Best Afdah Alternatives in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 27 Feb 2022

Afdah was a free streaming website for watching thousands of movies, live channels, TV shows, and so much more. It was shut down due to legal issues. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to Afdah where you can stream content for free.

The Afdah alternatives we’re looking at today deliver a variety of content. Some are known for their large collection of movies and shows, while other sites have fewer ads.

These sites often get blocked. But as of writing, the ones we listed are working fine.

You can watch from these sites using different devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. If you are using a streaming device like Amazon Firestick, they will work on that too.

How We Found the Best Afdah Alternatives

The following are some of the main factors we used for choosing which platform goes into this top alternatives list.

  • Ad-free streaming: Some users get frustrated by the pop-up ads whenever they click the streaming video to pause or play. The lesser the ads, the better the viewing experience is. Ratings will be made on a scale of 0 to 10. A rating of 10 means that you’ll be bombarded with ads.
  • Account registration: While all these sites are free, some require you to register for an account. There is no need to input your payment details, but you still need a free account for some of these sites.
  • Database: The amount and type of content available on each site are not the same. Some are famous for their top-rated movies, while others concentrate on offering TV shows. 
  • Interface: The arrangement of content and the user-friendliness of the streaming website. Users mostly prefer sites that are easy to navigate.

The Best Afdah Alternatives


The VUDU app movie genere screen on FirestickIt is a great website for free users and especially great for customers who are willing to pay for a subscription. There are numerous movies and shows to enjoy. The home page displays the latest movie clips in high definition, letting you see what’s new.

There are three basic options for you: Movies, TV, and Free. Movies and TV sections are for paid members, while the Free section contains the following:

Since it’s available as an app, you can download it for your Firestick.

There is also an APK version for it, but it contains some navigation issues.


  • Interface: Detailed interface. Requires a bit of familiarization.
  • Advertisements: 5 
  • Registration: Required.
  • Database: It contains over 150,000 movies. They have a huge collection of films, including action, animation, comedy, and other genres that can be selected from the filter list. You can search for the movie as well.
  • VPN: Only accessible through split tunneling.
  • Monthly visits: 520,000

How to Install VUDU on Firestick


Soap2Day page for the TV Series categorySoap2Day used to be one of the greatest movie streaming websites until it was shut down. Since then, there have been many mirror websites that users can access.

It has a simple and user-friendly UI and features a blue theme. The search options are easy to use as well. All you have to do is type your favorite movie or TV series in the search bar, and it will display the results.

Recommendations and popular movies and TV shows are also listed on the right side of the home page. Another exciting feature is the Sports category. You can watch football matches and more!


  • Interface: Simple and user-friendly. Allows users to search for what they want to watch.
  • Advertisements: 6
  • Registration: No
  • Database: Like Vudu, it also has a large database for movies, series, and sports matches. You can enjoy movies, old and new.
  • VPN: Accessible through ExpressVPN.
  • Monthly Visits: 2.1 million

Best Soap2Day Alternatives


SolarMoviesSolarMovie returns the most relevant search results. It is one of the most popular Afdah alternatives.

You can watch tons of movies and TV series in HD. The best thing about this site is that you can watch shows from a wide variety of genres.

SolarMovie displays its content by genre, allowing you to look for shows that you’re only interested in.

Although its database is smaller than the previously mentioned sites, it can bring you unique movies and shows, which are not available on many popular websites.

Furthermore, you can directly click on the TopIMDB tab to view the best-rated movies on IMDB. 

Another cool feature is that SolarMovie lets you select movies from a specific country. So if you’re just looking for a random movie from a specific country, just change the setting in the country tab. Afterward, the site will filter the results according to your choice.

Lastly, SolarMovie has a simple, black-themed interface. 


  • Interface: Straightforward UI, easy to navigate, and features categories for different genres of movies.
  • Advertisements: 6
  • Registration: No.
  • Database: The database can be categorized by country of origin.
  • VPN: Works well with ExpressVPN.
  • Monthly Visits: 1.5 Million.


PrimeWire’s home page showing their login interface on the right, next to the TV Shows menu tilesPrimewire is a great alternative because of its low number of ads.

The original website was shut down. You can access its mirrors, which include,, and

You can use Primewire on the Firestick and others including, smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

In the past, Primewire was also known as “LetMeWatchThis” and “1Channel” but finally changed to Primewire.

Below is another mirror of the original site. A typical search result looks like this. Movies and series related to the search term will appear on the results page.

Another great feature we noticed is that hovering the mouse over any movie or series gets a prompt to appear. It displays the details of the movie.

The site also allows you to display by genre and country. When you filter by country, you’ll notice that it has more options than SolarMovies.

Lastly, it has tons of kid’s movies displayed on the home page. It’s an excellent choice for families with children.


  • Interface: One of the simplest yet very useful ones. Movies, series, and Top IMDB categories are neatly placed at the top of the home page.
  • Advertisements: 6
  • Registration: No.
  • Database: It’s easy to find the popular ones on this website. But if you go niche, you’ll probably have a hard time.
  • VPN: Yes. Works with ExpressVPN.
  • Monthly visits: 407,000

Pluto TV

Pluto TV page showing available selections for Action TV showsPluto TV is one of the best streaming sites for viewing live channel streams. It is owned by ViacomCBS. Some of its major channels include MTV, Nickelodeon, and CNN. There are also 200+ channels for you to enjoy.

You can also enjoy movies and TV shows, all on a single platform. There is no registration required. However, there is an option for registration in case you want your favorites and likes to be saved on an account for easy access. The signup process is also one of the easiest because it doesn’t require your email address and other personal details.

Compatibility-wise, it can be accessed on phones, PC, and tablets. Streaming devices can have access as well. Some notable ones are as follows:

  • Amazon Firestick
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV

The website theme is set to a classic black theme with interesting streaming options listed on the left side of the page. You will also find different categories, including Top TV Series, New Movies This Month, and Recently Added Series.

In a nutshell, this place is best for those looking for TV shows and channels. Features such as “New Movies This Month” will help you quickly watch the movies without the need to Google for what’s new.


  • Interface: Has an eye-catching UI. Its interface is mainly designed around TV series, sports, and live channels.
  • Advertisements: 5
  • Registration: No.
  • Database: It has more than 100 channels and 1000+ movies. Although the movies are a bit low in number, the sheer number of TV channels makes up for Pluto TV’s shortcomings.
  • VPN: Works only with split tunneling.
  • Monthly visits: 1.3 million.

How to Get Pluto TV on Firestick

Peacock TV

Peacock TV page for the Current TV categoryPeacock TV is owned by the media giant NBC Network. It is a very famous alternative to Afdah. The platform offers a large collection of NBC shows, series, and movies.

Peacock TV further expands globally and is now available in the UK and Ireland. One thing to note here is that it also has paid memberships. Therefore, some features, such as live sports streaming, are only available to paid members. 

Some series may be limited to premium users, but this does not take out the fun from the free content at Peacock TV. You can still enjoy tons of shows and series in HD.

You can also enjoy your favorite news channels along with many sports channels, so it’s a fun package for every member of the family. Peacock TV also features short video clips that are perfect for people on the go. Some of the notable series include 30 Rock and Modern Family.

Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy the 2020 summer Olympics, which is available in the free version. 


  • Interface: Very appealing. The banner pictures are displayed in large thumbnails, making the selection process easier. Moreover, it features unique categories, including Peacock Picks and Peacock Originals. Children can also enjoy a variety of shows from its Kids category.
  • Advertisements: 5. Peacock TV promises 5-minute max of ads per hour of content.
  • Registration: Yes.
  • Database: There are more than 13,000 hours of content to watch free on Peacock.
  • VPN: Only works with split tunneling.
  • Monthly visits: 650,000.

How to Install Peacock TV on Firestick


CineB home pageCineb is a relatively new streaming website but still a satisfying alternative to Afdah. 

On the top row, you can see the featured movies list. Just below are the trending movies. The home page also has an option that allows you to switch to trending TV shows. 

You might have noticed that the same movie can appear in their featured and trending list. That’s because Cineb can pull up those movies as long as they’re popular and available in HD.

The right column of the home page consists of top-rated IMDB movies.

Additionally, the hamburger menu at the top left contains the tabs such as Top IMDB, Movies, TV shows, and more for quick access to different categories.


  • Interface: Easy to browse and navigate. It has all the basic features that a streaming website should have.
  • Advertisements: 6
  • Registration: No.
  • Database: In the movies section, we noticed that there are 1,070 pages for movies, and each page generally has 16 entries. We also noticed that some movie icons are labeled “N/A.”
  • VPN: Compatible with ExpressVPN.
  • Monthly visits: 15,000.


Vumoo HomepageIt’s a great Afdah alternative if you get too annoyed by the ads on free streaming sites. Vumoo significantly limits the ads for a better experience as compared to its competitors.

It is great for watching movies (including the ones top-rated on IMDB) and series. There is a lot of exciting content for you to consume.

It has a user-friendly UI that resembles Netflix. The web player and link quality are great too.


  • Interface: Contains all the essential features.
  • Advertisements: 4: They have done a remarkable job in reducing the ads.
  • Database: It’s almost good enough as a one-stop shop for movies and series.
  • VPN: Yes. Works well with ExpressVPN.
  • Monthly visits: 145,000


PopcornFlix page for the TV series categoryPopcornflix is yet another excellent alternative to Afdah if you’re up for a movie binge. From horror to comedy movies, you’ll find content from different genres here.

This site is also known for displaying fewer ads. One thing that we noticed, however, is that Popcornflix is mainly centered around movies, so you have to look at other platforms for other kinds of entertainment.


  • Interface: Interactive appearance. It features movies assorted per year.
  • Advertisements: 4
  • Registration: No.
  • Database: Great for movies only. Even rare movies can be found here.
  • VPN: Yes. Works well with ExpressVPN.
  • Monthly visits: 113,000


Tubi is a fast-growing website for streaming movies and TV series. It has a frequently expanding library along with awesome features such as parental control and watch lists.

One limitation to this one is that the resolution of the videos is set to 720P. That’s why it’s at the bottom of our top list.


  • Interface: The home page consists of marketing banners along with a list of supported devices. There is a unique “Start Watching” tab that takes you to the Movies page. There are more genres listed on this website which makes it a unique choice.
  • Advertisements: 5
  • Registration: Yes
  • Database: Tubi boasts a content of 20,000 movies and TV shows.
  • VPN: Works only with split tunneling
  • Monthly visits: 488,000


What is Afdah?

It was a website famous for offering movies and TV shows for free. Due to legal struggles, the site went down.

Are Afdah alternatives legal?

The answer ultimately boils down to where you’re watching from and which streaming services you plan on using. Usually, the works in the public domain are free to use and distribute. But some countries restrict access to some sites and content.

Do you need a VPN for such websites?

The use of a reliable VPN is highly recommended when streaming on these platforms. Free streaming sites usually come with malware, which has the ability to steal your personal info.

What happens if I get caught using Afdah alternative websites?

Watching copyrighted material may be considered a crime, depending on your location.

Which sites allow me to watch movies without registration?

Some free movie streaming sites that don’t require you to sign up for an account. These include Vudu, SolarMovies, Tubi, and other sites in our list above.