Top 10 Best TV Show Torrent Sites for September 2024 – Safe & Working

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 19 Jun 2022

If you’re watching shows on TV, chances are you’ll miss an episode or two. And while they’re available legally, some areas in the world aren’t blessed with high-speed internet. Buffering caused by spotty connections can take away the joy of watching our beloved series. 

We all want to watch such exciting shows without hiccups. And when we watch episodes at the consistent video quality, the overall viewing experience feels pleasant.

It’s no wonder why people turn to torrent sites. They can download all the shows they want and watch episodes on-demand. But with so many active torrent sites, finding series in high resolution can be tedious. A lot of them don’t even give that much attention to this category.

To help you in your search, we have compiled a list of the best TV show torrent sites based on data metrics, security aspects, and experience. Unfortunately, internet service providers (ISPs) and governments restrict access to such websites in most countries.

To circumvent the restrictions,  we always advise our TV show fans to get a subscription with NordVPN. This tool also keeps your personal information and unique identity (such as your IP address) confidential. It puts you through a secured and encrypted network, allowing you to remain protected while accessing TV show torrent sites. 

And now, let’s explore the top TV show torrent sites along with their pros and cons.

The Pirate Bay (

The Pirate Bay Traffic Metrics

Apart from being the oldest, The Pirate Bay is among the most visited torrent platforms. It averages 21.1 million monthly visits all over the world, with nearly 9.3 million coming from the States. Additionally, thousands of TV show torrents are downloaded and uploaded daily on the platform.

The site’s developers previously confronted several legal issues. However, it still stands after the tumultuous proceedings. Its layout is simple and accessible. It also offers a magnet link for all torrents listed.  Enjoy a gigantic torrent library made up of software, movies, games, eBooks, and adult content.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.   

Average Monthly Visitors: 21.1 million

TorrentGalaxy (

TorrentGalaxy Traffic Metrics

TorrentGalaxy (TGx) is a brilliant torrent website that offers an extensive range of files. Its library extends to millions of old and new torrents covering all categories. Hence, users can easily find skipped or missed episodes of their favorite TV show. Moreover, the website is convenient to use. It provides detailed information such as leechers, seeders, and health indicators.

Torrent Galaxy has an excellent torrent collection from other categories, including games, software, music, and adult content. The community members are willing to share requested files on demand. With its amazing features, it’s no wonder the site received about 4.2 million visits monthly.

Countries with Access Issues: Not Banned Yet.

Average Monthly Visitors: 4.2 million.


Monthly Visits of EZTV, 5.4M

EZTV is the most visited and popular torrent tracking website among young people. Looking at its name, you can easily say that it is particularly designed for television shows and would have the best collection in the said genre.

In just a short period of time, the site quickly rose to popularity owing to its high-quality entertainment content. As a result, most people have EZTV as their first choice when looking for their favorite TV shows. 

Its design delivers the best experience with its simplicity. It also receives a significant number of visits every month, estimated at around 5.4 million.

Countries with Access Issues: Brazil.  

Average Monthly Visitors: 5.4 million.



RARBG Traffic Metrics

RARBG is a popular torrent website and a great alternative to its competitors. It mainly focuses on delivering entertainment content. You can easily grab your favorite movies, music, and TV shows. In general, people use the platform for its large torrent database. Featuring a straightforward design and navigation, it lets users browse with ease.

Despite its good offerings, you might need a good VPN and an adblocker to prevent annoying ads from popping up after you click a link. 

The site gathers 3.4 million visits every month. There also are tons of downloads across other categories such as software, anime, games, and adult content. As always, a secured internet connection is a must when accessing torrent websites.

Countries with Access Issues: Indonesia, Singapore.

Average Monthly Visitors: 3.4 million

KickAss Torrents (

KickAss Torrents Traffic Metrics

KickAss Torrents is another excellent option when searching for your favorite TV shows. It’s a one-of-a-kind torrent site that delivers in terms of the size of its collection. But with governments blocking its links, the website continues to shift from one URL to another.

More importantly, the number of leechers and seeders is much higher than its contenders. The site also gets 3.2 million visits a month. The website has faced many lawsuits, but in the end, it was able to resume operations.

Countries with Access Issues: Turkey.   

Average Monthly Visitors: 3.2 million

TorrentDownloads (

TorrentDownloads Traffic Metrics

TorrentDownloads is a fantastic torrent tracker. It offers thousands of torrents from different categories comprising TV shows, movies, music, games, software, and anime. This wonderful torrenting solution features torrent health indicators, file sizes, leechers, and seeders.

The site gets around 2.7 million visits each month, with 14,200 coming from the United States. However, its biggest downside is the ads suddenly popping up as you browse around. Aside from this minor issue, internet service providers (ISPs) can monitor your activity. Thus, it would be best to protect your sensitive information by using NordVPN. 

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 3.2 million.


ZOOQLE Traffic Metrics

Note: This site is now defunct. 

ZOOQLE grabs the attention of TV show enthusiasts with its colossal torrent collection. You can easily download different resolutions of any movie or TV show because it centers around entertainment content.

The website layout is quite interesting as it features the cover images of each item on the home page. Although we noticed some minor issues, it makes up for the number of its number of offerings. On average,  the site has around 1.7 million visits monthly.

Countries with Access Issues: Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.7 Million

WatchSoMuch (

Monthly Visits of Watchsomuch, 1.6M

Watch So Much is an incredible torrent site for downloading television shows, series, movies, and documentaries. Apart from delivering recent shows, you will also find the past episodes of your favorite shows. The platform has thousands of torrents under various TV show genres. 

The most amazing feature of this platform is it allows you to submit a request for unlisted content. Eventually, community members will upload your request to the database. Apart from this benefit, people can easily navigate the site as its layout resembles Netflix. Watch So Much gets an estimated 1.6 million visits every month. 

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.6 million

TorLock (

TorLock Traffic Metrics

TorLock is a handy alternative where you can effortlessly download your favorite TV shows. The platform displays the file size, health, seeders, and leechers for every entry. However, the irritating adult pop-up advertisements can be extremely unpleasant and ruin your browsing experience.

Users generally assume that TorLock is limited to offering television shows. However, it has more torrents than they can expect across different categories. The website layout is accessible and user-friendly. The site hits around 1.7 million visits every month.

Countries with Access Issues: Germany.

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.7 million.

Pirateiro (

Pirateiro Traffic Metrics

Pirateiro is a torrent tracker website designed specifically for TV shows. It also focuses on delivering a better user experience. Unlike other sites, it has the simplest search options and an overall minimalist design. Besides this, the website has a broad library offering many games, applications, and movies. 

The unique feature is that the administrator verifies every torrent before each gets listed. Pirateiro is an underrated platform, hitting only about 102.2K visits every month. To access its library without any hitch,  you need to use NordVPN.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 102.2K

Unfortunately, Pirateiro stopped operating in 2022.

Pirateiro now defunct


The websites mentioned in our list have all been tested and inspected by our experts. We conducted our comprehensive research so you don’t have to waste time determining which one’s the best. We assure you that we selected only those that work flawlessly. 

Of course, the issues with network security and pop-up advertisements cannot be avoided when accessing these sites. For these reasons, we always recommend using a secured network (via NordVPN). The virtual private network (VPN) works as your defender by spoofing your internet protocol address (IP address) and blocking geographical location trackers.