13 Best Firestick Games in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
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Updated on 4 Jan 2022


Are you a die-hard gaming enthusiast? Do you always keep looking for new and exciting games to play on  your Amazon Fire TV Stick? Then this guide is for you. After playing hundreds of games, we’ve selected  the top 13 that could offer unlimited hours of entertainment. 

What’s more, all the games we’ve recommended below are available on the Amazon App Store. You don’t have to tweak your Firestick’s settings or download a third-party app to install them. With this good news,  let’s look at the top 13 Firestick games right now: 

How to Install Games on Firestick?

In this Firestick gaming guide, we are going to help you install the best games that are available on the App store. However, if you want to play a game not available on the app store, you can side load it on the device using the Downloader app.  

Here are two methods using which you can download and install games on Firestick:

1. Search for the game

Have a game in mind that you’d love to play on your Firestick?  

Here’s what you need to do next: 

Step 1: Head over to the Firestick home screen. 

Select “Find” and then “Search.”.

Firestick home page with prominent Find and Search buttons

Step 2: Type the name of the game that you want to download. For example, here we want to  download ‘Asphalt 8‘:

Search Asphalt 8

Step 3: Select the game’s icon.
It will most likely be the first option in the list (as the screenshot shows).

Select Asphalt 8 Icon


Step 4: Choose the option “Download/Get.”

Get Asphalt 8

Step 5: The app will start downloading on your Firestick. The ETA depends on the speed of your  internet connection. 

When the download is complete, you’ll get a notification that the game is installed. You can launch  it from the ‘Apps & Games‘ section.

Asphalt 8 Download Success

2. Go to the Games section

When you don’t know which game you should play on Firestick, but are in the mood to play some  of the best ones, you can browse through the games already available on the device. 

Follow these  steps to explore the collection of games on your Firestick.

Step 1: On the Firestick’s home screen, click on the apps icon.  

It will have three squares and a ‘+’ sign at its bottom right corner (as shown in the screenshot)

Firestick select the + icon just before Settings

Step 2: Go to the ‘App library‘ section.  

It will be right next to the app you just downloaded. 

App library Highlited

Step 3: Select ‘Games.’ 

You’ll see a number of games that you can download on your Firestick. 

Select Games from Appstore

Step 4: The games will be sorted into various categories.  

You can explore the category that suits your taste.  

Select Games from Appstore

App Store lists all the game categories (action, arcade, board, etc.) in a row.

Action Category

It also highlights the games that require a controller to play. These games will be sorted into a category of their own. 

The Crossing Dead Game Screen

Go to the ‘How New Releases In Games‘ section to check out trending games.

Street Car Racing 3D Game Screen

To download any game, click on it and follow the installation instructions.

How to Setup a Game Controller on Firestick?

As you might already know, Firestick supports gaming controllers. Most gaming enthusiasts prefer  this option over playing their favorite games with the Firestick remote. They believe that using a  game controller makes the Firestick behave as a gaming console. In other words, it makes the  entire gaming experience more fun.  

Multiple gaming controllers are compatible with Firestick. These include PlayStation, Xbox, and  PC gaming controllers. You can also connect a Bluetooth game controller to your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Remember, though, that Firestick isn’t compatible with wired controllers. 

Follow these steps to connect a game controller to your Firestick:  

Step 1: Click on the ‘Settings‘ icon on the Firestick’s home screen. 

Firestick’s home screen, Setting highlighted

Step 2: Go to ‘Controller & Bluetooth‘ Devices. 

Firestick setting screen Controllers & Bluetooth Devices highlighted

Step 3: Click on ‘Game Controllers.

Game Controller Highlighted

Step 4: Click on ‘Add New Game Controller‘ 

Add New Game Controller Option

Final Step: Turn on the controller’s Bluetooth. 

The controller’s name will appear on the Firestick screen. Click on it and follow the onscreen  instructions to pair the game controller with your Firestick.

Best Firestick Games 2024

1. Sonic CD

Sonic CD

Price: $2.99 

Playable with: Bluetooth Game Controller 

Sonic CD was a big hit in the 1990s – it was one of the first games to earn worldwide acclaim.  You can have this game separately or as a part of the Sega Classics Package. 

Like always, Sonic comes across his enemy Dr. Robotnik. While Sonic tries to save his tiny planet,  Dr. Robotnik stands in his path. The game features exciting adventures with US and Japanese  soundtracks playing in the background. 

The action-packed game is available on Firestick for $2.99 (if you choose to download it as a  separate game). One thing to remember is that Sonic CD can’t be played with the Firestick remote.  You’d have to use a Bluetooth Game Controller. 

2. Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4

Price: Free (with in app-purchases), Premium ($1.99) 

Playable with: Fire TV remote and Bluetooth Game Controller 

Red Ball 4 is an intellectual physics-based game that consists of 5 arenas and 75 episodes.  

The game is about the Red Ball dealing with the evil minions hell-bent on destroying the earth.  The Red Ball’s mission is to evade all the roadblocks coming in its way to prevent the earth from  turning into a giant square.  

The game is available to download for free on the Amazon app store. However, the free version  comes with in-app purchases. The premium version is available for $1.99. It lets you unlock all  the Red Ball 4 levels at once and also offers unlimited lives.

3. Sega Classics

Sega Classic

Price: $14.99 

Playable with: Fire TV remote and Game Controllers 

The Sega Classics is a game bundle that gives you the opportunity to play the best Sega games  on your Firestick. The package includes Sonic CD, Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, and  Golden Axe, among other games. 

With the Sega Classics, you can enjoy more than 25 Retro gaming titles in one app. This game has a well-designed interface and its developers have organized all the games so neatly that you can easily explore all the titles without any hassle. 

While you can use the Firestick remote to play this game, the gaming experience is more fun with  the Bluetooth gamepads. It’s recommended to use the M30 Sega Genesis wireless gamepad from  8butdo (compatible with Firestick) to make this game even more fun. 

4. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Price: $4.99 

Playable with: Fire TV remote and Game Controllers 

Pacman is one of the most well-known games of all time. Most of us played it for hours and hours  when we were younger, and some carry their attraction to this game to this day.  

In all the years that it has been on the market, the game has seen many changes. However, the  game’s main aim remains the same: Pacman has to eat up all the dots (or die trying).  

You can download the ‘Championship Edition DX’ of Pacman on the Firestick. This edition was  originally released for PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2010. Later it was introduced to Android devices, and then it was available on Firestick.  

The Edition DX includes some new features that you didn’t get in the previous features. There is  the sleeping ghost that wakes up when Pacman moves near it. There’s also a bomb that you can  use to disperse all the ghosts simultaneously.

5. Tetris


Price: Free version (match tiles up to 10 rows), Premium version for $4.99 Playable with: Fire TV remote and Game Controllers 

Tetris is a popular tile-matching game that has been around for many years. Its simple interface  has got enough appeal to keep you hooked for hours. Had that not been the case, and Tetris was boring, we wouldn’t have included it in our list of the best Firestick games. 

The Amazon app store offers a free trial of this game, which allows you to match 10 rows of tiles. This game has three modes: Sprint, Marathon, and Ultra. To play all three, you’d have to purchase the premium version. 

6. Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog

Price: $2.99 

Playable with: Game Controllers only 

Sonic has specially optimized this title to offer a better gaming experience to Firestick users. In  return, it demands that you play this game with the Game Controller. That is to say that you cannot  play Sonic The Hedgehog with a Firestick remote. 

The mission of this game is the same as other Sonic games. You have to do everything the game  requires you to do in order to defeat Dr. Robotnik and save the world.  

This game is also included in the Sega Classics bundle reviewed above. If you’ve already bought or are planning to purchase the Sega Classics package, you don’t need to pay separately for Sonic  The Hedgehog. 

7. Pacman Championship Edition

Pacman Championship Edition

Price: $4.99 

Playable with: Fire TV remote and Game Controllers 

The Pacman Championship Edition was released in 2007 for the last-gen gaming consoles. Eleven years later, it was made available for the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The new game edition  consists of HD sprites and boasts better visual effects than its predecessors. 

The Championship Edition has bigger mazes and all its levels are lit with neon flares. Another  thing that is different about this game is that it has more modes than the previous versions. You  also get an online leaderboard system showcasing top scores. 

8. Crossy Road

Crossy Road

Price: Free to download 

Playable with: Fire TV remote and Game Controllers 

The Crossy Road game features a pixelated art style. This enables it to give off retro vibes.  

The game is about crossing the busy roads and saving yourself from being hit by anything that  moves or, for that matter, comes in your way. 

As the game gets difficult, you come across animals, immovable objects. If you aren’t paying attention, you can end up falling into a river or a manhole.

9. TV Chess

TV Chess

Price: Free to download 

Playable with: Fire TV remote and Game Controller 

TV Chess offers three playing modes. You could play with random people online, test your mettle  against your friends, or prove that AI isn’t going to take over the world by defeating it in a game  of chess. 

This game is free to download. You can play it with your Fire TV remote or game controller. It has  an interactive brown-and-white interface. Another thing that we liked about this game is that it has  no time limit. You can take all the time you want to decide your next move.

10. Vendetta


Price: Free to download 

Playable with: Fire TV Remote and Game Controller 

Vendetta Online is a multiplayer role-playing game. It is set in space where the player has to take  the role of a spaceship pilot, who can either hunt for pirates or join them in exploring the vast  amounts of wealth hidden somewhere in space.  

You can play the ‘single player free play mode’ with the Fire TV Remote only. As you progress in  the game and levels become more complex and advanced, the Bluetooth Game Controller could  come to your aid.

11. Badland


Price: Free to download 

Playable with: Fire TV Remote and Game Controller 

Badland is an action-adventure game.  

It features one hundred levels for the single-player mode and twenty-three levels for the  multiplayer mode. The game has beautiful atmospheric graphics, and its backgrounds include  natural forests with different types of inhabitants. 

Badland is one of the very few games on our list that supports multiple languages, potentially  making it an exciting choice for gamers whose native language isn’t English.

12. Riptide


Price: $1.99 

Playable with: Fire TV remote and Game Controller 

Riptide GP2 is a racing game where you take control of an illegal hydro jet.  

As a player, you participate in the big leagues and slalom through city waterways, desolate  factories, and flooded ruins. You have to win the gold prize and make sure that the cops following  your trial don’t end up catching you. 

13. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Price: $9.99 

Playable with: Fire TV remote and Game Controller 

This Star Wars game is costly but it’s worth it.  

It features unique characters, multiple planets, and vehicles whose build is enough to make you drool. The game is pretty realistic, too. It allows you to be on the light or the dark side as you go  about completing one of its various missions.  

You can choose from the nine characters and travel to different worlds to complete missions in  your starship. If you’re a Star Wars fan, this game will not disappoint.

Wrap Up

or controller – and a reliable Firestick VPN to access all these great titles. However, if you feel a game out there  deserves a place on our list (or a game on our list doesn’t deserve to be there), please feel free to let us know.