Official Website Discontinued? Here are 5 Best Torrent9 Alternatives

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 18 Feb 2022

Introduction: Torrent9

Torrents have been a thing for a long time, but lately, they have had a fulminant rise in popularity, with Torrent9 being one of the leaders in the industry. That’s why there were a lot of disappointed users some years ago when Torrent9 was suspended and shut down. But worry not, we have good news for you. We have made a list of the 5 best Torrent9 alternatives that are working right now.Torrent9

At first, Torrent9 served as a Torrent Search Engine for several files throughout the internet. But just like other non-licensed websites, a while back, the official website of Torrent9 was terminated and, the original domain was shut down and went offline.

Even though the official domain of the Torrent9 website is not active now, it is noteworthy that there are some other URLs also available which serve as proxies of Torrent9. Some of these alternative URLs are “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, and “”.

Similar websites, such as Cpasbien and Torrentz2, are constantly being shut down; Since such cases are widespread with these kinds of websites, proxies of Torrent9 are no exception. 

That’s why you can not solely rely on these proxy websites. Hence, we have also made a list of the 5 best and currently running substitutes for Torrent9.

Is Torrent9 Secure?

Even though the original Torrent9 domain was shut down several years ago, there are still several proxies available that are in use by millions of users. There is a crazy number of people who like to use torrents for various files and if you are one of them, keep reading.

We wanted to scan one of the most popular proxies of Torrent9 with VirusTotal, and the results were satisfactory as we did not find any harmful viruses or malware within the Torrent9 URL.

Even so, it does not mean that we should not be protective of ourselves while streaming content from such unverified torrent websites. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of using a good VPN or antivirus software because one can never be too careful when downloading torrents from unverified websites such as these proxies of Torrent9. Which now leaves us with the question, what good would an Antivirus Software or a VPN do? 

The answer is simple; using both Antivirus Software and a VPN is the best way to protect yourself. They both will provide you anonymity and protect your identity while using websites like Torrent9 or its proxies so that you don’t have to worry about anything and enjoy torrenting however you want.

Now let’s get back to our top of best Torrent9 alternatives. We recommend you bookmark this page for future purposes as we regularly update it and add more working substitutes if any of these fail to work.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Torrent9

Like Putlocker Substitutes and Free Movie Streaming Sites, the substitutes for Torrent9 are either frequently going offline and being shut down or switching domains. The same is also the case with Live TV Streaming Websites; most people who ditched cable must already know that.

However, all the below-mentioned websites are currently running and are available for use anywhere around the world online. Our experts have ranked the following websites have been, based on the following criteria: Website traffic, user interface, the content available, Ad annoyance (on the scale of 1-10, 1 being the best, and 10 – the worst), and overall popularity.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay ranks first on the list of the 5 best substitutes for Torrent9 because of several reasons. It is known to be one of the most visited torrent sites of all time and boasts a wide selection of movies, TV shows, books, games, software, and music. You name it – they got it! However, the website is constantly up and down, so we would suggest you keep an eye out for other alternatives as well. 

This substitute for Torrent9 has a pretty simple interface for a user to access, and it is accessible on almost any web browser. The Pirate Bay is a top-ranking website based on its 27 million monthly visitors. The Ad annoyance is 3, given that this is a free streaming website. Some of its proxies are “”, “”, “”, and “”.

Best Pirate Bay Alternatives


KickassTorrentsIt has been a while now that KickassTorrents has been one of the best torrent websites out there. KickassTorrents serves you a wide variety of content. Currently, the website features TV Series, Movies, Music, Books, Anime, Games, Apps, and a lot more. Although the KickassTorrents website has a lot of downtimes, we suggest you check out other alternative options if the website is down.

The interface of this website is easy and convenient for the user to get access to the content. KickassTorrents has a big fan following with its 5.6 million monthly visitors. Ad annoyance is 4, which is pretty low, and some other proxies of KickassTorrents are “”, “”, “”, and “”.


LimeTorrentsLimeTorrents is considered one of the most popular alternatives for Torrent9 because of its easy-to-use search filters and vast content library. The LimeTorrents site will offer you everything you might need for a fantastic Torrenting experience and more.

This substitute to Torrent9 has a simple interface that is pretty convenient for the users. It has a following of 7.1 million monthly visitors. The Ad annoyance is 2, which is not bad, which is a plus in this case. Some of its proxies are “limetorrents.aisa”, “”, “, and “”.


TorrentGalaxyTorrentGalaxy provides you with so many options such as games, e-books, movies, music, anime, and many more. TorrentGalaxy also gives you this amazing option where they have a separate special section where you can stream movies and shows live.

TorrentGalaxy website has an intuitive interface, frequently used by its approximately 1.7 million monthly visitors. Ad annoyance is 5, and some other proxies are “”, “”, and “”.


1337XAnother excellent option for a torrent website is 1337X. This website serves as a great alternative to Torrent9 due to its categories, browsing features, and massive content library. The content library of this website includes categories like Movies, Books, TV Shows, Music, Games, Anime, and a lot more than just that! 

1337X is an easy-to-use website because its straightforward interface allows people to access the content library easily. This website has 1.7 million monthly visitors. The Ad annoyance is 6, but that is, unfortunately, the price one must pay when using a free website. Some other proxies of 1337X are “”, ‘”, “”, “”, “”, and “”.

Important Notice: Using a VPN while downloading content from a torrent website is essential because without the VPN, your IP address will be exposed, and it can cause harm to you. Make sure you are protected with a VPN.


One of the most popular and most visited websites over the past few years has been 

As we have already mentioned, millions of people from French-speaking countries have been using Torrent9 for a long time. Because there were a million files in French, making the website so common amongst the French.

Before going offline, was the most used torrent meta-search engine with millions of monthly visitors.

But unfortunately, Torrent9 got caught by authorities because of its success and was requested to be taken down. Hench came into being these substitutes for Torrent9, which we have listed above.

Important Notice: It should be considered that some of these substitutes for Torrent9 might require accounts, and their activity is based on ads. It will be helpful to learn about it in detail before using these websites.

Substitute for Torrent9 FAQs:

What happened to the Torrent9 website?

There was a time when used to be one of the most well-liked Torrent websites out there. But a while back, the official website of Torrent9 was terminated and, the original domain was shut down. However, many proxies have been created as an alternate to Torrent9.

What are the names of some best Torrent9 alternatives?

We created a list of the 5 best Torrent9 substitutes, including 1337X, LimeTorrents, The Pirate Bay, TorrentGalaxy, and KickassTorrents.

Are torrent websites legitimate?

These sites are only legal if you’re torrenting files within the public domain. We would never recommend or encourage any illegal affair related to downloading licensed content.

Are VPNs necessary for Torrent9 substitutes?

It is necessary to use a VPN with Torrent9 proxies or substitutes to protect your identity and data from hackers, ISPs, etc.