17 Best Live TV Streaming Sites in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
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Updated on 2 Nov 2022


Do you want to watch live TV for free – or without having to dip into your savings to afford the fees – but can’t find a reliable website? Here we present a list of the Best Live TV Streaming Sites for enabling you to enjoy flawless live streaming.

Our list of best live TV streaming sites include some of the best free and premium sites accessible with a click. 

The legal complications involved in watching the live stream from free sites make it crucial for users to choose the right website (and VPN).

Instead of trying to explore everything on your own, it is better to have some knowledge beforehand.


  • How do we rank these websites?
  • Best sites for live streaming 
  • Why choose live Streaming Sites carefully?

How do we rank websites?

A website having an attractive name and interface does not always guarantee promising performance. 

For seamless live streaming, you must focus on some specific aspects of the website to analyze its effectiveness. 

We have well-defined criteria that we strictly follow to rank different websites. These criteria cover all critical areas of information that you need to consider while selecting a site. Our criteria include the following factors:

  • Popularity among users
  • User interface
  • Frequency of Ads 
  • Monthly traffic
  • Categories
  • VPN Friendly

Best Sites for Live TV Streaming

A downside associated with some websites for live streaming is that they keep getting disabled, go offline, or get shut down time and again.

You cannot rely on a site for good since it might stop working at some time. You have to repeat the whole drill of finding the trustworthy site again to continue live streaming in such a situation. 

To save you from going through the whole process every time, we have prepared a list of the most reliable and top-rated websites that you can turn to for live streaming.


USTVGOUSTVGO ranks as one of the most trusted and popular sites among users. The reason for its popularity is the clean and smooth operations of the site with a lesser ads frequency. 

It allows users to choose from a wide range of live tv channels including, Cartoon Network, Fox Sports, ABC, ESPN, Disney, Discovery, CNN, NBC, HBO, Fox, Cinemax, History, and the list goes on. Users can choose from around 80 channels.

The page’s loading and other execution activities run quickly and smoothly, making it the user’s first choice. It has a high rate of monthly traffic that speaks volumes for its popularity among users. It provides free streaming options for people in the USA. 

Using a VPN is necessary for users located outside of the USA. You can access the website by changing your geographical location using a VPN and enjoy free live streaming.

The website can be accessed through alternative URLs: ustvnow.com and ustv247.tv if the parent link is not working.

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123TV Now

123TV Now123TV Now is another popular site that offers exciting features to users, making it an attractive option.

It provides one of the best free live streaming services without even asking users to register. They can easily access the website and enjoy uninterrupted live streaming. 

Another feature that places it at the top of the list is that it features no annoying ads or pop-ups to distort your live streaming. 

The page runs quickly and provides a great user experience as it features videos in the same manner as YouTube. All you have to do is click the video player after selecting your desired channel. It loads quickly and starts live streaming. 

You can access a wide range of channels, including sports, news, entertainment, information, movie, series, and kids, through a click.

The users residing outside the USA can use a VPN to access this site. It works best with ExpressVPN.


UstreamUstream is a popular site offering live streaming of more than 200 channels from various categories. It includes news, entertainment, sports, movies, etc. 

The live streaming quality is also fair, with a wide range of options to choose from. The downside of this website is the high frequency of annoying Ads and pop-ups that disturb you throughout your live stream. 

The website provides access to popular channels including ESPN, Disney Jr, NBA TV, MU TV, BT Sports, NFL Network, TSN, and a lot more. 

You can have non-stop entertainment only if you can bear with frequent Ads. A smart way to get rid of ads is using an Ad-blocker. However, it might affect the streaming quality in some cases. 

Also, it supports the use of a VPN and works well with any strong VPN to provide smooth access. Overall, it is a viable option that offers a lot of variety.


Stream2Watch home pageStream2Watch is popular among users for its good quality and variety in content related to sports. 

It facilitates the streaming of many sports programs featuring Football, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, Golf, Tennis, etc. It provides an easy switching method of accessing the sports channels through a click.

Although it is well-known for sports live streaming, it also provides streaming in other categories such as movies, entertainment, and news. It allows users to access different channels from the USA, Canada, UK, and Italy. 

It also provides multiple links for each stream to facilitate easy access to users. However, the ad frequency is quite high and can become annoying while watching a live stream.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV home page stating Pluto TV coming soon when accessed from geo-restricted areasPluto TV is a popular live streaming site featuring over 100 channels to watch for free. It offers a variety of categories to watch, among which the most famous are movies and TV shows.

A key feature of this website is the on-demand movies that users can watch as per their choice. A large number of users visit this site monthly, making it a top choice for live TV streaming. The network of Pluto TV is expanded over a wide area, including 80 distributors.

It is compatible with almost all devices, including laptops, PC, and mobile phones (including iOS and Android devices).

 The only downside of the site is annoyingly long ads. Since it depends on ads for generating revenue, users have to bear with these ads. 

However, this minor inconvenience is worth the experience it provides for free. The large numbers of Pluto TV users speak volumes for its seamless live streaming.


XumoIf you are looking for a multi-functional platform for live streaming, Xumo is the place to go. It is considered one of the best live TV streaming sites due to its flexibility and flawless service.

It offers live streaming of hundreds of channels featuring various categories. It proves to be one of the favorite spots for users since it allows them to watch hundreds of movies, TV shows, and documentaries for free. 

Although it provides a seamless playback, it is supported by Ads that can prove to be annoying for many users. 

It does not support VPNs and works well only for users in the USA – that is unless you unblock geo-blocked content using the best VPN for streaming.

Airy TV

Airy TVAiry Tv reflects its name as far as its service is concerned. This website is one of the ideal platforms for seamless and smooth live TV streaming.

It facilitates users by offering them above 100 channels to watch for free. It is also available in the form of a mobile-friendly App that serves mobile users. 

The categories and genres offered by this website are also quite diverse ranging from comedy to reality, including informative documentaries, sports, music, thriller movies, and kids shows. 

The availability of Airy TV is yet another highlighting feature. It is easily downloadable from the Google Play Store or Amazon. It is not VPN-friendly, but VPN split tunneling can prove to be a savior.

Plex Live TV

Plex Live TVPlex Live TV ranks among one of the favorite spots of users looking for live TV streaming for free. It is popular among users all around the world. You can have a live stream of around 80 channels.

It is highly user-friendly and does not require you to create an account for registration and then access the site through it. You can simply search the address of the site and enjoy its features. 

Since Plex Live TV features several categories, every user can find something of his choice. Different categories covered by Plex Tv include news, entertainment, sports, comedy, finance, entertainment, etc. 

The most exciting thing is that it is compatible with several devices facilitating the maximum number of users. It also has a low ad frequency. 

If you want to use this website outside the USA, you might need a top-tier VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Squid TV

Squid TVIf you are looking for a live streaming site with a global reach, Squid TV is the answer. It is a global platform facilitating the live streaming needs of users efficiently. 

It offers a wide variety of content since the input is collected globally. The website then classifies the available streaming options according to different languages, genres, and countries. It usually provides legal live streams that are free from the risk of interruption.

You can design your channel search on a global level, and you will most probably get access to your desired results. The use of this website is quick and simple, saving users time and effort. 

The program guide is electronically built-in within the website, accelerating the process of navigation on the website. The website includes a large library of amazing Live TV channels collections. 

One downside of the website is that it has a high rate of advertisements that are a barrier to watching live streaming.

OK Live TV

OK Live TVOK Live TV is also an attractive option among the best Live TV streaming websites. It provides easy access to visitors and enables them to watch their favorite shows without any interruption.

This is made possible by offering multiple streaming links for a program. Like many other user-oriented platforms, OK Live TV also allows users to enjoy live streaming without any need for registration, subscription, or sign-up. 

Access to the website is quite simple to facilitate students. It only requires users to click on the desired program on the video player, and the job is done. There is a minimum to no buffer in the video player. 

The span of categories covered by OK Live TV is quite wide, including nearly everything such as sports, movies, comedy, documentaries, religion, information, etc. 

The high quality of streaming and flexibility offered in the form of a user-friendly interface make it one of the top choices. 

It is great with VPNs. However, try using ExpressVPN for the best results.

Peacock TV

Peacock TVSince its advent, Peacock TV has served as one of the most preferred live TV streaming websites. 

Its popularity increased when it transformed itself to provide free live TV streaming services. It resulted in millions of users turning to Peacock TV to avail its services. 

It has a well-developed library containing a large number of TV shows and movies for users. 

The website has made navigation a matter of seconds with its easy and simple design. All the tabs for available channels are displayed on the screen. The user can click the desired tab and start watching the live stream.

How to Get Peacock TV


SportSurgeAs the name suggests, this website offers TV live streaming specifically for sports. It offers a large number of live streams related to sports for users. Sports fanatics can enjoy every live match free of cost.

It lets sports fans have a shared common platform to become a virtual part of the sporting world for some hours. It facilitates users by streaming different matches of basketball, football, wrestling, boxing, etc. 

The website offers unique and exciting features for users, making it a top choice among sport-based live streaming websites. 

Despite being an ad-based website, it allows users to browse the site without getting disturbed by annoying ads. However, they have to bear with ads during the live stream. It has a high ad frequency causing inconvenience for users.

The website provides a flawless and smooth navigation experience throughout the site. This is what makes it a top-rated sport live TV streaming site. 

Does the website support VPN users? Of course! 

Best SportSurge Alternatives

Distro TV

Distro TV is a comparatively new streaming site than others in the list but has no difference in functionality. Users prioritize it due to the amazing user experience it provides. 

It facilitates users by allowing them to live to stream their favorite TV shows and movies. It features multiple TV channels for people to navigate and visit.

Besides its web version, it is also available in the form of an App that can be downloaded free of cost. The installation process is also simple and does not require any specialized technical knowledge. 

You can easily get the app from different platforms, including Chromecast, FireStick, iOS, and Android. All you have to do is download it for free and install it on your device to enjoy a great live stream experience.

However, people wanting to access it through a VPN might not be very pleased since it is not compatible with one.


YuppTV is a brilliant site to watch Indian content for free. Although it is not entirely free and has a premium plan for getting all features, it also has a free version that is amazingly beneficial for users. 

You can have high-quality live streams on a free plan also. A unique feature of this website is that it provides live streaming of content in multiple languages. 

There are various Indian TV channels streamed on the website. It also offers movies and web series in the free version. 

YuppTV visitors count crosses the 220,000 mark every month. Also, it works wonders with VPNs.


CrackstreamsIf you are someone who loves sports and want the perfect platform for live streaming of various sports, Crackstreams is paradise on earth for you. 

This website provides specialized and seamless coverage of almost every famous sport. There are multiple channels featuring the relevant content free of cost. It is accessible on multiple devices.

The sports covered by the website include football, baseball, wrestling, basketball, etc. It has a vast collection of channels in the library with easy navigation. 

The streaming quality is also up to the mark. Since it specializes in sports-related content, it does not facilitate users looking for other categories. 

Want to access Crackstreams with VPN? Yes, you can use it with ExpressVPN to get the best experience.

Best Crackstreams Alternatives

TV Player

TV playerTV player free access to more than 80 live channels and works perfectly on mobile App also. You can also access more channels using the premium version of the site that charges a fixed fee.

However, having access to around 70% of the channels for free is more than enough for users. It offers a flexible and convenient user interface making it a viable option among the best live streaming sites. 

The site does not involve much complexity. It is easy to use even for beginners with only the basic knowledge of web surfing. The quality of streaming is also appreciable. An exciting feature of this site is that it allows users to record their favorite programs to watch later.


Time4TVTime4TV is another online platform on the list that offers one of the best streaming services. 

It features TV shows from channels based in the USA, UK, and others. It offers a diverse range of genres ranging from sports to entertainment and whatnot. 

The reason for placing this site at the bottom of the list is the high rate of advertisements featured on it.

The users get annoyed during the streaming if they are not using an ad-blocker on their device. However, the great streaming options offered free of cost make this trade-off worth it.

Compatibility of the Sites

The websites are not only compatible to watch uninterrupted live streaming on TV, as they work on other gadgets and devices too. 

The most popular devices for live streaming include Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android devices, PC, iOS, tablets, and more.

One of the greatest benefits of these websites is that most of them allow users to use the website without registration. 

There is no annoying process of signing up or registering an account first to get live streaming. This makes them a viable option for people of all ages.

Why Choose Live Streaming Sites Carefully?

It is important to collect enough information about the websites you are considering choosing because some malicious sites tend to harm your device by attacking with malware. 

Visiting an illegitimate website can be harmful to you and your device in the long run. They might steal your valuable data and personal information to use it unethically for their own benefit. 

Like any other free live stream website, the sites listed in our list include pop-ups and ads. You can easily block ads using any ad-blocker. 

We recommend you use a good VPN along with a trusted antivirus to ensure maximum online security while streaming. 

Both these things are essential to protect your identity and your data from getting hacked or stolen.

Watching Live TV Streaming on Android/ Firestick

The live TV streaming websites included in the list are compatible with most devices, including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android devices, PC, Chromecast, iOS, etc.

Firestick device

For Fire TV devices and Firestick, the most suitable browser to run these websites is the Silk Browser. It enables your device to run live streaming on any websites mentioned above. It is easily available on the Amazon App Store, from where you can download and install it.

Other devices

Users having devices other than the ones mentioned above can use other browsers. You can use either of the browsers mentioned here for devices other than Firestick or Fire TV, such as Chromecast, MECOOL Box, or NVIDIA SHIELD. 

For a fast and seamless browsing experience, you must install Puffin browser for your devices. TV Bro browser is also a good alternative to consider.

Wrapping up!

Finding the right websites for free live TV streaming has never been this easy before. When you have all the information you need about the best live TV streaming websites, you can easily access these platforms from your favorite device and start watching live streams without having to pay a fortune.

However, it is important to keep your safety and security in mind while using any streaming website. Do not forget to check the legal compliance to save yourself from any potential loss. Plan well and gear up for entering the world of endless live TV streaming.