Best IPTV Boxes - Tips, Pricing, and Features (2024)

Frederik Lipfert
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Updated on 21 Apr 2022

Foreword: IPTV Boxes

Smooth and high-quality streaming is the dream of every cord-cutter, but how does that dream actually come true? Several factors come into play, and choosing the best IPTV box is one of them.

Therefore, we will share some critical information about the best IPTV boxes and how to choose the one that suits you best.

Factors to Consider When Getting An IPTV Box

You must keep certain factors in mind when looking for an IPTV box. Below are some of the most important things to consider before deciding to spend your hard-earned money on a device.


Price is probably the most important factor when considering buying an IPTV box. It is unnecessary to spend a considerable amount of money to get the best product. With a little bit of research and analysis, you can get the most suitable product for you within your budget. Always see if the price matches your budget allocation and then proceed further.

Type of the device

There are two main types of IPTV boxes: a small stick or a big box. The boxes sit right beside your TV and function from there. On the other hand, the stick devices are smaller that can be plugged into an HDMI connector, usually found behind your TV. It depends on your preference which type is feasible for you.


Who doesn’t love large storage capacities in digital devices? When you get an option to download or record a stream for watching later, you must have enough space to store them. Also, enough storage space is required for installing and using your favorite apps.


There is no use in getting an IPTV box that is not compatible with your display. Although most of the boxes are high compatible with several popular devices, still, you must ensure the one you are buying is compatible with your display.

VPN friendly

To make your online streaming activities secure, you might need to install a VPN. Make sure your device is VPN-friendly. Also, if you have a subscription on a specific VPN, check for its compatibility with the box you are planning to purchase.

Device speed

Slow loading or streaming speed frustrates the user and makes the streaming activity a burdensome task rather than entertaining. Like most users, if you cannot bear with slow speeds, make sure to check it before making the final purchase.

Available Streaming Options

Not all IPTV boxes support every app and service you would like to use. Besides other factors, this is also an important one to check if the package offered by the device includes the apps and services you want to have or not. If you fail to do so, you will compromise the whole objective of getting a box.

Other specifications

Besides the factors discussed above, you can also analyze and compare some other specifications of the boxes. One of them is the streaming quality. If you like high-resolution videos, select the one offering 4K or HD resolution streaming. Another factor is audio quality. Also, check whether the device allows you to use external storage devices or not. There are plenty of other specifications to check and compare to make a better decision.

Best IPTV Boxes

Multiple IPTV boxes are available in the market with varied features and characteristics. However, not all of them are suitable for your streaming needs. Here we have compiled a list of some of the top-rated IPTV boxes based on their features and performance.

Amazon Firestick 4K


Amazon Firestick

Amazon Firestick ranks as the most popular IPTV box among users. The most compelling feature of this box is its low price. Millions of cord-cutters globally prefer this IPTV box  – especially since it’s so easy to jailbreak your Fire TV Stick. It provides fast sideloading of third-party apps not available on the Amazon App Store of Google Play Store and is known for its portability.

As the name indicates, it supports 4K streaming, unlike other Firestick versions. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa Voice Remote, making it a more convenient option. You can save much of your favorite streaming content on the device as it offers an 8 GB storage capacity. If you want to use it with a VPN, ExpressVPN will do the job since it is highly compatible. The current price of this box is $49.99.

Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV

The latest option on the list is Chromecast with Google TV. Although it was launched in 2020, it quickly became popular and ranked among the best IPTV boxes. The added remote makes it easy to use without a tablet or mobile phone. It supports sideloading apps that are not available on popular app stores. It allows users to store up to 4GB of data.

While it offers little storage capacity, it allows you to attach a USB and increase the available storage. The box features 4K resolution streaming, allowing users to enjoy high-quality streaming. Not only the video but the audio quality is also exceptional. With the integration of the latest technology, the remote works well on voice commands. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and other home products. You can purchase this amazing box for $49.99.



MECOOL is the brand known for producing fine-quality IPTV boxes with smooth performance. There are many different versions of the IPTV boxes of the brand available in the market, including KM2, KM6, and KM9. Among these, MECOOL KM2 is known to be the best. They all provide big storage capacity, enabling users to enjoy streaming and record and save content for watching later.

You can easily run Android TV 10 operating system on KM2. It offers a home screen customization option to let you personalize your home screen. It allows fast sideloading of all your desired apps. Another interesting feature of this box is its expandable storage. If you are a fan of high-quality streaming, this one is ideal for you as it plays 4K videos smoothly. It is available for approx—$ 78.99.

Formuler Z7+ and Z8

Formuler Z7+ and Z8

Formuler is a well-reputed name for some of the best Android Tv and IPTV boxes. Formuler Z7+ and Z8 rank among the most preferred boxes. Z7+ is known for its good storage, easy setup, and high speed. Its remote control is also simple, providing users with diversified options to easily navigate and control streaming. Despite the launch of Z8, Z7+ is still a viable option with many features and comparatively cheaper rates.

Formuler Z8 is a specialized live TV streaming box. It comes with an impressive user interface and support for popular apps. The box comes with an antenna also. If you want to watch streams in high-resolution such as 4K, Formuler Z8 is a good option. A downside of this device can be that it does not support certain paid streaming services such as Netflix.

However, it allows you to record the streamed content to watch later – the device stores up to 16GB of data, which easily sustains the recording option. You also have to pay a reasonable amount to get these attractive features. It comes for $139.00.



Ignoring price as a determining factor, NVIDIA Shield is one of the best options. It ranks as one of the most powerful IPTV boxes for running on Android TV systems besides Amazon. It also has the latest version called NVIDIA Shield Pro that provides high-power sideloading of apps. Both of the versions are capable of streaming 4K video. The high resolution makes the streaming experience exceptional for the users. The specialized built-in processors in the devices make them super smooth and efficient.

However, as mentioned above, it is a costly option, but the performance justifies the cost. The storage capacity offered by them is impressive, allowing users to store 8 and 16 GB of data. You can even increase the storage capacity using an SD-card as an SD-card slot is available in the stick version. The port version contains USB ports. The current prices are $149.99 and $199.99 for NVIDIA Shield TV Stick and Pro versions, respectively.

MAG 324

MAG 324

If you are not much into sharp, cutting-edge streaming and want to enjoy a worthy streaming experience, MAG 324 might be the right choice for you. It provides all the fundamental aspects and features of an IPTV box. However, it does not offer exceptionally high video quality, such as 4K or HDR. Still, you can watch content on 1080p, making it an ideal choice for people with Full HD screens.

Other features of this device include speedy browsing leading to a minimum or no buffering. Also, the loading time is much lower, and you can quickly access the desired content. It provides solid and stable connectivity, although there is no external antenna. It is an excellent option for beginners or household streamers.

Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Cube is an innovative and modern option for an all-around IPTV box. It enables you to control your streaming device, TV, volume, and power with your voice command. This means you can manage your device from any corner of the room without the need to align the remote with the TV screen. Built-in Amazon Echo enables this.

You can choose from more than 90 channels, including the most popular streaming app, Netflix. Prime Video, HBO NOW, SHOWTIME, and Hulu are also among the apps available on Fire TV Cube. The device’s internal storage is commendable, providing 16GB of storage capacity. You can watch all content at the best quality as it supports 4K streaming. You can get these unique features and many more at $119.99.

BuzzTV XR4000

BuzzTV XR4000

BuzzTV XR4000 offers all the features that one can wish to have in an ideal IPTV box. It is super fast, provides a stable connection, and streams videos with excellent quality. You can enjoy picture quality up to 4K and HDR. The user interface is quite simple and easy to use. It provides easy and quick navigation through simple menus.

The device’s remote control allows users to customize frequently used inputs as a shortcut for better navigation. If you are someone looking for customization in such a device, this is the perfect choice for you. You can store data up to 16 GB, and in case you lose it, it also offers a backup to restore the data. The live TV customization options are also interesting, as specific categorization makes things easier for users.

Which IPTV service to consider?

Once you have sorted out the IPTV box and purchased it, the next step is to think about the IPTV service. You must decide which service you need to pair up with by considering several important factors, as you had done before buying an IPTV box. These factors include price, package offered, streaming quality, and others. Get a peek into what kind of content they provide and compare it with what you want to watch.

One of the most important factors to consider is to check their compatibility with your IPTV box. Do not risk your money by getting attracted to the offered package and ending with an incompatible service.

You can also use the IPTV boxes in our list to watch Apollo Group TV IPTV. It is a popular service offering thousands of channels in diverse categories. The package also includes movies and TV shows that can be accessed against a nominal monthly fee.

Best IPTV services

How to Use An IPTV Box?

After selecting the best device and service for you, you are almost halfway through the process. Using IPTV boxes or the IPTV service is not a complicated task.

1. The first step is to purchase an IPTV box. You might have purchased it already or selected the best option for yourself. If not, order it online or buy it from a shop yourself.

MX Pro

After getting your device, you can now install the IPTV player. This app acts like a media player where all your content is displayed and organized. For the purposes of this article, we are going to use an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K device with Apollo Group IPTV.

2. If you have a Firestick or Android TV Box, we suggest you download and install IPTV Smarters APK. To install this, you must have the Downloader App on your device. If you do not have it, download and install it first, and then download the IPTV player.

The Downloader app highlighted, here’s the app you want.

3. Launch the Downloader app and type the URL

IPTV Smarters Pro URL entered on Downloader


4. Once it is downloaded, install it. Use the home screen menu button on your remote and go to the home screen. There, in the “your apps and channels” section, you will find your newly installed app.

IPTV Smarters highlighted in the Apps & Channels section on Firestick

5. Give it some time to load for the first time.

IPTV Smarter Loading

6. Once the app starts, click on ‘Load Your Playlist or File/URL’ to move further.

IPTV Smarters Add User page

7. The next step is to set up an m3u link, which you shall receive when subscribing to an IPTV service.

IPTV Smarters Load Your Playlist Menu with M3U URL highlighted

8. This link will authenticate your subscription and allow you access to the content you have subscribed for.

IPTV Smarters Load Your Playlist Menu with URL entered

9. It will open within a few seconds, and you can now access your favorite content through it.

IPTV Smarters home screen with all your favorite live channels, TV shows, and movies

10. You can access the TV channels by clicking on any of them.

IPTV Smarters Live TV Screen

11. The last and the most crucial step is to get a reliable VPN. It is essential for safe browsing and accessing content by avoiding geographical restrictions.

Keep Yourself Protected With A VPN

After purchasing an excellent IPTV Box, the next step is to enhance your protection by getting a strong VPN. It is not wise to compromise on a VPN just to save cents, as it can cause significant trouble for you in the future. Always go for a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN. It can be used with all of the devices mentioned in our list of best IPTV boxes.

It will allow you to hide your activity from your Internet Service Provider and government agencies. Also, it allows you to access the geo-restricted apps and content easily. The high speed and strong connection provided by ExpressVPN help you enjoy smooth streaming. You can get a week’s free trial to get a peek into all the features and then go for a subscription.

Is IPTV legal?

This is a complicated question that every cord-cutter thinks of when planning to use IPTV and the truth is that there is no straight answer to it. People usually have contradictory views about this making it even more complex and challenging to decide.

As a careful assessment, experts assumed that IPTV is legal to use as long as it is not violating any laws related to the content they feature. Illegally accessing copyrighted content can get you into trouble. Do some research on identifying legal and illegal content and make your streaming experience safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are IPTV Boxes?

If you heard about IPTV before but didn’t really understand what this is, we will clear that out for you. IPTV is the acronym for Internet Protocol Television, a technology gaining more and more popularity in the last years. It enables users to watch live TV with the means of the internet. It is popular among cord-cutters because it helps them save hundreds of dollars annually spent on traditional cable packages.

To view IPTV content, you must have an IPTV box. It is similar to a cable box that displays the content on your device. You can think of it as an intermediary device connecting your streaming device screen and the content source. It does not connect you directly to the website. Instead, it links you to the server. For this, all you need is an internet connection and a software or hardware player.

Once you have all the required devices, you must subscribe to a particular streaming service. The subscription will allow you access to their channels where the content is displayed, which you can then watch using your IPTV boxes.

Are IPTV Boxes legal?

Yes, IPTV boxes are legal to purchase and use. However, you must be careful not to buy preloaded boxes, as they can be illegal. Doing your research before purchasing an IPTV box saves you from such inconvenience.

Is it necessary to have an IPTV box?

Although you can also access some streaming apps through smart TVs, IPTV boxes are always a better option to access more apps and, ultimately, more content.

Can I use Apollo Group TV IPTV on the mentioned IPTV boxes?

Yes, you can use IPTV boxes to watch Apollo Group TV IPTV.

Are Android boxes and IPTV boxes the same?

They both perform a similar primary function of streaming online content. However, there is a slight difference between them. Android boxes are known to be more complex with less versatility. On the other hand, IPTV boxes are handier with versatile functions.

What are some of the best IPTV boxes?

Some of the best IPTV boxes are Amazon Firestick 4K, Chromecast with Google TV, Formuler Z8, Fire TV Cube, and NVIDIA SHIELD.

Final Thoughts

This guide might help you choose IPTV boxes wisely and refrain from spending money on low-quality ones and compromising performance. If you wish to watch only movies and TV shows on your streaming device, you can also go with a less expensive option – such as the Amazon Firestick Lite.