11 Best Project Free TV Alternatives in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 27 Feb 2022

Introduction: Project Free TV Alternatives

As you may know, Project Free TV has shut down some years ago. If you are a movie buff and have been using Project Free TV for a long time, then worry not because we have good news for you. We have compiled the best Project Free TV substitutes in this manual for your convenience. 

There was a time when Project Free TV used to be one of the most popular free movie streaming websites out there. But just like other non-licensed streaming websites, a few years ago, the original domain for the Project Free TV website was subjected to criticism and was eventually shut down.

Right after that, a number of proxies were created that can serve as a mirror to the original Project Free TV website.

A few promising substitutes for Project Free TV are Pluto TV, Tubi, YouTube, CouchTuner, Peacock, WatchSeries, and some other names can also be found on this list.

Although, a considerable number of people who tend to be cord-cutters have now started turning to these alternatives for Project Free TV rather than using the replicated movie streaming sites.

All of the websites listed below work on PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, and streaming devices like Amazon Firestick, which is widely regarded as the most admired and highly recommended streaming device in the world today.

People who Jailbreak their Amazon Firestick or Android TV Boxes are the ones who seem to be favoring these alternative sites.

The following list is almost identical to our list of the best SportSurge alternatives because most of these streaming websites don’t ask you to sign up or register before you start streaming media.

It would be better for you to install Amazon Silk Browser on your device if you are an Amazon Firestick/Fire TV user, or either Puffin Browser or a similar Browser if you are an Android device user, like NVIDIA Shield, MECOOL Boxes, Chromecast with Google TV, or any device with the Android TV operating system.

Best Project Free TV Alternates

Alternatives for Project Free TV, like other Free TV Shows Streaming Websites and Torrent Sites, regularly go offline and get shut down. This is also true for Live TV Streaming Websites; most individuals who have given up on cable must already be aware of this.

Although, all the below-mentioned websites are currently running and are available for use anywhere around the world online. 

The following websites have been ranked on the basis of the following criteria: Monthly visitors, user interface, VPN friendly, the content available, categories, ad annoyance (on the scale of 1-10), account required, and overall popularity.

Pluto TV

Pluto Tv LogoPluto TV ranks first on the list of best Project Free TV substitutes because of several reasons. It is well known for having a large number of free channels ready to be streamed live. 

Pluto TV also includes a collection of free movies and TV shows, and you can even demand that they upload the movies or shows you want.

It offers a pretty simple interface for its users to access and can be used on almost any web browser. You can even install the Pluto TV app on any of your streaming devices such as Firestick, iOS, Android, Roku, and many more. Pluto TV’s app is one of the best Free TV apps. 

Pluto TV will provide you with thousands of categories to choose from, and the best part is that you are not required to sign up or register. 

This is a top-ranking website based on its 1.8 million monthly visitors. The Ad annoyance is 5, given the fact that this is a free streaming website. Since it is a VPN Friendly website, it works great with ExpressVPN.


CouchTurner logoCouchTurner was another good alternative for Project Free TV, but it, too, was taken down a few years ago. Although, there are some other proxies of this website that are still working with no problem at all.

CouchTurner used to offer a long list of movies and shows to binge on, and it had a massive following with 811,000 monthly users. 

This VPN-friendly website required no registration. But users have to Ad annoyance was 5 because it was a free website. 

Some alternative URLs for CouchTurner were “couchturner.host”, “couchturner.win”, “couchturner.cloud” and “ecouchturner.eu”.


Peacock TV logoAnother one of these great substitutes for Project Free TV is PeacockTV. It offers a ton of categories that include action, comedy, romance, sci-fi, and what not! 

PeacockTV is NBC’s new streaming platform. It presents more than a thousand live channels, movies, TV shows, and a lot more for streaming. 

It has a simple interface, so it is easy for anyone to access the website. Another great feature of this website is that it does not require any fee for registration, which means it is a hundred percent free website, and because of that, it irritates the users with ads while streaming. 

The website is highly visited; it has approximately 730,000 monthly visitors. Although it is not a VPN-friendly website, it can still be used with a VPN from anywhere around the globe.


WatchSeries logoWatchSeries is a popular streaming service and an excellent alternative for Project Free TV. It allows its viewers to watch their favorite shows and movies for free online.

This site holds a vast media center of TV series classified into different categories. The interface is pretty easy, and this website has this really cool feature where you can schedule your favorite TV shows, which allows you to stay updated whenever a new episode comes out. 

This is a free website and does not require any registration. It has a large following of 503,000 monthly visitors. 

Since it is a VPN-friendly website, you can run it with any good VPN, and it will work flawlessly. 

Some other URLs for this website are “www3.watchserieshd.ru”, “watchseries.cx”, “watchseries.ws” and “watchserieshd.tv”.


TubiTV logoTubi has a large fan following, and it has gradually become an even more famous streaming service among entertainment buffs for watching free movies and TV series. 

The interface is easy to use, and the Tubi app is also available on Amazon App Store, Roku Channel List, Google Play Store, and more. 

Tubi streaming website has around 315,000 monthly visitors, and it does not need any registration. It is a VPN-friendly website; you can use it safely and securely.


Putlocker - Well-organized and Diverse Movie SelectionPeople who are into ditching cable are most likely acquainted with Putlocker. This website is very famous and has been visited by over a million people in the past few years. 

Even though it is a substitute for project Free TV, it works as a search engine to find streaming sources from all over the internet. 

Every month, this website has 658,000 visitors. It offers an average viewing experience as the high frequency of ads disturbs the users while streaming. This issue is inevitable since it is a free website, and it does not require registration or subscription of any kind. 

 Some alternative URLs of this website are “putlockers.fm”, “putlockers.net”, “putlockerr.is”, and “putlocker.io”.


YouTube logoWho does not know about YouTube, right?! It goes without saying that YouTube is the most famous video streaming website in the entire world.

Even though it is a vastly famous website all around the world, there are still many people who do not know that YouTube is a TV shows and movies provider, which are available for free to stream. 

You can use it without any sign-up, or if you want, you can sign in with your Google account so you can stream shows and movies however you want.

YouTube probably has the largest audience with 1.8 million monthly users and it does not require you to make an account.

You can use a VPN with this website to keep your connection secure and activities anonymous.


Soap2DayOne more quality substitute for Project Free TV amongst people who decide to ditch cable is Soap2Day. 

But unfortunately, just like Project Free TV, the original Soap2Day was also shut down a few years ago. However, several other proxies of this website are available that continue to function normally.

Soap2Day had a long list of movies and shows and a massive following of 1.2 million monthly users. No registration was required, and Ad annoyance was extremely high because it was a free website.

Some alternative URLs for Soap2Day were “soap2day.im”, “soap2day.ac”, “soap2day.se”, “s2dfree.to”, and “s2dfree.cc”.


Crackle - Free, legitimate and with original contentAnother well-known and great alternative to Project Free TV is Sony Crackle, with a massive visitor count of 148,000 monthly bases. 

Crackle is greatly loved by cord-cutters and provides an extensive library of free TV series, movies, and original programs. 

The service is available in 21 countries, and it can be used on connected devices, including mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, and desktops. 

It has a user-friendly interface, and this VPN-friendly website does not require sign-up or registration.


Vumoo logoAnother great addition to our list is Vumoo. It is a quality streaming website with an easy interface. 

Vumoo has a vast media center with thousands of shows and movies. 

It has 289,000 monthly visitors, and it does not even require registration. Given it is a free streaming website, it offers an average viewing experience to its user with a lot of ads.

To achieve a secure and safe connection, you can use it with a reliable VPN.


Vudu - A decent selection with excellent qualityVudu is the last streaming service on our list of the top Project Free TV alternatives.

It is a famous video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service that provides access to about a thousand free binge-worthy TV series and movies.

Vudu offers a user-friendly interface, and almost 250,000 people visit it each month. 

Although Vudu does require you to make an account yet, it is completely free, with no charges whatsoever.

It provides many categories to choose from; the genres include comedies, sci-fi, action, romance, and a lot more.

It is not VPN friendly but can still be used with the help of ExpressVPN.

About Project Free TV

Project Free TV is a streaming website that provides you links to your favorite shows and movies and lets you stream all categories such as action, romance, comedy, sci-fi, and a lot more without any cost at all.

Even if you don’t have a PC or TV or any other streaming device, you can still use Project Free TV quite easily. All you need is a stable internet connection and a smartphone.

Unfortunately, the website received a lot of backlashes, and the original domain was taken down a few years ago.

But movie-lovers will always find a way. That’s why we currently see countless Project Free TV mirrors with similar strategies to deliver your favorite shows and movies wherever you are.  

In case you are looking for Anime content, we would also recommend trying other options like KissAnime, KissCartoon, etc.

Is Project Free TV Secure?

Even though the original Project Free TV domain was shut down several years ago, there are still a number of proxies available that are in use by millions of users. 

We scanned one of the most popular proxies of Project Free TV with VirusTotal and did not find any harmful viruses or malware within the Project Free TV URL.

Even so, it does not mean that we should not be protective of ourselves while streaming movies or shows from such unverified websites. 

Which now leaves us with the question, what should we do about that? 

The answer is simple: use both antivirus software and a VPN to provide anonymity and protect your identity when visiting such services, so you don’t have to worry about anything and can enjoy streaming shows whenever you want.

Is Project Free TV legitimate?

If you are using Project Free TV for the first time, it might look like they are distributing unlicensed copyrighted content. 

But unfortunately, there is no way to find out whether all of the movies and shows from unverified movie streaming sites are legally distributed or not.

Substitute for Project Free TV FAQs:

What are the names of some best Project Free TV alternatives?

There is a long list of the best Project Free TV substitutes but, the names that top the list are Pluto TV, YouTube, CouchTurner, Tubi, WatchSeries, Peacock, and so many others.

Are Project Free TV alternatives illegal?

These alternatives are only legal if you’re watching movies or shows within the public domain. We do not recommend or encourage any illegal affair related to downloading or streaming licensed content.

Is a VPN needed for Project Free TV alternates?

Using a VPN when streaming on these websites is vital. It will help you protect yourself while also providing privacy to mask your activity and identity. 

We highly recommend you to use ExpressVPN, as here at vpncheck, we prefer to use it as well.

What can happen if you get caught while using Project Free TV alternates?

In case of getting caught for watching unlicensed content using mirror websites, the user will have to face whatever the legal consequences are in their region. The end-user will be held liable for the content accessed through such streaming sites. That is why it’s always a good idea to connect your VPN before you stream free content online.

Which websites to use for watching free movies without signing up?

Some Project Free TV substitutes that you can use without signing up are Peacock TV, Tubi, YouTube, Pluto TV, CouchTurner, and a few more.