How to Install CineHub On Your Firestick and Android TV – Actionable Guide 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 21 Apr 2022


CineHub needs no introduction. This uber-popular app lets you stream movies, dramas, and TV series for free. You read that right. At a time when streaming services are charging you an arm and leg for their content, you can watch all of it for free on CineHub.

No wonder, then, you want to install CineHub on your Firestick. However, the process isn’t as straightforward as installing any other app because CineHub isn’t available on the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store. You’d have to jailbreak your Firestick to download and install it.

In this article, you’d get to know everything you need to install CineHub on your Firestick. We’ll also give you the lowdown on this app. Aside from that, we’ll explain in detail how you can install CineHub on an Android TV. Read on if you love watching HD movies and TV shows for free.

How to Install CineHub On Your Firestick

Follow these steps to install CineHub on your Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Part 1: Get the Downloader App from Amazon

You cannot get the CineHub application directly from the store. Instead, you will have to sideload it through the Downloader App. Here’s how you could do it. 

  • Click on the Search option on your Firestick homepage.

Click on the Search option on firestick tv

  • Search for the app by entering ‘Downloader’ in the search bar.

Type Downloader

  • See an app with the same name and an orange background? That’s the one! 

Select the Sownloader App

  • Download the application from the store and open it.

Download and open

Once you’ve downloaded the Downloader app, you need to take a slight detour. We know it’s frustrating, but this small diversion is necessary to install CineHub on your Firestick.

Part 2: Change Firestick Settings To Allow Third-Party App Installation

By default, your Firestick might not allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. That’s why it’s necessary that you change your Firestick’s settings. Only then you’d be able to install and run CineHub on your device. 

Here’s how you can change the settings:

  • Select the Settings option from the home screen or long-press the apps button on the remote control to directly open Settings

Open Settings

  • Select My Fire TV from the list of menus and options. 

Select MyFire TV

  • Once you’re inside this menu, you will see Developer Options on the second number.  

Developer Options

  • Clicking on the Developer options will open two menus, namely: ADB Debugging and Install Unknown Apps. Select the latter one. 

Turn on Install Unknown Apps

  • Allow the installation from third-party apps by turning it on (do nothing if it’s already on). 

Part 3: Installing CineHub On Your Firestick

Follow these steps to install and run CineHub on your Firestick:

  • Open the Downloader app you just installed from the Amazon store. For that, go to your apps and games. Click on the Downloader app and give it all the permissions it asks for (provided it asks for any).

Open Downloader App

  • Once you’ve opened the Downloader app, you will see a bar where you are supposed to write a URL of the app you want to install. 
  • Type the address, or only Click ‘Go‘ or press enter. 

Type the address

  • The following page with CineHub APK details will appear.


  • Wait for a few seconds for the app to start downloading. 

Downloading Screen

  • Once the download is complete, click on install. The APK will start installing.

Installing App

  • Once the installation is complete, click on Done. 

Click Done

  • Once the installation is complete, delete the APK. It has already served its purpose and is only consuming space now. 

Delete APK

  • While you’re trying to delete the APK file, A popup might appear asking you whether you’re sure you want to delete it. Select ‘Delete

Delete Confirmation

After installing the CineHub app, we recommend you install a VPN. Some of the content on CineHub might be copyright protected, and viewing it might get you into legal trouble. 

A VPN will protect your online identity, making sure nobody can trace your original location from your IP address.

How to Download ExpressVPN On Firestick

Start with signing up for ExpressVPN from its official website. Have a look at its plans and choose the one you think is the most cost-effective for you. If you don’t want to commit too soon, you can take advantage of ExpressVPN’s 30-day free trial. 

  • Open your Firestick’s search bar. 

click on the Search

  • Type ‘ExpressVPN’ and press enter. 

type ExpressVPN

  • Select the ExpressVPN icon from the search results.

Click on 'ExpressVPN'

  • Start the download and wait until it’s complete. 

ExpressVPN Download Screen

  • Once the download is complete, sign in to ExpressVPN by entering your login details (email and password) 

ExpressVPN Login INterface

  • The only thing left to do now is connecting to a server location. You will see the connecting symbol on the screen. Click on it and let the VPN automatically connect you to a reliable server location. 

ExpressVPN home screen with Connect button highlighted

  • ExpressVPN gives you the option to manually select the server location if you’re unhappy with the one it picked automatically for you. Here’s a screenshot of some of the server locations you can choose on your own. 

VPN Location

How to Install CineHub On Your Android TV

Have an Android TV at home? No worries at all. Installing CineHub on an Android TV is much easier than doing the same on Firestick. You just have to install this app from your Android TV’s default browser. There’s no need to install apps like Downloader here. 

Follow these steps to install CineHub on your Android TV:

Part 1: Enable the Setting to Download Third-Party Apps

All the TV boxes come with secure settings by default. That is why they don’t allow downloading apps from unknown sources. To download CineHub on your Android TV, you will have to enable this setting on your own. Only then you can move forward

Start with:

  • Go to Settings on your Android device. 
  • Look for Developer Options. You may find it in the Security Panel. 
  • Next, look for Security (If you can’t find this option, look under Other Settings). 
  • Click on Security. You will see an option allowing you to enable download from unknown sources. Enable it.  

Part 2: Install CineHub App on Android TV

Follow these steps:

  • Open your TV’s browser’s homepage
  • Enter this URL in the browser’s search bar: to start the download. 
  • When the download is complete, you need to launch the app. For that, open the downloaded file and install it by clicking Install on the appeared popup. 

Once the popup indicates that the app’s installation has been completed, it’s time to run CineHub. Depending on your Android TV, you can either run the installed app directly. Or you may have to go to your apps list and select the CineHub icon to launch the app.

Frequently Asked Questions About CineHub

What Is CineHub?

CineHub is a free video streaming app. It lets users watch their favorite movies and TV shows without paying a penny. CineHub provides all its users with links using which they can stream their favorite content from the comfort of their couch.

CineHub App

CineHub isn’t only useful if you’re a Hollywood fan. This app has a vast collection of shows and movies from other countries, too. So whether you are in the mood of watching a Chinese ‘Jackie Chan’ movie or are into K-dramas, CineHub can always be a go-to option for you. 

Here are a few more CineHub features you’d do well to know about:

Has Subtitles in 50+ Languages

CineHub offers subtitles in 50 plus languages to let you enjoy your favorite shows in their original language. It offers subtitles in English, French, German, Hindi, Korean, Chinese, Italian, and various other languages to give you an ultimate streaming experience.  

Easy To Install

You may have come across applications that require rooting the system. Those that force you to change your device’s settings for their installation. Well, CineHub requires no such efforts from your side. All you have to do to install it is to download its APK file and run it. 

Premium Quality Streaming

Through CineHub, you get to stream your shows and movies at premium quality. Whether you want to watch movies in 2k quality or prefer 4k, this application provides it all. And that too without forcing you to tolerate much buffering. 

No More Buffering

Most streaming apps are data guzzlers. This makes it difficult for you to use them unless you have an unlimited data plan. CineHub is different. The backing of high-speed links allows this app to help you stream HD content without incessant buffering.

Doesn't Require Login Details

Unlike other applications, this one doesn’t need your personal information, email, or password to let you in. All you need to do is download the app and start viewing your favorite movies, TV shows, drama series, and much more.  

Won't Inundate You With Ads

Most video streaming apps keep showing ads that destroy the entire streaming experience, a problem you won’t have with CineHub. Sure, there are ads on this app, but they’re much lower in number than what you’ve to tolerate with other movie streaming apps.

Lets You Stream Videos On External Media Players

CineHub lets you use any media player. However, if you ask us, we suggest you use the app’s built-in media player. That’s because it supports all types of video formats and offers various options to enhance your streaming experience.

Offers Offline Streaming

This application comes with an offline downloading feature. Whichever movie or program you want to see later, you can download and save for offline viewing. Apart from CineHub, you only get this feature in paid streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. 

Receives Frequent Updates

Every other day, there is a new CineHub update in the market. Which is a good thing given that each new update populates this video streaming app’s library with new pieces of content. Plus, every new update adds shores up this app’s security against online attacks.  

No Hidden Charges

CineHub is free. There are no hidden charges, whether you want to stream an all-time favorite or you’re hoping to binge-watch a serial whose last episode aired yesterday. You don’t have to pay a penny to watch your favorite piece of content on CineHub. 

Can CineHub cause legal or copyright issues?

CineHub on its own might not cause any legal or copyright issues. However, the content you might watch on CineHub might do so. That’s why we suggest that you use a VPN whenever you use CineHub to watch your favorite movies, dramas and serials.

Is using a VPN a good choice for CineHub?

Not only CineHub, but whenever you use any third-party applications, it’s good to use a VPN with them. These applications may or may not cause you privacy troubles. A VPN will ensure that you always stay on the right side of the law.

What to do if CineHub shows an episode error?

Facing errors while playing episodes on CineHub is quite normal. Many people report experiencing this issue. Sometimes the content you’re trying to watch isn’t available in your area, preventing the app from playing it. To resolve this issue, use a VPN. A virtual private network will let you bypass geo-restrictions, thereby fixing the episode error. 

Is CineHub free?

CineHub is totally free. You don’t have to pay a penny to access any of the app’s features. Unless you want to make playlists, CineHub won’t even require you to enter your login details. 

Does CineHub show apps?

CineHub does show apps, mainly because it’s free and has to earn from somewhere to stay profitable and in the business. Don’t worry, though, as the ads aren’t overwhelming. They are much fewer in number than those on other movie streaming apps.

Is it possible to download episodes, shows, and movies from CineHub?

CineHub lets you download shows, episodes, and whole movies. All you need is to download the SPlayer, which is required to stream offline content. However, the fact that SPlayer is free and available from CineHub’s official website means you won’t have any issue with it.

The Bottom Line

CineHub is one of the best movie streaming services. It lets you watch HD movies, dramas, TV serials, and much more. You can also download your favorite content for offline viewing. And the best thing about CineHub? It’s totally free. What more can you ask for!