How to Watch College Football for Free Online

Frederik Lipfert
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Updated on 5 Nov 2022

College Football Overview

College Football can be so exhilarating and spellbinding that you don’t want to miss a minute of your favorite team in action. The problem is, you will most likely not be able to attend more than a handful of the games, and you may not even have cable, or you may be traveling. But the good news? You can still watch college football online for free and see these rising stars as they battle it out and earn their way into professional football.

The easiest way to do so is to use free streaming websites. These sites provide access to free live NCAA college football streams, and most of them don’t even need you to log in to start streaming. All you need to do is select the game you want, and you can start watching.

However, choosing the right website to watch college football online can be a bit tricky due to a few reasons:

  • Some sites are full of annoying ads and pop-ups
  • Most websites have a limited selection of college football games
  • Certain websites are difficult to navigate through

As a result, we’ve done the hard work for you and curated a list of the 15 best websites to watch college football for free. In our selection, we have factored all the above factors as well as others, such as the quality and reliability of the streams.

Ensure You Stream Safely!

Free sports streaming sites usually don’t host the streams or own the content they provide. These streams are hosted on various servers that are mostly insecure, and the streams may also be pirated.

This means that if you want to stream college football or any other sport for free, you need to protect yourself with a reliable streaming VPN such as ExpressVPN. The VPN will help protect you by encrypting your traffic such that neither your ISP nor government will know what you are accessing online, and it will also change your IP address to make your online presence anonymous.

I recommend ExpressVPN because it provides the required levels of privacy and security to ensure that your activities can’t be traced back to you. The VPN has been publicly audited and verified as a true no-log VPN, and it uses solid encryption standards to protect your data. ExpressVPN’s yearly subscription comes with a 35% discount.

15 Best Sites to Watch College Football Free Online


After Reddit started clamping down on sports streams, SporsPurge became the to-go website for all NFL streams. The website started by providing streams for NFL, MLB, and NBA. Today, it has expanded to include other sports such as Soccer, Hockey, Formula 1, MMA, Boxing, Cricket, and Rugby.

Sportsurge tops our list of the best sites to watch college football free online for various reasons:

  • The site provides lots of CFB links
  • You can watch lots of different sports
  • The site provides high-quality links
  • You won’t find any ads or pop-ups
  • It comes with a superb interface
  • It’s easy to use

The dark interface used by Sporturge gives the website a premium feel.

You’ll find a list of upcoming games from the various types of sports offered on the home page.SportSurgeTo watch the game you want, you can scroll down. Every game is labeled according to the competing teams, competition, start time, and the number of links. 

Alternatively, you can choose the category on the menu on the top side. Go to football, and then select CFB.Sportsurge football menu select CFBThis will display all upcoming college football games, and you can then select the one you’d like.

Interestingly, Sportsurge provides lots of information about all the links provided. The link information includes the resolution, framerate, bitrate, language, compatibility, ads, and channel. Users can also upvote or downvote a link (based on reliability) to help others choose the right one.Spportsurge upcoming college football games details menuYou can choose any of the top ones and start streaming.Streaming Sports channel on SportsurgeNote that Sportsurge always reminds users to use a VPN, so ensure you have connected your ExpressVPN app.


VIPBOX TV Sports CategoryVIPBox Sports is an extensive sports streaming website that provides 15+ different sports. The homepage is well organized with menu buttons for the different sports, with the main ones being Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Rugby, Wrestling, Boxing, and Motorsports. You’ll also find some not-so-popular sports such as Darts and Water Sports.

To start watching College Football, select American Football, and you’ll be redirected to the Football section. You’ll then find links to the various upcoming and ongoing games. Each game typically has several links you can choose from, so you can always change if you find one is unreliable. Links are usually added one hour before the game. However, note that VIPBox contains several ads and pop-ups, so you may need an ad-blocker.

Main Site:

Mirror Domain:


VIPLeague HomepageVIPLeague is easily one of the best sports streaming sites, and it gets pretty much everything right. The website’s main page is well laid out to let users select the sport they’d like using menu buttons on the home page. This is from a list of 23 sports, and there’s also a category for other sports that are not listed. The main sports on the website include American Football, MMA, WWE, Basketball, Football (Soccer), Formula 1, MotoGP, Hockey, and Baseball, among others.

The best thing about VIPLeague is its attention to detail. When you select a sport, you will find pretty much every upcoming game in the next two days, including some manager press conferences. In the case of American Football, you will also find 24/7 streams of ESPN and the NFL network. VIPLeague provides both SD and HD streams, so you can choose one depending on the strength of your network.

Main Site:

Mirror Domain:


Stream2Watch home pageStream2Watch lets you “watch sports live & free, anytime, from anywhere,” focusing on “football & soccer streams.” The website features one of the best home pages you’ll come across. The first part contains a box-like menu for the most popular sports such as Soccer, Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, and Rugby. The second part then focuses on American sports, with options for NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, NCAAM, and NCAAF.

To watch college football free online, you can use the NCAAF option. There, you’ll find all upcoming events and their starting time. But besides the direct streams, Stream2Watch also provides a Live TV section that you can also use to watch college football. Some of the included networks that air college football are ESPN, FS1, CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC.

Main Site:

Alternative Domain:


StreamEast HomepageStreamEast is one of the best-designed sports streaming websites, featuring a red, white, and black theme with an attractive font. The website provides simple menu options for Soccer, MMA/UFC, Boxing, Formula 1, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and Cricket.

Below these, you’ll find all upcoming games, and you can also toggle to see live games only. When you click the game you want, you will then be redirected to a section that provides lots of links, described with the streamer, link source, quality, number of ads, and language. You can click the one you like to start watching. Note that StreamEast keeps reminding users that they need to be connected to a VPN, so ensure you connect one before you start streaming.

Main Site:


CrackStreams Schedule ScreenCrackstreams is another website that focuses on American sports, and it is a perfect place to watch your favorite college football teams and players. The website provides various sports you can watch, including NFL, NCAAF, NBA, MLB, Golf, NCAAB, MMA, UFC, Boxing, and Soccer. The main page lists sports that have upcoming games, and they are well described to let you know what to expect. Besides those, the site’s main menu gives you lots of navigation options to get to the sport you’d like. 

The best thing about Crackstreams is that besides the sports links, they also provide links to the channels that broadcast that particular sport, so you don’t have to wait for the game links to be updated. Streams are typically added 1 hour before the game starts.

Main Site:


USTVGO channels listUSTVGo is not really a sports streaming website but rather an IPTV website. In that category, it is one of the most popular websites, with about 25 million visitors a month, according to SimilarWeb. The website features a simplistic interface, and it provides 100 US channels that you can stream for free and without an account.

USTVGo makes it to our list of the best sites to watch college football as it features all national channels that broadcast NCAAF. These include ESPN, FS1, CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC. Besides the channels, USTVGo provides an extensive TV guide, so you can always know what’s coming up, when, and where. Note that you’ll need a VPN to use the website (you can connect to any region), so ensure you connect your ExpressVPN app first.

Main Site:

FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports websiteFirstRow Sports isn’t the most attractive site on this list, but it’s one of the most practical. The website simplistically organizes everything, with the main categories on the homepage being Football, Basketball, American Football, Rugby, Tennis, Motorsport, Baseball, and Ice hockey.

To watch college football, click on Am. Football on the main homepage menu, and you’ll see all upcoming NFL and NCAAF games. The website states that links are usually added 40 to 5 minutes before the start of the game. When you select a game, you’ll have multiple options for streaming live.

Main Site:

Mirror Site:


CricFree HomepageCricFree is one of the biggest names in free sports streaming, and it’s also one of the best options to watch college football online for free. The website provides a wide range of sports, including Football, NFL, NBA, Rugby, Tennis, Boxing, Baseball, Cricket, Motorsport, Hockey, UFC, Darts, WWE, and Basketball. The NFL section is not specific to NFL as it also provides NCAAF and AFL.

The best thing about CricFree is that it has a sister live TV website that provides 24/7 streams of the biggest sports websites such as ESPN, FoxSports, Sky Sports, BT Sports, and Super Sports. To go directly to the sites, you can use the 24/7 option on the main menu. Otherwise, you can use the main site and select the game you want.

Main Site:

Alternative Domain:


BuffStreams HomepageBuffStreams is another awesome site that you can use to watch NCAAF. The site is quite simplistic, and it provides access to all major sports. Its main menu options are Basketball, Soccer, Football/NFL, Hockey, Baseball, Formula 1, Moto GP, MotorSport, UFC/MMA, Boxing, WWE, Tennis, Golf, Rugby, AFL, and Darts. Above these, there are three convenient options that you can also use: Live Now, Upcoming, and Big. The latter provides access to all major sporting events.

To watch college football, you can use the Live Now, Big, or Football/NFL sections. You will then get a list of all live games, and you can select the one you’d like. The website provides multiple links for stability. You’ll also find 24/7 links to ESPN and the NFL Network in the Football section.

Main Site:


NFLBiteNFLBite is from the founders of the beloved r/nflstreams, and it is a dedicated site for NFL and NCAAF streams. The site was started after the clampdown of illegal streams on Reddit back in 2019, and it still relies on links provided by users for the users. The best thing about NFLBite is its simplicity, as the homepage lists all ongoing NFL and college football games. It also provides links to Soccer, NBA, NHL, F1, MMA, Boxing, and WWE streaming sites, showing the ones that are live. However, these are hosted by related sites outside NFLBite.

Ongoing games are usually arranged neatly with live scores and a competition description. When you select a game, you’ll get up to 20 links you can use. The uniqueness of NFLBite comes in that these links have descriptions such as reputation, quality, language, number of ads, and the broadcasting channel. The highest-rated streams by users are usually on top, so you can expect a reliable experience.

Main Site:


CricHD LiveCricHD is another superb website you can use to watch college football for free. The website features a detailed main page, but this just makes everything straightforward rather than complicated. The home page has three main categories: Type of sport, TV channels, and live games.

The sports category is on the left-most side, and it lets you choose the sport you’d like between Cricket, Football, Rugby, NFL/American, Tennis, F1, MLB, NBA, and others. The channels section mostly features European sports channels, but you’ll still find ESPN and Fox Sports. When you select a game, you will get several options for watching, depending on the broadcasters. Note that links are typically added a few minutes before a game starts.

Main Site:


BossCast HomepageBossCast’s interface won’t be winning any awards soon, but the website is still one of the best ways to watch the NFL for free online. The website’s two main features are the channel list and the schedule.

In the channel list, you’ll find a list of the most popular sports channels, and among them are networks that broadcast NCAAF. The schedule section lists all live events you can watch, and you can scroll down to find the game you are looking for. The best bit about BossCast is that when you click a link, you will be taken directly to the stream as the player is built into the website.

Main Site:


123TV Now123TV is one of the most popular IPTV streaming sites, and it provides 80+ live TV channels from the US. In the list, you’ll find channels that you can use to watch NFL and college football, such as ESPN, FS1, CBS, FOX Sports, ABC, and NBC. Just like USTVGo, every channel comes with a TV schedule, so you can always tell what’s coming up.

Besides that, 123TV has a special category labeled NFLStreams. This section lists the various games that are ongoing, and these include both NFL and NCCAF games. When you click a particular game, you will be redirected to a related website, and the streams are very stable. If there’s no live game, you can still watch the NFL Network at any time.

Main Site:


StreamSRP HomepageStreamSRP is one of the less known sports streaming sites, but it can easily become your go-to option for all American sports. The website’s homepage appears to be a sports blog, but there’s a streaming section that provides access to several different sports. These include MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and UFC.

The main streaming page lists all live games, and you can filter them by clicking the NFL option. This will show you all live and upcoming games. If a game is live, you can click watch. This will take you directly to the streaming page without opening any pop-ups. 

Main Site:

How to Stream Sports Online for Free Safely

To start streaming sports online for free safely, you need to subscribe to ExpressVPN, the best VPN for streaming. 

To do so:

  1. Head to the ExpressVPN website using your browser and click Get with the Get ExpressVPN button highlighted> Go to and sign up.
  2. Now, you’ll need to select a subscription plan. The options are a monthly plan, a 6-month plan, and a yearly plan. You can go with the yearly plan to get the best bang for your buck. Note that all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for risk-free testing.ExpressVPN Subscription Plans
  3. After selecting a plan, scroll down and provide your email address, then select a payment method.ExpressVPN Payment Options
  4. You can then complete the payment and create a password for your account.

From there, you now need to install the VPN on the device you are using. ExpressVPN is compatible with:

  • Windows (download and run .exe file)
  • macOS (download and run DMG file)
  • Linux (download and run .deb file)
  • Android (download app from play store)
  • iOS (download app from App Store)
  • Fire TV devices (download app from Amazon Store)
  • Routers (download and configure firmware)

This means that you can install the VPN on pretty much every device, and the VPN allows you to connect up to 5 of them simultaneously. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to install the VPN on Firestick.

How to Install & Set up ExpressVPN on Firestick

Free Streaming Sites Alternatives

The above sites provide a great way to watch college football online, regardless of your device. However, there are still more alternatives, especially if you stream on Firestick and other Android-based streaming devices. These are:

  • Free streaming Apks
  • Kodi add-ons

Below is a quick overview of both.

Using Free Streaming Apks to Watch College Football

There are several live TV applications that source their content from streaming websites such as USTVGo, 123TV, and CricFree. These applications typically offer IPTV channels sourced from the various sites and arranged neatly, and you can use the channels to watch college football online for free.

Live TV applications typically have a sports section, and you can use it to access the likes of ESPN. Some of the best Live TV apks at the moment are:

Both Live NetTV and TVMob have dedicated apks for Android TV and Firestick. However, note that the apps also provide questionable content, so ensure that you use ExpressVPN when streaming.

Using Kodi Addons to Watch College Football

Kodi is a popular media organizer and streamer among cord-cutters. The software doesn’t come with any ready content, but it can be customized by installing addons to make it capable of watching pretty much anything.

These addons are mostly created by third-party developers, and they get their streams from the sports streaming sites we explored above. 

You can either use dedicated sports Kodi addons or live TV Kodi addons to watch college football. The former will offer you direct links when a game is about to start, while the latter will offer you 24/7 streams from channels such as ESPN.

We have curated a comprehensive list of the 30 best Kodi addons for Kodi in 2024, and here are a few of the top ones you can use to watch CFB:

  • Mad Titan Sports (Sports) – Kodi 18 and 19
  • Sportowa TV (Sports) – Kodi 18 and 19
  • Live Net (Live TV) – Kodi 18 and 19
  • TVTap (Live TV) – Kodi 18 and 19

Although Kodi addons may take a bit of time to install, they will let you enjoy your favorite games without any ads or pop-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sports streaming websites legal?

It’s hard to determine the free sports streaming sites that hold proper licensing for the content they provide. However, most of them state that they are not liable for the streams you’ll find on their site as they are sourced from other independent sites. As the user, the responsibility lies on you to ensure that you don’t end up in trouble over copyright infringement. Before you use any free streaming site, free apks, or free Kodi addons, ensure that you have turned on ExpressVPN.

Do you need a VPN for watching college football online free?

Yes, you need a VPN to watch college football online for free. This is because most of these sites provide unsecure/pirated links, and accessing them can leave you with a DMCA notice or a cease-and-desist letter.

What to do if an NFL streaming website is not working?

Free sports streaming sites can be unreliable at times. If you find that a link is not working, you can always try another one, as most sites provide multiple links. If the site is unreliable, just check out another one from the list above.

Wrap Up

Whether you are traveling, don’t have cable, or just want to stream for free, you can always watch your favorite college football matches online without taking out your wallet. There are lots of websites that can help you do so, and we have combed through loads of them and listed the most reliable ones above. Enjoy!