14 Best Torrent Search Engines in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 27 Feb 2022

File sharing via a decentralized, peer-to-peer sharing network, more commonly known as torrenting, has regained massive popularity in recent years. This is mainly due to the convenience that it brings, including minimal downloading time, reduced network congestion, and access to backup sources in case a seeder disappears.

The Best Torrent Search Engines

Let us now dive straight into the best functioning torrent search engines. Because of the repeated instances of the torrent search engines shutting down and/or changing their domains, we have only listed the ones that are working. 

The torrent search engines discussed below are evaluated based on User Interface (UI), nuisance caused by ads – rated on a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the worst), monthly website traffic, and content organization.


SnowflSnowfl has a minimalist interface that is relatively easier to navigate. It displays results categorized by file size, site source, and seeder and leecher ratios. These filters narrow down the users’ search and help them decide which torrent to go with.

One of the best features of Snowfl as a torrent search engine is that all magnet links are supported. Furthermore, the platform has different types of content, including movies, music, games, and software.

When using the search box, one thing to bear in mind is to spell the P2P file name correctly, as Snowfl does not make auto-corrections. In terms of ads, you will only find one below the search bar. 

Ad Nuisance: 2
Monthly visits: 388,000


Veoble torrentThis torrent search engine is becoming popular and for all the right reasons! Its user interface is dark, which can seem shady to some users. But in reality, it is not.

What sets it apart from other torrent search engines is that it enables users to browse through torrents via a Google Custom Search and image search. Despite being powered by Google search, Veoble does not make corrections on its own in case of spelling errors or typos.

The torrent search engine has a lot of content, including ebooks, images, movies, TV shows, and music. Users love it because there no pop-up ads that deter their torrent search, providing them with a smooth experience.

Ad Nuisance: 1
Monthly Visits: 126,050


The search of Torrents.io is powered by Google Search and TorrentSeeker, which enables the torrent search engine to provide users with expanded and accurate results.

The torrent search engine has as much as 61 million indexed torrent files, accompanied by combined trackers from other torrent sites, making it one of the most reliable torrent search engines.

Its interface is simple as well. The torrent search engine has no unwanted pop-up ads, making it convenient. A unique feature of this torrent search engine is that it autocorrects typing and spelling errors.

It also displays a list of the most searched and reliable torrents under its Search Trends chart, visible on its home page. Torrents.io can be accessed from anywhere around the globe and provides its users with a variety of content, i.e., movies, TV shows, ebooks, anime, music, and images.

Ad Nuisance: 2
Monthly visits: 1.8 Million

Solid Torrents

Solid TorrentsFor users who prefer an uncomplicated search to get the job done, Solid Torrents might just be the best option. The user interface of the torrent search engine is basic and easy to navigate. Its homepage showcases different types of content, such as movies, games, software, and TV shows.

This torrent search engine is available worldwide and has a staggering 30 million indexed torrent files. The search results show both the torrent file and magnet links for the user to choose from. Unlike its competitors, Solid Torrents does not have advertisements.

Solid Torrents offers a tagging feature that allows users to get their hands on related content and an option to highlight the torrents that are problematic and not functional. The torrent search engine will then remove them from the database, providing users only with functional torrents. 

Ad Nuisance: 1
Monthly Visits: 264,000


TorrentSeeker has an upper edge over its competitors because it can pull up search results from more than a hundred torrent sites. These results can then be filtered by release date and relevance.

The torrent search engine regularly updates its index with the most popular and trending torrent sites. The site index also accommodates small niche and language-specific torrent sites, coupled with the latest proxy sites. 

The user interface of TorrentSeeker is appealing and easy to use. It also has a wide range of content available, including movies, applications, games, TV shows, and music. 

One advantage of using TorrentSeeker is that the initial search results show the thumbnails of some of the video content. The torrent search engine also lets the users download P2P files from other torrent sites without having to know those sites’ actual addresses. 

On top of these features, the site has little to no annoying ads. However, the only downside of this torrent search engine is that it does not filter the results by seeders, leeches, and other relevant filters that different torrent search engines provide. 

Ad Nuisance: 1
Monthly visits: 282,000

Torrent Paradise

Torrent ParadiseTorrent Paradise is a globally accessible torrent search engine that indexed approximately 1,047,000+ torrents. The index is regularly updated, which in turn, updates the search result details (like the seed and leech counts).

The user interface is minimalist, making things easier for the users. This is especially ideal for users who will use a torrent search engine for the first time.

Torrent Paradise is one of the fastest torrent search engines that organizes results by name, health, and size.

One unique feature of Torrent Paradise is its “Vote and Donate” section. This is where users are encouraged to recommend the features they want to see on the torrent search engine by voting. As for the Donate part, the users are given an option to send in donations in the form of cryptocurrency to fund the addition of the new feature. 

Occasionally, ads are displayed on the site, but they do not interfere with the search and download process.

Ad Nuisance: 2
Monthly visits: 51,000


TorrentzetaTorrentzeta is one of the useful clones of the original site, namely Torrentz. Indexing over a million torrent files, the site extracts from 34 torrent sites and counting.

It displays search results in a manner similar to that of Google but not as organized.

Note that some ISPs have blocked Torrentzeta. The torrent search engine can be accessed through a good VPN service in such cases.

The homepage of Torrentzeta has no ads that interrupt a user’s browsing experience, but the search results page does have some ads that can be bothersome.

Ad Nuisance: 3

Monthly visits: 55,000


BTDiggBTDigg collects new content from BitTorrent’s DHT rather than scanning through other torrent files, a method that other torrent sites use mostly. After collecting the data, BTDigg proceeds to analyze the DHT network in real-time and presents full-text search results.

BTDigg only collects torrent metadata and a magnet link. It doesn’t store any content, making it an entirely legal system. An advantage of using BTDigg is that it supports several Asian and European languages in its user queries.

Ad Nuisance: 2
Monthly visits: 2.4 million

AIO Search

AIO SearchAIO Search Engine is an advanced one-stop search engine for torrents, file sharing, images, videos, streaming websites, subtitles, and much more. It also includes a Search Cloud feature that enables you to choose any term from the word cloud and have thousands of results related to it in a matter of seconds.

AIO can also be added as an extension to Chrome and as a toolbar to Firefox. AIO is undoubtedly very famous amongst torrent fans. However, very frequent pop-up ads can annoy some users.

Ad Nuisance: 3
Monthly visits: 1 million


XTORXXTORX pulls the files from several torrent files websites and is undoubtedly the fastest torrent search engine in the world. It produces several results from the torrent sites it scans in seconds. However, XTORX’s results’ downside is that they present very little information.

Unlike other search engines, it does not display the number of seeds, leeches, or size of the torrent but only gives a short description of the site. But the good thing is that each result contains all the torrents from that site, keeping it all in one place.

Ad Nuisance: 2
Monthly visits: 237,000


ToorgleToorgle is one of the most powerful Torrent search engines powered by Google. The search engine claims to have indexed more than 55 million torrents since its inception.

It also boasts its source of more than 450 torrent websites to provide thousands of results in no time. Toorgle is one of the most highly rated search engines for torrenting. However, the ads are still a big problem for most of its users.

Toorgle’s detailed info on the download speed, total downloads, and quality of the torrent link is one of its main features.

Ad Nuisance: 4
Monthly visits: 234,700


TorrentDownloadTorrentDownload.info is a globally accessible and popular site amongst torrent users because it’s a simple and easy-to-use torrent search engine. 

You can browse TV shows, movies, games, popular anime titles, and apps through this site and get hundreds of ebooks and several other torrent file types. TorrentDownload also has mirror domains that are functional as of writing, including torrentdownloads.me, and torrentdownloads.d4.re. Its numerous pop-up ads are annoying to most users, though.

Ad Nuisance: 4
Monthly visits: 1.9 million


BITCQBITCQ is a very fast and well-organized search engine that allows you to browse through numerous categories, such as audio, video, images, ebook, applications, and so much more. The site also allows you to filter your searches by country. 

The speed of BITCQ search results is commendable, along with the large number of results it produces per search. Unfortunately, you’ll be bombarded by bothersome pop-ups.

Ad Nuisance: 4
Monthly visits: 203,000

Academic Torrents

Academic TorrentsThis site is slightly different from the ones mentioned above. It is mainly for users looking for data sets and other data resources related to torrents rather than the usual entertainment-related ones.

Academic Torrents boasts a total of 65.07 terabytes of research data. It has millions of indexes seeded by researchers, professionals, and professors who contribute to the scientific community by providing accessible research data.

You can search or browse from paper titles, authors, courses, or any other data collections. However, a downside can be that some fields might not have too much data while others have the major share of the total seeded data available on the site (e.g., tech-related information has the most data).

Ad Nuisance: 2
Monthly visits: 237,000

How to Protect Yourself When Using Torrent Search Engines

While using torrent search engines, a user’s privacy is likely to be compromised. To address this issue, we recommend the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

A VPN protects you from the potential threats to your privacy by ISPs, hackers, and other groups.

According to industry experts, one of the best VPNs for torrenting is ExpressVPN. You can install it on multiple devices. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about traffic logs getting stored.

ExpressVPN protects your identity when downloading torrents by masking your IP address. This has become increasingly important, especially after YTS Torrent Site provided its user data to the authorities. Torrent9, Cpasbien, and Torrentz2 are also amongst the notable torrent websites that have been seized by the authorities in recent years.

Therefore, you must use a secure and reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, if you value your online privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a torrent search engine?

A torrent search engine is similar to the regular search engines we access. It accumulates P2P files from numerous BitTorrent websites under a single domain. Therefore, when users search for a specific P2P file, all they have to do is enter the file name into the search bar, and the torrent search engine will provide a plethora of results with direct download and magnet links. 

Before downloading torrent files, it is important to have a functioning torrent client downloaded on your device. BitTorrent, uTorrent, Bitport, and Vuze are some of the best Torrent clients.

Are torrent search engines safe to use?

Most users tend to be on the safe side and use a VPN when browsing through torrent sites. This minimizes risk attached with millions of seeders and peers engaging in file sharing.

A VPN protects the user’s privacy and maintains anonymity by hiding their IP address. One of the fastest and most trusted torrenting VPNs is ExpressVPN. With its easy-to-use interface, economical pricing, and tight security, ExpressVPN grants its users a secure and smooth streaming experience.

What are the best torrent search engines?

There are a number of torrent search engines for users on the internet. But determining which of them is the best of the lot is the real task. This article discusses in detail the best torrent search engines that are available out there and fully functional.

As pointed out earlier in the article, these torrent search engines are prone to shutdowns and domain changes. As of writing, the above-mentioned torrent search engines are functional under their respective domains.

Are Torrent Search Engines Legal?

Yes, it is legal to download torrent files, be it from a torrent search engine or an individual torrent repository, as long as the torrent files belong to the public domain.

However, one would definitely cross the line if the accessed torrent file contained copyrighted content. It is illegal in some countries, and users who get caught are held accountable by the law.

Do you need a VPN when accessing torrent search engines?

It is best to have a working VPN as you search through and download torrents. A VPN hides the user’s activities and, at the same time, maintains privacy by keeping anonymity, primarily by hiding the IP address of the user. 

This, in turn, reduces the vulnerability to hackers, app developers, and other parties interested in invading people’s privacy.

Another advantage of the hidden IP address is that it enables the user to access the torrent sites and/or torrent search engines blocked in their respective countries. You simply have to connect to a server in a different country, and there you go!

Can Torrents be downloaded without seeders and leechers?

Torrent files with no seeders and leechers are also termed as dead torrents, waiting to be revived if at least one seeder joins it.

Therefore, there is no guarantee whether a file with no seeders and leechers on a torrent search engine will be downloaded fully.

It is better to avoid such torrent files and browse through the other search results that the torrent search engines display for their users instead. The best way to avoid dead torrents is to sort the results by seeders and leechers count.