12 Best BuffStream Alternatives in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
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Updated on 27 Feb 2022

Foreword: BuffStream

You no longer need to bear with slow and disruptive sites to live stream this season’s sports events. Many websites proclaim to be the best sports streaming sites. However, their performance is not even close to their declarations.

Looking for a trustworthy free, live streaming site such as BuffStream is no easy task. Since the original domain of the website has been taken down, people are looking for secure alternatives. Today, we’re looking at the other great choices.


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  • How to Access Buffstream
  • Why is Buffstream famous?
  • Features of BuffStream
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Top BuffStream Alternatives Right Now

People are always looking for alternatives to BuffStream—something with similar or better streaming quality and features. This is because people are concerned about their online safety. One wrong click can put your privacy at risk. It is therefore important to access the trusted sites with maximum protection. Here are some of the most secure and trusted alternatives to BuffStream to consider.

  • Stream2Watch
  • VIPRow Sports
  • SportSurge
  • VIPLeague
  • LiveTV
  • CrackStreams
  • VIPBoxTV
  • SportLemon
  • BossCast
  • FirstRow Sports
  • fuboTV

1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is quite popular among sports lovers looking for a free streaming platform. Whether you are a boxing fan or love to watch hockey, you will find links to high-quality streams of the latest event. Although this site is not free from ads, the high-quality compensates well for its drawback. It is trusted by a considerably high number of users. It has a well-organized user interface with easy navigation.

Stream2Watch free live sports streaming website

2. VIPRow Sports

VIPRow Sports’ reliability can easily be seen from the great number of users visiting it. It proves to be an amazing alternative to BuffStream by offering many popular sports, which include football, golf, basketball, tennis, rugby, and racing. The ad annoyance is also bearable.

VIPRow Sports home page

3. SportSurge

Nothing compares to the diverse range of sports offered by SportSurge. It has a separately defined category for each sport together with their corresponding subdivisions. For instance, you can watch Football, College Football, and Pro Football.

Similar to other free sites, it also has ads. But it allows users to freely navigate around without being disrupted by ads.

SportSurge gets more than half a million visits monthly.

Sportsurge home page

4. VIPLeague

VIPLeague ranks as one of the most reliable sites for sports streaming as it delivers several popular sports, including football, boxing, basketball, and racing. Despite its high ad annoyance level, the site’s monthly visits exceed the 100,000 mark.

Since it is a free site, it features several ads, disturbing the users while they stream. But if you have an ad blocker, they won’t be a problem. This site is also compatible with VPNs, such as ExpressVPN.


VIPLeague Homepage

5. LiveTV

If you want to access thousands of famous sports events for free, you must check out LiveTV. It can be easily accessed by people around the world. But while you’re enjoying the different sports content, the ads can be annoying.

The site has a unique feature that allows users to interact with other sports lovers during the match. In a way, you can share the excitement with other viewers too.

LiveTV website

6. CrackStreams

BuffStream users are also familiar with CrackStreams, another popular sports streaming site. It is known for offering live streams of several sports, including football, MMA, boxing, basketball, etc. The best thing about it is that you do not have to register to access the content. The easy navigation is yet another awesome feature. It is readily available for everyone and doesn’t require sign-up. Although it features ads, its monthly visits go beyond 300,000.

CrackStreams Homepage

Best CrackStreams Alternatives

7. VIPBox TV

VIPBoxTV is compatible with several devices, including Firestick, PC, Mac, smartphones, and more, which makes it rank among the best BuffStream alternatives. You can access popular sports channels for free through this website. However, one downside is that it is only available in a few countries.

This won’t be a problem when you have ExpressVPN. You can access it smoothly and unlock your favorite sports content. You can stream everything for free.

VIPBOX TV Sports Category



ATDHE originally redirects to BuffStream. It is currently one of the most popular websites for sports streaming, featuring more than 250 events. All you have to do is access this site, and you will get direct links to the streams of all your favorite sports and relevant events. Although it is a free site, the quality of content is similar to many paid platforms. It has a user-friendly interface with easy navigation.

ATDHE Homepage

9. SportLemon

The number of mobile users surpasses the number of device users nowadays. Not everyone has a laptop or a PC with them at all times, but they sure keep their mobile phone and love watching live matches on it. SportLemon is a mobile-friendly site featuring several popular sports events. It offers many links to streams for free. All your favorite sports events are just one click away with SportLemon.

SportLemon Homepage

10. BossCast

BossCast is considered a close alternative to BuffStream as it features a wide range of live sports events. Users can easily access their favorite events in real-time. Similar to LiveTV, it also allows users to interact with others, making the streams extra fun to watch.

Registering for an account isn’t necessary, even if you want to access their featured content. Anybody can access it by clicking on the provided links.

BossCast Homepage

11. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is also considered a reliable option for catching the live streams of all popular sports. It is prioritized among football fans for having similar features as BuffStream. It provides easy access to all streams right from the home page.

It allows you to watch your favorite sport without much hassle. One major reason for its popularity is that it is easy to access from anywhere. Its monthly visits exceed 500,000.

The main downside is that users will experience multiple disruptions from the number of ads during the stream. Use an ad-blocker to prevent these annoying ads from dampening your viewing experience.

FirstRow Sports website

12. fuboTV

Almost every sports fan knows about fuboTV. It is available to users all around the globe. This is not a free site, which is why it’s placed at the very bottom of this list. Users have to subscribe to gain access to the streaming links. Fortunately, the website offers a free trial for seven days that you can cancel at any time. It offers above 100 sports channels streaming all popular sports.

Since it is a paid site, it does not feature ads. It is a popular choice among users with monthly visits of above 650,000.

FuboTV home page

How to access BuffStream

BuffStream was launched as a free sports streaming website for sports lovers. Due to its high-quality streaming services, it has become one of the most popular go-to options for users. As mentioned before, the original domain of the website went offline years ago. You cannot access it directly through the original webpage link. However, you will find several proxy links and mirrors to access the site.

Why was BuffStream famous?

The reasons for the popularity of BuffStream are numerous. Aside from being free, users get uninterrupted streams. But the main reason why most people access it is its wide range of sports.

When people look for alternatives, they want a site offering something similar or close. Some of the most-watched sports streamed by the website are listed below:

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Motorsports
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Boxing

BuffStream Features

The unique features of BuffStream make it popular among sports lovers, and people are looking for the same things when looking for alternatives. Some of the most prominent features are the following:

  • Free streaming: The site did not charge any subscription, registration, or streaming fee from users. It’s completely free.
  • Easy navigation: The simple interface allowed users to navigate to their desired streaming links easily.
  • Real-time streaming: Everyone wants to watch sports live, especially when it is an important event. BuffStream offered exactly that.
  • The diverse range of sports: The site is not focused on just a couple of sports. Rather, it features a wide range of sports events on a single platform.
  • Daily database update: The most exciting feature of the website is that it updates its database every day. This ensures that users get access to the latest sports events without any delay.

Factors to Look For

We have considered several factors for preparing the list of the 12 most secure and reliable alternatives to BuffStream with the best user experience. Although no website has the best score in every factor, we have based our list on an overall analysis. Here are some of the factors that came into play when we chose the ones mentioned above.

  • Number of sports
  • User interface
  • Ease of navigation
  • Monthly visitors
  • Ads featuring

Why is a VPN required?

Your online activity is usually never anonymous. Even if you change your user name and other details, your Internet Service Provider can monitor your online activities. The government also has access to your IP address and can identify you online.

Sports streaming sites feature licensed content. When you access such content for free, it is illegal. In such a situation, the responsibility of accessing such content lies solely on the user, and he has to face legal consequences in case the government takes any action.

Keep yourself safe from those prying eyes by using a secure VPN while accessing free sports sites. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs as it delivers a secure connection with maximum protection. You can easily download it and purchase its premium services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top three free alternatives to BuffStream?

The free top three best alternatives to BuffStream include Stream2Watch, VIPRow Sports, and SportSurge.

Is it necessary to use a VPN for free sports streaming sites?

The necessity of using a VPN varies from site to site. However, as a safety measure, it is always better to use a secure VPN for accessing free, illegal websites. Remember that these websites did not secure a license to stream the events. In case they lack a proper license, the users will have to face the consequences according to the law.

Which VPN is best for Sports Streaming websites?

There are many VPNs available online with varying features. One of the best among them is ExpressVPN. Based on our experience, it is the most user-friendly and provides users with a secure connection.

Can we watch free sports streaming without signing up?

Yes, you can access a free live stream without registering or signing up. There are many websites offering this facility, including VIPRow Sports, SportSurge, and CrackStreams.

Are users accountable for accessing sports content for free?

Since free live streaming websites are not legal, the sole responsibility lies with the users for watching unlicensed content for free.

Wrapping up!

The availability of multiple websites offering free sports streaming is indeed a blessing for sports fanatics who do to want to miss any major sports event. They can choose to watch online or download the stream at their convenience.

Whatever site you choose to access, ensure your security first. Equip yourself with the right tools and enjoy seamless access to the latest matches.