Best Amazon Firestick Deals for Black Friday 2024

Frederik Lipfert
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Updated on 22 Mar 2022

Best Black Friday Amazon Firestick Deals

The Amazon Black Friday deals are here ahead of time as Alexa is celebrating a birthday. Thus, the online retail giant has announced the price of its Firestick as a part of the Black Friday deals as well. There are lots of incredible discounts on the Fire TV media-streaming devices along with Fire tablets and Echo gadgets.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a popular streaming device and it allows you to stream the major platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, and thousands of other popular Firestick channels. Also, the Firestick will give you Amazon’s voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa, which allows you to control your device with your voice. Apart from Prime Day, we have the Black Friday deals that offer the best deals to buy a Firestick. Amazon has different Fire TV devices and there are different deals available for them, too. We have jotted down the best offers that are available for Fire TV devices on Black Friday in 2024.

Best Black Friday Deals for Amazon Firestick and Fire TV Cube

Firestick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote ($24.99 at Amazon)

FireTV stick 4K
Firestick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote ($24.99 at Amazon) is Amazon’s popular streaming device that allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies in 4K. It also provides support for HDR, HDR10+, and Dolby vision. This is the only Firestick that allows you to enjoy 4K quality and it is a must-have gadget if you have a 4K TV.

Currently, the device is on sale on Amazon and is available for $24.99 only (The list price was $49.99). That’s a huge discount and the sale amount is the lowest we’ve seen so far; last year it was $28.99.

Like other Amazon gadgets, this device is available as an early Black Friday deal and is ready to be dispatched. Good thing is that the deal is available with an Alexa Voice Remote which makes the experience even better. You can check the weather, search for different launch shows, stream your favorite music, and dim the lights using the remote.

Firestick Lite with Amazon Alexa Remote ($29.99 at Amazon)

Firestick Lite with Amazon Alexa Remote
Firestick Lite with Amazon Alexa Remote ($29.99 at Amazon) allows you to stream your favorite TV shows at 1080p, music platforms, and live TV. The device doesn’t offer support for Dolby Vision and HDR10, unlike Firestick 4K. The Alexa Remote available with the Firestick Lite is also different from that which is available with Firestick 4K. For example, some of the TV controls are missing in the Alexa Remote in the Firestick Lite. The Alexa remote for this device allows you to launch the content and control it and has a user-friendly interface, it’s just that it doesn’t have the TV controls.

Firestick 3rd Gen ($39.99 at Amazon)

Firestick 3rd Gen with Amazon Alexa Remote
Firestick 3rd Gen for $39.99 at Amazon is a good choice if you aren’t very excited about watching your shows in 4K. The device works similar to the Firestick 4K; it’s just that it doesn’t offer Dolby Vision Support and streams in 1080p resolution. You can get this device at $39.99 at Amazon.

The third Gen Firestick features Dolby Atmos for immersive audio and the HDR feature also provides a more realistic image. The device is equipped with a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor that is 50% more powerful than the previous generation Firestick devices.

Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K ($119.99 at Amazon)

Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K
If you’re willing to buy a powerful Fire TV streaming device this Black Friday, you must get the Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K for just $119.99. It has 4K capability and is perfect for streaming high-quality videos. The device does not have a ‘stick’ design, rather it looks like a cube. It also features a voice-activated universal remote for the whole system. The remote allows you to control the games console, soundbar, Sky Q box, TV, and 4K Blu-ray player by speaking. The device is available at Amazon for $119.99.

Amazon Firestick Vs Firestick Lite:

The basic design of Firestick Lite and Firestick 3rd Gen is similar; they have a rectangular design and are black. They are placed behind the TV and are powered by a micro-USB cable. Both the devices can provide around 1080p full HD stream with HDR support. Both the devices are also available with a more advanced variant that features HDR10+. The main difference between these two devices is that the Firestick Lite lacks support for Dolby Atmos. The Lite edition of Firestick is meant for use with small TVs, you can use it for high-end setups too but it can be a bit uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the Amazon Black Friday deals start?

Black Friday sales will start on the 26th of November this year. However, we are also expecting it to start earlier because the deals have already started dropping by most of the online retail giants. Last year it started even earlier, that is, in October, but this year it will be mid-November we guess.

Are Amazon Black Friday deals better than Prime Day?

Amazon’s Prime Day offers good discounts on its own devices such as Echo Dot or Kindle. While Amazon Black Friday deals come with amazing discounts on numerous devices including headphones, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, and others. Also, the Prime day deals can be availed only by Prime members but Amazon Black Friday deals are for everyone, even those without a subscription.

What will be the Amazon Black Friday hours?

Since the deals will start one week ahead of time, there is no need to worry much about what time the Amazon Black Friday sale starts. However, usually, new sales start at 12:01 am and that’s the best time to look up amazing deals. You can stop by and have a look at the Amazon deals at 12:01 am on the 26th of November.

Wrap up

The Amazon Black Friday deals are mostly based on its best-selling products, and the sale means big savings on your favorite gadgets. Amazon is running amazing Black Friday deals on Firestick and other Fire TV Stick streaming devices this year, too. So, this is the best time to grab your favorite Firestick at a good price.