Top 10 Best Movie Torrent Sites for 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 19 Jun 2022


When the pandemic broke out, lockdowns were implemented, leaving people no choice but to stay home and rely mostly on what the internet has to offer. It’s no wonder why the number of users looking for the best movie torrent sites suddenly increased recently.

In this post, we list the best torrent sites where you can download movies for free. With this comprehensive research, you don’t have to go out of your way looking for places where you can get your film-watching fix.

As always, we highly recommend using a protected connection during your torrenting session. While you can do without it, you might be putting your sensitive information at risk. Let VPNs such as NordVPN keep you secured while downloading torrents.

During our search, we considered these crucial factors:

  • Accessibility (in terms of geographical location)
  • Torrent quality & quantity
  • Download speed
  • Security issues

And now, let’s take a quick look at the best, reliable movie torrent sites.


Monthly Visits of YTS, 28.7M

YTS (previously named YIFY) comes at the top of our best movie-oriented torrent website list, with almost 28.2 million global visitors. It has emerged as an excellent torrent contender, with old, classic films and newly premiered movies. The platform is well-known for having a colossal movie library.

Additionally, torrents found on the website are categorized by genre. In case you are looking for a particular movie, the search box has several helpful filters. You can find most movies from every genre on this website.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 28.7 million.


Monthly Visits of 1337x, 26.7M

1337x is known for its huge database of movies, making it the most visited torrent platform for downloading films. It not only offers direct torrent downloads but also magnet links. Featuring a search engine, it can also pull results from other torrent sites.

Globally, the site gets an average of 26.7 million visits per month. Besides movies, you can easily download different kinds of files, including television shows, utility tools, anime, music, software, and adult content. With an excellent UI, 1337x is easy to navigate.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 26.7 million.

The Pirate Bay

Monthly Visits of The Pirate Bay 21.1M

The Pirate Bay is one of the long-standing torrent websites in existence. Its library consists of a great number of torrent files from different categories. It’s easily the first choice of users looking for newly released movies.

Apart from being the biggest torrent library, the platform boasts an average of 21.1 million active users per month. The website was shut down for copyright violations in the past. But in just a short amount of time, it re-emerged as the largest torrent platform. You can either download a torrent file or fetch a magnet link to download popular movies directly.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 21.1 million.


Monthly Visits of TorrentGalaxy, 4.2M

TorrentGalaxy (a.k.a. TGx) is an incredible movie torrent choice recognized for its collection of various entertainment offerings. If you’re looking for a particular file, you will likely find it on this site.

Its strongest feature is an active community, where users can request any movie. Each torrent page has a health indicator, giving you information on the current health of the file.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 4.2 million.


Monthly Visits of RARBG, 3.4M

RARBG is an excellent torrent tracker website. The platform offers a wide range of torrents along with their magnet links. It has thousands of active torrents, where you can find the latest films and all-time favorites. Users can conveniently browse the site with its simple UI.

It has more than 3.4 million monthly visitors, with a great number of both seeders and leechers. You can easily search torrent files with the help of a search box and add different filters to the query. Considering everything, it is an excellent movie torrent site.

Countries with Access Issues: Indonesia, Singapore.

Average Monthly Visitors: 3.4 million.

KickAss Torrents 

Monthly Visits of KickAss Torrents, 3.2M

Kickass Torrents is also among the oldest torrent sites. It has countless films from different genres and eras. You can easily get your desired file from this website.

The website is much simpler than its competitors with its fewer navigational options. Kudos to the developers working on improving the site’s security and torrent quality. Despite such efforts, we still suggest using NordVPN to hide your identity and information. It will protect your device from ransomware and malware as well.

Countries with Access Issues: Turkey.

Average Monthly Visitors: 3.2 million.


Monthly Visits of Zooqle, 2.1M

Note: This site has been down for a while. 

ZOOQLE is another movie-centric torrenting platform with 1.7 million active users. It is popular among movie enthusiasts. Hence, the number of active members is growing rapidly. The home page of the site is simple yet informative.

Thousands of movies, games, TV shows, series, music, anime, and adult content can be found on the platform. Check it out if you are particularly looking for a wide range of movies.

Countries with Access Issues:  Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Average Monthly Visitors: 2.1 million


Monthly Visits of Watchsomuch, 1.6M

WatchSoMuch is an excellent movie torrent choice, with worldwide visitors reaching 1.6 million. The website has the most practical and functional layout with a UI similar to Netflix. You can steam on and download your favorite movies from this site.

Users can benefit from the community because they can post requests for a specific film or file. Its torrent collection includes old, classic movies, new TV shows, and series.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.6 million.


Monthly Visits of EliteTorrents, 654K

EliteTorrents is a site targeted at Spanish users, with its gallery of Spanish-dubbed movies. The home page displays more than 50 releases. Its sensible layout lets users easily go around the site.

Its torrent library has movies from most genres such as drama, comedy, mystery, crime, action, thriller, action, adventure, and sci-fi.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.6 million.


Monthly Visits of LimeTorrents, 415K

LimeTorrents is an amazing choice for most torrent users. It matches its rival sites in terms of offerings. With thousands of torrents, you can find files from nearly all categories, including applications, music, movies, software, and anime. The platform has more than 415.8K global web visitors monthly.

Users looking for movies old and new can benefit from its collection. However, its annoying pop-ups and security issues can dampen the user experience. For this reason, we highly recommend using NordVPN should you opt to download from LimeTorrents.

Countries with Access Issues: Nowhere.

Average Monthly Visitors: 415.8K.

Final Thoughts

Most torrenting websites are trying to address security concerns. So far, none has achieved this kind of feat. This means users need an additional layer of security when surfing torrent websites.

Without a VPN, you are vulnerable to the threats of hackers who will sell sensitive information for their benefit. Be smart. Use a cyber guard like NordVPN.