How to Watch YouTube Without Ads in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 25 Apr 2022

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‘Video will play after the ad’ – If you have had enough of those long or unskippable ads on YouTube, you will love this article. We will guide you through several ways of watching YouTube without ads on various devices, including Amazon Firestick, Android TV Box, and other Android devices.

Several alternative services give you the possibility to watch Youtube without ads, NewPipe, SmartTubeNext, YouTube Vanced being only a few of them.

Advertisements themself are never a pleasant sight for anyone who wants to stream videos in their limited free time. This gets worse during important events, like sports championships, political events, or international holidays.

A reliable and long-term solution to consume YouTube content is to install some apps. Apart from these, there are also many alternatives to YouTube available where one can stream.

This article will explain the safest and most accessible ways to watch YouTube on Amazon Firestick 4K without ads.

Most of the apps that help you get rid of intrusive ads are third-party apps not available in Google Play or Amazon App Store. But no worries! We will explain the process of sideloading them. Moreover, our step-by-step guide and tips are suitable for Firestick and other devices based on Android OS such as tablets, phones, TV boxes, Chromecast, and NVIDIA Shield.

Helpful hint: YouTube content available is dependent on your current location. For example, to watch content from the US, a VPN is needed. A VPN allows you to change your IP Address to a preferred location. For example, setting it to a US IP address will allow your computer to appear as if it is located in the US, allowing you to access content available to US users independent of your physical location.

Note:  The apps we recommend in this guide have been scanned and found to be virus-free. But using a VPN is still recommended to avoid any problems later.

Watching YouTube Without Ads

We gathered and described the best methods to watch YouTube without ads. They have been tested on Amazon Firestick 4K TV, but they should work with similar performance on any other Android device, including Fire TV.


SmartTubeNextThe best option to watch YouTube without ads is by using SmartTubeNext. It is the successor of Smart YouTube TV, which used to be popular in the past. However, the student has become the master, as SmartTubeNext shows better performances than the app it is based on. 

The best feature of this app is its familiar interface, designed, for commodity, to be similar to YouTube. It has the same categories as YouTube – Home, News, Subscriptions, Channels, News, etc. It also allows you to create playlists and adjust settings.

You can use this application if you have an Amazon Firestick 4K TV, Fire TV,  or any other Android-based device, including phones and tablets.

YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APKYouTube Vanced is another popular app that provides similar functionalities. Moreover, this app is designed with touchscreen Android devices like phones and tablets in mind. Therefore, it is suitable for touchscreen devices and Fire Stick 4K TV or other Android TV boxes.


NewPipeOne of the more recent apps in this category is NewPipe, and its name uses a clever play of words between tube and pipe. This app is still very new and hence not as stable as SmartTubeNext, but still, it is a versatile app that provides a great way to enjoy YouTube content without obtrusive advertisement.

Like all other apps, it is also compatible with a wide array of Android devices, including Amazon Firestick 4K TV, Fire TV, phones, tablets, and Android TV Boxes.

YouTube Alternatives

If you prefer to find content elsewhere, it is possible to avoid YouTube altogether and watch content created by people on other apps and services. In addition, these options also allow you to view a greater variety of content rather than just limiting yourself to YouTube. These are available to anyone with a device that can connect to the Internet and has a web browser or capability of installing apps.

These alternatives are DailyMotion, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, DTube, Rumble, etc.

These can be accessed using a PC, Tablet, Smart TVs, and smartphones.

Before You Start Streaming, Read This!

Amazon Firestick is undoubtedly one of the most popular streaming devices nowadays. The affordability of the device already makes it the best choice in the market for many users, and the ease of jailbreaking the device is just a cherry on top. 

Even though Amazon Firestick is an incredible streaming gadget, it is not extremely defensive. Without much of a stretch, you can download different applications and sideload third-party applications that can end up being destructive to you. 

Some streaming apps like Kodi stream copyrighted content, a punishable crime in several countries. 

Now and again, your internet activity is tracked by your government and ISPs. They can log all your online movement, and it very well may be sold or hacked by individuals and can be utilized for illicit purposes.  

It is of most extreme significance that we go all out on safeguarding ourselves on the web, as we do in daily life. Since we spend more and more of our time on the web, we live online more than we do in the actual world. 

At, we installed and tried all suitable VPN benefits and have concluded that ExpressVPN is the most reliable and dependable VPN provider. It is a subscription-based VPN service, a little cost to pay for limitless benefits. 

Please follow our easy-to-follow and tailored guide to installing ExpressVPN on your Amazon Firestick device.

How to Setup ExpressVPN

Setting up ExpressVPN is very simple. Let me take you through all these steps one by one. 

  1. To start using ExpressVPN, you will need to buy a subscription using the web browser of your PC or smartphone. All the steps for making an account can be easily found on the ExpressVPN website. You will, however, require an online payment method to buy the subscription to ExpressVPN.ExpressVPN Subscription Screen
  2. The next step is to set up the ExpressVPN app on your Firestick device. Fortunately, the app of ExpressVPN is available in Amazon App Store. Go to the Amazon Firestick Home screen and select Find and Search to download and install the app.Amazon Firestick Find menu with Search highlighted
  3. Search for ExpressVPN by typing ExpressVPN in the search bar; you can also use the Alexa Voice search for this step. 
  4. vpncheck-spectrum-searching-expressvpn-on-amazon-firestickClick on the ExpressVPN icon to redirect you to the download screen. Click on Download.
    Note: If you are downloading it for the first time, you will see the option of Get instead of download. Click on Get.
  1. ExpressVPN installation option on FirestickWhen the app has finished installing, launch it and then Sign in using your credentials: enter your Email ID and Passwords.Sign In option on ExpressVPN
  2. After logging in, you can select the server of your choice, then click on the Power Icon button to turn it on.ExpressVPN home screen with Connect button highlighted
  3. When the screen’s top part turns green, you’ve successfully connected to ExpressVPN, roam the internet freely, and let the streaming begin.ExpressVPN menu with the on/off button highlighted

ExpressVPN can be used on multiple devices. I recommend you start using it daily to keep your online activity safe. 

If you want to watch YouTube without ads, give these alternatives a try. I hope this helps you in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Watch YouTube Without Ads?

Yes. If you want to watch YouTube without Ads, you should try these apps and alternatives. These apps are YouTube Vanced, SmartTubeNext, NewPipe.

Is Watching YouTube Without Ads Legal?

Yes. To watch YouTube without Ads is legal, and you won’t be facing any legal consequences if you try to watch YouTube without ads. But if you try to stream some content provided by one of the above-mentioned third-party apps, it can be illegal. I highly suggest you stream such content on public domains or use a VPN while streaming them.

Is Watching YouTube Without Ads Safe?

Yes. If you are using any application for watching YouTube without ads, it is safe. These apps do not contain any malware or viruses. But it is highly recommended that you use a VPN on your device, as these apps can often be attacked by malicious viruses that can corrupt your streaming devices.

What Devices can you Watch Ad-Free YouTube?

You can watch YouTube without ads on different Android streaming devices. Amazon Firestick is one of the most popular streaming devices, and you can install these apps on these streaming devices.