9 Best 4Anime Alternatives to Try in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 12 Apr 2022

4Anime: What Happened to This Popular Anime Streaming Site?

If you’ve been a long-time user of 4Anime, you must already know that the original domain shut down some years ago. There was a time when 4Anime used to be one of the most well-liked free anime streaming sites out there with millions of viewers. But just like many non-licensed streaming services, the original 4Anime website was subjected to controversy and eventually shut down. 

Since then, multiple proxies have been developed to act as a mirror to the official 4Anime website. However, many people have now started turning to substitutes for 4Anime rather than using the replicated anime streaming sites.

We have therefore made a list of the best 4Anime alternatives so that you can watch all your favorite anime in 2024. Many of these are considered to be among the top Kodi addons or the best Firestick apps.

If you’d rather download than stream, we’ve also posted a list of the best anime torrent sources: Anime Torrent Sites


Top 4Anime Alternatives

Like various free substitutes for Putlocker and torrent sites, many 4Anime  alternatives are also frequently going offline and being shut down.  

Although, all the below-mentioned websites (or their mirrors) are currently running and are available for use anywhere around the world online. 

The following websites have been ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Monthly visitors
  • User interface
  • VPN-friendliness
  • Available content 
  • Categories
  • Ad annoyance (on the scale of 1-10, from being the best to worst)
  • Account required
  • Overall popularity


KissCartoonA great name that ranks first on the list of best substitutes for 4Anime is KissCartoon. It was quite popular with a massive following with 4.6 million monthly visitors. 

Since it was a free website, no registration was required. This website ad annoyance was also relatively low.

But unfortunately, this website was shut down a few years ago. Although, there are some other proxies of this website that are still working with no problem. 

Some VPN-friendly alternative URLs for KissCartoon are “kisscartoon.cc”, “kisscartoon.su”, “kisscartoon.to”, “kisscartoon.co”, and “kisscartoon.bz”.


KissAnimeApart from being a good substitute for 4Anime, KissAnime is also KissCartoon’s sister website, so it definitely earns its place on the list of best alternatives of 4Anime. 

KissAnime gained popularity among Anime fans because of its wide variety in content, Anime and Cartoons playlists, variety in categories, and a lot more. 

This website does not require you to have an account; simply binge on your favorite Anime for free. There are a lot of annoying ads on the site, but given the fact that it is a free website, that is inevitable. 

This platform is famous amongst the Anime Freaks, which is why it makes sense that it has an audience of 3.2 million monthly viewers. Luckily, this website is VPN friendly, so you can stream safely using ExpressVPN.

Some other URLs for this website are “kissanime.nz”, kiss-anime.ws”, and “kissanime.uk.com”.


CrunchyrollCrunchyroll offers many entertainment options. It has both paid and unpaid subscription plans and is a great legal alternative to 4Anime.

So, you can use it for free without making an account, and experience a moderate amount of ads, or you can make an account, pay a fee and use it completely ad-free.

The plus point is that episodes are uploaded on the Crunchyroll website after one hour of being aired. The website is also considered to be one of the best Firestick apps.

Crunchyroll has a vast audience of 6.3 million users monthly. It is not a VPN-friendly site, but you can still use ExpressVPN to hide your streaming activities.


FunimationFunimation is now one of the most reliable websites for streaming Anime series and Cartoons. 

Sony Pictures and Aniplex of Japan produced this platform, Funimation, to deliver you the latest episodes of current seasons of some of the most famous Anime series nowadays. 

As it is a paid service, you need to make an account to use this platform. It has low ad annoyance, making it a good experience for users.

Funimation has 1.8 million monthly users and offers a wide variety of categories, including Romance, Action/Adventure, Sci-fi, Fan service, Comedy, Psychological, Slice of life, Fantasy, Horror, Shoujo, Drama, Shounen, and Live Action.


GogoanimePeople who tend to be more inclined towards Anime and Cartoons must be familiar with Gogoanime. 

This website offers multiple options to choose from; considerable diversity in genres. Some options within the GogoAnime website are an Anime list, Genre, FBOX, Home, Newest types, and an added search box. 

The people who love Anime are a lot in number, so this website has 1.7 million monthly visitors. This website is not so difficult to use for it has an easy interface and simple navigation. 

The ad annoyance is slightly above average, and there is no way to avoid that since it is a free website and does not require you to make an account. For a secure connection, you can use a VPN.

Some other URLs of this site that you can use to reach Gogoanime are “gogoanime.life”, “gogoanime.pro”, and “gogoanime.app”.


AnimeFreakAccording to most Anime or Cartoon fans, AnimeFreak is a go-to for streaming Anime series or cartoons. 

It offers some options to choose from, which include Action, Romance, Horror, Psychological, and what not! 

AnimeFreak does not require you to sign up or register, and it is 100% free to use and has a pretty neat interface, but you should be careful of the heavy amount of ads while navigating and streaming content. 

Another fun fact about AnimeFreak is that it has a collection of thousands of Manga titles that you can access from inside of the AnimeFreak website. 

This feature is similar to that of 4Anime; this is why AnimeFreak serves as a great substitute for 4Anime. 

AnimeFreak has 570,000 monthly visitors, and it is a VPN-friendly website.


Anime-PlanetAnime-Planet takes pride in presenting more than one lac Anime episode. 

This website offers many categories of Anime series and movies, so you can browse them according to popularity, user tags, release dates, user favorites, and recent updates. It also provides you with a vast range of manga and other light novels. 

You do need a membership to use this site, and the members have the advantage to join Anime-Planet’s official community to read reviews and news. The members also get to chat with other Anime fans and make friends with like-minded people. 

This website has a user-friendly interface with few ads. Anime-Planet has a following of around 411,000 monthly visitors.

It is a VPN-friendly website and will work perfectly fine with ExpressVPN.


AnimeDAOAnimeDAO is an awesome alternative to 4Anime because of its easy interface and clean layout, which an Anime fan will admire. 

This website will work on any device such as a PC, tablet, or mobile, given the internet connection is stable. 

The Anime series or movies available on AnimeDAO include English subtitles in SD and HD, and they too can be played on all devices like PCs, tablets, and phones. 

AnimeDAO has a wide variety of latest releases, ongoing shows, and currently added old titles, so you can binge on your favorites without any problem whenever you want.

AnimeDAO has a crazy fan following, approx. 590,000 users visit this website monthly. 

You do not need an account to use this website, but you will definitely see a lot of ads.


AnimeHeavenAs its name indicates, this website is heaven for Anime lovers. 

Thousands of latest and old series are available on this website, categorized in Dubbed series, Ongoing series, Movies, Shows per series, Schedule and random suggestions, and Popular shows. Even the hard-to-find titles are available on AnimeHeaven.

AnimeHeaven has 2.8 million monthly users, and it does not require an account, but you will unfortunately be annoyed by the ads.

What Is 4Anime?

4Anime is an anime website that provides you links to your favorite Anime and Cartoon content and lets you in on a massive library of streaming sources without any cost at all.

Even if you don’t have a PC, TV, or any other streaming device, you can still use 4Anime. All you need is a stable internet connection and a smartphone.

Unfortunately, the website got highly criticized, and the original domain was taken down some years ago due to legal issues.

There was a period when a streaming service called Soap2Day was equally as popular as 4Anime, but it met the same fate.

But anime fans like us can always find other doors. Hence came into being these countless 4Anime proxies with similar strategies to deliver your favorite anime and cartoons wherever you are.

Important Note: Most of these 4Anime substitute websites have fewer content options, are full of ads, and might need registration or subscription.

Is 4Anime Secure?

Although the original 4Anime domain got shut down some years ago, there are still various proxies accessible that are in use by millions of users. There is a crazy number of anime fans and if you are one of them, keep reading.

We have scanned one of 4Anime’s most well-known proxy,4anime.city, using VirusTotal, but the results were unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, VirusTotal found one malicious file within the URL, which seems like it might contain some harmful viruses or malware.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of using a VPN or Antivirus Software because one can never be too careful while streaming anime from unverified websites such as 4Anime and its alternatives. Which now leaves us with the question, what good would an Antivirus Software or a VPN do? 

The answer is simple, use both Antivirus software and a good VPN to protect yourself. Using both will provide you anonymity and protect your identity when streaming with websites like 4Anime so that you can stream without having to worry about prying eyes.

Is 4Anime legitimate?

If you are using 4Anime for the first time, it might look like that they are distributing unlicensed copyrighted content. 

But unfortunately, there is no way for us to find out whether these unverifiable streaming sites hold the license or not. 

Piracy of licensed or copyrighted content is illegal but not uncommon because the content available in public domains is not protected.

The end-user will be held liable for the content accessed through such streaming sites.

Alternatives for 4Anime FAQs:

What are some best 4Anime TV alternatives?

There is a long list of the best 4Anime substitutes but, the names that top the list are KissCartoon, Crunchyroll, Gogoanime, Funimation, AnimeFreak, and so many others.

Are 4Anime alternatives illegal?

These alternatives are only legal if you’re watching Anime or Cartoons within the public domain. We do not recommend or encourage any illegal affair related to downloading or streaming licensed or copyrighted content.

Is a VPN needed for 4Anime alternatives?

Using a VPN is vital while streaming on these websites. As with our recommendations for the best Netflix VPN and the best VPN for Kodi, we highly suggest you use ExpressVPN when accessing these 4Anime alternative sites. Doing so will help protect your data, and hide your IP address and online activities.

What can happen if you get caught while using 4Anime alternatives?

If you get caught watching unlicensed content using these 4Anime mirror websites, the user will have to face legal problems and a hefty fine. The end-user will be held liable for the content accessed through such streaming sites.

Which websites to use for watching free anime without signing up?

Some 4Anime substitutes that you can use without signing up are KissAnime, AnimeFreak, Gogoanime, AnimeDao, and a few more.