10 Best KissCartoon Alternatives in 2024 (100% Working)

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 6 Mar 2022

Foreword: KissCartoon

If you are an avid animation fan, you’re probably aware that KissCartoon was shut down due to copyright issues. KissCartoon used to be a top-rated streaming site visited by millions of users across the globe, as you could find almost any title on the website. 

The KissCartoon domain was shut down in 2020. Since then, there have been multiple proxies or mirrors that have been imitating KissCartoon’s greatness. However, fans have turned to alternatives because none of them were as good.

10 Best Alternatives to KissCartoon

We will provide you with a list of the best alternatives to KissCartoon. Some of the sites on our list are KissAnime, Gogoanime, 9anime, and more.

You can access the website below using PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and streaming devices like Amazon Firestick. These sites don’t require any sign-up. You can quickly head over to them and watch any titles of your choice. 

Like torrents and other free movie streaming sites, there is a possibility that the free ones will be shut down.

A few criteria were considered when we listed these best alternatives. Here they are:

  • User interface
  • Content available
  • Ad annoyance
  • Overall popularity 
  • Monthly visits
  • Categories

Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 


Gogoanime earned its place among the best alternatives to KissCartoon. Even when KissCartoon was active, this site was already popular. That is mainly because of the range of genres available on this site. 

The English dubbed section has hours of entertainment, and there’s also an option to stream anime with Chinese subs. 

The site’s menu includes Home, Genre, Anime List, Types, a search box, and more. The site is active in multiple URLs, such as the following:

  • gogoanime.123unblock.world
  • gogoanime.g3g.fun
  • gogoanime.nl
  • gogoanime.nocensor.biz

The ad annoyance is high compared to the others on this list, but the interface is pretty simple. You don’t need an account to access the content on this website.


KissAnimeIf you have been using KissCartoon, you must be familiar with KissAnime as it is a sister website of KissCartoon. 

Like KissCartoon, the official URL of KissAnime, kissanime.ru, was shut down in 2020 due to legal issues. However, there are proxies of KissAnime that are active and highly visited by millions of users. 

Some of the URLs are the following:

  • Kissanime.red
  • Kiss-anime.org
  • Kissanime.rest
  • Kiss-anime.co

Kissanime is one of the most popular anime websites. And it deserves to be on our list because of its simple navigation, content library, categories, and many more.

You don’t need to register to enjoy what this site offers. Also, you have the option to make a watch list if you want to save anime for later. 

The ad annoyance is high, but an ad blocker should do the trick. The site gets over 4 million visits a month.

Best KissAnime Alternatives


9Anime9anime features thousands of anime and cartoons. You can find the latest updates within minutes of the release, making 9anime one of the most popular anime sites.  

The anime site offers 1080p quality anime in both dubbed and subbed versions. 

You can choose from many proxies of 9anime if the official URL is down. Below are some of them:

  • 9anime.to
  • 9anime.nl
  • 9anime.gg
  • 9anime.ws

Its menu consists of Genre, Newest, Last Update, Ongoing, Types, and more. The website gets about 3.5 million visits a month, and the ads are relatively high. You don’t need an account to access the website. 


Crunchyroll HomepageCrunchyroll is arguably one of the most popular and best anime websites you can find on the entire web. It features complete and unlimited entertainment for anime fans. 

But in order to take advantage of its features like ad-free and quick release (the early access to new episodes), you will need to have an account and subscribe to it.

It has categories and sections for soon-to-be-released episodes, the latest anime news, simulcasts, Crunchyroll news and contests, and feature shows. 

The ads are very low in number, and you can remove them by subscribing to Crunchyroll. The website gets about 45 million visits monthly. 

There are no proxies for the site as it is a legal, subscription-based site. 


AnimeToonAnimeToon is considered to be an excellent alternative to KissCartoon. Since both of these sites are very similar, the content and categories are very much alike.

If you are someone who enjoys watching the latest episodes as soon as it comes out, then AnimeToon is your go-to. 

One of the most underrated anime websites, only getting about 800,000 visits a month.

The categories within AnimeToon consists of:

  • Dubbed Anime
  • Cartoon Series
  • Movie List
  • Popular Series 
  • Home
  • Daily Episodes

You will find the site down sometimes. So you have to try these URLs:

  • Animetoon.theproxy.ws
  • Animetoon.dirproxy.com

There is an android app for AnimeToon, which you can easily download from the site.


WatchCartoonsOnlineWatchCartoonsOnline is another popular website for watching anime and cartoons. It’s included in this list because of its simple layout. Therefore, searching for your favorite anime is very easy. 

Like KissCartoon, the official site of WatchCartoonsOnline has shut down years ago. But it has a couple of proxies listed below:

  • Watchcartoonsonline.bz
  • watchcartoonsonline.io

You don’t need to register to access the website, and it is entirely free. 

There are various categories within WatchCartoonsOnline like subbed anime, dubbed anime, cartoons, series, movies, and more. 

There are fewer ads as compared to other websites on this list. The site has 770,000 visits per month.


AnimeFreakAnimeFreak is a great website to try when looking for anime because it features thousands of episodes and a variety of genres. Not only can you watch anime here, but you can also access and read thousands of manga.

AnimeFreak is entirely free, but it gets annoying when you view and navigate the website because of the ads. Use an ad blocker to remove this issue. 

Its menu consists of Home, Anime List, Ongoing, and Dubbed.

Just like any other anime site, AnimeFreak also has multiple proxies, such as:

  • Animefreak.site
  • animefreak.ws

The site is less popular than the sites mentioned earlier on this list. Still, people visit it regularly. 

AnimeFreak is a great website to try when looking for anime because it features thousands of episodes and a variety of genres. Not only can you watch anime here, but you can also access and read thousands of manga.

AnimeFreak is entirely free, but it gets annoying when you view and navigate the website because of the ads. Use an ad blocker to remove this issue. 

Its menu consists of Home, Anime List, Ongoing, and Dubbed.

Just like any other anime site, AnimeFreak also has multiple proxies, such as:

  • Animefreak.site
  • animefreak.ws

The site is less popular than the sites mentioned earlier on this list. Still, people visit it regularly. 


ToonovaToonova is an anime website famous for its simplicity and holding thousands of popular cartoon, anime, and manga titles. 

You can find multiple categories on the website, including Read Manga, Watch Cartoons, Watch Anime, Dubbed Anime, Fully Movies, Daily Episodes, and many more. 

Toonova is also popular because it uploads episodes and movies right after they are released. 

You do not need to register for an account to use the website, and it is entirely free. 

Since Toonova is a streaming site, it might be down sometimes. But there have been multiple URLs or proxies available in case one URL is not working. Some of the URLs are toe following:

  • Toonova.directoryproxy.org
  • Toonova.proxyer.info
  • Toonova.dirproxy.app


AnimeDao is a quality alternative to KissCartoon that boasts thousands of series and movies

The users have the option to browse through a list of ongoing series, old titles, and the latest episodes.

You can access it from any device. All of the anime series and movies are available with English subtitles and come in SD and HD quality. 

There’s also a ‘Random Button,’ in case you don’t know what to watch. You can click the button, and the website will recommend something. 

The ads are relatively high. It gets about 900,000 visits a month.

AnimeDao also has multiple proxies if one URL is not working for you. Here are some of them:

  • Animedao.nl
  • Animedao.online
  • Animedao.to

Watch Series

Watch SeriesWatch Series is a trendy streaming site that not only offers anime and cartoons but also content in multiple genres. 

This site is very different from the others on this list as it does not specialize only in one genre. You can also watch movies and TV series on this website. 

Its menu includes the following:

  • My Shows
  • Popular Movies
  • All Movies
  • Watch Series
  • Watch Drama
  • Watch Anime 
  • Watch Series Guide
  • Contact

The website is entirely free, but you will need to register in order to access the content. Watch Series also has multiple proxies, which you can use when one URL is not working. Here are the links:

  • Watchserieshd.tv
  • Watchseries.ma
  • Watchserieshd.ru
  • Watchseries.ninja

Is It Illegal to Watch Anime Online?

It is not illegal to watch anime online as long as the streaming service you use has obtained licensing and streaming rights from the anime studios. 

Streaming services and sites like Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, and Funimation pay the license to Japanese studios producing the anime.

These streaming platforms also acquire the rights to host and upload anime on their websites. They have to renew the license with the anime studio every time it expires.

Downloading, uploading, and hosting the videos under copyright protection on a third-party website is considered illegal.

All the websites that have been mentioned above (except Crunchyroll) on our list could be illegal. The uploaders did not obtain legal rights and permission to host the anime on their websites. 

The illegal sites bypassed the licensing process, which makes it easy for viewers to access the content of the anime industry.  

There are more viewers on pirated sites than legal sites. That is all because people don’t want to pay for something which can be accessed for free.

But recently, there have been efforts to shut down the sites that are streaming content without a license.

What Will Happen if You Keep Streaming Illegally?

Streaming illegally over the web means you’re breaking the copyright law. Realistically speaking, the industry is losing money whenever people stream content on illegal platforms.

But that’s not the only disadvantage of streaming through these free sites. You’re also putting yourself in a vulnerable position. 

When you stream illegal content online, there is always a threat to your privacy. You can end up downloading malware without realizing it or getting attacked by hackers. 

You might think you’re clicking to start a movie, but in reality, you could be allowing hackers to access your device. 

You can easily be a victim of identity theft. Stealing your personal data becomes very easy for hackers once you give them access to your devices. But you can protect yourself by using a reliable VPN.

Why You Should Use a VPN While Streaming Anime Online

When you are accessing and streaming a video for free from certain websites, you engage in something illegal.

Every content you stream over the web is visible to your ISP and government. When you use a VPN, you’re hiding and masking your identity. 

Not only do you stay hidden from your ISP and the government, but you are also secured from parties that are out to steal your personal info.

Let’s look at more detailed reasons why you should use a VPN while streaming a video online:

Hides and Masks Yourself from the Government and ISP

We mentioned above that your ISP and government could see all your activity. Not only can they see your activity, but your ISP can also throttle your internet speed sometimes. 

This activity prevents you from accessing pirated sites. Your provider can also block illegal sites.

When you use a VPN, you can reroute your internet traffic. This will fool your ISP, and you can easily hide and mask your activity and identity. 

Gives Protection from Hackers

VPNs not only helps you hide your identity, but it also protects you and prevents hackers from accessing your system and data. These individuals (or groups) can easily hack your device when you access a pirated site.

Your internet traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel when you use a VPN. That prevents the hackers from accessing the data you send online.

A good VPN acts like a personal bodyguard, and it does not let anything pass through. 

Public Network Protection

When you are traveling, you might connect to the public hotspots and watch something online. 

Public wireless networks are never safe. Hackers are always looking for opportunities to gain control of a device connected to a public network.

Always use a VPN when you connect to a public network. Always be safe and secure. Do not give a chance to the hackers or let them take advantage of you.

Be an Anonymous User

Using a VPN makes you anonymous. You do not have any identity. 

No one can see your data, and everyone is blind, including the government, ISP, hackers, and more. 

The websites you’re accessing have no clue about your existence, and you always remain hidden. 

Improves Your Internet Connection and Speed

If you have been streaming videos online without a VPN, there is a high possibility that your ISP has already throttled your internet speed. 

Your ISP throttles your connection because they want you to stop accessing illegal websites.

Simply use a VPN to overcome these limitations. Using a VPN will also improve your streaming experience. There will be less buffering than before. 

Accessing Geo-Restricted Content

VPNs not only protect you from others but also helps you to connect to different servers. 

Certain websites are not available in your region. For example, not all countries can access Crunchyroll’s full library because they don’t have the license to stream in other territories. You can use a VPN to change your location to somewhere else.

Doing so allows you to bypass the restrictions in your country. Switch to a country, let’s say the USA, to gain access to more content.


What are some of the best alternatives to KissCartoon?

The best alternatives to KissCartoon are Toonova, AnimeToon, WatchCartoonsOnline, KissAnime, and Crunchyroll.

How can I access free anime content without creating an account?

Websites such as Toonova, AnimeToon, and KissAnime offer you free anime content without the need to register for an account.

Do I require VPN services to stream from these KissCartoon alternatives?

Yes, we highly recommend using a VPN to access content from these alternatives. It will keep you hidden and mask your activities.


Now that we have given you a list of the best KissCartoon alternatives, you can simply enjoy your streaming experience without worrying about your online activities being tracked. All the websites that have been mentioned are the best KissCartoon substitutes that are currently working, and it all depends on your preference. Just make sure to use a secure VPN before you stream anything online.