How to Install (& Set Up) Trakt on Kodi in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 23 May 2022

Trakt guide:

In this Trakt guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about this media tracking service. We’ll show you how to sign up for a Trakt.TV account and you’ll get to know how to install Trakt TV on Kodi and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Trakt.TV monitors the TV shows and films you watch to serve recommendations based on your browsing history. It also recommends content highly rated by streaming-buffs like you. And the best thing about Trakt.TV is that it has an official add-on for Kodi. That makes installing Trakt.TV on Kodi (and Firestick) a piece of cake. 

Let’s get started with how you can get Trakt on Kodi.

How to Set Up and Use Trakt with Kodi?

Kodi’s library does an excellent job of gathering your all-time favorite TV shows, films, and channels in one place. Despite this, some Kodi users prefer to use Trakt. 

This is due to several reasons, including the fact that Trakt’s library permits you to access numerous extra highlights, and the app lets you view and customize your collection from incredibly versatile interfaces. 

Follow these steps to set up and use Trakt with Kodi:

How to Sign Up to your Trakt.TV Account

Follow these steps to sign up for your Trakt.TV account:

  • Go to https://www.Trakt.TV from your PC or smartphone.
    Click on the link ‘Join Trakt for Free.
    Trakt Homepage
  • Enter your login credentials (username and password).
    Trakt Singup Interface
  • Select the ‘Join Trakt’ option to continue.
    Login Interface Trakt
  • Enter your personal information.
  • Proceed to ‘Next Step.’
  • Select your favorite genres. 
  • When you are done, select Next Step.
    Select Genres and click Next Step
  • On the next page, you can add the films and TV shows you have already watched or are currently watching. Tap on ‘Next Step’.
  • If you want to share your streaming routine on social media, you can do so by clicking on ‘Connect’
  • Select ‘Next Step‘ afterward.
  • If you want pop-up messages, check the options you’d like. Select ‘Continue to Dashboard’ to enter the app’s main dashboard.
    Trakt Dashboard

Congratulations! You have signed up for Trakt.

How to Install Trakt on Kodi?

Here is how you can install Trakt on Kodi.

  • Open the home-screen of Kodi.
    Select ‘Add-ons‘ from the left sidebar.
    Addon Screen
  • Select the open-box icon (Package Installer) as shown in the screenshot.
    Package Installer
  • Select ‘Install from repository’.
    Kodi install from repository option under Add-ons/Add-on browser
  • Click on ‘Kodi Add-on repository’.
    Kodi Add-on repository screen
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Program add-ons.’
    Program add-ons screen
  • Scroll down until you see the ‘Trakt’ option. Click on it.
    Select Trakt option
  • Hit the ‘Install’ button on the bottom right.
    Install Button Select Trakt
  • Wait for the installation to complete. It might take a few minutes.
    Trakt Installing Progress
  • After some time, you will get a ‘Trakt Add-on installed’ notification on the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Having installed the Kodi Trakt add-on successfully, It’s time to go back to the Kodi home-screen and navigate to Add-ons > Program Add-ons. Trakt add-on should be listed there.
    Trakt Installed

The Best Way to Set Up Trakt on Kodi

Here’s the best way to set up Trakt.TV add-on on Kodi:

Setting Up Trakt Addon on Kodi

  • From the Kodi home screen, go to Add-ons > My Add-ons.
    Kodi Interface My Add-on
  • Select ‘Program add-ons’.
    KOdi interface Program Add-on
  • Tap on ‘Trakt’.
    Trakt Installed
  • Select the ‘Configure’ button on the base.
    Configure button Trakt
  • A window named ‘Settings – Trakt‘ will pop up.
  • Go to the General tab on the left.
    General Tab Trakt
  • You will see the ‘Trakt Account Authorization’ exchange box with a QR code and an alphanumeric initiation code. Note down the code.
    Trakt Account Authorization Code
  • Assuming that you are utilizing Trakt web administration, go to https://www.Trakt.TV/activate. Sign in with the Trakt account you made before and enter the code shown on the Kodi window.
    Enter Code Trakt
  • Tap ‘Yes’ on the following screen.
    Hit Yes Button Trakt
  • You will be notified once Trakt has been connected to Kodi.
    Trakt Connected with Kodi
  • Now return to Kodi and open Trakt Settings

If you have successfully paired Kodi with your Trakt account, you should see your Trakt account’s name on the top.

Trakt Dashboard

How to Authorize Trakt on Kodi Add-ons?

You’d need to authorize Trakt on Kodi-addons before you can start using this service on the media center. Follow these steps to authorize Trakt on Kodi add-ons:

  • Open the Kodi home-screen and go to Add-ons > My Add-ons.
    Choose the ‘Video add-ons” next. You will see a list of all your video add-ons here.
    Video addons option
  • Select the one you wish to incorporate with Trakt.
  • Hit the ‘Configure’ button on the next screen.
    4k Configuration button
  • Select the ‘Accounts’ choice on the left board.
  • Click on ‘Authorization… ‘ in the Trakt area.
  • A window will pop up requesting you to visit https://Trakt.TV/activate and enter the code shown. Activate the add-on in the same manner in which you authorized Trakt before.

When the authorization is finished, you will see your Trakt account’s name in the Trakt area. 


What is Trakt.TV?

Trakt is an addon for Kodi and other media centers. It monitors all the movies and TV shows you watch to recommend new things to stream. Like Netflix, it also keeps a log of everything you dislike, making sure not to suggest similar items. 

What is more, Trakt lets you create a personal list, add a show to a watchlist, and build your personal watch history. It even keeps a log of the genre of the movies and TV shows (comedy, drama, news, action, etc.) that you stream.

What are Trakt.TV Features?

Trakt is available in two versions. The Standard version comes for free, whereas the paid VIP option will set you back $2.50 a month. Based on the meager monthly subscription fee, we suggest you subscribe to the VIP option. It offers multiple exciting features that the free version lacks. 

Standard Features

  • Automatic media tracking
  • Full viewing history
  • Customize TV and film schedule
  • “Watch Now”: A  Links to find TV shows and movies
  • Option create your personal list for everything you want to watch
  • Option to let you share your streaming routine with friends
  • A full history is saved that includes everything you watch. 
  • Customized TV and film schedule
  • Lets you keep track of everything you watch
  • Allows you to follow other Trakt.TV members

VIP Features

  • Access to yearly stats
  • Zero ads
  • Schedule reminders
  • RSS channels for IFTTT
  • Progressed search
  • Picture and embeddable gadgets, permitting you to share your details
  • Celebrity identifications
  • Amazon Alexa support
  • Early access to new and impending resources
  • iCal feeds allow you to gather any user’s history, collection, and more
  • CSV Exports
  • Progress reset
  • Profile header: pick your beloved film or TV show and use it as your profile header
  • Custom schedules: blend and coordinate your schedule with other well-known records
  • Private VIP forums

Why Choose Trakt?

Since Trakt is compatible with multiple media centers, it enables you to switch gadgets without fretting about building your library from scratch. Trakt also gives you the option to track your browsing history and offers suggestions based on the same.

Another reason why you might want to opt for Trakt is that it keeps track of your favorite TV shows and movies for you. Every time a new episode of your favorite show premiers, you’ll get a notification reminding you of the same. So you would never miss an episode again.

Does Trakt Have Any Security Issues?

The fact that Trakt keeps logs of your streaming history might leave the privacy-conscious among you uneasy. After all, don’t we have enough apps and platforms already keeping track of everything we do on the internet to add another one to the list?

Unfortunately, as its “Consistency with Laws and Law Enforcement” policy makes clear, Trakt isn’t for the privacy-conscious. This policy binds Trakt to help all governments, law enforcement agencies and private organizations if they need access to the data on the platform. 

There is a very real possibility that Trakt might give away its clients’ data if they were suspected of watching illegal/copyrighted content.

How to Protect Yourself While Using Trakt?

Unsettled by what we mentioned above? There are a few reasons why you need not worry. The first is Trakt’s stellar history of handling the data of its users. We’re yet to hear any complaints of this platform mishandling the information of its clients.

Still not convinced? Then we suggest you use a VPN while browsing Trakt.TV. A secure VPN (like ExpressVPN) would reroute all your traffic, keeping your IP address off of Trakt. TV’s logbooks. This would prevent Trakt from keeping track of your private activities on the platform.

How to Create Your Personal List on Trakt?

When you create a new account on the Trakt website, you’ll be asked to add a watch list. You can create an individual custom list with all your beloved actors, films, and TV shows. You can also add the genre of the type of content you like to watch. 

To make your personal list on Trakt, click on ‘Add to new list‘ (+) to create your first personal list. Afterward, select the default sorting of the list. Trakt lets you sort lists by release date, popularity, recently added, and more. Finally, save the ‘Save List‘ button.

Final words

Trakt.TV offers you an excellent option to sync your watch list across multiple devices. It also does a fine job of giving recommendations based on your viewing history. For these reasons, using this service on Kodi seems to be a no-brainer.