30 Best Downloader Codes [Ultimate List for 2024]

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 12 Feb 2022

Know about Downloader Codes

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the 30 best Downloader codes in 2024. You can use these codes to stream movies, dramas, live TV, and much more. They work with all Amazon Fire TV Stick devices, as well as Android TV boxes.

Another exciting thing about these codes is that they are free. You won’t have to pay a penny to download these codes and stream your favorite content. Read on if you want to download apps unavailable on the Amazon App Store – such as streaming APKs for movies and TV shows.

Best Downloader Codes for Firestick and Android TV Boxes

Here are the best Downloader codes for streaming:

1. Cinema HD

Cinema HD APK logo

Cinema HD Downloader Code: 59745

Cinema HD is one of the best streaming apps out there. Originally developed as an alternative to the (now dead) ShowBox app, it quickly took streaming fans by storm with its HD video quality, a vast content library, and compatibility with multiple platforms.

Unfortunately, this app isn’t available on any app store. You can only download this app from 3rd-party sources, which is where Downloader codes come into play. Enter the Cinema HD Downloader Code given above to install this app for free.

2. Tea TV

TeaTv logo

Tea TV Downloader Code: 59745

Tea TV is famous for streaming high-quality content, including movies, videos, and popular TV shows. It streams content in HD quality, and lets users have an amazing streaming experience. The app has a vast library to help you find all your favorite movies and TV shows.

Like Cinema HD, Tea TV also has a user-friendly interface. This application won’t consume much space on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, either. So you won’t have to delete any existing app to make way for Tea TV.

3. CyberFlix

Cyberflix TV

CyberFlix Downloader Code: 59601

CyberFlix is one of our favorite apps for streaming links for movies and TV shows. It boasts a fantastic collection of content, including the latest films, drama series, and much more. The app’s ad-free interface has made it a darling of its users

Unlike most other streaming apps, CyberFlix isn’t only for English-speaking audiences. This app has cast its net wide by offering subtitles in more than 220 languages. Its compatibility with Real-Debrid is another thing we like about CyberFlix.

4. UK Turks

UK Turks

UK Turks Downloader Code: 46236

UK Turks has got you covered if you intend to stream the latest music, movies, and drama shows. This streaming app allows you to watch your favorite content with zero ad-annoyance. And the best thing about UK Turks? It is free.
To ensure easy navigation, UK Turks neatly divides the content on its platform into multiple categories. You can use this app to listen to your favorite radio programs, as well as stream cartoons, documentaries, and live TV.

5. CatMouse

CatMouse APK

CatMouse Downloader Code: 68813

CatMouse is an ideal choice for watching the latest movies and TV shows. Like other apps on the list, it offers ad-free streaming. Its library boasts thousands of movies and shows, all of which are available in HD resolution.

A great feature offered by this app is that it allows you to download movies directly to your streaming device. So you can entertain yourself online too. This makes it a popular choice for users who travel frequently.

6. Nova TV

Nova TV logo

Nova TV Downloader Code: 47034

Nova TV has an impressive collection of movies and TV shows. This app lets you decide whether you want to download your favorite content in 4K or 1080p resolutions. Regular updates to its content library ensure that you can always watch the latest releases.

It works as a modular search tool, too. It locates the videos, movies, and content on 3rd-party host sites and fetches links for you to access them. The only thing we don’t appreciate about Nova TV is ad-annoyance, which is pretty high.

7. Syncler

Syncler logo

Syncler Downloader Code: 70359

Syncler isn’t your average streaming app. Your average streaming app doesn’t give you details about the content you’re streaming or searching, including file size, video source, and bitrate. These are the types of details Syncler provides to its user.

Syncler sets itself apart from the competition by letting you filter out your search based on the year of release, genre, and much more. This app also supports integration with third-party media players such as Trakt, enhancing your streaming experience.

8. Mega Box HD

Mega Box HD

Mega Box HD Downloader Code: 70334

If you intend to stream high-quality content, try Mega Box HD. This streaming app has the latest movies, TV shows, music, and more. It also lets you download your favorite content piece, making it a must-have for those who prefer offline streaming.

Mega Box HD lets you stream content in multiple resolutions, including standard (360p), high definition (720p), and 1080p. This helps it rival streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime, though its content library is much smaller than those two.

9. Media Box HD

Media Box HD

Media Box HD Downloader Code: 48797

Anyone who loves streaming movies must have heard about Media Box HD. That explains how popular this streaming app is. Much of its popularity stems from the variety of content in its library, which helps Media Box HD rival many premium sites.

Like Syncler and Mega Box HD, this streaming app also gives you the option for offline streaming. It supports Debrid services and allows users to customize the built-in theme. And regular updates to its content library ensure you can always watch the latest releases.

10. Oreo TV

Oreo TV

Oreo TV Downloader Code: 29625

Three features make Oreo TV one of the best apps for movies and TV shows. The first of which is its remote-friendly features. Next comes its content library, which hosts hundreds of thousands of titles in multiple languages, genres, and formats.

Then there is the fact that Oreo TV lets you stream more than 6,000 live TV channels. Regardless of whether you’re a news buff, a sports enthusiast, or a music aficionado, you will always have something to stream on Oreo TV.

11. FilmPlus


FilmPlus Downloader Code: 41290

If you want to get an app that supports Real-Debrid integration besides allowing you access to a great variety of content, FilmPlus might be a feasible option for you. It offers movies and TV shows in 15 languages besides English.

Other languages include Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, German, and others. You can watch all content in a high resolution ranging between 720p and 4K. We tested at least 20 movies and TV shows in 4K and there was no buffering at all, a rarity for an APK.

12. Bee TV

Bee TV

Bee TV Downloader Code: 68034

Bee TV is one of the few streaming sites that double as a modular search tool. It organizes search results into different categories (movies, TV shows, etc.) and genres (comedy, horror, action, etc.), making it easy for users to stream and download their desired content.

Its support for Real-Debrid and Trakt translates into an amazing user experience. Integration with both subscription services enables this app to fetch multiple links for its users. And you might find it good to note that you can access its vast content library for free.

13. Ocean Streamz

Ocean Streamz APK logo

Ocean Streamz Downloader Code: 64254

Ocean Streamz is also a comparatively new streaming app for watching movies and TV shows. But despite being new, it is highly popular, mainly because of its simple and user-friendly interface, which makes using this app site a cinch.

This app organizes its vast collection of movies, videos, and TV shows in a library. It also works as a modular search tool to fetch links from premium sites. For this reason, whatever type of content you prefer, you can count on Ocean Streamz to have it.

14. Rokkr


Rokkr Downloader Code: 24607

Rokkr is very different from your traditional streaming app. Unlike most of them, it gives you the option to enable third-party add-ons. You might want to do that if you want to increase the app’s efficiency and increase the range of content that you want to access using it.

However, despite allowing the integration of 3rd-party add-ons, Rokkr doesn’t have many ads or pop-ups on this platform. You can search for your favorite content without being bombarded with AI-fueled advertisements. The absence of ads makes browsing this app seamless.

15. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer logo

BBC iPlayer Downloader Code: 64613

If you live in the UK, BBC iPlayer is one of the best streaming apps for you. It streams a great variety of content, including movies, documentaries, videos, TV shows, and music. All of BBC’s live channels are also available to watch through the BBC iPlayer.

Since the app is only available in the UK, those of you who are living in other countries might face difficulty accessing it. Enter ExpressVPN. This secure virtual private network will enable you to bypass geo-restrictions, helping you access BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.

Best Downloader Codes for Live TV Apps

Here are the best Downloader codes for apps streaming live TV channels:

16. Live NetTV

Live NetTV logo

Live NetTV Downloader Code: 86975

Live NetTV offers the best of both worlds. It provides its users with more than 700 live TV channels from several countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Spain, and Turkey. Whether you’re a news buff or a sports enthusiast, Live NetTV will keep you hooked.

This app also has a reasonably large number of classic movies and television series. It requires no signup and no subscription fee. All you have to enjoy what this app has to offer is sideload it on your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Android TV box using the Downloader code given above.

17. Peacock TV

Peacock - One of the largest collections of high-quality movies

Peacock TV Downloader Code: 70430

Peacock TV is the only app on our list that is also available on the Amazon App Store. This means you can download it directly on your Firestick device. Why, then, would anybody want to sideload Peacock TV using a Downloader code? Here’s the reason.

This app’s free version requires you to tolerate five minutes of ads per hour. And the premium version costs $5 a month or $50 a year. If you want to enjoy the offerings of the premium version – but without paying the asking price – use the Downloader code given above.

17. Stremium


Stremium Downloader Code: 16735

Stremium has come a long way. Originally released as ‘FitzyTV’, its new incarnation has seen this app receive a large number of updates. One such update has expanded the number of live TV channels users can watch on Stremium.

But there are a few things that have remained the same over the years. Stremium continues to offer free and paid subscription plans to entice its users. And as was the case all those years ago, only paying subscribers can take advantage of the cloud DVR storage.

19. OLA TV

Ola TV logo

OLA TV Downloader Code: 43822

OLA TV is the best option for cord-cutters who want to live stream their favorite TV channel from around the world for free.  And the fact that this app weighs lightweight makes it a must-have for Firestick users – it won’t occupy much space on your device.

It features channels from several servers and lets you select the category of channels you want to watch. The categories include sports, news, drama, movies, and much more. And one of the best things about OLA TV is that it puts up no geo-restrictions.

20. FreeFlix TV

FreeFlix TV

FreeFlix TV Downloader Code: 38762

Are you looking to stream high-quality live TV channels? Don’t want to spend a penny? Then you have multiple reasons to download FreeFlix TV. This app has IOS and Android applications, as well as a desktop app for Windows.

You can watch channels from all over the globe, including the USA, the UK, Canada, and other countries. Its developers update FreeFlix TV’s app on a daily basis, making sure you never run out of content to watch.

21. HDtv Ultimate

HDTV Ultimate logo

HDtv Downloader Code: 56389

HDtv Ultimate is another Android-based app. This live TV streaming app fetches channels from all over the world. It also supports numerous languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Urdu, and Tamil.

What is more, HDtv Ultimate also contains premium movies that you can stream for free. It has separate sections for TV shows, films, radio, live sports, and much more. And the best thing about this app? It runs seamlessly on all Amazon Fire TV Stick devices.

22. TV Tap

TV Tap

TV Tap Downloader Code: 83272

TV Tap is an excellent option for watching multiple TV channels live on a streaming device. It offers content from different parts of the world. Plus, it recommends content based on your watch history, ensuring you never run out of your favorite content.

This app contains filters that you can use to search content based on region, genre, language, and more. And it is also compatible with external video players to let you watch your favorite content on your favorite media player.

23. HD Streamz

HD Streamz logo

HD Streamz Downloader Code: 90248

HD Streamz is a reliable live TV streaming app that offers content from all around the world. It offers several options for users to choose from. There are around a thousand different channels from various countries, including the UK, USA, Middle East, and Turkey.

Its live TV streams cover almost all categories of content, ranging from radio programs to live sports events. You can use the filter option on the website to sort your content based on region, genre, and quality (resolution).

24. Xumo TV

Xumo TV - Free live TV HD streaming at its best

Xumo TV Downloader Code: 74930

Xumo TV is yet another exciting live-streaming app. It offers on-demand content to users. The categories of content that this app offers include entertainment, news, sports, comedy, food, fashion, and live TV. The movies are categorized in separate sections for easy access.

The best thing about Xumo TV is that it is exclusively free for all users. It does not ask for any subscription or registration money to allow access. However, it is limited to a few selected countries, requiring people living in other countries to use a VPN.

Best Downloader Codes for All-In-One Apps

What about getting all features and streaming options on a single platform? Nothing is more satisfying than that. Here are the best all-in-one apps and their Downloader codes.

25. Media Lounge

Media Lounge

Media Lounge Downloader Code: 75206

If you want an ultra-reliable, all-in-one streaming app, Media Lounge is the option to go with. It allows users to stream news, sports, movies, TV shows, music, live TV, and other types of content, making it a true all-round option for cord-cutters.

Visit its library to find links to the content you prefer streaming. The library is regularly updated and has a user-friendly interface to facilitate easy navigation. Plus, the app’s ad-annoyance is pretty low, a piece of welcome news if you’ve grown tired of closing annoying pop-ups.

26. Strix

Strix TV logo

Strix Downloader Code: 26142

Have you heard about Strix? This all-in-one app boasts an immense collection of movies, live TV channels, drama series, radio channels, and more. Whether you’re a fan of old classics or prefer staying updated on the recent trends, Strix has got you covered.

One of the best things about this app is that it caters to users with all types of internet connections. If your internet speed is running low these days, you can set the resolution to 360p. Conversely, if your Wi-Fi connection is top-notch, go for 1080p resolution.

27. Kodi

Kodi Square Logo

Kodi Downloader Codes: 85541 or 20736

Kodi is a free, open-source media player. It was released on June 29, 2004, and currently boasts millions of active users throughout the world. This makes Kodi one of the most popular media player apps of all time, even though it isn’t available on the Amazon App Store.

There are two ways you can use Kodi. Kodi can either play media from your Firestick’s storage, in case you don’t have a working internet connection. Or you can use this media player to stream movies, shows, live TV, and much more. Regardless of how you use Kodi, it will be a dependable companion.

Best Downloader Codes for Utility/Miscellaneous Apps

Here are the best Downloader codes for downloading utility apps:

28. APK Time

APKTime app logo

APK Time Downloader Code: 11946

APK Time is a marketplace. It lets you download and install thousands of apps that aren’t available on the Amazon App or Google Play Store. This means you can count on APK Time to sideload the apps mentioned in this review.

Just like the official app stores, APK Times organizes the apps in different categories. Upon using this app for the first time, you’d notice no difference between APK Time and any other official app store you might have been using before.

29. MX Player

mx player

MX Player Downloader Code: 76252

MX Player is an external media player. It is compatible with multiple streaming apps and allows you to play any media file irrespective of the format of the file. Syncler, TV Tap, Cinema HD are three of the multiple apps on this review that are compatible with MX Player.

MX Player is a lightweight app, so you can use it on low-storage streaming devices. Perhaps that’s the reason why MX Player allows a buffering-free streaming experience. Still, when it comes to sound quality, VLC Player (our next pick) is better.

30. VLC Player

VLC icon

VLC Player Downloader Code: 78283

Whether you are a big fan of streaming apps or not, you must be familiar with VLC Player. It is one of the most popular media players of all time, boasting millions of users worldwide. Still, there are a few things most people don’t know about VLC Player.

What most people don’t know about VLC Player is that it works seamlessly with streaming apps. That isn’t all. This media player also helps you get rid of buffering issues that are a common occurrence during streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Downloader?

Downloader is an application that lets Firestick users sideload apps and programs. Sideloading is when you download 3rd party applications. It is the only way you can install and stream apps that aren’t available on the Amazon App or Google Play Store.

Downloader was developed by one Elias Saba from AFTVnews. Its developer’s goal was to create an application program that helped Amazon Fire TV users download Kodi, as the famous media player is no longer available on the Amazon App Store.

This application is available for free and has an incredibly easy-to-use interface. Unlike some of its competitors, Downloader doesn’t show any ads or pop-ups on its platform. Its developers make money through donations from users like you.

What are Downloader Codes?

Anyone who has ever used Firestick would attest how frustrating things could get when you have to type long URLs using Firestick remote. This annoying experience convinced app developers to come up with a solution: URL shorteners.

URL shorteners convert long and complex URLs into an easy-to-remember, five-digit numeric code. This code is called Downloader code. Now you can download your favorite apps by typing the simple Downloader code instead of inserting the whole URL.

How to use Downloader Codes?

Here’s how you can use Downloader codes:

  1. Open the Downloader App.
  2. Click on the search bar.
  3. Insert the code you have generated using the URL shortener.
  4. After entering the code, click on “Go.” Wait for a few minutes for the app’s download to complete.
  5. Once the app is downloaded, install it by following the instructions provided in the installation guide.

Congratulations! You have successfully sideloaded your desired app using Downloader codes.

Are Downloader codes better than URLs?

URLs and Downloader codes serve the same purpose. They are both used to access desired apps on the Downloader app. Their effectiveness is the same. However, Downloader codes are much easier to remember.

Is it necessary to use a VPN with streaming apps?

It’s almost necessary to use a VPN while using streaming apps.

With almost all these apps, you have little to no knowledge about whether the content you’re streaming is copyrighted or not. If the content isn’t available in the public domain, and you’re caught watching it, be ready for a hefty fine, jail time, or both.

Which VPN is ideal for streaming apps?

ExpressVPN is ideal for streaming apps. It hides your online activity, making sure that your government or the internet service provider (ISP) cannot track your online activity back to you. ExpressVPN also enables you to bypass geo-restrictions.

Is it safe to download the streaming apps?

Are all the apps listed in this review safe to download? We cannot say for sure. That’s why it’s recommended to use a VPN while using streaming apps.

Final Words

Downloader codes provide you with the best of both worlds. On the one hand, they minimize the chance of mistakes when you’re typing a URL using your Firestick’s remote control. On the other end, they are easy to remember and give you access to top-quality apps.