How to Install Seren Kodi Addon in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 12 Jun 2022

Introduction: Seren Kodi Addon

This guide will show you how to install and set up Seren Kodi Addon on Firestick. This method will work on other Firestick devices as well.

Seren Addon is an on-demand host with a massive line-up of TV shows and movies. As of now, Seren is only compatible with links that are premium by making use of Premiumize hosters and Real Debrid. Thus, you will need to have a premium subscription to one of the mentioned services to use Seren Addon.

The biggest advantage of using premium links is that you have the guarantee of getting high-quality streams. Real Debrid is popular among Kodi users for providing buffer-free and fast streams. So, we do think that sometimes it is better to pay a small fee for a better and seamless watch experience.

The Seren Kodi addon has a straightforward user interface, and it does not require much effort to learn how the addon works.

Firstly, we will guide you through its installation process and then the setup process. Later, we’ll also mention detailed procedures to enable package providers and premium hosters.

How to Install the Seren Kodi Addon on Firestick

Since Seren is a Kodi Addon, a third party provides all addons. We will have to enable a Kodi setting that will help us install the third-party addon. You can skip directly to the Installing Seren Kodi Addon section if you have installed a third-party addon before.

1. Enabling the Kodi Setting

Step 1: Launch Kodi from the home screen of Firestick and click on the gear icon located on the top left of the screen to access Kodi Settings.

Step 2: You will now see System options and settings. Navigate to ‘System’ and click on it.

Kodi System option in settings

Step 3: The System settings page will open. Click on ‘Add-ons’ located at the left menu bar.

Click on Add-ons and enable Unknown Sources

Step 4: Now navigate to ‘Unknown sources’ and click on it to toggle on the setting.

Under Settings/System category, choosing Add-ons shows Unknown sources with an on-off slider button

Step 5: Click ‘Yes’ on the warning prompt you will get.

Do not worry about it. Seren Addon is highly safe to use, and this will allow addons to access your storage and personal data on your Firestick.

Good job! You are ready to install the Seren Kodi Addon on your Firestick. Let’s dive into the installation process.

2. Installing Seren Kodi Addon

Step 1: Head back to Kodi’s home menu. Click on the gear icon again to access the settings.

Kodi Settings button is indicated by a large cog button at the top of the left navigation menu on Home Page

Step 2: Navigate to ‘File Manager’ and click on it.

Kodi File Manager in settings

Step 3: You will now see the File Manager tab. Select ‘Add source’ either through your left or right side of the screen. You can open it from both sides.

Add Source Option

Step 4:Add file source’ tab will open on your screen. Now you will have to click on ‘<None>.’

Kodi Click on None

Step 5: Enter the following URL using the on-screen keyboard

Double-check the URL. It is important to type in the URL correctly.

Please note that the link provided is the official URL of Seren Kodi Addon.

Step 6: Select ‘OK.’

Step 7: You can enter the source’s name in the empty box provided under ‘Enter a name for this media source.’ Click on ‘OK.’

Enter github url and name

Step 8: Select the back button of your Firestick remote.

Step 9: Navigate to ‘Add-on’ and click on it. You can find it on the left side of the screen, in the menu bar.

Addon Option on Home Screen


Step 10: Select Package Installer. It is located in the upper left section of Kodi’s screen, and it is the icon that looks like a box.

Package installer in Addon

Step 11: Navigate to ‘Install from zip file’ and open it.

Install from Zip

Step 12: You will get a warning prompt. Select ‘Yes.’

Warning Pop-Up

Step 13: Search for the name (the media source) that you entered earlier. Click on it.

Select github

Step 14: Select ‘’ and click ‘OK.’


Step 15: Wait until you get the notification ‘Nixgates Rep Add-on installed.’ The notification will be displayed on the upper right section of your Kodi screen.

Nixgates Rep Add-on installed.

Step 16: Now select ‘Install from repository’ from the Add-ons window.

Kodi install from repository option under Add-ons/Add-on browser

Step 17: Choose ‘Nixgates Repo’ from the tab.

Choose Nixgates Repo

Step 18: Select ‘Video addons.’

Select Video addons Nixgate

Step 19: Select ‘Seren’ to go further.

Select Seren

Step 20: You will now be able to see the Seren window. Click on ‘Install’ from the bottom.

Install Seren

You will get a prompt saying, ‘The following additional addons will be installed.’ Click on ‘OK.

additional addons dialog box seren

Step 21: Wait for the addon to install on your Firestick. A notification ‘Seren Add-on installed’ will be displayed on the top right side of your screen.

Step 22: Select ‘No’ on the ‘YouTube’ prompt.

Step 23: Click ‘OK’ when you get a prompt.

Step 23: Click on ‘OK’ again to finish the installation.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Seren Kodi Addon on your Firestick.

Setting Up and Using Real Debrid

As mentioned earlier, Seren Kodi Addon can only get premium links of streams through Real Debrid or Premiumize. We recommend you use Real Debrid as it is superior to Premiumize in fetching better quality and faster links. 

Real Debrid does give you a free subscription, but the features are limited. To get a buffer-free and high-quality playback, you will have to opt for a paid subscription. The advantage of Real Debrid is that you can also use it with other streaming apps. 

To use Seren, signing in with Real Debrid is a must, and you will need a Real Debrid account for that. Once you create a Real Debrid account, follow the steps below to set up the Kodi addon. 

Step 1: Head over to the home screen of your Firestick and launch Kodi. 

Kodi App

Step 2: Click on ‘Add-ons’ from your left menu bar of Kodi. 

Kodi home screen Add-on tab under Video addon YouTube highlighted


Step 3: Select ‘Video add-ons.’ 

Step 4: Navigate to Seren and click on it. 

Select Seren from video addon

Step 5: You will now see the main menu of Seren. Hover over to ‘Tools’ and click on it. 

Tools option Seren

Step 6: On the next window, click on ‘Open Settings Menu.’ 

Open Settings Menu Seren

Step 7: The settings menu of Seren will pop up. Click on ‘Scraping’ from Kodi’s left menu.

Click on Scraping

Step 8: Navigate under ‘Auto Caching Assistant’ and hover to the ‘Preferred Cloud Location.’

Select Preferred Cloud Location seren

Step 9: Select ‘Real-Debrid.’

Select Real-Debrid Seren

Step 10: Now click on the ‘Accounts’ tab. 

Accounts option in seren


Step 11: Toggle on the option ‘Enable Real Debrid.’ 

Enable Real Debrid seren

Step 12: Scroll down until you find ‘Authorize Real Debrid…’ and click on it. 

Authorize Real Debrid seren

Step 13: You will get a ‘Real Debrid Auth’ prompt. Under it, you will get a code. 

Real Debrid Auth seren

Step 14: Open a browser on your mobile or desktop and type in this URL given below:

RealDebrid website with link account menu

Step 15: Wait for the page to load. Enter the code you received at step 13 in the text box under ‘Enter the code displayed on your device to begin.’ 

Please note that the code is not case-sensitive. 

Step 16: Click on ‘Continue.’

Enter code and Continue realdebrid

Step 17: You will get a device authorization acknowledgment in the next window. 

It is important to login into your Real Debrid account. If you’re not signed in, the website will ask you to sign in before authorizing the Seren Kodi addon. 

RealDebrid website login page

Step 18: Go back to your Firestick menu. You will see a prompt confirming that the Real Debrid Authentication has been completed. 

Installing Provider Package on Seren Kodi Addon

Unfortunately, the Seren Addon does not have default providers preinstalled with it. This Kodi addon uses Premiumize and Real Debrid to source premium stream links.

But if Seren cannot find any watchable or playable links even after allowing premium providers to fetch links. You might want to install Provider Packages.

This alternative works most of the time. However, some issues may appear.

Still, it does not hurt to give it a try. As it only takes two minutes to install the package.

Follow the steps below to install it.

Step 1: Launch Kodi.

Kodi App

Step 2: From the home screen of Kodi, click onAdd-ons.’ 

Kodi screen Add-ons highlighted

Step 3: SelectVideo addonsand then click on Seren.

Select Seren from video addon

Step 4: Click on Tools.’ 

Tools option Seren

Step 5: Navigate to Providers Tools and click on it.

Providers Tools Seren

Step 6: SelectManage Provider Packages.’ 

Select Manage Provider Packages

Step 7: Then click onInstall Package.’ 

Install Package Seren

Step 8: A Seren tab will open. SelectWeb Location….’ 

Select Web Location Seren

Step 9: Using the on-screen keyboard, enter this particular URL

Step 10: Click on OK.’

Step 11: Now selectInstall.’ 

Step 12: Wait for it to finish installing.

Press the ‘OKoption when theSuccessfully Installed’ prompt is displayed on the screen.

That’s it! You’ve installed Provider Packages on Kodi. 

Manually Selecting Playback Source

If you want to select the playback source manually, follow the steps below.

  • Head back to the Seren page where the Open Settings Menuoption is located.
    Open Settings Menu
  • Navigate to Playbackand click on it.
    Playback Option Seren
  • Hover toEpisode Play Styleand selectSource Selectin the optionEpisode Play Style.’
    Select Episode Play Style seren

Changing Preferred Cloud Location

If you want to change Preferred Cloud Location, follow the steps below.

  • SelectScraping.
    Click on Scraping
  • UnderAuto Caching Assistant,’ click onPreferred Cloud Location.’ 
  • Select any service you want and then press theOK button.
    Select Preferred Cloud Location seren

Displaying more sources

If you want to display more sources, follow the steps below.

  • Click on Scraping.
    Click on Scraping
  • Navigate to Minimum Sources under the Preemptive Terminationtab.
    Minimum Sources option seren
  • Choose the number of sources you want it to find.

If you select a higher number, it will take longer to scrape the sources.

Bear in mind that it is recommended to always look at the file size when selecting a source. A larger size file will buffer more than a smaller size file.

Setting Up Trakt

If you would like to keep a record of the shows and movies you have been watching so that you can find new recommendations on what to watch, continue your previous movie selection from where you left off, and more, this is how you can go about setting up Trakt for Seren:

Step 1: Head over to the home menu of the Seren Addon.

Step 2: SelectTools.’ 

Tools option Seren

Step 3: Navigate toTrakt Sync Toolsand click on it.

Trakt Sync Tools

Step 4: A prompt will be displayed on your screen; click onYes.’

Trakt Authorization box

Step 5: You will receive a code under theAuthorize Traktprompt.

Code in Authorize Trakt seren

Step 6: Open a browser on your phone or pc and enter this specific URL login page

Step 7: Enter the code that you’ve received. 

Step 8: Go back to your Firestick, and you will notice a prompt that says ‘Successfully authenticated with Trakt.’ Click on ‘OK.’ 

Using Seren Addon on Kodi

You can now start streaming your favorite TV shows and movies since you are equipped with the package provider and have access to Real Debrid.

  • If you want to watch movies or TV shows, you can click onDiscover Movies’ or ‘Discover TV Showsto browse the available content.
  • When you click on any title you want to stream, the Seren addon will fetch streams using Real Debrid or Premiumize. The addon is very quick, and it will take only a few seconds to source the links.
  • Just click on any stream and have a seamless watch experience.

Is It Legal To Use Seren Kodi Addon?

It’s impossible to find out whether these third-party apps or addons have proper licensing or not.

There might be some copyrighted content that Seren Addon is distributing for free. As long as you do not touch them, you are good to go.

You have the option to access content that’s available for free. These titles are not protected by the law and can be streamed, downloaded, and distributed without legal trouble.

So, it depends on the end-user whether they access paid content for free or not.

Streaming Illegally Can Lead To Problems

When you stream illegally, you are breaking the law. There are videos on the internet that you should not access for free, and copyright laws protect them, and you can get into legal trouble.

Not only are you exposing yourself to legal problems, but you put your device to risk too. You may download malware or get attacked by hackers.

You can also become a victim of identity theft as you may allow hackers to access your data when you click on something random.

It is nearly impossible to know which link is safe to click or which stream is free to watch. So to protect yourself from certain mishaps, you should always use a reliable Kodi VPN.

Always Use a VPN while Streaming with Seren Kodi Addons or Any Other Third-Party Addon

Before streaming with Seren Kodi Addon, you should know that everything you stream on the internet or your streaming activity is visible to your Internet Service Provider and Government. As mentioned before, streaming copyrighted movies and TV Shows can lead to legal problems.

Thankfully, there is a way to hide all your streaming activity. All you need is to use a VPN when using Seren Kodi. Let’s look at detailed reasons why you should use a VPN.

  • Hiding your streaming activity from ISP and Government

A VPN will help you stream anonymously on the internet. Your ISP and Government will not be able to track down your streaming activity.

You will be able to reroute your internet traffic and hide from everyone.

  • Geo Restricted Content

VPN also helps you to access geo-restricted content. There are certain channels that you can only access from a particular region.

When you use a VPN, you can connect to different servers worldwide.

  • Avoiding Hackers

As mentioned earlier, hackers are waiting for you to click on a fishy link from an unsafe third-party app, addon, or site.

Using a VPN helps you protect your data as all your internet traffic is sent through an encrypted tunnel. So there is no way for hackers to track down your IP address.

  • Better Network Speed

There is a high possibility that your ISP has throttled your internet connection if you haven’t been using a VPN.

Your ISP throttles your internet speed to prevent you from accessing a third-party website. So to improve or restore your connection, you can use a VPN.

We recommend you to use ExpressVPN as it is the most secure and fastest VPN. This VPN is also compatible with most streaming devices and apps.


Is Seren Addon Legal?

Yes. It is legal to use and install this addon. However, you need to be careful when accessing some content, as some are copyrighted.

Is It Important to Use a VPN?

A VPN protects your data and ensures privacy, and it also helps you browse anonymously over the internet. So yes, it is essential to use a VPN while you’re using a third-party addon.

Can I Install Seren on Firestick?

Absolutely! It’s very easy to install Seren Addon on Firestick, and you can simply follow the instructions above.

Are Kodi Addon and Kodi Repository the same?

No, they’re not the same. The difference is that Kodi addons are stored inside a repository, and it is necessary to install a repository to install a build or addon.

Are Kodi Addon and Kodi Build the same?

No, they are different. The Kodi build is very similar to a bundle of repositories or addons. It also features skins that you can install on Kodi.


Seren Kodi Addon is among the most popular addons for Kodi. You’ll see the difference between Seren and other third-party Kodi addons as soon as you start enjoying its features.

However, make sure you subscribe to Real Debrid, as the addon can only fetch premium links through Real Debrid or Premiumize.