How to Install Odds N’ Ends Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 15 Mar 2022

Odds N’ Ends is a fun Kodi Addon made available via the Grindhouse Repository, doesn’t require users to sign-up, and offers free all-in-one, 1-click content. 

The amount of content available through this addon is massive. The library consists of various categories of movies, documentaries, and TV shows. With such a repertoire, streamers don’t have to look for content anywhere beyond.

This is not to suggest that the addon is without flaws. Fellow users have noticed that many links made available by Odds N’ Ends addon take longer than required to load. 

Moreover, some links apparently don’t seem to work at all. Besides, the video quality of streaming is reported to be rather average. 

Other than that, some users have had a hard time trying to get used to the addon’s layout because it’s not quite organized. 

In any case, some of these issues are quite negligible, especially considering all that the addon is offering. As for unusable links, most users have managed to make them work by testing VPN servers across different regions.

Therefore, Odd N’ Ends is definitely a Kodi addon worth trying. And in this guide, we’re going to show you how to go about installing it on Fire TV and Android devices.

Install Odds N’ Ends Kodi Addon

Odds N’Ends Installation Process

Although lengthy, the process is not hard to get through, especially if you follow the instructions exactly as mentioned.

Odds N’ Ends is a third-party addon, which means it isn’t sourced from Kodi’s official repository. Instead, it needs to be sideloaded on Kodi. Hence, the process of installation entails other additional tweaks.

We have broken down this elaborate process into 4 simple, chronological parts. 

Enabling Kodi

Kodi’s default setting doesn’t allow you to install addons from unofficial resources. Therefore, you’ll have to configure the setting to enable sourcing files from unknown sources. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your device.

Kodi App

Step 2: Go to “Settings.” The icon should be there on the top left side of the screen. 

Kodi Home Page

Step 3: “Settings” will take you to the next window, which should have lots of options displayed. There, select the System option (gear and screwdriver icon).

Kodi Settings Screen

Step 4: On the next window, scroll down and select addons from the left column. Then, on the main screen, toggle ON the Unknown Sources option.

Addon Setting Screen

That would prompt a warning message. Don’t worry about this and simply accept by clicking Yes. 

Warning Pop-Up

Your system is now ready to source files from third-party, unofficial repositories. As a precautionary measure, once you’re done installing the desired addon, users are advised to revert these changes.

Downloading the addon zip file

The next step in the procedure is to download the Odd N’ Ends zip file from Grindhouse Repository. The process is fairly simple.

Step 1: On Kodi’s home screen, select the Settings icon again.

Kodi Home Page

Step 2: This time, among the many options on the screen, select File Manager.

File Manager Option

Step 3: Now, click on the Add source option.

Add Source Option

You might get confused seeing the ‘Add source’ option on both sides of the screen. Worry not! It doesn’t matter. You can select on either side.

Step 4: Select <None> on the window that pops up. Type in and select OK.

Click None option

type source url

Step 5: On the bottom box labeled Enter a name for this media source, you’ll need to punch in a name for the repository. 

You can choose any name you wish. But for the sake of convenience, it’s preferable to use a name associated with the desired addon. In this case, we can enter the name Grind.

Step 6: Click OK to finish the process.

Enter name for source

Now, the Grindhouse Repository is successfully downloaded on the device. It is from this repository that we’re going to the source and download/install the Odd N’ Ends addon.

Installing addon Repositories

Installing the Grindhouse Repository is the next step. We do this via the .zip file we just downloaded in the process. 

Step 1: On Kodi’s home screen, as always, select Settings.

Kodi Home Page

Step 2: From among the displayed options, select addons.

Addon Option

Step 3: The next windows should list a few options—select Install from the zip file, which should usually be the second last option from the bottom. 


Install from Zip

Step 4: Try to locate and select Grind. This was what we had named the .zip repository in the previous step. 

select Grind

In case you had named it differently, look for that. 

Step 5: Select the .zip file and press OK to start installing.

Select the zip file

Step 6: Wait for a few moments before a notification confirming the completion of installation pops ups. This can take a few minutes.

installed message

Once you confirm the installation, you can go ahead to the last part of the process, which is installing the addon.

Installing the Odds N’ Ends Addon

Step 1: Navigate to Setting> addons situated on the home screen of Kodi.

Kodi Home Page

Addon Option

Step 2: Then, select the Install from repository option.

Install from Repository Option

Step 3: The next window will show all the repositories already downloaded to the user’s device. Users have to locate and select Grindhouse Repository.

Grindhouse Repository

Step 4: Then, on the next window, select the option Video addons.

Video addons option

Step 5: This will take users to a list of all video addons available on the device. Scroll down and locate/select Odds N’ Ends.

select Odds N’ Ends

Step 6: Next, click on the Install and wait for a notification confirming the completion of the process.

Install and wait

With that done, you’ve successfully installed the Odds N’ Ends Kodi addon.

Successfully installed

Using the Kodi Odds N’ Ends Addon

Like many other Kodi addons, Odds N’ Ends is easy to use. 

You might take time getting used to the interface. But once you become familiar with it, everything will be super simple and fun.

In fact, most content on the addon is available via a single click. You’re required to navigate to a folder>sub-folder (if any) and then select the content you wish to stream. 

In case you’re still confused, fret not! Here’s a quick guide to make you familiar with the addon’s interface.

Step 1: We’ll begin from Kodi’s home screen.

On the left column, scroll down to the addons tab without clicking/selecting it.

This would show all addons available on the main screen. 

Step 2: Under the video addon category, navigate and select/open Odds N’ Ends.

Step 3: Now, select the Odds N Ends folder. This will take you to the addon’s home screen.

Unfortunately, this addon does not feature a search function, meaning that you can’t manually search for categories. Instead, the home screen lists out a number of folders, named as 1 click movies, 1 click documentaries, 1 click TV, 1 click music, and so on.

Step 4: Let’s explore and go through the 1 click documentaries folder. 

Selecting such a folder will open a list of sub-folders, each of them representing a different genre/category of content. 

Step 5: Click on whichever title you wish to stream, and you’re ready to go.

Step 6: Now, if you wish to watch something else, say, movies, then you can simply head back to the addon’s home screen and select the 1 click movies folder.

Step 7: Likewise, inside the folder, you’ll find genres in the form of sub-folders. 

Just select Horror, in case you wish to watch that genre, and look from the available movie titles. 

Step 8: When you’re bored and wish to watch something different altogether, follow the exact same process. 

Navigate to the Odd N’ Ends home screen and select the desired folder. 

Interestingly, at the bottom of the home screen, you’ll find a special category folder. This is named 1 click New Shit.

Herein, users can find the latest content. Be it movies, or TV shows, or documentaries, you’ll find the most updated content inside this folder.

Because the content is so vast, you’re advised to explore the addon as you wish. If not impossible, it’s certainly cumbersome to explore and test out each and every folder. 

Is Odds N’ Ends Safe and Legal?

Like we said before, Odds N’ Ends is a third-party addon. It isn’t sourced from the official Kodi repository, and therefore the legality of the content stream via the addon remains ambiguous.

That’s because third-party addons fetch links from across the internet, the legality of which depends on the sources of the links. And because they aren’t sourced from the official repository, Kodi cannot confirm the legality of any such content either. 

Devices such as Firesticks cannot verify the legality of content streamed via Odds N’ Ends either. In case you do end up streaming something illegal, deliberately or otherwise, there are chances of you getting into some serious trouble. 

As you must be already aware, everything streamed online is visible to ISP providers. Additionally, such streamed content is often subject to Government surveillance. 

Of course, we would never endorse something that’s outright illegal. We don’t advise you to stream illegally either. 

And unofficial addons such as Odds N’ Ends, although completely safe and legal, cannot always tell the difference between legitimate and illegitimate sources.

In light of this fact, it becomes pertinent to keep your data and streaming history safe and secure from prying eyes. A good VPN will precisely ensure that. 

We’d suggest you avail yourself of the services of ExpressVPN because that’s what we personally use. Besides being compatible with most devices, it’s fast and completely safe, and secure. 

Additionally, it offers a 30-day trial period. You can make use of the VPN services for 30 days. In case you’re unsatisfied with the service, you can ask for a refund. 

To get ExpressVPN protection while streaming Kodi is simple. All you have to do is get the ExpressVPN subscription here

Once done, you have to download and install ExpressVPN on Firestick or Android (whichever device you are using to stream free shows from Odds N’ Ends). You can do this by directly downloading it from here

After you’ve installed the software on your device, open it. You can start by switching the Power icon on. That will immediately connect users to a VPN server.

And that’s it! You’re good to go. Start streaming your favorite content without fear of being monitored.

Integrating Real-Debrid Account into Odds N’ Ends

To enhance the streaming experience and improve the addon functionality, you also have the option to integrate a Real Debrid account into third-party apps. 

For the uninitiated, Real Debrid accounts are paid services that improve the performance of the addons. This is in the form of fetching/streaming exclusively premium links, an ad-free interface, and much more.

In case you’re interested in integrating a Real Debrid account and wondering how to go about it, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: First, you need to subscribe to a Real Debrid service. 

Real Debrid service

Real Debrid service Sign Up

Account Activation

Account Created

We recommend going for Real-Debrid. You can visit their official website and select your preferred membership plan.

Login screen

offers screen

Step 2: Once you’re subscribed, you need to turn on Kodi on your streaming device. 

Step 3: On the home screen, scroll down to the addons tab on the left column. However, don’t click or select it.

Addon Screen

Step 4: If you’re using Firestick, navigate towards the Odds N’ Ends icon, which you’ll find under the category of Video addons. 

Odds N’ Ends icon

Press the Options button on your remote. In case you’re using a computer/laptop, just right-click on the addon icon to show the options.

Step 5: Among the options, select Settings.

select Settings

Step 6: On the next window that opens, select the Debrid tab, which you’ll find on the left side. 

Debrid tab

Step 7: Then, among the drop-down list, you’ll find Re-auth Real-Debrid. 

Re-auth Real-Debrid

Click on it. If you’re using a different Debrid service, select the particular service and then click on the Re-auth option. 

Step 8: Since we’re using Real- Debrid as an example, we’ll show you what to do next, keeping that in mind. 

Now, integrating Real-Debrid will require downloading an additional addon named Shadow. On the window that prompts addon required, click Yes.

addon required prompt

This will download/install Shadows and its dependencies.

Downloading Screen

Once that’s done, a Real Debrid Authorization window will pop up. Leave this window open because we’re going to make use of the code given in there. 

Real Debrid Authorization window

Step 9: Now, get your hands on another free device and, using its browser, navigate to the link provided in the window pop in previously mentioned. 

Step 10: On the site, enter the code provided and click continue to finish the process.

Connect Device

Once the page is loaded, you’ll be asked for a name for the device. 

Think of any name you like and save it. With that, your Debrid account is integrated on the Odds N’ Ends addon. 

Set Name


Odds N’ Ends is an all-encompassing addon that offers users interesting features. It is in no way the best Kodi addon. In fact, the quality of streams is average at best. 

Despite the certain limitations, it is definitely a decent addon, which users can stream from a vast library of content on. Even without the added benefit of a Debrid account, Odds N’ Ends has plenty of fun content to offer and will certainly make for a good addition to one’s streaming repertoire.

Do try it out and let us know what you make of it.