15 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 2 Nov 2022

Streaming sports is one of the best ways to stay entertained wherever you are. Unfortunately, most free streaming sites are riddled with ads, annoying pop-ups, and far too many dead links.

That’s why we’ve reviewed countless streaming sites to curate a comprehensive list of the best websites you can use to stream your favourite sports for free.

Can’t Read the Entire Article? Here’s our full list

Top 10 best free sports streaming websites

  1. TotalSportek
  2. Stream2Watch
  3. SportRAR,TV
  4. FootyBite
  5. CricHD
  6. Sportsurge
  7. LiveTV
  8. Buffstreams
  10.  Facebook Watch


Top 5 best legal sports streaming apps

  1. Fubo TV
  2. Yahoo Sports App
  3. DAZN
  4. Red Bull Tv
  5. ESPN

Is It Legal to Use Free Sports Streaming Sites?

Most free sports streaming isn’t entirely legal. Major sports competitions such as the English Premier League, NBA, and the NFL have broadcast rights that are only given to a handful of official streaming partners. Streaming without these rights is illegal and could land you in trouble.

Streaming on an unsecured network leaves your IP address visible to your internet service provider (ISP) or anyone else that may be monitoring activity on the network. This could get you into serious trouble for copyright infringements.

To avoid unwanted trouble, you should stream your sports with a VPN. It’ll mask your IP address so the ‘internet police’ can’t trace any illegal streaming activity back to you. With a good VPN, you will also be able to stream sports and use sites that are blocked in your region.

Don’t know which VPN is the best for streaming?

We strongly recommend ExpressVPN, the fastest and most secure VPN out there. It’s super easy to install and start using on any device. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case you’re not totally convinced with the service.

Top 10 Best Free Streaming Sites for Sports


TotalSportek official website

TotalSportek is one of the best and most reliable sports streaming sites out there. You can stream almost every major sport on this website. And, it has tons of external streaming links in multiple languages so you can enjoy your favourite sports in the language you like. 

TotalSportek only provides verified links, so you don’t have to endure endless redirects to betting pages and spamming websites. The site also has a very user-friendly interface with only a few ads and pop-ups to interrupt your streaming experience. You can easily find trending sports competitions, upcoming game titles, and browse different sports categories. 

TotalSportek only streams the content from major broadcasters such as ESPN, Fox, or BeinSports. So, you always get high-quality streams, with some content even in full HD.


Stream2Watch free live sports streaming website

Stream2Watch is a great streaming site if you’re mostly interested in sports like basketball, football, tennis, and golf. It has a very simple user interface, you can simply choose the sports category you’re interested in, and it’ll show you all the live matches and events. There’s also a search option, so you can specifically search for the games or competitions you want to watch.

Like on most free streaming sites, there are some ads and pop-ups, but not as many as you’d find on other sites. If you want a simple streaming experience, Stream2Watch is a very good option.


SportRAR.TV live sports streaming website

SportRAR.TV is one of the best free streaming sites you’ll ever find. It is a multi-functional sports website that lets you stream your favourite sports, check live updates, and stay up-to-date on all your favourite teams match schedules. You can even watch highlights on the same website if you miss the live event. 

SportRAR.TV has a huge library of streaming content to choose from. You can watch soccer, American football, basketball, and even niche sports like wrestling, eSports, table tennis, and more. If there’s a sports event going on somewhere in the world, you can stream it on SportRAR.TV.

When you click on a game to watch on SportRAR.TV, a new window opens up with the live stream. If the direct stream isn’t working, you can click on the “More link from this match” link at the bottom of the screen to get additional video sources for your stream.

The only drawback of using SportRAR.TV are the intrusive pop-up ads that will sometimes pop up even if you have an ad blocker installed.


FootyBite Reddit Soccer Streams

FootyBite is the ultimate streaming website for soccer lovers. It has a simple and straightforward user interface that makes streaming your favourite matches a breeze. As soon as you enter the site, you get a long list of games that are being live-streamed. A couple of clicks later you’re watching the kickoff. It’s a  

FootyBite gives you the option to stream almost every major soccer league around the world. You can watch football from the top European and Arabic leagues and even tier two matches in less popular Asian and South American leagues.

The ad frequency on this site depends on the game you’re trying to stream. If it’s a very popular game, you will have to put up with a lot of ads and pop-up interruptions. A popup blocker or using Brave Browser will shield you from a lot of ads.


CricHD Sports Online 24/7 Live cricket streaming - watch live cricket

It might sound like a cricket streaming site, but CricHD is much more than that. You can stream anything from hockey, tennis, and boxing to motorsports, soccer and a whole host of other sports. The user-friendly interface is designed to prioritize functionality, and it will take you just a couple of seconds to find your game and get a stream going.

One of the best things about CricHD is that the website provides a mix of external and internal streaming links. 

Internal links open directly on the website itself, but you might not get a stream quality higher than 720p. The upside is that you’ll have a lot less ads and pop-ups to deal with. 

External links are less reliable. They are filled with ads and pop-ups, and some external links don’t even lead to a streaming page.  So, you should be careful about selecting the links on CricHD. We only recommend using the internal streaming links of this website. 

CricHD also has a live chat function. So, whenever you’re watching a game, you can get into buzzing discussions and debates with fellow fans.


Sportsurge website banner for fans from around the world to watch their favorite games, events and more

Sportsurge is a community-focused live sports streaming platform. All streaming links on this website are external, but they’re vetted and rated by the streaming community. So, unlike CricHD, most external links on Sportsurge are reliable. 

The best feature of this website is that you get important information about each stream. Whenever you click on a streaming link, you’ll see the video frame rate, resolution, supported devices and how many ads you might encounter. That information will help you avoid wasting time on malicious and non-functional streams. 

Because of Sportsurge’s massive popularity, there are many copycat websites using its name to lure people into ad selling platforms. Be sure to use the official links provided in this article to save yourself the trouble of hunting down the right one.


LiveTV free live sports streaming website

LiveTV is one of the most reliable free sports streaming sites out there. It has been around for 15 years now, since 2006.  It’s a Russian site, but your browser should be able to translate the whole website into English. 

LiveTV includes a large variety of sports such as soccer, tennis, hockey, ice hockey, basketball, rugby, and much more. It’s also one of the best sites for streaming the Olympic Games. 

LiveTV has some very unique features that you won’t find on other streaming sites. It provides a link score for each streaming link, so you know which link is the best. And, the website also shows you betting odds for each game. 

You can also sign-up and open an account on the website. It lets you set reminders for games and choose your favourite teams to get live score updates from during the match.


Bufferstream best online free sports live streaming portal

If you’re looking for a streaming site that streams almost every sport you can think of, Buffstreams is your go-to platform. It doesn’t matter if it’s basketball, football, soccer, hockey, WWE, UFC, racing, golf, darts, tennis, or the AFL you’re looking for, you can find it on this site. 

The website is designed to maximize user convenience. The user-friendly interface features several fast action buttons that you can use to find streams quickly. Most streams on this site are available in the standard 720p quality. And, there’s a live chat function so you can engage with others while watching a game. 

The only downside to using Buffstreams is that it has more ads than you’d encounter on other streaming streams.


USTVGO channels list

If you’re looking to stream only major US sports, then there’s no better alternative than USTVGO. This website offers live streams of US TV channels, which includes major sports channels like Fox Sports, WWE Network, NBA TV, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, the Olympic Channel, and much more. 

The best thing is that USTVGO is completely ads free. You won’t get any annoying pop-ups or ads on the website. The interface is very simple, with no major visual design. So, the streams load very quickly. In addition to sports, it has 94 other US channels. So, USTVGO can be your one-stop solution for household entertainment.

Facebook Watch

It might come as a surprise, but you can actually find a lot of live streams directly on Facebook. Because of its massive user base and reach, streamers are now live streaming sports games on Facebook instead of external streaming sites. 

You can simply go on the “Watch” tab inside Facebook, and specifically search for the game you’re looking for. It’ll show you live videos of the match that are being streamed on Facebook. For example, you can search “Yankees vs Red Sox” and you’ll easily find a video if someone is live streaming the match on Facebook. 

Yes, you won’t find every single game on Facebook Watch. But most popular games are often streamed on Facebook. The best thing is that you won’t have to face any pop-ups, or buffering. You’re basically using the Facebook app, so you can still interact and engage on social media while watching the game.

Top 5 Best Legal Sports Streaming Apps

Fubo TV

FuboTV logo

FuboTV is a North American television streaming service that mainly focuses on live sports. You can stream on-demand sports like the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, CPL, and international soccer matches on this web application. 

Most sports games and events on FuboTV are streamed in 4K. There’s also a lot of add-on packages that you can use to add channels for some of the less popular sports such as skating, ice hockey, BMX and much more.

In addition to sports, you can also watch entertainment channels on FuboTV. Such a wealth of entertainment and hassle-free streaming comes at a price. The starter subscription to FuboTV will cost you $64.99 a month, for an extra $5 you can get the Pro subscription and enjoy 1000 hrs of saved content on an unlimited number of screens.

Yahoo Sports App

Yahoo Sports Channel logo

If you’re an NFL or NBA fan, you’ll love the Yahoo Sports App. It allows you to stream live NFL and NBA games on the go. 

This app is more than just a live streaming app. You can also get live game updates, scores, and highlights from soccer leagues, college football, golf, MMA and more. The Yahoo Sports app is available on both Android and Apple, so you can stream your favourite games on any device.

The best thing? It’s completely free, and you don’t need to have a subscription. You just need to sign-up with a Yahoo account and you’re all set. The app does have some ads, but they aren’t nearly as annoying as the ads you’d have to put up with on a free site. All streams are standard 720p, so you can have high-quality live videos on your mobile device.


DAZN channel logo

DAZN is a live on-demand sports streaming app that was first launched in 2016. When it first launched, DAZN only streamed live fighting sports like MMA, WWE, and UFC. Now, this app offers live streaming for more than 8,000 sporting events every year. 

You can watch the NFL, NHL, Formula 1, MLB, the Premier League, La Liga and many more major sports competitions live on the DAZN app. You have to get a paid subscription that starts from $19.99 per month to stream content on DAZN, but you can try the first month for free.

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV channel logo

If you’re a fan of adventure sports, then you have to try Red Bull TV.  It’s a mobile app and website that allows you to live stream adventure and lifestyle sports for free. 

You can stream the contents right away without signing up or opening an account. It includes sports such as MotoGP, F1, cliff diving, mountain climbing, BMX, snowboarding, surfing etc.  There are ads within the app, but it’s not too much. And, you won’t get annoying pop-up prompts.


ESPN channel logo

The ESPN App and website is one of the best platforms for watching high-quality and uninterrupted live sports videos. You can stream almost any major sports competitions such as the NFL, NBA, F1, MotoGP, Tennis, Golf, Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, and so much more. 

You can also watch trending sports videos, interviews, highlights, pre and post-game analysis, live score updates, and other latest sports news. Accessing this content is free, but live streaming isn’t. You’ll either need to pay a subscription fee of $5.99 per month or be a part of ESPN’s partner services such as Hulu, Align, Cox, Directv etc. All streams are in full-HD quality and without any annoying ads.


What is the best sports streaming site?

All of the streaming sites we’ve mentioned in this article are the best sites out there. The best depends on your preference and which sport you follow. Overall, TotalSportek was ranked #1. It is the best site for streaming popular sports games and has reliable links that won’t drop out when you need them. If you’re looking for a paid streaming service, then ESPN gives you the best value for money.

What are the most popular free sports streaming sites?

The most popular free sports streaming sites are the ones that have the highest number of average monthly visitors. The number of site visitors changes every month, and so does their popularity. Here’s the list of the most popular free sports streaming sites as of June 2024:

  • Sportsurge – 855,000 monthly visitors 
  • Stream2Watch – 520,000 monthly visitors
  • FootyBite – 400,000 monthly visitors

How do I unblock geo-restricted sports streaming sites?

You can easily unblock geo-restricted sites and contents by using a VPN. Some sites can only be accessed from certain regions or countries, but you can easily avoid this restriction by changing your server location on the VPN. 

We recommend using a reliable and fast VPN like ExpressVPN. It will help you to access any sports site and enjoy uninterrupted streaming. 

How can I block ads on free sites to stream sports?

Ads are an unfortunate part of free streaming sites. While you can’t get rid of every single ad, you can however stop those annoying pop-ups and random new tabs from opening. The best way to do this is by installing browser plugins. 

If you’re using Chrome, there are plenty of free pop-up blockers you can use – such as  uBlock Origin, AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and Stands Fair Adblocker. These browser extensions will protect you from those annoying pop-up ads and malware while using free sports streaming sites. You can use multiple extensions together for a better result. 

Does using a VPN slow down my streaming speed?

It depends on which VPN you’re using. Free VPNs will always slow down your speed because they use a lot of unverified encryption processes that increase the latency of your network. However, most paid or premium VPNs use advanced encryption methods that don’t have any noticeable impact on your connection speed. 

In some cases, using a good premium VPN will protect you from bandwidth throttling, so you’ll actually experience increased connection speed.

Let's Sum It Up

Our listed sports streaming sites are the best and most reliable platforms for watching your favourite live games. We’ve also listed some legal and paid streaming services if you want to completely get rid of those annoying ads and pop-ups. 

Always use the links provided in this article, because there’s a lot of fake websites out there that use the same name to get you into malicious ad-viewing platforms. 

We strongly recommend using a secure VPN (such as ExpressVPN) while streaming any live sports events. It not only saves you from the trouble of worrying about legality, but you can also enjoy your stream without bandwidth throttling causing your video to buffer endlessly.