12 Best Stream2Watch Alternatives

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 15 Mar 2022

About Stream2Watch

So, you’ve gone to find the latest football stream and found that Stream2Watch has been taken offline. The original Stream2Watch domain was pulled offline a long time ago. No need to panic, as you can still find a stream in time for kick-off.

There are some working Stream2Watch clones out there, but they’re not as reliable as they once were for finding streams of sports and live TV. On top of that, we don’t know if the clones are safe to use. So, we’re arming you with some alternatives in this list of the 12 top alternatives. 

Bookmark them to make sure you have the best chance of seeing the game.


FuboTV page


Happy to pay for HD streams and a choice of hundreds of channels, including live sports? fuboTV might be the solution for you.

The sporting choice is excellent. You can access reliable, fast 4K streams of the EPL, MLB, NFL, PGA Tour, Nascar, and lots of other soccer leagues around the world including France and the MLS.

It’s also great if you love other cable channels, and you can enjoy Fox, ABC, AMC, and FX channels among others. It’s basically cable without the cable for the digital age.

fuboTV doesn’t come cheaply, but it has reliable streaming in high definition, as well as loads of added benefits like multiple users, and even the option of a cloud DVR to store shows you record. There are different packages to choose from based on your needs and how many channels you want to access.

The streaming platform is currently only available to the North American market. Want to unlock it elsewhere? A quality VPN can get around the geoblocking for access to all of that amazing content.


  • Streams in up to 4K quality
  • Loads of choice of the top sports
  • Legitimate and legal streaming service
  • Comes with access to lots of Live TV besides sports


  • Expensive for membership

Live TV

LiveTV website


Well, nobody can accuse this service of having a misleading name, right?

Live TV gives you access to lots of sports streams around the globe, including soccer, golf, football, baseball, and more. You can even find some fixtures that you might have thought were quite obscure. There’s a big selection.

Make sure you are using a VPN for this one, as there are some popups, and the site doesn’t have an HTTPS server. It’s good to be on the safe side.

The layout feels a little dated in some respects, and the usability could be better, but ultimately when it comes down to finding the stream you want, it rarely lets you down.

In terms of functionality, the popout window once you’ve found a stream can be a bit annoying, and it isn’t immediately clear where to click and which streams are working. You also have to watch the ads before you can even test if a stream is working. It’s not always high definition, and as with any free streaming site the results aren’t 100%, but it is a good tool for finding the sports you want to watch.


  • Fantastic choice of live events
  • Streams available even for obscure matchups and fixtures


  • Not a secure server, make sure you use a VPN
  • Navigation and usability aren’t the best


Sportsurge website banner for fans from around the world to watch their favorite games, events and more


Sportsurge acts as something of an aggregator, collecting different sporting streams for live events so you can choose the best.

For a free streaming site, it is actually relatively light on the ads, but remember the streams aren’t actually hosted on the site. You never know what site you’re going to be connected to so a VPN gives a good layer of extra security.

In terms of usability, it is really simple, with a list of the most popular sports right there on the homepage, and once you choose your sport you will see the live fixtures taking place. From there, external streams are listed for you to click on. 

As well as just a link to the stream, you can also see the language of the site, whether there are ads, and whether it is streaming in HD (plus the rate). For instance, “HD at 2000 kbps”. This helps you evaluate the best options, and steer clear of annoying ads.


  • Compares multiple streams so you always have a reliable choice
  • Simple interface
  • Relatively ad-free


  • Sends you to external sites for the streams, which may have ads or even malware




CrackStreams is another free sports streaming site, and it is prone to moving domains. It may get taken down and reuploaded as a mirror, but at the time of writing this, the site is working well.

We’ll start with the downside of the site, as you can’t really navigate it without annoying popup ads. It’s frustrating for a lot of users. However, the pros outweigh the cons.

CrackStreams has a simple interface to navigate to the sporting event you want to see, covering the biggest leagues in a multitude of top sports. When we tested, we found reliable HD streams for every single event we tried, and during the streams, we didn’t get any of the annoying ads. Bonus.

CrackStreams also has a chatbox to the side of each stream, but there seems to be more fan banter than intelligent debate going on. Maybe switch to full-screen straight away. 


  • You can usually find a HD stream of top sporting events
  • The simple layout makes it easy to navigate


  • Lots of popup ads while navigating
  • Prone to getting taken offline

Sportz TV IPTV

Sportz TV IPTV website


Sportz TV IPTV is a popular service for watching cable and satellite TV streams from all over the world, and this includes a lot of different sporting events broadcast in North America, the UK, Europe and beyond.

Licensing around sports is complex, but Sportz TV basically lets you get live content from across the globe. In a country where they don’t show the sport you love? Choose from the IPTV country list on SportzTV for virtually limitless choice. We’ve found streams for pretty much every sporting event, in reliable HD.

Sportz TV has a Firestick APK, making it easy to install and watch directly on your television, just like a cable provider.

The fact that it is a paid app has its plus points as well as some negatives. It is well-maintained, with a great selection and minimal ads, but on the downside, it will cost you some of your hard-earned money.

Still not sure? There’s a free 24-hour trial that you can use, showing you exactly what the kind of features and functionality of Sportz TV feel like, and allowing you to test whether you can find the stream you’re looking for in glorious HD. The answer is probably “yes”.


  • 24-hour free trial to test the site
  • Reliable streaming of lots of countries’ TV channels
  • HD coverage of pretty much every major sporting event


  • It comes with a cost attached (starting at $15.99 per month per device)
  • IPTV is a legal gray area (a VPN is advised)

How to Install Sportz TV on Firestick

First Row Sports

FirstRow Sports website


First Row Sports is a free streaming platform that has a huge selection of sporting events. The site is based in Europe by the looks of things, so you’ll have to remember that “football” means “soccer”.

There are huge fixture lists, so you can see the full day’s sports and decide which streams you want to check out. When the time comes, multiple links to streams and their mirrors will appear under the fixture. You can often find a good option.

We’ve found that on some of the less high-profile fixtures the streams aren’t reliable. There are also quite a few popup ads, so it has the potential to become annoying. It sends you to external sites too, so make sure you protect your connection as we can’t vouch for those websites, and some may have harmful intentions.

If you’re looking for sports streams, First Row Sports is easy to navigate and worth checking to see if you can catch the game.


CricHD Sports Online 24/7 Live cricket streaming - watch live cricket


CricHD started off as a cricket streaming platform. Pretty niche, right? Especially if you’re from the US, or one of the many countries where cricket is not very popular.

Luckily, they’ve branched out, and CricHD has a huge selection of live streaming sports available via a simple layout. 

We really like how the home page is laid out here. As well as showing you the most popular in-play events currently streaming, there’s also an option to select individual channels to watch them in real-time. These include Sky Sports, ESPN, and BeIN sports. There is an incredible amount of choice. 

Streams are pretty reliable in our experience, but they don’t work every time, and they aren’t always in HD, though you can usually get 1080P on big events.

As with a lot of Stream2Watch alternatives, CricHD does have some downsides. American sports aren’t prioritized as much, and there are some pesky pop ups, but this is almost always the case with free streaming sites. Make sure you use a VPN and stay protected.

Sport Lemon


We have no idea what a lemon has to do with sports, either, but the branding isn’t important, it is all about the streaming.

This is another free site that allows you to watch a lot of current sporting events, just like Stream2Watch. 

It is really easy to navigate the home page of Sport Lemon and see all of the streams that are currently live, or coming up in the near future. Many of them open in pop ups that are hosted on third-party sites, so make sure your browsing is protected with a VPN.

As with a lot of the free sites, there are a lot of popups, which can be annoying. It’s frustrating having to keep clicking away from these ads and some are on the spammy side. It’s a small price to pay for access to all of those streams, though.

Our testing showed that each high-profile sporting event has multiple streams for you to choose between. This means if one stream drops you should have another option right away, and you can surf the streams looking for the best in HD quality.

As well as big sports like all of the mainstream American sports, and soccer, this has some less high-profile sports including hockey and cycling. Finally, the smaller sports get some recognition.

The sports are neatly organized for your convenience. A VPN (and ad blocker) are recommended, but for a free site, this is not a lemon (pun intended).

Live Sport 24

Live Sport 24


If it weren’t for the pop-up ads, this app would be one of the absolute best when it comes to streaming. Many of the free apps have this issue, so you might be used to it. 

Live Sport 24 has so many different sports and sporting events listed, and while you can navigate through based on the sport you want to find, there is also a great feature to sort by channel. You can access live streams of BT Sports, Fox Sports, and other huge sporting channels.

Sports events are all listed in advance so you can see what is likely to be streaming on the platform. They don’t tend to be 100% reliable, but it is rare to find a big event without coverage on Live Sport 24. 

There are some annoying ads when you’re navigating and finding a stream, but once you’ve found one and waited 30 seconds for the initial ads to disappear, the ads tend to leave you to watch in peace. 

Many events have more than one stream, and in our tests we could reliably find HD options. Nobody wants to watch pixelated baseball, right?


ESPN Plus Homepage


ESPN+ is an option for those who don’t mind paying for their streaming service. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost you that much, especially if you want to stream other types of television. ESPN+ can be bought bundled with other streaming services including Disney+ and Hulu. This is called the “Disney Bundle” and costs $13.99 a month. Using a top-tier VPN, you can access US-only streams from elsewhere in the world, too.

In terms of the selection of sports, there are a lot of events covered on the network, including football, baseball, soccer, tennis, and even some more unusual sports (ESPN even carries Kabaddi). Watching live broadcasts you still have to watch the ads that are on TV, which is a little annoying but this is how most paid sports streaming platforms still work.

With your membership, you can also access a really great back catalog of documentaries and sporting programs. “Man in the Arena” is one of the coolest sporting docs out there.

As you might expect from the paid apps on the list, you can access ESPN+ on a lot of platforms including Firestick, Apple TV, smartphones, Roku, and even Xbox and Playstation.

While not everyone is on the market for a paid app, it does mean reliable HD streaming and great compatibility. ESPN+ has a huge selection of sports that are licensed and streamed all over the world.

Time 4 TV



Time 4 TV provides streams of television channels from around the world, including dozens of the very best sports channels. From UK channels like Sky Sports, to US channels like Fox and ESPN, and even channels from Canada and the Middle East. 

In the complex world of TV licensing this means that you can access reliable streams of shows no matter what country you are based in. A VPN can help you to stay anonymous and watch all major televised sporting events.

There are plenty of ads on the site, but they don’t impact your experience as much as some of the other platforms. You won’t have to sit through minutes of annoying pop-up ads before you can hit play and start enjoying the stream.

Time 4 TV is a great Stream2Watch alternative but it isn’t laid out in the same way. There isn’t an option to easily see which matches are on rather than navigate to a specific channel. The “Schedule” section comes close, but it has a bit of a messy navigation. The best way to reliably get a good stream is to work out which channels are carrying the sport you want to see first. This might include an international channel.

Time 4 TV doesn’t just have sports, either, and you can watch whatever is going out live on channels like AMC. However, this isn’t as convenient as watching them at your own convenience. With sporting events, it is all about catching it live.

Batman Stream

Batman Stream


We wish that we could see the streams we want via a Bat Signal rather than have to trawl the internet. Luckily, Batman Stream gives us the next best thing; reliable streams of loads of sports events.

Batman Stream has an easy layout so you can find the sporting events you want to see. Firstly, you can navigate to the sport you want, and categories include football (soccer), NFL, basketball, baseball, and many more. You can even stream handball and some more obscure sports.

We tested a live sporting event (a soccer match in the UK) and the site had 23 different mirrors of the stream, so even if one of them goes down, the chances of you finding an HD stream are pretty high.

You do get some pop-up ads, but unlike some of the other free streaming apps, the ads aren’t too annoying once you find a stream. You don’t have to wait for ages watching irrelevant ads to actually watch the event.

The home page of Batman Stream has a huge list of upcoming events. You can see just how many are covered on the site – you’re not going to run out of stuff to watch any time soon.

Like all of the free streaming Stream2Watch alternatives, Batman Stream isn’t perfect, and you should use a VPN to protect your identity while you stream. Compared to lots of the other options, Batman Stream has a huge selection of reliable, HD streams.


There are still some Stream2Watch mirrors out there that still work, and you may find a decent stream of the big game. However, you should definitely arm yourself with multiple options. 

Many free streaming platforms have a habit of going offline, but with these 12 alternatives, it is safe to say that if it is being broadcast somewhere, you’ll be able to find a stream, even if you have to try a couple of options.


Does Stream2Watch still work?

There are some working clones or mirrors of Stream2Watch that you can access, but it is really hard to verify whether they are legitimate, and some seem to be using some rogue ad networks and possible malware. Protect yourself by using a VPN if you are going to use a Stream2Watch clone, and use an alternative if you are concerned.

Can you get a virus from Stream2Watch?

Some of the clone sites appear to have questionable ads and even potential malware. It is impossible to say, but you should be vigilant and protect yourself when surfing.

What are the best free football streaming sites?

If you are looking for a free Stream2Watch alternative for football, Live TV, Sportsurge, and CricHD are among the best options. There are many free streaming sites on this list that will fit the bill and give you an option to search for football streams.

Is streaming live sports safe?

It is impossible to say that every sports streaming platform is safe. There is always a risk, especially with the free sites, which is why you should take steps to protect yourself and your identity before accessing live streams.