How to Install Slamious Kodi Build on Firestick in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 7 Mar 2022


This article is your complete guide to learn how to install Slamious Wizard and Slamious Kodi Build on Amazon Fire TV Stick. The installation process is compatible with multiple other devices and operating systems including, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and many more.

Slamious Wizard is a Kodi program addon with numerous Kodi builds. The best build on Slamious Wizard is the Slamious Kodi build, as it comes with multiple pre-installed addons that take care of your streaming needs perfectly. From a variety of movies and TV shows to Live TV and sports channels, Kodi addons will cater to your streaming needs like nothing else.

The addon itself is well-designed and organized, where you can access your favorite movie in seconds. Along with its compatibility with multiple devices, Slamious comes with over 40 Kodi addons and still takes only 246 MB!

How to Install Slamious Kodi Build on Firestick

Let’s delve into how you can get the Slamious Kodi build on Kodi (and on Firestick, or whichever device you prefer).

  1. On the top left corner of the home screen of the Kodi application, you will find an option for Settings. Click it.Kodi Settings button is indicated by a large cog button at the top of the left navigation menu on Home Page
  2. Select the Systems option from the multiple tabs appearing in front of you.Kodi System option in settings
  3. Now, choose Add-ons from the drop-down menu on your left. When you do that, some options will seem on the right side of your screen. Tap on Unknown sources to make sure that the toggle option is switched ON and is not OFF.Under Settings/System category, choosing Add-ons shows Unknown sources with an on-off slider button
  4. A window will then display on your screen, warning you that the addon can access the personal data on your device. Click Yes because Slamious Kodi keeps customer data secure from any breaches of privacy.Click “Yes” on the warning message

Installing Slamious Build on KODI

  1. Access Kodi Settings again from the home screen.Kodi Settings button is indicated by a large cog button at the top of the left navigation menu on Home Page
  2. Open File Manager folder.Kodi File Manager in settings
  3. Select the option Add Source present on the left of your screen.In Kodi File Manager, Add source appears as an option
  4. A pop-up window will appear on the screen. Choose <None>Click None option
  5. A window will then emerge in front of you. Type the link in the designated area. Then tap on OK.Kodi File Manager pop-up to enter slamiousbuilds repo URL
  6. You will see a window on your screen containing a highlighted box, where you have to enter a name for your media source.File manager pop-up window to add media source for slamiousbuilds
  7. Type a name in that box. You can also pick the name that I am using. Proceed further by clicking OK.Kodi File Manager pop-up to enter a name for slamiousbuilds media source
  8. Select OK again to save the name and media source.Kodi File Manager pop-up to enter a name for slamiousbuilds media source, click OK

By following the steps above, you have effectively added the source link. Now you are ready to move on to the next part, which is installing Slamious Wizard!

  1. Go back to the Kodi settings and open Add-ons.System menu and then click on Add-ons
  2. Choose the option Install from zip file.Kodi install from zip file
  3. If you are using Kodi 19 Matrix, you will see a pop-up window saying that the addons installed through the zip file have to be manually updated.
    Click on Yes and proceed further.Warning for installing Zip
  4. From the list, tap on the name that you have chosen for your media source.Kodi Add-ons Install from Zip file pop-up with Slamious highlighted
  5. A zip file will now appear on your screen named: chosen media source name repo In my case, it is a slamious repo Choose the zip file version of the respective Kodi version that you are currently using. For instance, opt for Slamious19 repo if you use Kodi 19.
  6. As soon as the addon is installed, a small popup will appear on the top right corner of your screen.
  7. Tap on Install from repository.
  8. Pick Slamious Repo or Slam19 Repo on Kodi 19.
  9. Click on Program add-ons.
  10. Open Slamious wizard or Slamious Wizard 19 on Kodi 19
  11. Select the install icon present in the lower right corner of your screen
  12. Slamious wizard 19 will now be in the process of installation. Upon installation, a small popup window will confirm the addon installation.
  13. Choose Dismiss when this window appears.
  14. A pop-up window will now appear on your screen with multiple settings options. Hit Continue.
  15. Another pop-up window will emerge. Pick the Build menu so that Slamious Kodi Build can start installing.
    However, if you, like many, clicked on ignore in a hurry, then we know how you can go back to the slamious build menu and start the installation process for Kodi build.
  16. Go to the Kodi home screen. From settings, select Add-ons and then go to Program Add-ons. You will now find Slamious Wizard or Slamious Wizard 19. Hit it.
  17. Now choose Builds from the drop-down list on your screen.
  18. Click Slamious 19 build or Slamious to access the Slamious build menu.
  19. Now you need to make a choice between Fresh install and Standard install. Fresh install deletes everything on Kodi so that you can use the addon as it is. While the standard install does not meddle with your existing data.
    We recommend installation through the fresh install, as addons work the best when they are downloaded from scratch. However, if you need to install multiple builds, then opt for the standard method.
  20. After selecting fresh install, a pop-up window will emerge asking for confirmation if you want to go forward with the particular mode of installation. Tap on Continue to proceed ahead.
  21. Now, the process of downloading Slamious Kodi Build will begin. First, the Slamious wizard will remove all the existing data on Kodi and start downloading the Kodi build.

The whole process can take up to 2- 3 minutes depending on your internet connectivity.

This is how you install Slamious build on Kodi from the Slamious wizard. After the download is complete, the window will force close. When this happens, it means that Kodi is now installed. Open the application to finally enjoy your Slamious 19 build!

How to Stay Safe When Streaming

We would like to warn you before you start streaming with Kodi builds and addons. Without the use of the best Kodi VPN, everything that you stream through Kodi will be visible to the ISP and government. 

This means that viewing copyrighted TV shows and movies can also land you into legal trouble. Your personal data can also be misused by numerous hackers out there!

To stay out of such troubles, we have the best option for you: Installing a good VPN. A Virtual Private Network is an encrypted connection that hides your true IP address to secure you from privacy breaches and legal troubles by changing your location.

It can get very confusing to try different VPNs and wonder if they do what they’re actually supposed to (and whether they do it well). We personally recommend ExpressVPN, as it’s economical, easy to use, compatible with multiple devices, and keeps your data safe.

So, before you start streaming on Kodi, here is a guide to installing ExpressVPN on your Firestick.

  1. Select Find and then Search from the Firestick home screen.Firestick home page with prominent Find and Search buttons
  2. Type in ExpressVpn on the search barvpncheck-spectrum-searching-expressvpn-on-amazon-firestick
  3. Choose Download.ExpressVPN installation option on Firestick
  4. After the application is successfully installed, either log in to your existing account or make a new one.Sign In option on ExpressVPN
  5. After subscribing to ExpressVpn, your Firestick will send you a notification to let you know that your data is going to filter through the VPN. Agree to OK.Amazon Firestick connection request screen
  6. Click on the Power icon to connect to the VPN server. In a few minutes, you are connected to the fastest and safest VPN out there!ExpressVPN home screen with Connect button highlighted

Overview of The Slamious Kodi Build

If you are opening the application for the first time, then it might take 2-3 minutes to update its addons and settings. Please be patient if you do not find a particular addon, as it must be in the process of updating.

The following options will appear on your home screen that can allow you to begin your streaming activities instantly:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Addons
  • The Boys

You can view all these categories on the main menu bar on your home screen. After clicking on your desired category, a sub-menu will appear containing additional relevant options, like video addons and new releases.

If you want to view all the pre-installed addons that come with Salmious Kodi build, you can select the addon and then Video addons from the main menu present on your home screen.

Some of the popular video addons pre-installed with Slamious Kodi Build are:

  • Odin      
  • Rising Tides
  • The crew
  • Asgard


Slamious wizard itself hosts multiple builds, but we have done the hard work of figuring out the best build of all. Slamious is certainly the most compatible and entertaining build. It is a brilliant streaming platform with an easy-to-use interface and its downloading process is relatively hassle-free, and it works well on low ram devices too.