How to Stop Kodi Buffering on Firestick in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 15 Mar 2022

Introduction: Buffering on Firestick

Kodi is one of the best media players around. It enables you to play locally stored media, lets you stream online content through its various addons, and is compatible with a wide range of platforms. So, it’s no wonder that it’s the go-to choice of millions of cord-cutters. 

However, as great as Kodi is, it suffers from more than a few problems. The most annoying among which is the buffering issue. Nothing frustrates Kodi, and, by extension, Firestick users as much as the repetitive interruptions while watching their favorite TV show or movie.

Fortunately, there are various ways to stop Kodi buffering on Firestick. Some of them will eliminate the Kodi buffering issues altogether. Others are capable of minimizing the frequency of interruptions. In this article, we’ll look at various actionable solutions to stop Kodi buffering on Amazon Fire TV devices.  

How to Fix Kodi Buffering on Amazon Fire TV Stick

There are two quick-fire methods to stop Kodi buffering on Firestick:

1) Restart your Firestick

Heavy apps running in the background could significantly hurt your Firestick’s performance, forcing Kodi to buffer. A quick restart of your Firestick device will force such apps to shut down, potentially resolving the Kodi buffering issue.

2) Uninstall and reinstall Kodi

Uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi will allow the media player to get rid of all the heavy add-ons weighing down on its performance. The clean-up of such add-ons will enable Kodi to have a fresh start, hopefully keeping the buffering issue at bay for some time. 

3) Restart your internet modem

If slow internet speed is to blame for Kodi buffering, restarting the internet modem might end up fixing the problem. The soft modem reset and subsequent boost in internet speed might end up preventing Kodi from buffering on your Firestick. 

If none of these solutions help fix your Kodi buffering issues, follow the methods given below.

How to Stop Kodi Buffering: 4 Methods

Below are the four methods that will help you fix Kodi buffering issues:

Method #1: Fix Kodi Buffering from Advanced Settings File

Addons that work with one version of Kodi stop working with the newer version. Or, in the best-case scenario, their performance nosedives. Make sure you’re only using those addons that are compatible with the version of Kodi you’re using. 

Sometimes Kodi buffers because of the limited number of backlinks available for an addon. The poor health of these links might cause Kodi buffering. That’s why you need to pick up links from multiple sources for your Kodi addons. 

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Follow these steps to fix Kodi buffering from the Advanced Settings file:

  1. Launch Kodi from Installed apps on Firestick.
  2. Open Settings
    Kodi Settings button is indicated by a large cog button at the top of the left navigation menu on Home Page
  3. Open File Manager
    Kodi File Manager in settings
  4. Select Add Source
    In Kodi File Manager, Add source appears as an option
  5. Click on <None>
    Kodi Click on None
  6. Another window will open. In the URL bar, type this URL: Make sure to type the URL correctly, as any mistakes will prevent you from adding the source.
    Select OK to continue.
    Ezzer Macs URL added to Kodi
  7. Add a name for the source you added in the field ‘Enter a name for this media source.’Select OK to continue.
    Click on OK again to add the media source.
    Kodi add source naming ezzer repo
  1. Go back to the Settings screen and select Add-ons.
    Addon Option
  2. Click on Install from zip file.
    Kodi install from zip file
  3. A small window will pop up, showcasing a list of options. Search for the name you gave the source earlier and click on it.
    In our case, it is ezzer.
    Kodi add-ons select ezzer repo
  1. Click on
    This will install Ezzermacs Wizard Repository.
    Kodi add-ons prompt EzzerMacs repository zip file install pop-up
  1. Wait for the Ezzermacs Wizard Repository add-on installed notification to appear on the top right corner of your screen.
    Kodi add-ons prompt EzzerMacs Wizard repository install pop-up
  1. Click on Install from repository
    Install from Repository Option
  1. Select EzzerMacs Wizard Repository
    Kodi add-ons repository prompt EzzerMacs Wizard repository highlighted
  1. Select Program add-ons
    Kodi add-ons EzzerMacs Wizard repository prompt Program add-ons highlighted
  1. From the list, scroll to SG Wizard 19 and click to open it.
    Choose SG Wizard option
  1. A window will appear; click on Install.
    SG Wizard Install option
  1. Wait for the notification SG Wizard Add-on Installed to appear on the top right corner of your screen.
    SG Wizard Add-on Installed message
  1. If a prompt appears, click on Continue.
    continue highlighted SG wizard prompt
  1. Select Open.
    Open SG Wizard
  1. From the list, select (EzzerMac) Maintenance
    select (EzzerMac) Maintenance
  1. Scroll and find (EzzerMac) System Tweaks/Fixes from the list and click on it.
    find (EzzerMac) System TweaksFixes
  1. Now click on Quick Configure AdvancedSettings.xml
    click on Quick Configure AdvancedSettings.xml
  1. Readjust the Video Cache Size to the maximum available MB.
  2. Select Write File.This method will hopefully prevent Kodi from buffering on your Firestick.If it doesn’t, and the issue persists, apply the 2nd method.

Method #2: Fix Kodi Buffering with Real-Debrid

This method requires you to register, install, and integrate Real-Debrid in your Kodi. 

If you’re using VPN, make sure to turn it off while registering and integrating Real-Debrid. You need to have the same IP address while streaming with Real-Debrid as the one you had while registering for a Real-Debrid account. Any difference in the IP address won’t allow you to implement this method.

Here’s how you can fix Kodi buffering with Real-Debrid:

  • Open this link: using a web browser from your computer or smartphone and click on Sign Up.
  • Add your email and other personal information and click on Sign Up
  • A message will appear stating that your registration was successful.Real-Debrid registration

You’ve now completed the registration. An activation email from real-Debrid will be sent to your email account – make sure you follow the steps given in the email to activate your Real-Debrid account. 

Next thing you need to do is to integrate Real-Debrid within your Kodi. This requires you to use a dependency. We’re using The Oath addon, which uses ResolveURL and URLResolver dependencies to install Real-Debrid on Kodi.  

Follow these steps to integrate Real-Debrid within your Kodi:

  1. Register at the Real-Debrid website if you haven’t already registered.
  2. Open the add-on you want to integrate the Real-Debrid with. As stated above, we’re using The Oath Kodi addon for this tutorial. 

Kodi home screen with Add-ons being highlighted and TheOath selected

  • Click on Tools from the available list. 

The Oath Manage Dependencies menu

  • Click on ResolveURL: Settings from the list.

ResolveURL highlighted in The Oath’s tools menu

  • A window will open; select Universal Resolvers from the menu bar on the left.
  • Select the option that reads (Re)Authorize My Account.
    (Re)Authorize My Account


  • A smaller window will open with an Authorization Code; write it down.
    This code will help you connect The Oath add-on to the Real-Debrid account.

ReseloveURL Authorization Code

  • Open the link given in the authorization code window on your Kodi on a laptop or PC. 
  • The Oath suggested, but if your addon suggests, the step remains the same.
  • Enter the code you noted in step 7. Press Continue afterward.
  • Your Real-Debrid account will be integrated within the Kodi addon when the authorization code has been accepted.Real-Debrid Link Account screen
  • Switch back to The Oath or any video addon of your choice. Select Search.
  • Search for any video content you would like to search. 
  • When the video links are opened, you will also start seeing the Real-Debrid links. These links will have RD in the description.
  • You will still get the free links in the list and Real-Debrid links. 
  • You can now choose from free links or paid Real-Debrid links and start streaming. 

Method #3: Use a VPN to Stop Kodi Buffering

In some cases, the problem isn’t with Kodi or your Firestick. Instead, it’s your ISP who’s to blame for the Kodi buffering issue. The reason we’re saying that is because we have heard countless stories of ISPs throttling the internet speeds of users whose data consumption exceeds a certain limit, making sure that other users keep getting the same bandwidth.

To be entirely sure, run a speed test on your Firestick. If the speed test’s results show that your internet speed is below average, know that your ISP has throttled your internet speed. The only way out of this for you is to use a fast VPN like ExpressVPN. 

When you use ExpressVPN, your online activity is shielded from the eyes of your ISP. This prevents them from keeping tabs on your data consumption. This, in turn, makes sure that regardless of how much data you consume, your internet speed stays the same, keeping the Kodi buffering issue at bay.

How to Setup ExpressVPN

Follow these steps to set up ExpressVPN on your Firestick:

1. Go to the ExpressVPN website.

You will see three steps given on the website:

  • Select the plan you want to buy
  • Enter your login credentials (email and password)
  • Add a payment method

Complete all three steps to set up your ExpressVPN account.
Screenshot of ExpressVPN signup page with subscription plans and payment options

2. Luckily, the ExpressVPN app is available in Amazon App Store and can be downloaded directly on your Firestick devices, saving you from the trouble of sideloading it. 

Go to your Firestick’s home screen. Click on Find then Search
Firestick home page with prominent Find and Search buttons

3. Type ExpressVPN and press enter.

4. Select the ExpressVPN icon from the search results.

Start the download and wait until it’s complete.

Amazon Firestick ExpressVPN Get Option highlighted

5. Once the download is complete, sign in to ExpressVPN by entering your login details (email and password).Sign In option on ExpressVPN

The only thing left for you to do now is connect to a server location. You will see the connecting symbol on the screen. Click on it and let the VPN automatically connect you to a reliable server location.

ExpressVPN home screen with Connect button highlighted

7. ExpressVPN screen’s top part will turn green, indicating that you’ve successfully connected to ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN menu with the on/off button highlighted

Method #4: Clearing Kodi's Cache

The cache is a short-term memory for an app. It stores the frequently used information and helps you navigate faster when using the app. Clearing Kodi’s cache will free up this temporary memory and boost the media player’s speed. Hopefully, it will also fix the Kodi buffering issue

The cache can be cleared in two ways. The first method requires you to clear cache from the Firestick settings. The second method needs you to use SG Wizard. We’re going to explain both these methods. 

Clearing Kodi's cache from Firestick Settings

  • Open Firestick Settings.

Firestick’s home screen, Setting highlighted

  • Click on Applications.
    Firestick gallery, Application menu highlighted
  • Click on Manage Installed Applications
    Manage Installed Application window
  • Scroll down to find Kodi.
    Manage Installed Application window KODI highlighted
  • Open Kodi and scroll down.
  • Click on Clear Cache.
    Kodi screen, clear cache highlighted

Once you’ve clicked on Clear cache, it will clear the cache, and you will see the size become 0 MB. This is how you clear the cache of Kodi via Firestick Settings. 

Now let us show you how to clear Kodi’s cache using SG Wizard Addon.

Clearing Kodi's Cache using SG Wizard Addon

To clear cache for Kodi, you will require a tool called SG Wizard. If SG Wizard isn’t already installed, you can easily install it in 4-5 minutes, and it certainly is a handy tool to have. You can install it by following steps 1 to 19 mentioned in method #1 at the article’s start.

Once you’ve installed SG Wizard, follow the following steps to clear the Kodi’s Cache.

  • Launch SG Wizard. You can find SG Wizard in Program Add-ons under the Add-ons category on Kodi’s home screen. 
  • Click on the (SG Wizard) Maintenance.
    select (EzzerMac) Maintenance
  • Select on the (SG Wizard) Cleaning Tools.
    Select on the (SG Wizard) Cleaning Tools.
  • Click on Clear Cache

 (Here, you will be able to see the size of the cache as well)
Click on Clear Cache

  • When the cache has been cleared, a notification confirming the same will appear on the top right corner of your screen.
    Cache Cleared Notification SG wizard

Clearing Kodi’s cache will allow the media player to run faster and smoother than ever before. When you use Kodi for a long time, the cache’s size will continue to grow, slowing down the media player. That’s why it’s recommended to clear Kodi’s cache once every few weeks. 

More Tips to fix Kodi's Buffering Issue

If the aforementioned solutions failed to fix your Kodi buffering issue, there’s an excellent chance your internet speed is poor. You can check your internet speed by connecting your Smartphone or PC to the same internet and running a speed check. 

If you love to stream HD movies, TV shows, and other video content, it is highly recommended that you use high-speed internet (a minimum of 10 Mbps). Higher-speed internet will give you a smoother streaming experience and will stop Kodi buffering issues.

If you can’t upgrade your internet to a higher speed, there are a few other things you can do, such as:

  • Put your Firestick closer to the internet router.
  • Upgrade your internet modem to a higher power device.
  • If there are any items around your internet modem/router or your Firestick device that could be blocking the Wi-Fi signals, remove them.
  • Use a VPN to keep your ISP from throttling your internet’s speed.
  • Make sure the number of devices connected to the internet is less than 5.


Kodi buffering issues can spoil your streaming experience. If you’ve to wait every time you want to watch something, it will ruin the cord-cutting experience for you. That’s why we have mentioned various methods to fix the Kodi buffering issue on Firestick.

We highly recommend you start using a VPN with your devices, as it keeps your ISP from throttling your internet speed. At the same time, a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN will prevent your government and ISP from keeping track of your online activity.