save a list of favorite channels. And if you don’t want to scroll through the menus, you can always use the ‘Search’ function for direct access. 

Fetch! also keeps track of your recently viewed TV channels and streams, so you can easily pick up right where you left off.

The Crew - Multi functional addon with premium service integration

The Crew - Multi functional addon with premium service integration

If you’re looking for a multi-functional IPTV Kodi addon, The Crew has got you covered. Along with the diverse and regularly updated streaming content, The Crew gives you access to a great selection of IPTV options. Watch live entertainment, sports, and content for the kiddos with solid links and minimum buff time.

The Crew Kodi addon is another addon with an excellent, easy-to-use interface that’s loaded with features. There’s even a section titled ‘1-Clicks’ that gives you access to top shows and channels with just one click. 

This addon is very popular for its live sports IPTV category that will connect you directly to your favorite games. But it also offers links to a wide range of live tv channels including:

  • Stratus
  • Lodge
  • Flexus TV
  • Xumo TV
  • Pluto TV
  • Distro TV
  • Tubi TV
  • Bumblebee TV
  • And many more!

Along with live TV, The Crew also has a lot of niche categories you won’t find in other addons like IMDB lists, Oscar winners, and Stand-up Comedy. 

The Crew connects you with a superb list of links. But the key factor that makes it so popular is its connectivity with premium services like Real Debrid. This will grant you access to premium links from a wide range of hosts. Also, The Crew integrates well with Trakt so you can sync content across multiple devices.

How to use ExpressVPN to install addons safely on Kodi?

Is it possible to install Kodi addons and use them without a VPN? Absolutely. But do you want to? We wouldn’t recommend it.

When you don’t use a VPN to install addons, you expose your computer to surveillance from your internet service provider—ISP. They can see what you’ve downloaded and installed, and upon installation, can track what you’re streaming and for how long.

To avoid this security breach issue, use a solid VPN—like ExpressVPN—to hide your actual IP address. This will also help to protect your computer from exposure when using public connections.

Protecting your connection and computer is easy. Just follow these instructions on how to use ExpressVPN to install addons safely on Kodi.

Note: You’ll need to select a pricing plan, download, and install ExpressVPN from their site first.

  1. Open ExpressVPN on your computer. It will ask for your activation code to get started, or you can use an Email Sign-In link.Open ExpressVPN activation code window
  2. To use the activation code, login to your account at ExpressVPN.ExpressVPN account login
  3. Copy the activation code to your clipboard. It’s located just below the section labeled ‘Set up your devices’Activation code located just below the section labeled ‘Set up your devices’Activating ExpressVPN using activation code
  4. Select a VPN location you want to use. You can select a VPN from anywhere in the world. Remember that the location you choose could affect your ability to play certain live TV channels.Choose Location window of ExpressVPN
  5. Click the ‘Power Button’Power Button of ExpressVPN
  6. With your ExpressVPN connected, you can now open Kodi and safely install addons.ExpressVPN connected



Our list of the best addons for live TV in 2024 should give your Kodi a boost. You can find most of these addons in the official Kodi repository, but for 3rd party applications, you’ll need to follow some additional instructions to get them going. Regardless, always use a VPN like ExpressVPN to install any addon safely.