How to Block Ads and Popups on Firestick With Blokada in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 30 Dec 2021

It’s very annoying to be watching an exciting Netflix series and get interrupted by annoying ads. If you are not a fan of ads, like most people, you must be looking for a good app for blocking them. Blokada helps you do just that.

Blokada Overview

A free third-party utility application, Blokada blocks pop-ups, ads, and even malware and trackers. It works on most smart TVs, Android systems, and streaming devices – such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Firestick Lite, Firestick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

Usually, third-party streaming apps rely on advertisements for revenue; they are inevitable for users. Although some ads can be interesting, frequent pop-ups diminish the user experience. Nobody wants to be closing pop-ups appearing in the middle of your screen while you’re immersed in a good movie. 

There is also always the risk of malicious ads containing malware and trackers,  posing a threat to your data and potentially harming your device. Blokada provides additional security to your device along with interruption-free streaming.

Being an open-source program means that its source code is open for all, allowing you to ensure the safety of the program before using it. It is available to download for free at

Is it even Possible to Block Ads On Firestick?

A common misconception prevalent among the users of Firestick is that annoying ads cannot be removed or blocked. There are two methods that can successfully be employed to stop, remove or block ads and popups. The first one is by installing a third-party app and the second one is to change the DNS.

Changing the DNS is not all that easy – it’s better left for those with more experience. The best alternative, however, is to install a third-party app. All you have to do is install a credible adblocker app such as Blokada and you’ll be done with the annoying ads. 

How to Install Blokada on Amazon Firestick?

As Blokada is a third-party app, it is not available on the Amazon Store. You will need to sideload it onto Firestick. This can be done using two methods, including installing the app with the help of either the Downloader app or ES file Explorer Application. Here we’ll discuss the Downloader app installation, as it is handier for users. 

The process is quite simple, you just need to follow the following steps:

The Downloader App

First of all, you must have the Downloader app from the Amazon Store. This app will allow you to sideload Blokada. In case you already have the app, jump to the next steps. 

  1. Start with turning on your Firestick and going to its Home screen > Find > Search.Firestick home page with prominent Find and Search buttons
  2. To install the Downloader app, you first need to search and select it. Amazon Firestick search function with Downloader highlighted
  3. Select and download the appropriate app (with the orange background). Clickable option to install Downloader on Firestick

Enabling the Settings

  • Once you have downloaded the app, go to  Settings > My Fire TV.Amazon Firestick Settings menu with My Fire TV highlighted
  • There, you’ll need to click on Developer Options.Developer options highlighted in the My Fire TV menu, find Developer options.
  • In this section, select Install Unknown Apps and enable it to allow the installation of Blokada.Apps from Unknown Sources categorized under Developer Options in My Fire TV settings 

Sideloading Blokada Onto Your Firestick

  • Go to your apps or the menu and turn on the Downloader app to start downloading Blokada.The Downloader app tile highlighted in the tile menu under Your Apps & Channels category
  • On the Downloader window display, go to the URL section.Downloader Home menu
  • Type the link in the box: and you’ll be all set to install it as a third-party app. Click on the GO button to start the process. Downloader app keyboard typed in
  • This will redirect you to the Browser of the Downloader. The Blokada website will be loaded here. Find the download button and click on it.Downloader Browser loaded with Blokada website, select Download
  • On the following webpage, make sure the Android tab is selected.Downloader Browser loaded with Blokada website, Android highlighted
  • Scroll down a bit to Download the full-featured Blokada.Downloader Browser loaded with Blokada 4 APK highlighted 
  • The Downloader app will connect you to the server, and Blokada APK will be downloaded on Firestick. Wait for the download to be completed. Downloader Browser loaded with Blokada download progress status
  • A popup will appear automatically once the download has been completed. 
  • You need to select the Install option appearing there.
  • Downloader Browser Blokada Install highlightedThe Blokada app will start installing. Wait again till it completes.
  • You will see an App Installed notification displayed on your screen after the app is successfully installed on your device.
  • To launch the app, you should click on the Open button. But for now, to delete the APK we just downloaded and clear up some space on your Firestick storage, click DONE.Downloader Browser Blokada app installed pop-up, Done highlighted
  • To delete the APK, select Delete.Downloader Browser Blokada app apk files, Delete highlighted
  • Then select it again for confirmation. Downloader Browser Blokada app apk files, Delete confirmation pop-up
  • Now, let’s access the app from the main menu.

How to Use Blokada on Firestick

You have, so far, successfully downloaded and installed the Blokada app. But you will need to go through some quick and easy steps to get started.

Accessing Blokada On Firestick

Accessing Blokada on Firestick sometimes can prove to be a bit difficult whether you are a newbie or have been using it for some time. If you are finding it difficult to locate the app you just installed, follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to the home screen of Firestick, hold down the Home button, and click Apps.Select Apps
  2. You will see a list appearing on your device showing the apps installed in it. Go down to the bottom of the list in the last row and click Blokada in it.Firestick Apps & Games, Blokada app highlighted
  3. You can now choose to place the app on your home screen if you want. For this, you will have to click on the menu button on the remote (the three lines button). 
  4. A popup will appear on your screen. On the bottom right corner of the screen, click on Move. 
  5. Drag the app onto the first row to make it appear on your home screen.

Using Blokada to Stop Ads

  1. The first step is to launch the Blokada app. Go to the main screen of the interface.Blokada app main screen
  2. Then on the right you will see ’Ad blocking is deactivated’.Blokada app main screen, Ad blocking is deactivated
  3. To activate ad blocking, select and click the power button on the window.Blokada app main screen, select and click the power button
  4. When you turn on Blokada for the first time, a connection request will appear.
  5. Go ahead and click OK to allow the connection.Amazon Firestick VPN warning
  6. This is how the Blokada main interface will look like once Ad blocking is active.Blokada app main screen when turn on Blokada for the first time
  7. The interface will show 0 blocked ads as no ads have been blocked yet. They will be blocked once you run an app with ads.Blokada main interface look once Ad blocking is active

Test the app by using some app that shows a lot of ads. You will see the magic. Then return to the Blokada app and now you will now see the number of ads blocked by the app.

Customize Your Ad Settings

Although the default settings are quite good, you can further customize your settings according to your specific requirements and can specifically block websites that Blokada might have missed. Similarly, you can unblock a website in case you want its ads to appear on your screen. 

To set up the Ad settings, you need to follow the following steps.

  1. Get to the main interface of the Blokada app and click on the menu option indicated by three lines.Blokada app main screen menu highlighted
  2. Move to the next screen and select the option Adblocking.
  3. It sometimes happens that the app skips this screen. If that happens, go back and try once more.
  4. Find and select the Host Log option. It will open a list of requests, including the blocked and allowed ones. You can scroll through the list and see which websites are allowed access and which are blocked. The list will appear on the next screen.Blokada app main screen list of requests, including the blocked and allowed ones
  5. To return to the previous interface, click the back button once.
  6. To visit and alter blocked websites, click on the Blocked Hosts option. You can add and remove websites to/from the list.

Similarly, if you want to allow access to some websites, scroll down the Allowed Hosts list. The domains you add to this list will be allowed to show their ads on your screen.

Why Blokada?

Blokada comes with quite a few interesting features besides being a Firestick adblocker. Here are some of them.

  • It is a secure, open-source program available for free use
  • It is safe to use on all browsers and Android devices without breaking encryption
  • It provides high protection against malware and trackers
  • Blokada has no in-app purchases
  • It has high compatibility, with efficient performance on almost all Fire TV and Android TV devices
  • The app creates a local VPN on the device to bounce requests for blocked URLs
  • It is quick and easy to use
  • The app allows you to change the DNS server
  • It is easily downloadable for Android
  • Blokada does not affect the battery life of your device
  • It increases the speed of loading apps and programs on your device

Do I Need a VPN?

Although Blokada does a good job of removing and blocking threatening ads and popups from your screen, you still need some additional security. Your online activities are never completely secure. Your online presence is visible to your Internet Service Provider, government, and hackers. Data visible to hackers are always at the risk of being stolen and misused. 

Moreover, the government or your ISP can easily trace your streaming activities. While using free apps for watching movies, it is better to connect to a secure Firestick VPN in order to protect your privacy. Blokada works beautifully with ExpressVPN, and we highly recommend you download it.

Here’s how you can install it on your Firestick. 

  • In the Find > Search, type ExpressVPNFirestick home page with prominent Find and Search buttons
  • Select the app and click on download to get it onto your Firestick.Clickable option to install Downloader on Firestick 
  • Next, you’ll need to Sign-in. (Create an account if you haven’t one) ExpressVPN Sign-in
  • Once everything’s set up, click on the big connect symbol to turn on the VPN and keep your IP address private in the future. ExpressVPN home screen with Connect button highlighted

Final Thoughts

While watching movies for free seems fun, unnecessary ads can completely ruin the experience. An app like Blokada is a great tool to fight those nasty ads. All you have to do is follow this guide to block ads on Firestick and better your entertainment experience.