Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Your Firestick in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 21 Apr 2022


FireTV stick 4K

In this article, we will give you our top 10 tips and tricks for the Amazon Firestick that will make your user experience better and faster. These tips and tricks will work on all Amazon Fire TV variants such as Amazon Fire TV 2nd Gen, Firestick, Firestick 4k, Firestick Lite, and Fire TV Cube.

Amazon Firestick is a wireless streaming device that plugs into your TV and lets you stream all kinds of different content easily, in a user-friendly manner, cost-effectively, and fast. Firestick also supports different streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and others. There are also many third-party apps you can download, install, and use on the device, making it a favorite for wireless streaming.

Today we will help you improve your Firestick experience by sharing our tried and true tips and tricks. We will take your Firestick to another level, with these tips you’re gonna make the most out of your device.

10 Firestick Tips and Tricks

Here’s our list of top 10 tips and tricks that will improve your Firestick user experience. These tips and tricks are safe and easy to follow.

Turn Your Phone into a Firestick Remote Control

Firestick is a remote controlled wireless streaming device. Who has never spent precious time looking for a remote control they can’t find? Why not just turn your phone into a remote control? That way you will have your remote on you all the time. 

With just a tap you can turn your phone into a Firestick remote control. Amazon Fire TV is officially available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can easily download and install it on your phone and make it into a Firestick remote.

The Amazon Fire TV remote app contains the same controls as the physical remote (except for the volume and power button). One of the differences between the physical and the mobile remote is the touchpad instead of the navigation ring and the select/ok button. You can swipe up and down, right and left to access the same controls as the physical remote’s navigation ring. On the touchpad, to select or press ok all you need to do is tap .

Jailbreak Your Firestick

To increase your Firestick scope, jailbreak it. The Amazon Firestick jailbreak is different from the jailbreak of your phone, it is simple and risk-free. It is reasonably easy to do, and you won’t need any technical knowledge or professional assistance for it. Just download and sideload a third-party app for jailbreak and you are good to go. By doing that you will get unlimited movies, news, sports, shows, and much more.

Calibrate Your TV Display

Sometimes videos aren’t properly displayed on our TV, they are either too big or too small for it, we just can’t seem to enjoy our favorite shows and movies in peace. We may think there’s something wrong with our display but don’t worry, there is a way to fix it! 

You just need to calibrate your Firestick video size to your TV screen. That’s very easy to do and it only needs to be done once. With  these simple steps you can calibrate your screen within seconds. Here’s how:

  1. Open Firestick’s Settings
  2. Select Display & Sound
  3. Select Display
  4. Select Calibrate Display
  5. Use remote’s up and down buttons to adjust

Mouse Toggle Apps

Apps nowadays, pretty much without exception, are designed for touchscreen devices. Their display and navigation are designed having smartphones and tablets in mind, which all count on an interactive screen as an  input\output medium. It doesn’t mean you can’t use them on devices with no screen. You can sideload these apps on your Firestick and Fire TV devices, but it is almost impossible to navigate and use them since you can’t see what is selected. 

There is a very easy solution for this: download a mouse toggle app on your Firestick. This will display a mouse cursor on your screen and will help you in navigating these apps. There are several third-party mouse toggle apps available that can be downloaded and installed on your Firestick.


Amazon Firestick has a built-in AI called Alexa. Alexa  is a handy little tool, she listens to your voice, answers your questions, carries out voice commanded web searches, and you can speak to her through your remote control. 

Alexa becomes exceptionally helpful in Amazon Firestick because she can open streaming apps, navigate and search titles, and all of that by voice commands. You won’t need to load a keyboard, type and search manually, rather Alexa will search and display the results for you. 

Alexa is only compatible with official Amazon Store apps though, it won’t work on third-party apps.

Use a VPN

We can’t stress enough how important it is to start using VPNs (we always use ExpressVPN) in your daily internet usage. VPNs will keep your browsing history, your personal information and your digital identity private. VPNs keep you safe and hidden from the surveillance of the government, your internet service providers, hackers, or any third party.

When you start to use free streaming apps like Kodi, it is recommended you mask your digital identity. VPNs allow you to explore free links without risking your privacy and help to keep you safe from potential cyber attacks. 

Also, apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ can be geo-restricted, meaning, your access to their content may be restricted depending on the country you are in. Using a VPN can divert your location to other servers, giving you unrestricted access to all the content on the apps. 

Using a VPNs will also allow you to bypass speed throttles and let you stream at higher speeds without wasting time in buffering.

Resetting Apps

Often our favorite apps become slow, refuse to open, or just become unresponsive. This can just as well happen to Amazon Store or Third-party apps.

All you need to do to reset an app is to clear your cache. That will bring the app back to factory settings and delete any corrupted data stored in it, which may be slowing it down. 

You can clear the cache of any installed app in Firestick by following these steps:

    1. Open Firestick Settings
    2. Select Applications
    3. Open Manage Installed Applications
    4. Select the app you want to reset
    5. Select Clear Cache
    6. Select Clear Data

Use Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers

Firestick supports Bluetooth headphones and speakers. The user experience can be greatly enhanced by the improved sound quality. Connecting Bluetooth audio devices is very easy, just follow the steps below to connect your Bluetooth-compatible audio devices to your Firestick.

    1. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones or speaker, make sure it is in discoverable mode.
    2. Now open Firestick Settings
    3. Select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices
    4. Select Other Bluetooth Devices
    5. Select the option Add Bluetooth Devices
    6. Wait for Firestick to scan devices
    7. Select the device you want to pair with.

IPTV Subscription

If you’ve got rid of your cable-tv to make room for wireless streaming devices and now you miss your cable-tv networks, this one’s for you. You don’t need to miss your favorite cable-tv channels. 

At an affordable price you can buy IPTV subscriptions that can, without the hassle of cables and all its inconveniences, bring you hundreds of satellite channels.

Cast on Firestick

There are often apps that you love but aren’t available at the Firestick app store and can not be sideloaded on Firestick TV. 

Casting or mirroring your screen to Firestick TV is an option that requires nothing but the cast feature. To cast any screen from any device to your Amazon Firestick, you just need to select the cast option and select the Firestick screen. This will immediately send your screen to Firestick, and you can watch your stuff on a bigger screen.

To Sum Up

This is the list of our favorite Firestick tips and tricks that can be used to enhance user experience. We hope they have helped you and solved some of the problems you had with your Firestick.