How to Install Spectrum App on Firestick in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 21 Apr 2022

Streaming is great, but sometimes you just want to watch live TV. And there can be so many dangerous or downright useless sites that finding the best apps for Firestick or the best IPTV services can be a struggle. If you see enough shows and movies locked behind high buffering times or “premium” streaming links, it’s easy to lose faith in plenty of platforms.

If you’re sick of searching through useless apps, it’s time to install the Spectrum TV app on Firestick. Installing a constantly up-to-date, customizable app on your Firestick is a lot better than relying on some pretty suspect websites, right? For your digital privacy and your Amazon Firestick’s safety, relying on legitimate sites can save a lot of headaches.

Just look at the features of Spectrum TV:

  • Customizable sorting
  • Curating a favorites list
  • Setting a default channel to always play when you open the app
  • Strict parental controls
  • Sync-ing across multiple devices
  • The best TV shows and movies are constantly being uploaded to the app

So why settle for less when the Spectrum app improves your experience with your Firestick device so much?

How To Install Spectrum App On Firestick

If you’re ready to wave goodbye to potential malware and annoying buffering times, it’s time to install the Spectrum TV app and stream all your favorite shows in HD quality. Spectrum TV is the TV vision of Charter Communications (an American company) which means that the content is geo-locked to the States.

Lucky for you, there are two ways to install the Spectrum TV app on Firestick – one through ES File Explorer and one through the Downloader app. You’ll need to jump through a few hoops to:

a) install the Spectrum TV safely, and

b) stop Amazon from snooping on your browsing, potentially blocking you from getting all the best shows straight to your living room.

If you’re ready to get started, here are two ways to install the Spectrum app on your Firestick. Which one’s better, you ask? I prefer to install the Spectrum TV APK via the Downloader app. It requires fewer steps, but if you’re not in a rush there’s no major difference.

Before You Get Started…

Turn Off The Snooping Settings

Amazon likes to watch what you are streaming to make sure that you aren’t breaking the end-user agreement. But it’s actually pretty easy to stop Bezos and the gang snooping in on what you are doing – all you have to do is navigate to Preferences.

Allowing the Third-Party App

Because we’re installing the Spectrum app from the internet (i.e. not through the Amazon App Store), we need to allow third-party apps. Amazon turns this setting on by default to stop users who don’t know better from installing apps they shouldn’t.

Thankfully, we can trust the Spectrum app, so don’t worry about that.

Navigate to My Fire TV.

The Amazon Firestick settings menu with My Fire TV highlighted

In My Fire TV, you will find Developer options – don’t worry, you don’t have to do any coding!

From there, find Developer options and change Install unknown apps to On.

The Amazon Firestick Developer Options menu with Install unknown apps highlighted

This is a necessary step to stop Amazon from blocking Spectrum TV from installing.

Now we can download our apps.

Spectrum App and Downloader

Downloader is one of our favourite apps because it is lightweight and is simple to use. Opening the link listed below will give you direct access to the Spectrum TV .apk file, meaning you just need to download, install, and start streaming.

Install Downloader App

Navigate to Find and then click on Search.

Amazon Firestick Find menu with Find highlighte

Find Find and then search for Search.

We want to install Downloader to get access to the Spectrum TV app.

Amazon Firestick search function with Downloader highlighted

Search for Downloader and it will appear as one of the top options.

Download and install the app from the Amazon AppStore.


Open up Downloader.

Amazon app menu with Downloader highlighted

Open up the app and get ready to download the Spectrum app on Firestick.


In the search box, navigate to link to the SpectrumTV apk

Click on the link and get access to the Spectrum TV .apk.

This is a direct link to the Spectrum TV APK, allowing you to directly download it from the internet. If you are living outside of the US, this step is necessary.

Here are some other links in case the above one isn’t working:

Download and Install Spectrum

When you click on the Spectrum TV apk, it should download automatically.

Downloader downloading the Spectrum TV apk


When the download is complete, you can proceed to install the Spectrum app on Firestick.

The Spectrum TV app installing

Stream with Spectrum

Spectrum TV start up menu

…and done! Now you can watch Spectrum TV on your Amazon Firestick device whenever you want.

Now that you have the Spectrum app on Firestick, sign up and start streaming. It’s as easy as that.

Spectrum TV App and ES File Explorer

Using ES File Explorer to download the Spectrum app on Firestick is easy, but you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to get the live TV app. You will need to install the File Explorer app on your Amazon Firestick and then use it in a similar way you would with Downloader.

Install ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is effectively the same thing as Downloader, but it has a better file storage system. For our needs, it’s probably overkill compared to the Downloader app – we only want to download and install the .apk, right? If you want additional functionality, it’s not a bad alternative.


Open ES File Explorer App on Firestick

Open up ES File Explorer from the Amazon Firestick main menu. It should look like this:

ES File Downloader main menu

There’s a lot more you can do with ES File Explorer than with Downloader, but you can ignore half of this stuff for our purposes.


In the search box, navigate to

ES File Downloader search function

Search for one of the links listed below to get the Spectrum TV .apk file.


This is a direct link to a Spectrum TV .apk file. It will automatically start the download as soon as you click it. If you’re living outside of the US, downloading the .apk is the only way to access the Spectrum app on Firestick, so it’s quite necessary.

Here are some other links available in case you can’t access the above link:

Download and Install on Your Firestick

As soon as the .apk is downloaded to your Amazon Firestick, install it.

ES File Explorer file properties menu with the Install function highlighted

When you have the .apk, install it on your Amazon Firestick.

Your device will ask for permission to give ES File Explorer access to your files. Give the application access to your device (it needs file access to actually manage the files) and then you are ready to go.

ES File Explorer installing Spectrum TV


Stream via the Spectrum App

Open up Spectrum TV and log in. Now you can stream all your favourite shows without running the risk of finding dodgy or dangerous streaming links.

Spectrum TV start up menu

…and done! Now that you have installed the app you can watch Spectrum TV whenever you want.

How To Use ExpressVPN With Spectrum TV App

Although installing the Spectrum app on Firestick is completely legal, accessing copyrighted content that you don’t have access to can cause problems. Amazon will attempt to block you from watching content that you’re not supposed to, meaning that you are in the same situation as before.

But using a VPN can hide your activity from Amazon and all the other snooping eyes. Purchasing a premium VPN like ExpressVPN is the best way to hide your streaming habits and let you stream in peace.

Sign Up With ExpressVPN

Get an account with ExpressVPN on their website before you download the app to your Amazon Firestick. Not only is ExpressVPN extremely secure, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the service. Risk-free!

Find ExpressVPN on Amazon Firestick

Time to download it onto your Amazon Firestick. Navigate to the Search menu and open up the keyboard.

Now search for ExpressVPN.


Get the application from the Amazon AppStore and install it on your Amazon Firestick.

Amazon Firestick ExpressVPN Get Option highlighted

Open ExpressVPN on Firestick

Navigate back to the Home screen and open up the ExpressVPN application.

Amazon Firestick Express VPN highlighted on home screen

Allow ExpressVPN to Connect

Because ExpressVPN is a VPN (obviously), Amazon will warn you that someone is trying to connect with your Amazon Firestick.

For what it’s worth, ExpressVPN doesn’t monitor your network traffic. By moving your traffic through a VPN, you’re actually stopping Amazon from monitoring you.

ExpressVPN has a strict no-logs policy and won’t keep an eye on you as you stream your favorite shows with the Spectrum app on Firestick.

Message shoing connection request for Express VPN


Open it up and you will find the intuitive interface. Simply tap to connect and you can now stream knowing that no one can monitor your streaming habits.

Stream Safely on Firestick

While you stream in safety, VPNs can also slow down your connection. Using a server location that is close to you in real life can cut down on VPN lag and will give you fewer annoying buffering periods.

Spectrum FAQs

How Can I Access The NFL Network on the Spectrum TV App?

As soon as you sign into Spectrum TV, you will have a chance to catch up on every game from the 32 teams playing in the National Football League. Depending on the package that you’ve signed up for, though, you might need to add another subscription.

To get all the best sports straight to your Amazon Firestick, sign up for the Spectrum Sports Pack. Not only will you get the NFL RedZone® network, but also access to great channels like the Golf Channel, the Tennis Channel, Big Ten Network, and MLB Strike Zone.

Do I Have To Use A VPN with Spectrum TV?

Using a VPN with Spectrum TV is always a good idea. Stopping people from snooping on what you’re watching stops companies from building a profile about you and targeting you with ads or selling your data to marketing companies.

But for Spectrum TV, it is necessary to use a VPN while you are outside of the US. Spectrum has geo-locked its content, so only American viewers can access it. That is unless you make the Spectrum TV server think you are in the US. Then you can stream in peace.

Check out our top VPN recommendations here: Best VPN for Firestick

Is It Legal To Use the Spectrum TV on Firestick?

Absolutely – Spectrum TV is a part of the Spectrum Telecommunications Network, a major company in America. It’s an app from a legitimate company, so there’s no risk of installing something illegal on your system – jailbroken Firestick or not. For American users, it is straightforward to download and install the Spectrum TV app.

For non-Americans, you are accessing copyrighted content that you shouldn’t have access to. This breaks the Amazon end-user agreement, so using a VPN to cover your tracks is the easiest way to stop Amazon from snooping on your streaming habits and preventing you from enjoying the best shows and movies today.