35 Best Kodi Builds for Amazon Firestick 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 16 Aug 2022

If you're looking to build up what the Kodi world can offer you, installing one of the best Kodi builds available can turn your Amazon Firestick into an unlimited media center. Although there are benefits to building your personally tailored Kodi setup with a variety of popular Kodi addons, downloading a build will save you time.

Kodi builds don't just contain a range of video addons, though. You can also find custom skins and themes to improve your viewing experience.

Finding the best Kodi build can make the difference between enjoying your favorite shows, movies, and live TV and having a buffering mess ruining your relaxation time.

Here are VPNcheck‘s top 35 choices of best Kodi builds available in 2024 and why you should think about choosing them. If you need help installing Kodi on your Firestick check out our guide on how to jailbreak your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

You can find helpful tips on installing Kodi and a whole load of other useful stuff too – such as installing the best Kodi apps on Kodi compatible devices.

The top Kodi builds you can get right now include:

  • Diggz Xenon
  • No Limits Magic
  • Atomic Matrix
  • Aurora
  • Titanium
  • Slamious
  • Smokin
  • And plenty of others from this list!

We have tested all of these builds ourselves and we will continue to check for changes regularly so that we can update our list when there is new information.

And as usual, we strongly recommend keeping your online privacy while streaming by using the best Kodi VPN.

What's The Best Kodi Build For The Amazon Firestick?

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1. Diggz Xenon

Diggz Xenon Kodi Build Main Page Sports Category

Diggz Xenon is a very popular Kodi build, and it tops our list as the best Kodi build for 2024. Diggz Xenon Plus is the latest version of the build, and it comes with a fantastic, easy-to-use interface with a dark theme. The theme is full of graphics to enhance Kodi's visual appearance.

Updated and simplified to provide access to a large selection of addons, Diggz Xenon is an excellent build for people who want a) lots of selection and b) plenty of tools for customization.

The Diggz Xenon build organizes content into various categories that make it easy to get what you are looking for: Sports, Free Zone, Debrid Zone, Networks, Music, Favorites, and Kodi Library.

What's Included With Diggz Xenon?

All the above categories come with various addons that let you enjoy free movies, TV shows, sports, live TV, documentaries, anime, kids' content, and music.

Some of the video addons you'll get with the Diggz Xenon Kodi build are Asgard, The Oath, Schwifty, Mad Titan Sports, LiveNet, Chains, Nightwing, and Black Lightning.

This Kodi build also comes with several skins that you can switch between and get a completely new look while retaining the functionality, performance, and reliability of Diggz Xenon.

How to Install Diggz Xenon Kodi Build

Kodi Build Repo: Diggz Matrix Wizard

Repo URL: http://grumpeh.aion.feralhosting.com/repo/

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia & Kodi 19 Matrix

Top 35 Kodi Builds: 2-10

2. No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Magic Build Main Menu Movies Section

The No Limits Magic Kodi build uses the Aeon Nox: Silvo skin, which makes it attractive and easy to navigate on your streaming device.

The build comes with an excellent array of addons, a breathtaking theme selection, and a diverse feature list. Because it is constantly being updated for new add-ons and themes, No Limits Magic is both sleek in design and useful in function.

It's everything you need in one place, and there's also a lite version suitable for streaming devices with limited RAM.

No Limits Magic build offers a wide variety of content organized into Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV, Networks, Kids, and Music.

However, it's important to note that the build only works well with Kodi 18.1 and below, so you may need to downgrade to use it (don't worry though; you won't lose any features).

The No Limits Magic build has not yet been ported to Kodi 19 Matrix, and versions 18.2 to Kodi 18.9 Leia usually display a zip error when installing the build.

What's Included with No Limits Magic Build?

Some of the addons included with No Limits Magic are The Magic Dragon, MetalliQ, Release Hub, Uranus, Titan, 7 of 9, Neptune Rising (Poseidon), Sportowa TV, and Rising Tides. These fantastic add-ons let you access your favorite titles, live channels, and sports.

How to Install No Limits Magic Build

Kodi Build Repo: No Limits Wizard

Repo URL: https://www.nolimitswiz.appboxes.co

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.1 RC 1 and Kodi 17

3. Misfit Mods Lite

MisFit Mods Lite Kodi Build Main Menu Movies Section

Misfit Mods has been one of the most popular Kodi builds over the last few years, and rightly so. Besides being one of the best Kodi builds for Kodi 18.9 Leia, Misfit Mods offers a wide variety of content presented in a great way to make exploring new titles and getting something to watch easy.

Unlike most builds, the Misfit Mods Lite build places the menu bar on the top, and highlighting a category shows the trending titles. When you scroll down, you then get to see the title's synopsis right from the home page.

Misfit Mods Lite is a relatively lightweight Kodi build, so it works great on streaming devices. However, during our tests, we noted that the MisFit Wizard only works with Kodi 19.0 at the moment, so you may need to downgrade to use the build.

What's Included With Misfit Mods?

Some of the top addons that come pre-installed with Misfit Mods include Seren, The Loop, Patriot, The Oath, Asgard, Rising Tides, The Crew, Venom, and The EndZone 19. 

These and others will let you enjoy movies, TV shows, sports, and so much more. Some of the addons will require Real-Debrid, but most of them offer free sources.

How to Install Misfit Mods Lite on Kodi

Kodi Build Repo: Misfit Mods Wizard

Repo URL: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix

4. Aurora

Aurora Kodi build main menumovies section

Aurora is a build from the Ghetto Astronaut Wizard, and it's based on the Confluence skin, one of the best skins for Kodi. The build comes with an awesome dark theme with a user-friendly interface, but it is still simple and offers lots of content on the main page.

Aurora mainly provides Debrid content, but it also has a free section.

The build's categories are Movies, Free, TV, Sports, 1 Click, Kids, and System. Each of these displays sub-categories and the addons that support that particular section.

What's Included With Aurora?

Aurora comes with lots of Kodi addons that provide content in 720p up to 4k. Some of the addons you'll find are Base 19, Asgard, Black Lightning, Chains, Rogue One, Magic Dragon, The Oath, Wolfpack, and The Crew.

Kodi Build Repo: Ghetto Astronaut Wizard

Repo Source: http://famdamnlyman.one/Matrix/Repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix

5. Atomic Matrix

Atomic Matrix Main Menu TV Shows Section

With Asgard and Alvin built into Atomic Matrix's chassis, you know that there are plenty of shows and movies ready to watch as soon as you install them. The user interface is simple to navigate (in fact, it's probably the simplest Kodi build I tested out), and you can link up premium-quality streams through Real-debrid, Premiumize, and other premium streaming services.

If you simply want to plug in and play, Atomic Matrix's TV and movie database is constantly being updated to include the latest releases.

Atomic Matrix works great with Kodi on Firestick and other Kodi-compatible devices – and with plenty of Kodi addons, it's a powerful build for any Kodi device.

What's Included With Atomic Matrix?

All the Kodi addons you need come with Atomic Matrix, such as Alvin, Asgard, The Oath, The EndZone, Magic Dragon, Patriot, Venom, Seren, FEN, Asgard, The Crew, and more. These will let you enjoy movies, TV shows, sports, music, and kids' content.

Kodi Build Repo: MisFit Mods Wizard

Repo URL: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix

6. Chameleon

Chameleon Kodi build main menu TV Shows option

Chameleon is one of the best Kodi builds from DaButcher among their in-house builds, and it comes with a simple and elegant interface. The build offers several categories that include Movies, TV, Sports, 1-Clicks, and Favorites. It displays sub-categories below each of these and the most popular titles above them.

As the build's name suggests, Chamelon is highly customizable, and you can edit it to create a unique appearance.

What's Included With Chameleon?

Chameleon provides movies, TV shows, and sports content. The Kodi build does this through various Kodi addons such as The Oath, Asgard, The Crew, Shadow, Rogue One, 4K, The Loop, Torque, TV One, and Mad Titan.

Kodi Build Repo: DaB 19 Wizard

Repo Source: http://dabutcher.org/repo/

Supported Versions: Kodi 19 Matrix

7. The Joker Builds

Update: The Joker Kodi builds are currently unavailable as Fractured Repo is down.

The Joker’s Biohazard menu

Look at The Joker not so much as one Kodi build but as a range of builds. That's not unusual – many of the top Kodi builds provide 10+ configurations. But The Joker is fantastic because the huge number of pre-configured Kodi builds allows you to find one that is perfect for your needs.

The best Kodi build in The Joker bundle for the Amazon Firestick is Biohazard. It's a very lightweight Kodi build, it's easy to use, as well as extremely responsive.

Thanks to its low RAM requirements, you can load this excellent build and enjoy its catalog of fantastic shows.

What's Included With The Joker Builds?

This hugely depends on what you install on your system. Looking at the range of builds that come with The Joker bundle is the only way to know which useful installed Kodi addons are right for you.

What you can know for sure is that you'll find a build that will let you watch anything you want, from classic romcoms to live sporting events.

Kodi Build Repo: Joker Wizard

Repo Source: http://defcon-one.tk/fracturedrepo/

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia

8. Aspire

Aspire Kodi Build

Aspire is another theme from Doomzday. The updated Kodi 19 version uses a bluish theme that presents a lot of content in a simple way. When you select a category on the main screen, you can see titles and their sources.

This makes it easy to know what to expect as Aspire provides both free and Real-Debrid content. However, the build focuses more on the free side, so you can always enjoy your favorite content without a premium account.

Aspire organizes content into 1-Click TV, Debrid & 4K, All Stars, Sports, Live TV, Kids zone, Music, and more Kodi addons. You will see sub-categories before each main category to help with the navigation.

What's Included With Aspire?

As most Kodi builds, Aspire offers something of everything. However, its Live TV and Sports sections outdo most other builds, so get this one if you are a sports enthusiast.

Some of the popular addons you'll gain access to are The Loop, Asgard, Crew Sports, TV Tap, Schwifty, The Oath, Ghost, Odin, and Venom.

Kodi Build Repo: Doomzday 19 Wizard

Repo URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday/

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix

9. Doomzday BK19

Doomzday BK19 Kodi build main menu 1-Click section

BK19 is another lightweight Kodi build from Doomzday. The most significant thing about this solid Kodi build is that it uses a poster wall interface that utilizes a larger part of the top screen to show titles. This makes the build more suitable for larger screens, as you would have trouble navigating with mobile devices.

The content displayed on BK19 is mostly organized according to addons, which are included in the main menu. Other than the addons, there are also several categories such as Live TV, Sports, and Music.

What's Included With BK19?

BK 19 Kodi build lets you watch movies, TV shows, live TV, live sports, etc. The build comes with 15+ Kodi addons, including Live Net, 4K, Apex Sports, Asgard, Rising Tides, Apex Sports, Mad Titan Sports, Ghost, and Magic Dragon.

Kodi Build Repo: Doomzday 19 Wizard

Repo URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday/

Supported Versions: Kodi 19 Matrix

10. Equinox

Equinox Kodi build main menu free section

Equinox has been around for several years, and the build has become known for its visually-rich graphics that bring a lively experience to Kodi. However, this also makes the build quite heavy, and the total size after installation goes up to 1 GB.

Although it makes for excellent free media center software, Equinox is more suitable for PCs rather than streaming devices such as Firestick.

That aside, Equinox is great at organizing content, and its categories include Media, Live TV & Sports, Free, 1-Click, and Library. The build doesn't offer much room for customization, but its dynamic graphics ensure it never gets boring.

What's Included With Equinox?

Equinox Kodi build offers both free and Real-Debrid content. You can use the addon to stream movies, TV shows, live TV, live sports, anime, and adult content.

Some of the popular addons that you can use are KodiVerse, Patriot, ReleaseBB, Aliunde Plus, BewbsandBeer, Xtasy D, The Crew, The Oath, Alvin, Black Lightning, and Chains. Note that some of these addons will prompt you to download them after the build installs.

Kodi Build Repo: Diggz Wizard

Repo URL: http://grumpeh.aion.feralhosting.com/repo/

Supported Versions: Kodi 19 Matrix

Top 35 Kodi Builds: 11-35

11. Grindhouse

Grindhouse’s Right Light District skin on the Movies menu

An impressive library of movies and TV shows underpin why Grindhouse has remained as popular as it has. It was initially one of the best Kodi builds on the old Kodi 18.9 Leia set-up, and it has been adapted to work on Kodi 19 Matrix too.

The Grindhouse wizard has many custom builds included with it. Meaning, you can choose the one that best fits your needs (although Red Light District is a quality skin and selection of addons. It works well on all Kodi compatible devices – including Firestick, Android TV Boxes, etc.

What's Included With Grindhouse?

Not to be confused with the Grind Kodi build, although Grindhouse has a number of different builds, you'll find these classic add-ons in all packages: Numb3r5, Magic Dragon, Asgard, Magic Dragon, and Jor-El.

Kodi Build Repo: MF'in Grindhouse Wizard

Repo URL: http://grindhousekodi.tk/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 18 Leia and 19 Matrix

12. Fallout

Fallout build main menu KodiVerse section

Fallout is a fantastic build from cMan, the developer behind several of the best Kodi builds and in-house addons. The build is provided by the cMan build wizard, which hosts Kodi builds such as Code Red, Reboot, Mando, and Simplex.

The Fallout Kodi build provides its categories in a minimalistic manner, and unlike most builds, you need to select the main one and scroll for the next one to appear. The categories include X-Plore, Sports, Add-ons, Live, and Favorites.

What's Included With Fallout?

Fallout Kodi build comes with lots of popular addons: 4K, Asgard, Black Lightning, Magic Dragon, M.E.T.N, No One, Odin, Patriot, Rogue One, Schwifty, The Loop, Rising Tide, and Torque. The wide array of Kodi add-ons ensures that Kodi users can watch pretty much anything, from anime to live sports.

Kodi Build Repo: cMaN Wizard Repository

Repo Source: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 19 Matrix

13. Slamious

Update: Slamious build is currently unavailable, so consider other builds in this list.

Slamious main menu

Slamious is another Kodi build with a streamlined design, but the team behind this one has pushed their built-in add-ons to the forefront. You can see all of the best add-ons that have been included with Slamious straight on the dashboard, helping you find the best shows with the intelligent search function.

Coming with a range of movies and TV shows ready to watch, Slamious is perfect for the binge-watcher. It's also lightweight, so you can enjoy your favorite films without waiting through long buffering times.

What's Included With Slamious?

Slamious makes the popular addons offered central to their package, so they're all available in the main dock. Some of the brightest highlights include The Crew, The Magic Dragon, and Yoda.

How to Install Slamious Kodi Build

Kodi Build Repo: Slamious Wizard

Repo Source: http://slamiousbuilds.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix

14. DaButcher

DaButcher TV Shows menu

With 9 builds in the DaButcher inventory, the team behind the DaButcher wizard has put the work in to get the best addons loaded in. DaLight (shown above) is particularly impressive and has an excellent selection of movies and TV shows to keep you busy. I particularly like how the search function lets me search for some novel genres such as “shadow.”

What's Included With DaButcher?

DaButcher includes some of the standard addons you would expect of any high-quality build as well as some of their own, in-house add-ons. These include Bullet, Dab-Tube, and Shadow.

Kodi Build Repo: DaB Wizard

Repo URL: http://dabutcher.org/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix

15. Element

Element home screen, Matrix skin

No one likes a cluttered dashboard with their Kodi build. Compact and easy to navigate, the Element – Matrix home screen is perfect for the minimalist. 

Designed for streaming, Element can be integrated with Real-Debird so you can get the best streams without slowing down your viewing experience. And coming with some of our favorite addons available on the market right now means that Element is a pick for people who don't mind a build that is a little less lightweight than it appears.

What's Included With Element?

Element contains a variety of add-ons that make watching TV shows and movies easy – including some of the best addons on the market, like The Oath.

Kodi Build Repo: cMaN Wizard Repository

Repo Source: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 19 Matrix

16. Maze

Maze Movies menu

Maze is a lightweight build that makes it to our list of the best Kodi builds as even older Firesticks with Kodi 18.9 Leia installed can get cutting-edge graphics as well as a large library. It works great on any streaming device, including Firestick, Android TV Boxes, and PC.

If you have an older Firestick and a family to entertain, Maze offers a range of movies, TV shows, and content just for kids. Loading the latest movies doesn't ever seem to be a problem – when I tested to build, everything loaded quickly and smoothly.

What's Included With Maze?

Maze's smaller selection of addons may be a drawback for this build, but it has plenty of entertainment rolled into it to keep you and your family entertained. Exodus, Asgard, The Oath, Kratos, and Venom are some of the addons you'll find.

How to Install Maze Build on Kodi

Kodi Build Repo: Maze Wizard

Repo Source: http://mazebuilds.co.uk/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia

17. Smokin

Smokin Kodi build main menu movies section

Smokin is a lightweight Kodi build from the Doomzday repository. The build is designed to be elegant while still maintaining a small size suitable for streaming devices such as Firestick and Android TV boxes.

Smokin Kodi build features just a simple continuous menu bar on the home page, but selecting any part of the upper side of the screen displays various titles under the selected category. These categories include Movies, TV Shows, TV/Sports, and Music.

What's Included With Smokin?

Smokin comes with lots of Kodi addons that let you enjoy a wide variety of content. They include Twisted, Asgard, Live NetTV, TV Tap, Ghost, Mad Titan Sports, The Loop, The Oath, Sport HD, and Wolf Pack.

Kodi Build Repo: Doomzday 19 Wizard

Repo URL: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday/

Supported Versions: Kodi 19 Matrix

18. Silvo

Silvo Movies menu

The Silvo Kodi build is another older build with some excellent addons for streaming movies and TV shows. All my tests showed that it was smooth and responsive, but the search functionality made this a strong offer.

The number of categories and subcategories may be overkill for some, but I liked testing out how granular I could make my searches. A useful feature for people with very specific tastes.

What's Included With Silvo?

Silvo comes with some useful addons that make finding videos easy. Some of these are DeathStar, Asgard, Patriot, Rising Tides, Magic Dragon, and Yoda.

Kodi Build Repo: Maze Wizard

Repo Source: http://multibuild.info/mbwiz/

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia

19. Plutonium

Plutonium Movies menu

Plutonium has extremely impressive designers working on the build, meaning you get professional quality skins, like this Aqua Man wallpaper included. It's one of the best Kodi builds for Kodi users who want a build that is aesthetically pleasing.

I was impressed with how high-quality the skins looked when I loaded up the build for testing, but I felt like that visual design might have been a higher priority than creating a lightweight build.

That's not to say that Plutonium Kodi build won't work on your Amazon Firestick – it was running fine on mine. But it was marginally slower than some of the other builds that I had been testing. Not for older Firesticks, but an interesting choice for the current generation.

What's Included With Plutonium?

Unfortunately, the Plutonium Kodi build only works with Kodi 18. However, for those with Kodi Leia, Plutonium's wide selection of Kodi add-ons means that there is something for everyone. Some of the best addons include Patriot, Seren, FEN, Magic Dragon, Invasion, and Yoda.

Kodi Build Repo: EzzerMac Wizard

Repo Source: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia

20. Ezzer Macs

Ezzer Macs Sports menu

Ezzer Macs isn't so much an addon as a repository for other builds – and some of the best Kodi builds can be found there, too. The Ezzer Macs team has created a huge number of Kodi builds to include in their repository, so you know that there is quality in the wide selection.

If you want to test out a wide range of Kodi builds under one repository, Ezzer Macs is the one for you. It's so broad that there are two separate menus stored in the one repository – Ezzer Macs and Ezzer Mac – the former has a text-based menu, and the latter has a graphic interface.

What's Included With Ezzer Macs?

Ezzer Macs has a huge selection of builds and addons included, but some of the best ones include Arrakis, Dreadnought, and Maverick.

How to Install Ezzer Macs Kodi Builds

Kodi Build Repo: EzzerMac Wizard

Repo Source: http://ezzer-mac.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia

21. Maverick

Update: Maverick build is currently unavailable as DejaVu Repo is down.

Maverick Home menu

Maverick has a pretty standard UI, but the graphics make this a really impressive build to load up on your Amazon Firestick.

If you need something simple that looks great at the same time, Maverick offers plenty of choices. Loaded with the signature Terminator-style skin, Maverick has a simple side-scrolling menu and search function.

There's not a great deal to do on the Maverick build. You can just focus on what you want to watch. So, as far as simplicity goes, this is among the best Kodi builds for those who just want to get streaming.

So, perhaps this isn't the most exciting build out there, but it serves a purpose. If you need something lightweight and easy to use, Maverick is right for you.

What's Included With Maverick?

Along with the Maverick team's signature Maverick addon, you can get access to Deja Vu, Free, and Skynet.

Kodi Build Repo: Maverick Wizard

Repo Source: https://dejavurepo.github.io

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix

22. Hard Nox

Hard Nox Movies menu

Hard Nox is simple in design – here are your addons, and here are the movies or TV shows that are associated with them.

There's something admirable about such a straightforward Kodi build, especially considering that it is still lightweight and attractive.

I found that the Hard Nox Kodi build was best for watching movies. A number of movie selections delivered some of the newest films to my Amazon Firestick (and some great classics as well). If you're a movie buff, Hard Nox is worth considering.

What's Included With Hard Nox?

Hard Nox has several great Kodi add-ons for movies, including Enix, Movie Vault, and Yes.

How to Install Hard Nox Build

Kodi Build Repo: Misfit Mods Wizard

Repo URL: http://misfitmods.com/mmwiz/repo/

Supported Versions: Kodi 18.9 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix

23. Steampunk

Steampunk System setting menu

If you're into steampunk, maybe this theme means something to you. Expect to find lots of artsy interfaces with this build.

Steampunk is another easy-to-use Kodi build that is lightweight and easy to navigate, even with an Amazon Firestick remote. Along with a selection of movies and TV shows, you can also scroll through the addon browser.

That's something not a lot of Kodi builds offer, so I was pleased to be able to skip straight to what I wanted.

You can also integrate Real-Debrid with this Kodi build, so you can stream in 1080p and 4K resolution.

What's Included With Steampunk?

As part of the Phoenix group of builds, expect The Oath, Deathstar, Numbers, and Phoenix, among others.

Kodi Build Repo: Phoenix Wizard

Repo Source: https://phoenixkodi.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 18

24. Green Monster

Green Monster TV Shows menu

The classic feel is great – it looks like something I would load to the Xbox Classic.

If you're the kind of person who needs a classic feel to a build, the Green Monster build is about as classic as it gets. The skins are designed to look like something out of Tron, and all the addons are loaded underneath the menu.

Easy surfing, easy streaming, and easy on the eye – that's what you can expect if you opt for the Green Monster Kodi build.

What's Included With Green Monster?

Green Monster includes The Crew, Fen, and Numbers among its addons.

Kodi Build Repo: The Crew Wizard

Repo Source: https://team-crew.github.io

Supported Versions: Kodi 19 Matrix

25. SG Wizard

SG Wizard Movies menu

SG Wizard builds are closely related builds that can be installed from the SG Wizard, found within the EzzerMacs repository. Most of the Kodi builds within SG Wizard offer a Netflix-style theme that focuses on organizing content on the front page to help users explore new titles.

But besides these, you will find several other diverse Kodi builds. Some of the builds within SG Wizard are Metamorphis, Metalique, Faze, SiFlix, SG TV, and Flow.

What's Included With SG Wizard?

What you get from SG Wizard builds depends on the particular Kodi build that you install. However, most of the builds specialize in movies and TV shows.

Kodi Build Repo: SG Wizard

Repo Source: http://www.ezzer-mac.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 19

26. Alienware

Alienware was previously one of the best builds for Kodi. It's famous for working reliably with Kodi 18 and Kodi 19 on every streaming device that supports Kodi.

Alienware offers practically everything you need in a Kodi build. And while there are better Kodi builds available now, such as Diggz Xenon and No Limits Magic, the Alienware build is still popular among Kodi users for its variety of addons, user-friendly interface, and more.

The Wizard Repository of cMaN comes with Alienware, and numerous other reliable Kodi builds, including Fallout and Element.

Alienware gives Kodi users access to several Kodi Matrix compatible video addons, including Black Lightning, The Oath, Free, SportHD, and many more. This Kodi build also works great with Real-Debrid enabled.

Kodi Build Repo: cMaN Wizard Repository

Repo Source: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 19

27. Franks

The Slamious Repository gets you access to the Franks Kodi build, which has just received the latest updates and is once again operating flawlessly.

Movies, TV Shows, System, Power, and All in One are some of the Categories in Franks.

Numbers, The Crew, Magic Dragon, Seren, FEN, Marauder, Ghost, and other popular addons are available on the Franks build.

This Kodi build also runs well on all the Kodi-compatible streaming devices, as it is a relatively lightweight build.

Kodi Build Repo: Slamious Repository

Repo Source: https://team-crew.github.io

Supported Versions: Kodi 18

28. Mad Dragon

The Mad Dragon Kodi build is another excellent build from the cMaN repository – which is currently among the best Kodi repositories for top builds.

The Mad Dragon build includes various categories, including Cave, Duel, Dungeon, Lair, Settings, and more.

Mad Dragon works with Real Debrid, so you can watch movies and TV shows in 1080p and 4K.

Any device that runs Kodi can be configured to run the Mad Dragon build, as long as you install Kodi Matrix – since this build only works with Kodi 19.

Kodi Build Repo: cMaN Wizard Repository

Repo Source: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 19

29. Neuromancer

The Neuromancer Kodi build can be found in the Ghetto Astronaut Repository, with a few other builds. Its most notable features are the build's easy-to-navigate interface and lightweight nature.

Plenty of Categories, such as Channels, Sportz, Kidz, and Butterfingers, are used in the Neuromancer build to make navigation even easier to use.

Kodi Build Repo: Ghetto Astronaut Wizard

Repo Source: http://famdamnlyman.one/Matrix/Repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

30. Lowrider

The Lowrider Kodi build may be new, but it's great for Kodi users looking for plenty of video addons.

Lowrider can be found in the cMaN Repository. Movies, Scrapers Plus, World TV, Addons, Documentaries, and Settings are just a few of the Categories available

Lowrider performs admirably on all Kodi-compatible streaming devices and is undoubtedly one of the most reliable Kodi builds out there that comes with numerous Kodi add-ons.

Kodi Build Repo: cMaN Wizard Repository

Repo Source: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 18 and Kodi 19

31. Titanium Kodi Build

The Titanium Build stands out among the best Kodi builds since it comes with a vast array of entertainment. Kodi users can get it by doing a fresh install from the Supreme Builds Wizard.

Titanium has a ton of popular Kodi addons, including Yoda, DeathStar, Gaia, and others.

You can watch live TV channels, including Live TV for the major US and UK cable TV channels, live sports, movies, YouTube, Kids Zone, and sports highlights.

It has a simple and user-friendly interface. Additionally, Titanium Kodi build receives regular updates to make sure it keeps pace with the current media streaming landscape.

How to Install Titanium Kodi Build

Kodi Build Repo: Supreme Builds Wizard

Repo Source: http://repo.supremebuilds.com

Supported Versions: Kodi 17 and Kodi 18

32. FunTech

You can install FunTech, and several other top Kodi builds, from The Chains Repository. However, FunTech is one of the best builds from this repository.

This build has a number of Categories, including Kids, Sports, Favs, Movies, and TV Shows. You will also find that many well-known video addons come with the FunTech build.

Any device that runs Kodi 19 can be used to install FunTech.

Kodi Build Repo: The Chains Repository

Repo Source: http://thechains24.com/ChainsRepo/

Supported Versions: Kodi 19 Matrix

33. Luxray

One of the most popular Kodi builds created by the Stream Digital Wizard is Luxray. With this build, you can watch movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, kids, horror, documentaries, and adult.

The Luxray Kodi build provides a straightforward user interface with categories and a quick-access menu. The home screen is where you can locate the addons, featured content and, if you're looking for more alternatives, you can navigate the build without any difficulty.

Luxray runs effortlessly on Firestick, Android TV, mobile, PC, and most other Kodi devices.

Some of the best Kodi addons in this build include The Crew, Patriot, Magic Dragon, Asgard, Mad Titan Sports, and YouTube.

Kodi Build Repo: SD Wizard

Repo Source: http://sdwteam.com/wiz

Supported Versions: Kodi 19

34. Project JL

The Project JL Kodi Build is a more recent build that can be found in the cMaN Repository.

The Project JL build includes a number of categories, including Wizard, Kids, Sports, TV, and Movies.

You can get Project JL on any device that has Kodi installed. This build also comes with plenty of great video addons – providing enough entertainment for the whole family.

Kodi Build Repo: cMaN Wizard Repository

Repo Source: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 19

35. Cobalt

Cobalt is a newer Kodi build that can be found in the same repository as several of the other top builds here, cMaN Repository.

The Cobalt build includes various categories, such as Free Movies, Scrapers, Family, Addons, Odds n Ends, Sports, and more.

Any device that runs Kodi 19 Matrix can be configured to run Cobalt.

Kodi Build Repo: cMaN Wizard Repository

Repo Source: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

Supported Versions: Kodi 19

Bonus Alternatives

Kodi 19 Best Kodi Builds (Alternatives)

  1. Cosmic One
  2. Dragon
  3. Aeon Flux
  4. Matrix
  5. Simplex
  6. Colussus Matrix
  7. Trancendant
  8. LazyNova
  9. XontriX
  10. Sports Plus
  11. Flixer Build
  12. Nova TV
  13. Zilt
  14. Wave
  15. Widgetry
  16. cMaN Builds
  17. Blue Magic Kodi Build

Kodi 18 Best Kodi Builds (Alternatives)

  1. Diamond
  2. Streamline
  3. Badazz Media Center (BMC)
  4. Dominus
  5. Infusion
  6. The Lite Build
  7. Duffman Reloaded
  8. Doomzday Builds
  9. The Grind
  10. CellarDoor TV

How to Use Kodi Builds Safely

When using a Kodi build, you need to use a reliable VPN. Since Kodi builds and add-ons give you access to copyrighted material, you're breaching Amazon's end-user agreement and, possibly, local copyright laws.

If you choose to install and use Kodi addons on your Amazon Firestick, turn off Amazon's snooping settings in the Preferences Privacy Settings menu and then activate your Kodi VPN.

Since a VPN hides your IP address (kind of like a postcode for the device you are using on the internet), no one will be able to tell what you are streaming. Using a top-of-the-range VPN also stops trackers, adverts, and malware from attacking your devices – always a bonus!

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What is the latest Kodi build?

Unlike Kodi addons, which can be found on the official Kodi website in the Add-ons section, finding the newest Kodi builds can be a challenge.

Seren is a popular Kodi build exclusively for Kodi 19 Matrix, but it wasn't enough to get into this top 35. Check out the recommendations above (search for Kodi 19 Matrix) to find some of the newest and most recently updated builds for Kodi.

What is the best new Kodi build?

New addons and builds appear every day, but the Element – Matrix skin has been the most impressive Kodi 19 build that I've come across so far.

With its simple yet sophisticated interface, this build made it into our top 15 builds (despite being so new!).

Minor concerns about the size of the build held it back from breaking into the top 10. For more powerful systems than an Amazon Firestick, Element is an excellent package for accessing movies, TV shows, sports, and live streams.

Is it safe to use Kodi builds, and are Kodi builds legal?

Kodi builds are safe – as long as you only download trustworthy ones!

Just like when you download anything from the internet, there is a risk that some kind of malware has been packaged with the file.

By downloading reputable and respected Kodi builds, you cut the risk down.

If you decide to install Kodi builds that aren't on this list, be wary of what you are trying to access.
Kodi builds are legal – if you're simply installing or using them. However, the content you stream through the video addons may not be. That is why we recommend getting the best VPN to hide your streaming activities.

Further, if you are tech-savvy, you can investigate the download before opening it up. If not, we suggest getting the best Kodi VPN that comes with a Threat Manager feature; otherwise, you are probably best sticking with what you know is safe.

How can I install addons on Kodi builds?

Remember that some builds are easier to use than others. Since a Kodi build is just a collection of add-ons with a skin slapped on top, adding any of your favorites that weren't included is easy.
Follow these 8 easy steps to install your favorite Kodi addons over a build:
1. Open your favorite Kodi build on your Amazon Firestick.
2. Navigate to the Settings menu.
3. Navigate to Add-ons.
4. Allow installations from unknown sources.
5. Navigate back to the Kodi home menu.
6. Add the Add-on source URL to Kodi.
7. Install.
8. Enjoy your favorite shows!

Can I still use Kodi 18 Leia?

Yes, but you need to install a build that is Kodi 18 Leia compatible. Installing a Kodi build that was made for Kodi 19 won't work (but a Kodi 18 build might not work for Kodi 19 either!).

Keep an eye out for updates to your favorite builds – the teams behind them may be currently updating the Kodi 18-only builds to be Kodi 19 compatible.

Is Kodi 19 Matrix Better Than Kodi 18?

Not necessarily in terms of builds, but Kodi 19 is more secure, has smoother playback, and is filled with useful features like subtitling, scrapers, and add-on compatibility.

If you have a favorite build for Kodi 18, you might want to wait for the team responsible for it to update it to Kodi 19.

As old Kodi add-ons were written in Python 2.7 (which is now unsupported), they don't agree with Kodi 19's Python 3 code. Maybe you want to wait or perhaps try another one of the top builds that made it into this Top 35 Kodi Builds list.

Is Xanax Still One of the Best Kodi Builds?

Although Xanax makes it into a lot of people's top 10s, it didn't make it into this one. The new Xenon build by Diggz has everything that Xanax has to offer and more.

If you used to use Xanax (or are thinking of switching away), now is a great time to switch to Diggz Xenon or any of the top builds included in this Top 35 Kodi Builds list.