SportSurge: An Overview and Best Alternatives That are Working in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 2 Jan 2022

SportSurge: An Overview

SportSurge Logo

SportSurge is one of the most popular sports streaming sites around. But as its users can recall, the original domain for the SportSurge website was banned many years ago. This left its users with no other choice but to look for SportSurge alternatives. 

In this guide, we’ll list the best SportSurge alternatives. All of them are working at the time of writing. They also have user-friendly interfaces and won’t bombard you with annoying ads.

What is more, all these websites are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. They are also available for use on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the most popular streaming gadget right now. And the majority of these web pages don’t require you to sign up for viewing.

Best SportSurge Alternatives

We have identified and rated the best SportSurge alternatives based on a six-point criterion. The criterion includes monthly visitors, user interface, VPN friendliness, number of sports categories on offer, ad annoyance, and the website’s overall popularity.  

Here are the seven best SportSurge alternatives in 2022:

1. CrackStreams

CrackStreams Logo

CrackStreams has earned the top spot on our list for many reasons. It has a user-friendly interface, provides you with thousands of live sport streams, and doesn’t bombard you with ads, even though this website doesn’t charge a penny.

CrackStreams is VPN-friendly as well – it works seamlessly with ExpressVPN. All these factors explain why it attracts 1.5 million unique visitors every month, a number that is more than ten times bigger than the following website on our list

2. FootyBite


FootyBite is another excellent alternative to SportSurge. This website broadcasts live football games from all the major leagues worldwide. The user interface is pretty friendly on this website, too, letting you access the game you want to watch in no time.

Bear in mind that FootyBite only broadcasts football games. Fans of other sports would do well to turn to other options on our list. Also, the number of ads on this website could overwhelm you, which is why we suggest you use an ad-blocker while browsing FootyBite. 

3. YouTube TV

YouTube TV logo

YouTube TV is another well-known live TV provider. It offers lots of sports content worldwide, but will set you back an eye-watering $64.99 per month. Budget-minded sports fans would thus do well to explore other SportSurge alternatives. 

Bear in mind that YouTube TV isn’t solely dedicated to sports. It offers all live TV channels a cord-cutter could ask for, including news, entertainment, and sports. You get access to local channels as well. YouTube TV also offers unlimited cloud space to let you store recorded games and shows.

How to Install YouTube TV on Firestick

4. VIPRow Sports


VIPRow Sports is another popular SportSurge alternative. More than half a million people use this website every month to see their favorite teams in action. The sports categories it offers include football, rugby, cricket, wrestling, hockey, and snooker, among others.  

Given the fact that it’s a free resource, VIPRow makes money with ads. Be prepared to be bombarded with advertisements once you’re on the site, though you can easily overcome this issue with an ad-blocker. Its two most popular URLs are “” and “”

5. fuboTV

FuboTV logo

fuboTV initially began as a dedicated sports streaming platform. Over the years, it has expanded its collection to include more local networks too. At the time of writing, it is offering dedicated sports, entertainment, and national news channels.

What’s best about fuboTV is that it provides a 7-day free trial to new users. After the trial’s conclusion, you’re asked to choose from one of four payment plans starting from $64.99 a month. This makes fuboTV one of the more expensive SportSurge alternatives.

6. VIPLeague


VIPLeague is one of the oldest sports streaming websites around. It is an excellent substitute for SportSurge because it has almost all the sports categories that you can think of. It has wrestling, football, baseball, basketball, boxing, among other sports. 

VIPLeague has a large following: statistics show that it attracted 113,000 visitors every month in 2021. That is despite the fact that this website’s ad-annoyance is enormous. Fortunately, though, it works seamlessly with ExpressVPN.

7. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow SportsFirstRow Sports is by far the most popular streaming site around. Mainly because of the range of sports this website offers to its users. But also because of its user-friendly interface that makes finding any game you want to watch a cinch.

The website attracts just under half a million users per month. It offers multiple streaming links for every game, making sure that if one link falters, you can quickly open another to continue watching your favorite team in action. 

Other Options to Stream Live Sports

Some other options are also available for live streaming, but the sports content on offer is very limited. Examples include Vidgo. It offers over a hundred live TV channels, only a few of which are dedicated to sports. Vidgo also offers news and entertainment channels. 

There are some free live TV apps you can use if you have Amazon Firestick. These include Pluto TV, Sportz TV IPTV, Airy TV, and Peacock, among others. If you’re using an OST antenna, you can use the Locast app, which offers region-specific channels in 35 cities across the US.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SportSurge?

SportSurge is a free sport streaming website. It lets you watch football, baseball, cricket, snooker, golf, racing, and many other sports at zero cost. This website is compatible with PCs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other streaming devices like Amazon Firestick.

While the original SportSurge domain was shut down several years ago, die-hard sports fans have unearthed many proxies. However, keep in mind that many of these proxies are broadcasting copyrighting content without any licensing. You might face legal trouble upon getting caught.

Is SportSurge secure?

Even though the original SportSurge domain was shut down several years ago, there are still a sizable number of proxies available that are in use by millions of users. 

We scanned one of the most popular proxies of SportSurge with VirusTotal and did not find any harmful viruses or malware within the SportSurge URL. But that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t take steps to protect yourself while browsing these websites. 

It’s recommended to use antivirus software and a VPN while browsing such websites. The former will fend off any virus or malware attacks aimed at your device. A reliable VPN (like ExpressVPN), meanwhile, will keep your real identity hidden.

Is SportSurge legal?

If you are using SportSurge for the first time, it might look like that they are distributing unlicensed copyrighted content. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine whether these unverifiable streaming sites are licensed or not. 

Provided you want to remain on the safe side, we suggest that you use a VPN. A reliable VPN (like ExpressVPN) will make sure to hide your real identity on the internet, ensuring that your ISP or even your government cannot trace you.

What are the names of some best SportSurge alternatives?

Some of the best SportSurge alternatives include CrackStreams, YouTube TV, FootyBite, VIPLeague, and FirstRow Sports. 

Are SportSurge alternatives illegal?

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to determine if SportSurge alternatives are legal. That’s why it’s important to always use a secure VPN while streaming SportSurge alternatives to be on the safe side. 

Is a VPN needed for SportSurge alternatives?

Using a VPN is vital while streaming SportSurge alternatives. It will keep your online identity hidden, thereby making sure that your ISP and the government cannot link your online activity back to you. ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch sports on Firestick.

What can happen if you get caught while using SportSurge alternatives?

You might have to face legal problems if you end up getting caught watching unlicensed or copyrighted content on SportSurge alternatives.

Which websites to use for watching free sports without signing up?

CrackStreams, VIPLeague, and FirstRow Sports let you watch free sports without signing up.