15 Best Primewire Alternatives in 2024

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 6 Mar 2022


The world did not end after Primewire was shut down. Make no mistake, we know how much film fans enjoyed the features of this streaming platform, and that’s why we gathered some of the most reputable alternatives for Primewire. We are confident that, among the 15 Primewire substitutes we will present to you in this list, there will be at least one to fill the void the disappearance of Primewire caused.

In these times, we can see how it’s difficult to rely on non-licensed streaming platforms, as sooner or later they will end up being shut down by the authorities, or are migrating from one domain to another. But the Internet (and vpncheck.org) has your back as there are some promising alternatives, including YouTube, Vumoo, Tubi, GoStream, Vudu, or Popcornflix. Some of them are mere mirrors, while others are entirely different platforms, which can replace Primewire in its entirety. Due to the former’s lack of stability, many people turn to more reliable and safe alternatives.

However, in this article, you will find out more about each of them and decide which one suits your needs best. Worth mentioning is that this list contains platforms accessible from all kinds of devices, including PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, and TV with streaming devices, such as Amazon Firestick, which gathers more and more users as days pass by. Moreover, most of these platforms can be used without registering an account.

But before we get to the Primewire substitutes, here’s a piece of advice from us – don’t forget to install a suitable browser on your device. Otherwise, you will have a hard time trying to access these platforms. Not sure which browser should you use? Here is the answer, depending on the type of device you use:

  • Amazon Firestick/ Fire TV → Amazon Silk Browser
  • Android device (NVIDIA Shield, MECOOL Boxes, Chromecast with Google TV ) → Puffin Browser/TV Bro Browser

If you are a Primewire enthusiast, we suggest you bookmark this page as we regularly update it to bring you the best and working alternatives for Primewire.

Best Primewire Alternatives

We made sure we included only functional and reliable websites as alternatives for Primewire, which can be accessed everywhere in the world. The following websites have been ranked based on the following criteria: Monthly visitors, user interface, VPN-friendly, Ad annoyance (on the scale of 1-10, from being the best to worst), and the content available.

1. Crackle

Crackle - Free, legitimate and with original content

A well-known and great alternative to Primewire is Crackle. Crackle is owned and operated by Sony. It is famous among cord-cutters for providing an extensive library of free TV series, movies, and original programs. The service is available in 21 countries and can be used on connected devices, including mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, and desktops. It has a user-friendly interface and does not require sign-up.

Crackle has a following of 320,000 monthly visitors. Ad annoyance is 5. Crackle is not a VPN-friendly website, but you can use it easily with ExpressVPN.

2. YesMovies

Yes! Movies image

Another one of the most popular alternatives for Primewire is YesMovies. Many people use it to binge-watch their favorite shows and movies every month. YesMovies is the most renowned website among cord-cutters. It is a perfect Primewire substitute because it offers a wide content selection, updates, categories, playback, and so much more.

This website has around 181,000 monthly visitors. Ad annoyance is 6, and it works excellent with ExpressVPN. Some other URLs of YesMovies are “yesmovies.net”, and “yesmovies.to”.

3. Tubi TV

TubiTV logo

Tubi TV is considered one of the most famous streaming services available, with over 25 million monthly subscribers. It has a large fan following which has gradually become even more famous for watching free movies or TV series. As their slogan suggests, “thousands of Movies and TV Shows. Available anywhere. Always free.” they are true to their word. The Tubi TV website offers thousands of free movies and shows, and the website is completely free but, it does require you to make an account. Tubi TV can also be a great alternative to CouchTurner.

Tubi TV website has around 884,000 monthly visitors, but it needs registration. Ad annoyance is 4, and it is not a VPN-friendly website but, you can run it with the help of ExpressVPN.

4. SolarMovie

Solar Movie

SolarMovie has to be one of the most famous Primewire substitutes. This website offers many categories, vast content selection, high-quality links, and frequent updates.

Most of the people who ditch cable are fans of this website. The website is highly visited and has 460,000 monthly visitors. Ad annoyance is 5. It is a VPN-friendly website, and it works with ExpressVPN. The current URL of SolarMovie is “www2.solarmovie.to”.

5. Vumoo

Vumoo logo

We’re still on top of our list, and Vumoo has a well-deserved place here as a substitute for Primewire. What best recommends it is the streaming quality, the easy-to-use user interface, and the smooth playback. Vumoo is an excellent source for watching thousands of shows and movies. It has 289,000 monthly visitors, and Ad annoyance is 3, lower than the other websites. It is a VPN-friendly website and works perfectly fine with ExpressVPN.

6. YouTube

YouTube logo

You may be tempted to skip this part because you think YouTube doesn’t need a presentation, right? However, YouTube has more to offer than you have discovered so far. For example, many people do not know that YouTube provides free movies to stream for anyone. You can use it without any sign-up, but you can sign in with your Google account if you want.

YouTube has 175,000 monthly visitors with an Ad annoyance of 4. It is a VPN-friendly website and works great with ExpressVPN.

7. Peacock TV

Peacock - One of the largest collections of high-quality movies

Peacock TV is NBC’s new streaming platform which gained quick popularity after its launch in July 2020. It offers more than a thousand live TV channels, movies, TV shows, and a lot more for streaming.

The website has around 254,000 monthly visitors. Although Peacock TV offers a free plan, you will have to get the Peacock Premium plan to be able to watch more content. Ad annoyance is 4. It is not a VPN-friendly website but can be used with ExpressVPN.

How to Install Peacock TV on Amazon Firestick

8. Cineb

cineb logo

Being a newer streaming option on our list, we didn’t expect much from Cineb but, we’re glad to report that Cineb went beyond our expectations. It has great link quality, content selection, and fantastic playback.

Since Cineb is new to the game, it has fewer followers with only 10,000 monthly visitors. Ad annoyance is 2, and it is a VPN-friendly website that works great with ExpressVPN.

9. GoStream

gostream logo

The GoStream website has thousands of free movies in almost every genre or category. Be it action, romance, sci-fi, rom-com, or anything else, GoStream has it all. However, they currently do not offer TV shows.

Approximately 82,000 people visit GoStream every month. Ad annoyance is 4, and it is a VPN-friendly website hence works perfectly with ExpressVPN.

10. Popcornflix

Popcornflix - Good selection of cult titles and documentaries

This website does not require you to register to watch free movies. On top of that, they have an app as well. Popcornflix makes it easy for you to find your favorite movies by categorizing them according to genre and release year.

Popcornflix has 223,000 monthly visitors. Ad annoyance is 4, and it works great with ExpressVPN.

11. Vudu

Vudu - A decent selection with excellent quality

Vudu is a famous Primewire substitute. It functions based on VOD technology, offering you access to thousands of free TV series and movies. It has a user-friendly interface, simple navigation, categories, and more.

Vudu has 300,000 monthly visitors. Ad annoyance is 4, and it is not VPN-friendly but can still be used with the help of ExpressVPN.

How to Install Vudu on Firestick

12. Afdah


Although it is a little different from the rest of Primewire substitutes, Afdah has a unique interface. Instead of menu items, you will see top recommendations on the home screen. But you can still use its search bar to search for your favorite shows and movies, or you can search them by genre, years, most viewed, or recent releases.

Afdah has 451,000 monthly visitors and a level 6 of ad annoyance. VPNs can be easily used on this platform, ExpressVPN included.

Best Afdah Alternatives

13. IMDb TV

IMDB TV - Solid content through its partnership with Amazon

Most of us already know that IMDb is a fandom website that provides reviews and information on TV shows and movies, but very few people know that it has become a streaming site that provides free movies, TV shows, and much more. IMDB TV is owned and operated by Amazon, and you can download the app in Amazon App Store.

IMDb TV has 54,000 monthly visitors, and the Ad annoyance is 5. It isn’t a VPN-friendly website but can be used with ExpressVPN.

14. Pluto TV

Pluto Tv Logo

Pluto TV is the top option for cord-cutters. It is known best because of its wide variety of free channels, movies, shows, and more. They have an App as well.

Pluto TV has 1,300,000 monthly visitors. The Ad annoyance is 5. It is a VPN-Friendly website and works great with ExpressVPN.

How to Install Pluto TV

15. FilmRise


Another new streaming website, and suitable substitute for Primewire, is FilmRise. It offers a large number of free movies and shows to watch. The categories include new releases, Reality, Classics, documentaries, and more.

FilmRise has 135,000 monthly visitors. Ad annoyance is 5, and it isn’t a VPN-Friendly website but can still be used with ExpressVPN.

About Primewire

Primewire became known as a good streaming website with free links for many shows and movies. Back in the day, it was named “LetMeWatchThis”, then “1Channel”, and now Primewire. These constant changes of domains were a consequence of the criticism and the scrutiny around the website, which was taken down multiple times. 

Important Notice: It should be considered that some of these Primewire alternatives might require accounts and are ads-powered. It would be better to learn about it all in detail before using these websites.

Primewire Alternatives FAQs:

What is the best Primewire alternative?

This answer may change over time, but at the moment, some of the best Primewire substitutes are SolarMovie, GoStream, YesMovies, Tubi TV, Vumoo, Peacock, and so many others.

Are Primewire substitutes illegal?

As long as you watch movies or shows publicly accessible, you shouldn’t worry about doing something illegal. We do not recommend or encourage any illicit affair related to downloading or streaming licensed content.

Is a VPN needed for Primewire alternatives?

It is vital to use a VPN for Primewire alternatives because it can protect your identity and data from hackers, governments, etc.

What can happen if you get caught while using Project Free TV substitutes?

In case of getting caught for watching unlicensed content using these mirror websites, the user will have to face legal problems. The end-user will be held liable for the content accessed through such streaming sites.

Which websites to use for watching free movies without signing up?

Some Primewire substitutes you can use without signing up are SolarMovie, YouTube, Crackle, GoStream, Popcornflix, and others mentioned above.