Best FlixTor Alternatives in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 2 Mar 2022

Foreword: FlixTor

If you love streaming movies and TV shows, you probably know about FlixTor. In 2018, FlixTor was among the most famous movie streaming websites. The site had a huge user base until it went offline. Everyone was left helpless and looking for alternatives.

Many websites came online using FlixTor’s name. However, these sites were not legitimate, and the original developers warned everyone to avoid using them. The reason being that these fake websites could spread viruses, malware, or other security hazards. 

After a long time, FlixTor has come back to its glory. You can now access the website with safe and official domains, and, luckily, nothing has changed. The site still has a vast database of amazing content. 

It is a joy for FlixTor users worldwide, but there’s no surety that the website won’t go offline again. That’s why in this guide, we will list the best sites like FlixTor.

Just in case your favorite website goes down again, you’ll still be able to access and stream your favorite online content from these alternatives.

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FlixTor Domains

Before we get into the list of alternatives, we will provide a list of FlixTor domains and URLs. 


Best FlixTor Alternatives That Work

After testing their safety, reliability, and quality, we’ve included these websites on our list. Most of these sites don’t require you to sign up, and you won’t have to deal with dozens of ads. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started.


FMovies logo

FMovies is one of the most popular streaming sites, and it might possibly be the best substitute for FlixTor. This website is for you if you want the latest movies, TV shows, and anime since it has a good reputation for having the latest content in excellent quality. You can find the latest updates of your favourite TV shows in HD as soon as it’s released. 

The site has a feature that enables you to control the video player from your keyboard, which is incredible. 

For example, you can press the J key to go back 60 seconds. This is great if you have missed something or want to rewatch a scene. 

The website is also user-friendly. It has a simple interface, and you can search for the content by filtering the search results according to the IMDb rating, country and genre. 

It does have ads, but you can use an AdBlocker to deal with the annoying ads. 

Best Fmovies alternatives


123Movies Homepage

123Movies is another giant in the world of streaming websites. It has arguably the most significant movie collection in its database. 

The website enables the users to discover TV shows and movies quickly and in no time, and the database is frequently updated.

The site features a simple, user-friendly interface that recommends recent and trending movies quickly and easily. It also lets you filter the search by genres, year of release and origin of country. You will also be able to see the video quality before watching the stream.

Yify TV


Yify TV is more of a torrent site than a streaming site, but it has a great collection of movies that you’ll be able to download and stream online for free, and it does not require any sign-up or registration. 

Yes, you heard it right! You can download movie torrents from this website for free. 

It’s designed especially for movies, making it the best place to search for online movies. You’ll be able to quickly find the movies you’re looking for as it has an advanced search bar that lets you categorise movies into the year of release, country, genre and more. 

The Yify homepage offers a list of popular movies that are worth exploring. You can find collections of movies ranging from the 1900s to the present year, and the details of the movies are provided alongside the torrent. 

There are pop-ups and ads, but they are not much of a worry if you activate your AdBlocker. Also, the site is exceptionally safe for downloading movies as it doesn’t have viruses or malware.

Movies Joy

MoviesJoy Popular TV Shows page

Movies Joy is a website to look out for. Compared to the other websites on this list, it is relatively new and offers a massive collection of entertaining content without any registration. 

The best part about Movies Joy is that there are no pop-ups and ads. By using this website, you can have a seamless movie experience with no interruptions.

It also comes with constant updates. You will find regular updates of your favourite TV series, and new movies are added to the website as soon as it’s released. It does its job in giving the users unlimited entertainment. 

All the TV shows and movies have a detailed description, and it includes the genre, video quality, duration, IMDb rating, and more.  

There’s also an option to download the content as well.


Movies option on SolarMovie

SolarMovie is another site for streaming content online with millions of users worldwide. The website does not need any registration to access the content. 

It offers a broad range of categories for you to choose from, such as crime, action, mystery, adventure, family, thriller, and many more. It has a simple User Interface (UI) and is user-friendly. Simply click on a movie or TV show to begin streaming. 

Some ads might disturb your browsing or streaming on the website. However, you can enable your AdBlock extension to eliminate the annoying ads and pop-ups.


Vumoo’s webpage for the TV Series category

This website is excellent for people who already know what they want to watch. If you already have something in mind, then Vumoo’s database will be helpful to you. 

It is a free streaming site for online content. There are absolutely no pop-ups, and you don’t need any registration to watch from this website. 

However, there are only a few ads, but you can simply use an AdBlocker to get rid of them. 

The site does not have a filter to categorize searches into the country, genre, IMDb rating, or year of release. You’ll have to click on the thumbnail to see the details about the movie or TV show. 

There’s a high chance that you will get a good quality stream, but it does not show the video quality. You cannot see whether it’s in 4K, HD, Rip, or Cam quality. 

However, the best thing about Vumoo is that the database gets updated regularly with the latest content.

Watch Series

a screenshot of WatchSeries Popular TV Shows webpage

Watch Series has a massive catalog of incredible content and is a vast and compelling FlixTor alternative. It’s responsive and quick, and the website also works as an index since you have to stream from third-party websites. 

The site has an elegant and straightforward user interface and is well organized, making it easy to find titles. 

Even though the site has an extensive catalog, there’s a downside to it as it contains too many pop-ups and ads. You’ll be required to shut down some ads manually, but the ads won’t pop up while you’re streaming to give you a good watch experience. You can quickly get rid of the ads with the help of an AdBlocker. 

Sometimes you will have to go through 3-4 links until you can find the right quality of the movie and show that you want to stream.


GoStream homepage

GoStream is a website that we cannot leave out in our review. It is as great as FlixTor and brings you the latest and newly released content for free in the palms of your hands. 

The website allows you to see the movie’s preview, and you can also check out its IMDb rating. 

It might be somewhat challenging to sort movies according to their year, but you can simply start streaming by clicking on it if you see something while browsing. 

The servers are speedy, and the movies rarely buffer. It has low ad annoyance, and just like any other site on this list, it doesn’t require any registration.



You will know that MovieWatch is a good website just by visiting it once. It has a smooth interface and layout, is easy to navigate, and is user-friendly. 

MovieWatcher allows the users to browse new movies from the homepage. You can also easily search for movies and series based on the most popular and best-rated categories. Plus, you can access a comprehensive content list by using the categories feature. 

The site features previews, and you can see the genre, cast, release date, country of the production and directors of the movie. However, the downside is that you will need to register to stream movies.


YesMovies Dashboard Genre options

YesMovieshas a massive content library and offers categories for you to choose from, including movies, genres, TV series, country, Top IMDb and Home. 

You can find various genres of movies and shows from this website, including action, drama, sci-fi, thriller, anime, sitcom, comedy, romance, adventure, mystery, and many more. 

The portal is free to use and does not require any sign-up.


Tubi is a premium quality alternative to FlixTor. It is a well-known streaming website and contains a vast catalogue of free content for your unlimited enjoyment. 

It has a buffer-free playback, an appealing interface, a vast library, and is straightforward. What else could you ask for? 

Tubi does contain annoying ads, but these can be removed with an AdBlock extension. That will ensure you a seamless and smooth watch experience. 

How to Install Tubi TV


LookMovie’s TV Shows page

LookMovie is the new kid on the block and is quite similar to Flixtor. Regardless, it has made a name for itself in the streaming world as it offers the best catalog and does not require any sign-up. 

The website is ad-free; however, you might get a few redirections sometimes. It is a site where you can enjoy your movies with no distractions. This site, in particular, is fast, has almost no buffering and has high-quality video playback. 

It also displays the description of every movie and TV. You can also see the IMDb ratings.



If you’re looking for a streaming site with a slick and friendly interface, then SubsMovies is for you. The contents are sorted according to the quality of the movie or series.

The simplicity of the interface is delightful and looks like a simple video index. All the content you browse comes from the site, and it doesn’t use any third-party sites. This enables you to avoid the risk of any virus or malware. 

SubsMovies is dedicated to making subtitled content. It is unique to the site, and you can easily watch international movies and shows on this website.


Putlocker’s web page for the All TV Series category

Putlocker is considered a legend when it comes to free streaming sites. Some people worldwide prefer to use this website as their primary source of entertainment. It has been around for ages and still is among the top streaming websites

The menu bar enables you to navigate among genres and countries. It also features a blog that keeps you updated with the film industry. 

Putlocker’s security has been questioned in the past, so we advise you to be careful while browsing the website.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time Menu Highlighted

Just like FlixTor, Popcorn Time’s original version went offline years ago, but recently a few developers recreated the website using the original source code. 

Although now you’re required to download Popcorn Time’s software in order to stream. This might seem like a downside to the website, but it is free of charge. 

The website’s service is also not available to everyone because of its geo-restrictions. However, you can bypass this issue by using a VPN. 

Even after all the drawbacks, Popcorn Time is still visited by millions, and it provides you with a whole variety of movies, TV series, and other streaming content.

Project Free TV


Project Free TV is not much of a streaming site, but it is a TV show index. You just have to search for the TV show you want, find it, and click on any available link. The link will take you to a third-party page where you can stream the TV show. 

The website is smooth, but it is not intuitive, as you might have to go through a few links before you find one that works. 

It does not have any ads on the main website, but the third-party pages contain annoying ads. Make sure to never download from these third-party websites. 

Despite its disadvantages, it consists of a vast catalogue. So, it is almost guaranteed that you will find the content you’re looking for.

Streaming FlixTor and Alternatives on Firestick

You can easily stream movies from the Silk Browser, which can be easily installed on Firestick. 

Follow the steps below to stream movies:

Step 1: Head to the main menu, and in the search bar, type Silk Browser. Select ‘Silk Browser’ from the suggested result.Amazon Firestick Find menu with Search highlighted

Firestick Search menu showing Silk Browser in the search results

Step 2: Click on Silk Browser in the ‘Apps & Games’ category.The Silk Browser app - indicated by the word ‘internet’ and Amazon’s curved arrow below the word - to be selected from the search tile menu under the Apps & Games categoryStep 3: Click on ‘Download’ or ‘Get.’ The Download icon for Amazon Silk Web Browser highlighted

Step 4: After the download is completed, choose ‘Open’ to launch Amazon Silk. 

Step 5: You will see the browser’s home page. Type in the URL or search for Flixtor or the alternatives. 

The website will open on your Silk Browser, and you can enjoy watching any movies or TV shows that you like.

Streaming Movies on PC and Mobile Devices

This is an easy process that doesn’t require any explanation. Open any browser on your device. In the search bar, type in the URL of the website or search for its name.

Using FlixTor Alternatives Securely and Privately

It’s always advised to use streaming websites while using a VPN. Most of these sites are free, so the available content might be copyrighted. 

You’re not allowed to watch these contents for free, which might lead you to legal problems. 

Everything you stream on the internet is visible to your government and ISP. When you use a VPN, you can hide your streaming activity, and your entire internet traffic is hidden as well. 

Not only does a VPN hide your online activities, but it also helps you to bypass geo-restrictions and online surveillance. It hides your IP address and shows a fake one. 

A VPN also helps you to avoid hackers who are always on the lookout to infiltrate your private information.


Even though the original FlixTor website is down, you’ll be able to access a few domains. These domains might or might not work for you, and that’s why we have provided you with an immersive list of the best FlixTor alternatives available online. 

All of these FlixTor alternatives offer a massive variety of content, so you can simply visit some of these websites and choose the best site for yourself.