How to Install Kodi Addons Over Builds

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 12 Jun 2022

About Kodi Addons Over Builds

A Kodi build is a pre-packaged form of Kodi that consists of numerous pre-installed addons. It also has linked repositories and a unique interface, skin, and several pre-installed settings. Builds offer a quick and handy way for new users to start using Kodi. With a Kodi build, all you have to do is to launch the app and enter a few clicks to get a ready-to-use version of Kodi. There are some Kodi builds that are better and more popular than others for a number of reasons.

There are many pre-installed addons in a Kodi build, and you might not want or need all of them. Similarly, there are some addons that you would like to use but are not pre-installed. Fortunately, it is possible to install additional Kodi addons onto Kodi builds. With this feature, you can store your favorite Kodi addons in one place. However, you should remember that all Kodi builds are created differently and there might be slight differences in the installation processes of some Kodi addons. In this post, we’ll help you learn how to install Kodi addons over Build.

Let’s Get Started!

To start, we’ll be using the Rush (cMan Wizard) Build to show you how to install additional addons over any Kodi build of your choice. Remember that all the builds have a different interface but the main options and functions are almost the same. So, even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find it easy to complete the installation by using our step by step guide. Some of the builds have almost the same interface as the default Kodi interface and thus it is even easier to use these functions.
We have used the cMaN’s Wizard Rush build to demonstrate the installation process. You can use any other build of your choice. If you want to look for more Kodi Builds, read our detailed guide on the Best Kodi Builds.

How to Install Addons Over a Kodi Build

Choose an addon that you want to install over the build. You can choose one from our comprehensive list of Best Kodi addons for Firestick. We are going to install the Shadow addon which is an intuitive and slim addon that offers fast scraping of content. It helps you to stream high-quality content from various premium-hosting sources. The addon has a big collection of movies and TV shows and is one of the fastest Kodi addons we’ve ever used. Moreover, it is compatible with Real-Debrid and Trakt.TV. It has a simple interface and a lot of neat features. You can choose any other addon that you like, but do make sure that it isn’t already pre-installed on the Rush build.

To start the installation process, the first thing you have to do is to enable the unknown sources. By doing this, Kodi will be able to install addons from third-party or unknown sources. This option must be already enabled and if you see it switched off due to any reason, you need to enable it again.

Here’s how to enable third-party apps:

  1. Open the Kodi app. When you open the app, you’ll see a screen with the Rush Build.
  2. Go to ‘System’ by using the left/right controls on your Fire TV remote.
    Kodiverse System
  3. A screen will open with many options including Interface, Player, Media, addons, and more. Click on ‘System’ again in the second row.
    Select System Kodiverse
  4. Go to addons in the left menu.
    Select addon option kodiverse
  5. Go to ‘Unknown Sources’ on the right side. Click on it to turn it ON.
    Turn On Unknown Source Kodiverse
  6. Click ‘Yes’ to continue. The Unknown sources option will turn green when switched
    Click yes on warning message kodiverse

Now your device is ready to install third-party addons over this Kodi build. The installation process is easy and the same for any addon with a standard Kodi interface. Though Rush Build’s interface is slightly different from the standard one when it comes to its look and feel, the options are the same.

Follow these steps to install an addon over Kodi build:

Step 1: Go to ‘KodiVerse’ on the main screen of the build. You can find it by using left/right options.


Step 2: Go to Add videos.

Click Add videos Kodiverse

Step 3: Enter the URL of the Shadow addon: , and then press Enter.

Step 4: Add a source name, and then click OK.

Add Shadow addon url

Step 5: A prompt will appear, and you need to click on OK to continue.

Click ok kodiverse

Step 6: Click on the ‘Shadow’ file you’ve just installed.

Click on Shadow from list kodiverse

Step 7: Now click on

click on

Step 8: Now go to ‘System’ on the main screen and click on ‘Add-ons

select addon kodiverse

Step 9: Click on install from zip file.

install from zip file kodiverse

Step 10: A prompt will appear, click on Yes to continue.

Install from Zip warning kodiverse

Step 11: Click on Install from repository.

Install from repository kodiverse

Step 12: Click on Magnetic repository.

Click on Magnetic repository

Step 13: Now click on Video add-ons.

click on Video add-ons kodiverse

Step 14: Click on ‘Shadow

Select Shadow kodiverse

Step 15: Click ‘Install’ on the left menu.

Install highlighted Shadow Kodiverse

Step 16: The Shadow addon will now start installing, and when the installation is complete, you’ll see ‘enabled’ on the right side of the screen.

Shadow Enabled Kodiverse

Congratulations! You have now installed the Shadow addon onto the Rush Build.

How to Stream Safely on Kodi?

After installing additional addons on your Firestick, you can start streaming on it. However, you must take care while you stream because your activities on the web could be tracked by your ISP and the government. Whatever you do on the internet is easily visible to your ISP and government, which means that they’ve got their eyes on you. They do this to keep a check on those who watch or stream copyrighted or illegal content.

We don’t recommend streaming illegal or copyrighted content because that’s unethical. However, anyone can stream anything by mistake; you might click on a movie or show that you like without knowing that it’s copyrighted content. To prevent this, we encourage our readers to use a VPN. A VPN  hides your identity and keeps you anonymous while you stream anything. It prevents you from landing into trouble, and it also allows you to bypass geological restrictions. Our favorite VPN is ExpressVPN. It is one of the fastest VPNs and is very powerful and secure.

To download ExpressVPN, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Find > Search on your Firestick home screen.

Firestick home page with prominent Find and Search buttons

Step 2: Type ExpressVPN in the search bar and click on it when the suggestion appears.


Step 3: Click on the ExpressVPN icon.

Amazon Firestick Express VPN highlighted on home screen

Step 4: A screen will appear that shows the description of the app. Click on download to start the process.

ExpressVPN Download Screen


Step 5: After the installation process is complete, you’ll see that the Download option will change to ‘Open’. Click on it and launch the app. When you’ll launch the app, you’ll get a screen that requires a sign in.

ExpressVPN Login INterface

Step 6: Enter the email address and password that you used to subscribe to ExpressVPN on the web. After you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll get a prompt that tells you about the VPN monitoring your traffic. Click Ok to proceed.

Amazon Firestick connection request screen

Step 7: Now you’ll see the home page of ExpressVPN. You can connect to it by clicking on the power button.

ExpressVPN home screen with Connect button highlighted

If you want to change server locations on the VPN, click on the highlighted server. Unlike other VPNs, ExpressVPN lets you choose any server location you want to.

ExpressVPN VPN Locations screen

Once you’re connected to ExpressVPN, you’ll be protected from ISP throttling. You can now stream content from Kodi addons on Firestick without worrying about the dangers!

Benefits of Installing Kodi addons over Build

Kodi Builds come with preloaded addons, custom skins, layouts, and loads of other features so that you don’t need to do everything manually. These Kodi builds also make it easier for the users to set up the Kodi Media Center. Some people might confuse builds with add ons because they often look similar. However, a Build consists of multiple addons and is heavier than individual addons. Though Builds come with addons that are already pre-installed, you can add more to them.

The following are some of the benefits of installing Kodi addons over Build:

  • It allows you to have your favorite addons in one place on your Kodi Build.
  • Makes management and organization easier.
  • You don’t have to miss out on the best addons even if they aren’t pre-installed
  • Though manual installation of Kodi addons over Build will take some time, this method gives you more control over the addons
  • One by one installation of addons over the Build offers a better scope to customize the Kodi interface

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to fix an addon if it’s not working?

If an addon isn’t working it’s better to check the source because it might be down. Apart from this, multiple reasons can cause the Kodi addon not to work. For example, if you haven’t installed the addon directly from the repo or you’re choosing a TV show or movie that has no streams available.

2. What is the best Kodi Build?

Ultimately, the best Kodi build all depends on your preference and liking. The best approach for Kodi users is that they try out some of the top Kodi builds that are currently working and safe to use.

Wrap Up!

Once you have installed your favorite Kodi Build on your Firestick, you might not be completely satisfied until you have all of your favorite Kodi addons on it. If you want your favorite Kodi Build and the best Kodi addons all in one place, the best way is to install additional addons over your Kodi Build. This is a user-friendly guide that allows you to do just that, and we have presented the quickest and easiest way to install such additional addons on the Rush Kodi Build in this guide.