21 Top Movie APKs for Streaming Movies & TV Shows (2024) - Android & Firestick

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 21 Apr 2022

21 Top Movie and TV APKs for Android and Firestick

Time to turbocharge your Android device, or really fire up the Firestick?

In this guide, we bring you 21 of the very best movie APKs for streaming thousands of movies and virtually endless hours of TV shows without costly subscriptions.

APKs are very simple to add third-party apps to your jailbroken Firestick or Android device, and there are so many sophisticated apps for watching everything from sports to crime dramas, Marvel movies to edgy documentaries.

With the use of the best VPN for Firestick and Android devices, you can also securely and privately access the APKs on the list, as well as avoid content getting geo-blocked based on the country in which you’re watching.

Let’s dive straight into our top recommended movie APKs.

Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD APK logo

Cinema APK is powerful, lightweight, and frequently updated software that can bring an array of movies to your Firestick or other Android devices.

This is a user-friendly app with some great features that you might expect to have to pay for. For instance, it has a powerful search function that brings you many results for most mainstream searches. It also gives you the option to stream live or download a movie or show to watch later.

It’s not uncommon to find some great quality streams on this APK, with many of the movies available in either 720p or even 1080p HD. This means they tend to look great on most Android devices and are good enough to watch on an HD TV screen.


  • Fast streaming
  • Ability to download videos to watch at a later date (or offline)
  • User-friendly app
  • HD streams available for most content
  • Support for subtitles on most movies


Kodi LogoSome people get a little confused when it comes to Kodi and whether it is an APK.

Kodi is not a streaming APK, it is a media player. The app then uses files to access streams or media files. The Kodi app can access third-party add-ons called “repositories”. You need to add these in order to stream. It’s worth the extra effort, though.

Kodi supports add-ons to open up a world of content and allows you to customize your viewing experience. You can access HD and live television, movies, sports, even localized content, and shows. You could probably find a way to watch even the most niche shows. We’re not here to judge what content you want to watch.

All of this comes without spending any of your hard-earned cash. Kodi is constantly evolving thanks to all of the developers creating for the platform, and there’s a lot of information out there for turbo-powering your Kodi-enabled stick.


  • Incredible amounts of content, including other languages
  • Easy install on Firestick or other Android devices
  • Safe and secure app
  • No signup required, so you’re not sharing important details

Spectrum TV HD APK

Spectrum TV app logo
Spectrum TV works similarly to a traditional cable or satellite TV subscription. You download and install the APK, and you’re met with hundreds of channels to allow you to access new and exciting TV channels, including live sports.

You can enjoy fast and reliable streaming and a great choice of channels (mostly based in the US). However, you do need a Spectrum TV subscription, so it isn’t free to use the service.

Spectrum has a good level of customer support – the app is updated regularly to fix bugs, for instance. It’s a fast, reliable, and stable way of streaming to your Android device and casting to television if needed.


  • Great choice of programming, including live sports
  • Parental controls if required
  • Use your app as a controller for your TV while connected
  • Chromecast compatible


Cyberflix logo

Cyberflix belongs to a unique club of APKs: the Terrarium clone club.

Terrarium was a reliable streaming service that millions of Android users downloaded and used to find TV and movies. It had a really user-friendly interface, and people loved it… until it was discontinued. Luckily, services like Cyberflix picked up the baton.

With Cyberflix, you can stream thousands of shows in high definition. You can access content in multiple languages with subtitles in 220 different languages. It’s no wonder this is such a popular APK for Android.

There are no distracting ads in the app, so no disrupting your viewing experience. On top of that, you can ensure fast streaming with the “blazing fast server speeds” promised by the makers of the APK.


  • Simple layout and ideal for those used to Terrarium
  • Thousands of available shows and movies 
  • Fast server speeds
  • Subtitles in over 200 languages


TubiTV logo

TubiTV is a brilliant, robust, and lightweight app that has a lot of compatibilities. It also has partner companies providing media that users can access, including Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount. All of this is completely legal, so no worrying about the stream cops appearing at your door. 

TubiTV has a tremendous global library. It’s a way for people in the US to access shows from Korea, the UK, and further afield. You can cast to your TV, use Tubi on your Firestick or even watch from your device while you’re on the go.

For all that international content, you’ll be glad that there are subtitles in many languages for virtually all of the content on the app. 

Tubi does have advertisements, which can be frustrating, but they aren’t incessant, and considering the fact that this is a free and easy way to access loads of content, you can put up with a few ads, right?


  • Huge library with HD content offered from top studios
  • Easy to install and use the app on many devices and Firesticks
  • Totally legal
  • Loads of international shows

Crackle APK

Crackle - Free, legitimate and with original content

Crackle is a legal, free app made by giants Sony. Before you ask, it doesn’t have companion apps called Snap and Pop.

It’s got the clean-cut and pro feel that you would expect from an app made by Sony. The APK can be installed on your Android device or onto your Firestick with ease.

There are loads of movies on offer, many of which Sony has the rights to, but plenty of indie films and smaller productions are also available. For movie-lovers, the interface makes it so simple to find lots of HD content.

It’s totally free and simple to use, but consider the fact that this is ad-supported. Most of us are happy to watch the odd toothpaste ad if it means we can see great HD films.


  • Fast servers for quick loading
  • Easy to use with a simple but powerful interface
  • All content available on HD
  • Free account plan (supported by ads)


Pluto TV - Largest user base for Free live TV

There’s some debate over whether Pluto is a planet, but there’s no denying that it is one of the best movie and TV show APKs for Android.

This app is excellent for those who want to watch live TV channels, including news broadcasts, and it is totally free and legal to do so. The platform is ad-supported, so you do need to cope with getting occasional annoying ads to sit through.

There’s also a good set of movies and even kids’ TV shows and on-demand series for you to watch. Because of the fact this is a legit app, it is well-supported, and you can use it on Roku, Firestick, and more, being confident that there is an updated version to use.


  • Free and legal
  • Lots of content, including a huge number of news channels
  • No language support other than English
  • Ad-supported

CatMouse APK

We’ve warned you about the fact that there are a lot of Terrarium clones, and this definitely falls into the category. CatMouse APK allows you to access loads of great content via an easy interface and an app that pulls videos in from multiple sources.

There’s a huge selection of TV shows and movies with no ads. Due to the fact that this app is not supported by the Google Play Store and there are some copyrighted materials on there, CatMouse needs to be installed using a reliable VPN to keep you safe.

In the words of the app’s makers, “While CatMouse APK, on the whole, is legal, the app might provide some content through piracy.”


  • No ads built into the app
  • Easy install and a lightweight application
  • Lets you download movies to watch later

FilmPlus APK

FilmPlus APK logo

FilmPlus is one of the most user-friendly apps out there and it works on a huge number of different devices, including your Firestick and virtually any modern Android device.

The first thing you notice is how easy it is to navigate through this app. It has a clean interface, which is a change of pace from some of the smaller APKs out there, which can be a bit clunky.

There is also a huge amount of content available as it scrapes content from loads of streams. You can access these in up to 1080P, so rest assured that your videos have the quality you need. Many even have subtitles.

This Terrarium TV clone is regularly updated and runs stably on your device, but this is the kind of app that has landed some folks in trouble, so be sure to use a reliable VPN.


  • Masses of content in up to 1080P quality, and occasional 4K videos
  • Well-designed layout which is easy to navigate
  • Scrapes from multiple streams
  • Suitable for Firestick, Android, and Roku

Ocean Streamz APK

Ocean Streamz APK logo

Ocean Streamz is another APK that has an incredible number of movies and a crisp layout.

As well as having a powerful search function to look through thousands of movies, TV shows, and anime series, it also links with IMDB so you can even check out what reviewers have said about whatever you plan to watch. You may even find a gem of a movie.

The app can be installed on Firestick or other Android devices easily, and it is regularly updated, but we recommend using a VPN for this one.

As well as having loads of choices, you don’t even have to worry about watching ads on this platform. It’s not as good as some other apps on the list for live TV and sports, but thousands of hours of movie content are available.


  • Brilliant layout with IMDB ratings
  • Excellent for movies and TV shows
  • Regularly updated with bug fixes


Syncler logo

Syncler is similar to the discontinued service TVZion. It’s a very powerful and professional app with some cool functionality, including voice search (that’s all the rage, right?)

Syncler is a bit more intensive than some of the other apps when it comes to setup. It works a bit like Kodi, and you need to install add-ons for the app to actually access libraries such as TV shows and movies.

The good thing is that you can always crawl for these new movies – it has loads of media available including subtitles, and 1080P (or even more HD) content.


  • Free to download
  • Requires add-ons to access media including TV shows and movies
  • Regularly updated
  • Great for Android and Firesticks


BeeTV APK logo

BeeTV is very popular and has millions of downloads from the Google Play store.

This app is completely free to use, with no ads, and it is really easy to install on a variety of different devices including Android and Firestick. The makers of the app claim it can work on iOS too, but this would need an Android emulator, so we don’t really recommend doing things this way.

BeeTV has access to thousands of movies and TV shows and even works with addons and social apps like Trakt for recommendations and sharing movies with your friends.

This is such a popular app, and it’s been around for a long time. The benefit of this is that it is constantly updated, and there’s a good community if you need support or tips.


  • Great community with user tips and guides
  • Easy to install on a variety of devices
  • All content is available in HD (no awful 360P streams)
  • Regular updates and bug fixes

Vudu APK

Vudu - A decent selection with excellent quality

Vudu is a free and legal service set up as a joint venture between NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia. You can install the APK knowing that none of the content is on there illegally if this is something that concerns you.

You can enjoy a professional app with a good setup for films and TV shows, but you should also keep in mind that this uses the “freemium” model, so only selected movies are free to watch. Bummer.

It’s worth adding to your arsenal of APKs, especially if you want quick streams and HD content, but you’re not going to be able to find all of the Hollywood blockbusters released this year on the app.


  • Excellent, fast streaming
  • Easy navigation
  • Free and legal, but ad-supported on free films

Typhoon TV APK

Typhoon TV APK logo

Typhoon TV is a clone of the popular Titanium TV app, but it is even better. All ads have been removed, and it is able to aggregate and pull better streams of movies and TV shows than Titanium.

It’s compatible with Real Debrid, which is a tool for accessing streams and downloads that other users can’t, meaning you get better links, higher definition, and more reliable streaming.

In terms of the content, there are loads of examples of new shows and even streams of shows that have premiered that day. To help you to explore Typhoon TV you can use the categories built in by the makers of the app such as Top Rated, and Trending shows.

As there are no ads, and the app pulls streams from a wide variety of sources, we definitely recommend keeping yourself safe with a VPN.


  • Easy to install on Android or Firestick
  • Categorizes movies based on views, ratings, and whether they’re new premieres
  • No ads, but make sure you’re using a VPN

MediaBox HD APK

MediaBox HD APK logoMediaBox HD is another of those apps that we recommend having a bit of VPN protection  to ensure that you’re anonymous and protected. The app has millions of users, and it’s easy to see why when you start to flick through its functions.

Videos stream quickly, with loads of content from around the world ready to watch in HD. The library remembers where you got to in seasons and in shows, something that some apps fail to do (this gets really annoying. Am I in season 4, episode 7 or 8?)

There’s a great deal of subtitled shows and an option to discover loads of new movies and TV shows. For example, there’s an IMDB Top 250 section where you can gradually make your way through the top-rated movies in the world. This may take a while if you have either a job or a social life.

The app does have ads, so keep this in mind when compared to some of the other ad-free options.


  • Excellent discover functions to find new shows
  • Easy install on Android, Firestick, and even Smart TVs
  • The app is ad-supported


Nova TV logoAre you bored of the Terrarium clones yet? We sure hope not because this isn’t even the last on the list.

Nova TV is a relatively new clone of Terrarium TV, and it integrates brilliantly with other apps and add-ons to extend your viewing pleasure. For instance, you can use Real-Debrid to access better quality streams (and faster) or use Trakt for a social media experience.

We definitely recommend using MX Player, too. It gives a smoother experience with the media player.

Being a more modern app has other benefits. Loads of the content are in HD, and it works with all the latest versions of Firestick, Android, even Android TV. Shows stream in up to 4K HD with plenty of speed, so you don’t have to cope with your favorite shows buffering all the time.


  • Streams up to 4K in quality
  • Use with Real Debrid or Trakt to add to your experience
  • Slick layout based on Terrarium (again)
  • Up to 225 subtitle languages

Flixoid APK

Flixoid APK logoA little bit of detective work, and you might draw the same conclusion as us; Nova TV and Flixoid appear to be made by the same developer. The site content on each of their websites is eerily similar, and they have the same contact details.

Lots of developers make multiple apps in case one gets closed down and goes the way of some of the old classics. In the same way that you should be protecting yourself with a VPN, the makers of the apps seem to hedge their bets.

So, Flixoid’s layout and capabilities are very similar to Nova TV: HD movies and TV, a lot of subtitled content, and some movies in up to 4K HD. The layout will also be familiar to former users of Terrarium.

You can make use of addons like Trakt and Real-Debrid to take away restrictions and access the quickest streams out there, too.


  • Streams 1080P to 4K in quality
  • Simple and easy layout based on Terrarium TV
  • Up to 225 subtitle languages on some content
  • Pulls streams from multiple sources

Stremio APK

Stremio APK logoStremio is something a little different. It’s not a clone of any defunct app; the APK works in a similar way to the ever-popular Kodi app.

Stremio APK uses BitTorrent technology for the streaming, and for this reason, we recommend getting a robust VPN, preferably with specific torrenting servers.

Like Kodi, it provides you with a simple interface, but you need to use add-ons to unlock the content libraries. Find the right add-ons, and you can enjoy the latest blockbusters, live TV and sports, and TV shows.

It does request a signup, so if you want true anonymity, you may need to provide an anonymous email account. The VPN comes in handy yet again.

Stremio has thousands of hours of HD content and quick streaming via BitTorrent. It syncs across devices, so if you are using more than one Firestick or Android it’ll remember your preferences and libraries.

All-in-all, it’s powerful as an APK, but requires a bit of knowledge from the user.


  • Works with add-ons to find content libraries
  • Uses BitTorrent streaming, which can expose your IP if you don’t have a VPN
  • Simple interface
  • Requires an email address for signup

Morph TV

Morph TV logoWhat if I told you that Morpheus TV was no longer supported by its developers?

Kudos if you got the Matrix pun. Morph TV is a clone of Morpheus, which was an incredibly popular Android app for streaming loads of movies and TV. It was great for a long time until buffering issues made it unusable.

Morph TV makes it to our list, even though it isn’t updated as regularly as some of the other options on the list, there are still plenty of people using it to stream in HD, and to cast to their TVs.

Morph TV has subtitles in over 20 languages, and the option to download films to watch offline at a later date. This isn’t supported on the Google Play Store, and we recommend a VPN for Morph users.


  • Patchy support and updates by the developer
  • Excellent selection of HD movies
  • Download to watch offline at a later date

ZiniTevi Movies & TV Show APK

ZiniTevi Movies & TV Show APK logoZiniTevi… We don’t know how to pronounce it, either.

However, this is a fantastic app for Firestick users especially, and it works really smoothly on the Fire TV platform, just so long as you have “jailbroken” it and have a reliable VPN.

This app is really simple, which is one of the things we love about it. It is split into categories, and you can quickly find either new stuff to watch or existing shows you love.

The app supports multiple language videos, subtitles, as well as HD videos, and even many shows in full HD.

If you just want something that is simple to navigate and has an excellent selection of HD movies and shows, ZiniTevi could be an option.


  • Loads of videos streaming in HD and FHD
  • Regularly updated libraries
  • Nimble install and a great interface, especially for Firestick


Viva TV APK logoViva TV is yet another good option for those who want access to some of the newest TV shows and films, and it isn’t a clone of anything.

It has a lot of different HD links and hundreds of shows and movies to choose between, and as this is one of a more modern schools of APKs, it has both 4K support and the option to integrate external players as well as other add-ons. Trakt and Real-Debrid can be plugged into Viva TV.

Although there are some ads on the platform, they don’t crop up while you’re playing video, so no interruptions.

The app has a simple and lightweight install that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your device and works equally well on Android phones, tablets, and the Firestick.


  • Ad-supported but no mid-stream interruptions
  • Easy install with no sign-up
  • Lots of 1080P HD videos
  • Modern ap with support for Trakt and Real-Debrid

Conclusion – Best Movie and TV Show APKs

Finding the best APKs can be incredibly frustrating. A lot of these apps are constantly changing and evolving. Some have landed developers in hot water; others have been discontinued, some get ‘cloned,’ or their names get changed all the time. Using our guide can ensure that you’ve got a working top movie APK that can easily be installed on your Android or Firestick. Time to binge-watch that show you’ve wanted to see for ages.


Are APKs safe and legal?

APKs themselves are totally legal. It’s just a file format used to store apps for Android devices. By tweaking a few settings and “jailbreaking” a Firestick or Android device, you can download and install APKs even if they aren’t on the Google Play Store.

The contents of the APKs may be a different story. Copyrighted material may be made available illegally, and there may be reasons why an app isn’t necessarily available on the Play Store. 

It’s up to you to make a judgment call on what is legal when it comes to streaming. To be on the safe side, we recommend installing ExpressVPN on your device to make sure you are protected and anonymous. Also, be careful when giving out your details to sign up for an app.

What is the best movie APK?

Now, we can’t just recommend one APK. There are many different options out there for TV shows and movies. The best for you may depend on what content you’re trying to view or whether you need HD video. 

Cinema HD APK is definitely one of the top movie APKs for watching HD cinema. The app is one of the most popular, which has also led the developers to provide updates and keep the app in excellent working order.

Kodi is also very popular, but keep in mind that it takes more setup, with “repositories” needed to access the content on the app. If you get the right repositories, this can be a powerful APK with a vast choice of content.

If you’re keen to ensure you remain on the right side of the law, then Tubi TV is an option. Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount all provide content for this ad-supported platform.

Can I use APKs to watch movies for free?

Many APKs can open up a whole world of free content. All of the options on this list have free movies and TV shows that you can watch, but keep in mind that some are ad-supported. Though the content is free, you may have to sit through some advertisements or see pop-ups while you scroll.

APKs are one of the best ways to expand upon what your Firestick or Android device is capable of, and by “jailbreaking” your device, you ensure more possibilities for downloading APKs from third-party developers and supercharging your device with free content.