How to Download, Install and Use VUDU on Firestick in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 1 Jun 2022

Install VUDU on Amazon Firestick

US-based VUDU offers a wide range of movies and TV shows from different genres, including latest releases like Shangchi, Venom, and evergreen content like Jumanji, The Harry Potter series, the Big Bang Theory, and the Office. 

Unlike other streaming services, VUDU doesn’t charge you monthly. Instead, you can rent or own the movie or TV show you’d like to watch. It also has thousands of ad-supported films and TV shows that you can watch for free. 

This article will take you through a step-by-step guide (with screenshots) to download, install and use VUDU on Firestick. The instructions written in this article are applicable across all Fire TV devices such as Firestick 4K, Firestick Lite, Firestick 2nd Gen, Fire TV Cube, etc.

Steps to download and install VUDU on Firestick

Well, we think you are as excited as we are to use VUDU. Let’s jump to the guide to download, install and use VUDU. First things first, Although VUDU is a very safe streaming platform, it isn’t officially available on Amazon Firestick. You can install VUDU by leveraging two additional apps and some simple steps.

Installing the Downloader App

We will install the app Downloader that will help sideload VUDU on Firestick. Downloader is readily available on Amazon Store and can be installed using the following steps: 

  1. Launch Firestick and select the Find option on your home screen. (It’s located somewhere in the middle right next to Home)
  2. Select Search. 
  3. Firestick home page with prominent Find and Search buttonsNow, type Downloader using the virtual keyboard. Amazon Firestick search function with Downloader highlighted

(Tip: You don’t have to type it all you can select the relevant option, or you can use voice command for quick search) 

  1. Next, click on the Downloader app (It’s orange in color) Amazon Firestick Home menu with Downloader highlighted
  2. Select Get. HBO Max choose the option Get

That’s all. You’ve downloaded the app successfully. Now, let’s change some settings in your Firestick TV so that we can sideload the VUDU app.

Enabling installation from Unknown Sources

It is crucial to allow installation from Unknown Sources whenever sideloading an application that isn’t officially available on Firestick. 

Here are the steps: 

  1. Look for setting options (must be somewhere in the middle-right side of your screen). Click it.Amazon Firestick Settings menu with Settings icon highlighted
  2. Now, scroll down and select My Fire TVThe Amazon Firestick settings menu with My Fire TV highlighted
  3. Select Developer Option (that should be the second option on your screen) Developer options highlighted in the My Fire TV menu, find Developer options.
  4. Select Install Unknown apps. Install unknown apps highlighted > Select Install unknown apps
  5. You will find the Downloader app on the next page. Turn it on. 

Now, you’ve allowed the Downloader app to install apps from unknown sources on your Firestick.

Steps to download and install VUDU on Firestick

Now your Firestick is all set to download and install the VUDU app. Follow these steps: 

  1. Grab your Firestick remote and press the home button. Click on Apps. Select Apps
  2. Select Downloader app from the list. Amazon app menu with Downloader highlighted
  3. Allow Downloader app to access media from your Firestick. Allow button highlighted in the permission dialog to give the Downloader app access to photos, media and files on Firestick
  4. You might see a quick start guide if you use it for the first time. Click OK. Download Quick Start Guide read and select the OK button
  5. Now, you will see an option to enter a URL. Type GSE SMart IPTV URL
  6. Enter and Click Go. VUDU Url entered in Downloader app
  7. Scroll down and select the VUDU Icon. Downloader app interface scroll down to select the VUDU Icon
  8. Next, click on Download. Downloader app interface click the VUDU download Icon

Let’s sit back and relax while the app is downloading. 

  1. Select Next. Downloader app Vudu install interface, NEXT button highlighted
  2. Select Done. Downloader app Vudu installed screen

We will now head back to the Downloader app to delete the VUDU APK. We’ve already installed the application and don’t need its APK file. 

  1. Click Delete to remove. Downloader app, delete Vudu apk files pop-up
  2. Select delete again. Done. Downloader app, delete Vudu apk files confirmation pop-up

Now, Let’s sign into the official VUDU website.

Signing up for VUDU to use the app on Firestick and other streaming devices

You will have to sign up on the official VUDU website and become a member if you want to enjoy the services offered by the streaming service. You don’t necessarily have to pay for a membership fee for registration. The sign-up process is completely free. Let’s get started: 

  1. Visit the official VUDU website on 
  2. Look for a Sign In option on the top right corner of your screen. 
  3. Hover your mouse over the Sign In option. You will see two sub-options.  Click on Create an account. 
  4. Next, fill in the necessary information, including first name, last name, email, and password. 

Make sure your password has 8 or more characters, including one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and a number or a symbol. 

Also, remember to check the terms and policy box. 

  1. Click on Sign up. That’s all you have to do. 

If you don’t want to go through such a hassle, you can sign up using your Facebook or Walmart account.

How to get register on VUDU?

Now that you’ve signed up on VUDU’s official website. The next step is to register for VUDU. If you plan on using the app extensively, it is best to register on the website officially. Just to clarify, VUDU doesn’t offer a monthly subscription plan like Netflix or Hulu. It is a rental service, so you only pay for the movies you watch. 

Once you click on Sign Up, enter your billing address. Don’t worry; you won’t be charged here. If you want to watch free content, click on I will do this later. 

If you want to get a premium service, click continue. You can use your Credit Card, PayPal, or VUDU Gift Card to pay for the billing.

How to use VUDU on Firestick?

Now that we’ve downloaded VUDU on Firestick. Let’s go through a quick guide to understand how to use the app.

  1. Launch the Firestick and select the 3-box option from the middle bar (It’s right next to the settings option)
    Or you can also press the home key on your Firestick remote.
  2. Select Apps. 
  3. You will see a list of your apps and channels. Scroll down and look for VUDU.

Firestick Apps and Games screen VUDU app highlighted

If you plan to use VUDU frequently, you can move it to your home screen.

Press the 3-line button on your Firestick remote and Select Move from the pop box on the right

Firestick Apps and Games screen VUDU app move highlighted
Now, use the arrows on your remote to drag and drop the VUDU icon on the top row. Now the VUDU app will appear on the home screen.

(Tip: You can use the same steps for any app on your Firestick) 

Let’s review the VUDU app. Before we get started, we suggest you sign up using the instructions provided. You can also sign up after opening the application. 

  1. Select Sign Up or Sign In. 

You can also login into VUDU using a Walmart account. 

  1. Fill in your email, password and click on Continue. 
  2. Next, you will see a prompt message. Select Browse VUDU. 

Here’s how the home screen of the VUDU app will look like on Firestick. The VUDU app home screen on Firestick

You will find different content categories, including Free, TV, Movie Genre, TV Genre, Showcases, etc. Moreover, you can also select Free services when you browse these subcategories. 

You can also get early access to several new releases, including Venom, The Last Duel, or rent a movie on sale. The VUDU app movie genere screen on Firestick

If you select one category, say Movie Genre, you can further browse different subcategories to choose content. For instance, Movie Genre has Action, Adventure, Animation, Classics, Comedy, Crime & Thrillers, Documentary, etc. 

That’s about it. The application is pretty simple to navigate. You can watch unlimited ad-supported content for free. Remember, VUDU will ask for your billing information. The Apps and Channels icon on Firestick- three boxes and a plus sign located on the far right of the Firestick home screen

Using VUDU on a Web Browser on Firestick

Even though you can sideload the VUDU app on Firestick, you might not be able to access the entire library of free TV shows and movies. The best way to enjoy the VUDU app on Firestick is to use the app on a web browser. 

There are plenty of web browsers that you can use — for example, Amazon Silk or Firefox. 

We are installing Silk for this tutorial. 

  1. On the Firestick home page, select find and click on Search.Amazon Firestick Find menu with Search highlighted
  2. Type or voice search Silk Browser. Firestick Search menu showing Silk Browser in the search results
  3. Select the teal-color icon with ‘internet’ written on it. Firestick Apps and Games screen internet icon highlighted
  4. Next, select download. (Or click get) 
  5. Launch the Amazon Silk Browser. 
  6. Go to the Search bar at the top of the page.Amazon silk browser search bar 
  7. Enter in the blank box and click on Go. Amazon silk browser types and highlighted
  8. Select the 3-line button. (Must be located in the top-left corner) 
  9. Next select Sign In. 

Sign in to your VUDU account using the credentials you entered during registration. 

Well, that’s about it. You can enjoy unlimited free TV shows and Movies. Remember, you will have to sign up for the app to access a massive collection of ad-supported free movies and TV shows.

That’s a Wrap

VUDU is an excellent streaming service for anyone looking to rent movies without paying for hefty monthly subscriptions. It has a very intuitive interface, and you would find almost everything right in front of you. You can download and use the app on any device, from your smartphone to Firestick and other streaming services. VUDU users can also download and watch movies and TV shows offline. Moreover, users can scan a UPC and convert a physical copy of a movie into a digital format. So, what are you waiting for?

Happy Streaming!