Disable Uptobox: 5 Steps to Get Rid of Those Annoying Authorization Codes

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 2 Mar 2022

Uptobox in Kodi

In this guide, we’ll show you how to disable Uptobox in Kodi. Uptobox offers online storage capacity, lets you backup your data to the cloud, and provides you with sophisticated downloading and uploading tools.

Various Kodi addons use Uptobox to offer streaming links. To access these streaming links, users are asked to visit the Uptobox website and enter authorization codes. The Uptobox system generates these codes and you can only get them by creating an Uptobox account.

That’s where things get complicated. Users who don’t have an Uptobox account and have no intention of creating one in the future can’t get these codes. They are thus barred from using addons that rely on this file hosting website.

How to Disable Uptobox in Kodi (From Settings)

Even though we’re using The Oath addon, the following steps apply to almost every Kodi addon. The only difference between Oath and other Kodi addons is the number of Resolvers available for that addon. Resolvers give you a list of all the servers that an addon uses to fetch streaming links.

Follow these steps to disable Uptobox links in Kodi:

Step # 1

Launch Kodi and go to Addons.

Open The Oath Addon and click on the Tools option.

Kodi home screen with Add-ons being highlighted and TheOath selected

Step # 2

Click on the Tools option.

The Oath Manage Dependencies menu

Step # 3

You will come across a list of tools.

Open ResolveURL: Settings.

ResolveURL highlighted in The Oath’s tools menu

Step # 4

A smaller window will open up.

In this window, you’ll see different Resolvers. Inside each Resolver, you could find servers that that particular add-on uses to fetch streaming links.

All the servers will be listed in alphabetical order, making it easier for you to find the particular server you want to enable or disable. Make sure to disable those Resolvers that are fetching their streaming links from Uptobox.

In this case, Resolvers 7 fetches its streaming links from Uptobox.

A toggle right next to Resolvers 7 has been set to Enabled. Toggle it to disable Uptobox.

Enable Resolvers 7 kodi

Step # 5

Click Ok to save your settings

Save Reslover 7 Settings Kodi

Congratulations! You’ve successfully disabled Uptobox in Kodi.

What Is Uptobox?

Uptobox is a cloud-based file hosting website. You can use Uptobox to share data with your friends and family. Uptobox comes in handy when you want to send a file that is too big to share via email, and you do not like to share your personal dropbox or cloud storage with others. If you have an Uptobox account, you don’t have to carry a USB around to share files.

Uptobox is available in three versions:

Free Registered Premium
Download Speed Limited Average Maximum
Maximum File Upload Size 1GB 200GB 200GB
Storage Capacity N/A 1TB Unlimited
Advertisements Yes Yes No
Remote URL Upload No Yes Yes
Encrypted Downloads (SSL) No No Yes
Deletion of Files 1 month after the last download 3 months after the last download Never

Here’s how Uptobox’s different premium plans compare

Uptobox Plans

Keep in mind that Uptobox isn’t currently available for US-based users. If you’re from the US and wish to use Uptobox, you have no choice but to enable your VPN. Only then can you take advantage of all the services this file hosting website has to offer.


Uptobox is an excellent service if you buy its premium subscription. However, if you are tired of seeing its stream authorization messages, it is time you disable Uptobox from your Kodi addons settings using the abovementioned instructions.