How to Watch TV Shows Online: Free Websites and Online Safety Precautions

Frederik Lipfert
Dr. Frederik Lipfert Founder, vpncheck
Updated on 30 May 2022

How to Watch TV Shows Online

Watching TV shows online for free has become commonplace these days, what with the proliferation of IPTV services providing thousands of TV channels, free movie streaming sites, access to TV shows through Firestick apps – not to mention Kodi addons! Then there are the all-time torrent websites

With so many readily available platforms, you don’t even have to make time on a specific day to catch an episode on cable. Best of all, you don’t even need to have a subscription to any site as there are multiple ways you can watch TV shows online for free. And while Kodi addons and streaming apps are popular options, they do require you to install software on your device and most likely make some configurations. On the other hand, streaming sites offer more convenience as you can use them on any device, and you only need your regular browser. The problem with these sites is that you can often end up on a sketchy website that poses a danger to your data/device or is just serving ads.

In this guide, our team here at has listed 35 of the best streaming sites to watch TV shows online for free.

Top 5 Websites to Watch TV Shows Online Free

Here’s a quick look at our top 5 choices of streaming sites to watch TV shows for free.

  1. WatchSeries – The most convenient option! 

The site is free and hosts pretty much any TV show, but you will need a pop-up/ad blocker. Great for watching on PC or Smart TVs.

  1. PeacockTV – Free and legal, but you will need a VPN outside the US. 

This platform comes with an app for Firestick, Android TV devices, and smartphones. If you’re about to get the Peacock TV app on your Firestick, we’ve written a complete guide just for that.

How to Install Peacock TV on Firestick

  1. Kodi – Free and legal app that can be used for streaming literally anything for free.

Kodi requires the addition of addons (which bring in a question of legality) that provide the content. The setup process may be somewhat tedious, but hey, we’ve got you covered for that with our easy-to-follow installation tutorial.

How to Install Kodi on Firestick

  1. PlutoTV – Free and legal, although you’ll need a VPN to unblock it outside the US.

Pluto TV has an app for most streaming devices, including Firestick. And yes, you guessed it – we do have a guide on installing its Firestick app!

How to Install Pluto TV on Firestick

  1. Soap2Day – Free, great WatchSeries alternative!

How to Use ExpressVPN for Cyber Security and Access to More Content

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that two main issues affect free streaming sites:

  1. Geo-Restrictions: Almost all legal free streaming sites are geo-restricted to conform to licensing restrictions. You can only access most of them in the US, and the others limit the number of titles available in other regions.
  2. Copyright Infringement: Most popular free streaming sites such as WatchSeries and Soap2Day do not host the content they provide. Instead, they just offer links hosted elsewhere, most of which are pirated. This has led to the shutdown of the most popular alternative streaming sites, putting users in the spotlight. 

The best (and technically only) way to solve these issues is by using a reliable streaming VPN such as ExpressVPN. This VPN service is very effective in unblocking streaming services, including the notorious subscription-based ones like Netflix and Hulu.

ExpressVPN also encrypts data using AES-256, and it doesn’t keep any logs. This means that your ISP and government won’t know that you are accessing a questionable streaming site, so you won’t end up getting a DMCA notice or a cease-and-desist letter.

To get started with ExpressVPN, simply create an account on their official website. From there, download the VPN app for your device and connect to a server.

You can install the VPN on:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Android TV
  • Firestick

All ExpressVPN apps are user-friendly and allow connection with a single click!

35 Websites to Watch TV Shows Online for Free

We explored about 60 of the most popular sites, and we are featuring the ones that offer high-quality content, low levels of ad annoyance, and a rich database. Before you visit any of them, we strongly advise that you ensure that you have an ad blocker and your VPN app is running.



WatchSeries home page

WatchSeries has arguably been the most popular site to watch TV Shows online for free over the last several years. The website provides an extensive library of movies and TV shows, which are all very well organized. You can sort them in terms of Movies, TV Shows, Genres, Country, and Top IMDB. 

You won’t need an account to start watching, but you can create one for free to add favorites and keep track of what you are watching. The site is not marred by ads, and you can watch with a single click – so you won’t have to worry about the link you choose. However, it’s important to note that authorities often take down WatchSeries sites over copyright violations. There are multiple forks of the site, but the best working one at the moment is

How to Use WatchSeries to Watch TV Shows for Free

To start watching, head over to then click Go to Homepage. This will give you one pop-up ad and then take you to the main page where you can see the site’s main menu options as well as the latest content organized into Trending, Latest Movies, Latest TV Shows, and Coming Soon.

Click TV Shows to choose a series. You can select a title or use the search option on the top right side. There’s also a very useful filter button you can use to get what you are looking for, whether you know it or not.

a screenshot of WatchSeries Popular TV Shows webpage

Once you open it, you’ll see an option to play it. You can also choose to start with the trailer.

A screenshot of the Hawkeye series - ready to play on WatchSeries

Below this option, you can see all important metadata about the title, including the synopsis, IMDB rating, user score, and playtime.

Details of the Hawkeye TV series on WatchSeries

After you start playing a video, you can choose the quality and add subtitles (available in multiple languages) to enhance your viewing experience.

A screenshot of a Hawkeye episode with subtitles on WatchSeries and video quality options

You can also download full TV shows and movies and watch them later if you want.

Peacock TV


Peacock TV home screen

Peacock TV is NBC’s live TV and video streaming platform. The streaming service was launched in July 2020, and it is both free and legal. The service’s free version is ad-supported, while the Premium version costs $4.99 and the Premium Plus version costs $9.99. There’s also a 7-day free trial.

The free version is enough to access thousands of hours of movies and TV shows. Popular TV shows that are available include The Office, Saturday Night Live, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Downton Abbey, Dr. Death, Everybody Hates Chris, Hell’s Kitchen, Parks and Recreation, and Suits. Most seasons are free, but you may need to upgrade to watch the latest episodes.

How to Use Peacock TV to Watch TV Shows Online: Free Streaming

Peacock TV is only available in the US, so you’ll first need to connect your ExpressVPN app to a server in the country. 

A screenshot of Peacock TV home screen showing Peacock availability

From there, you can proceed to download the app for your device or open your browser and head to The app is available for:

  • Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • LG & Samsung Smart TVs
  • Roku
  • Vizio TV

Whether you are using the app or your browser, you will first need to create a free account if you don’t have one and then log in.

After that, you can go to TV Shows on the main menu and browse through the list. It is organized into Latest Episodes, Browse by Genre, Just Added, It’s Showtime, TV Franchises, Looking for Laughs?, Standout Dramas, Current TV, Will They, Won’t They?, Peacock Originals, and more.

Peacock TV page for the Current TV category

The content is well organized to let you everything you need to know before you start watching, and you can add a title to ‘My Stuff.’

A screenshot of The Office TV series on Peacock TV

All TV shows have subtitles, and some of them can be streamed in up to 4K!

A screenshot of The Office Season 1 Episode 1 playing on Peacock TV with subtitles

Here’s our guide on how to how to install Peacock TV on Firestick.


Kodi Home PageKodi is different from most streaming sites and apps included in this list as it is basically a platform that allows the installation of small programs that then provide links. These programs are known as Kodi addons, but they do not host the content they provide either. Rather, they scrape for links from publicly available sites, which puts Kodi in the copyright infringement spotlight. For this reason, you will need to stream safely using a reliable VPN.

The best thing about Kodi is that you can watch pretty much anything – it all depends on the addons you install. There are thousands of addons that you can install and watch TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries, Sports, Live TV, Comedy, Anime, and much more. Most addons specialize in a particular type of content, but others offer something of everything. The addons will then either provide free links or require you to integrate Real-Debrid, a link provision service that allows you to watch series in up to 4k!

How to Use Kodi to Watch TV Shows Online: Free Streaming

To get started with Kodi, you will first need to install the Kodi app. It is compatible with:

  • Fire TV (Firestick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV tablets & TVs)
  • Android TV
  • Android
  • iOS (jailbroken)
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

Kodi is available on the Google Play Store, but you will need to download the installation file from for the other devices. We have also provided a comprehensive guide on how to install Kodi on Firestick.

After installing Kodi, the next step is to install several addons that you can use to watch TV shows online free. There are hundreds of such addons, but we usually provide guides for the best working Kodi addons. 

Here are five of the best TV show addons – each of them is accompanied by an installation guide.

Some of these addons will need you to have a Real-Debrid account, and here’s how to set up Real-Debrid on Kodi.

Pluto TV


Pluto TV home page

Pluto TV is an official streaming app owned by ViacomCBS, and it mainly provides a free online version of cable TV. The app provides 250+ channels of ad-supported TV, including popular channels such as MTV, CNN, NBC News, CBSN, and NFL Channel. There are lots of channels that play TV shows for 24 hours, and you can always hop on to enjoy airing episodes from your favorite shows.

However, the service is more than just live TV as it provides thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows. Some of the popular TV shows are The Walking Dead (Spanish), The Equalizer, The Fall, Charmed, The Unit, Walker Texas Ranger, The Young & The Restless, Shameless, and Robin Hood.

How to use Pluto TV to Watch TV Shows Online for Free

You can use Pluto TV on the browser, but it also provides official apps for Firestick, Android TV, Android, and iOS. The service is completely free and doesn’t require you to log in on the browser, but it is restricted to the US only. 

Pluto TV home page stating Pluto TV coming soon when accessed from geo-restricted areas

This means that before you can start using it, you need to connect your ExpressVPN app to a server in the US.

A screenshot of Pluto TV web page for the TV Dramas category

From there, install the app on your device, or simply head over to Scroll through the channels and select one that is playing a TV show you’d like to watch. This is a great way to discover new content.

Pluto TV page showing available selections of comedy TV shows

To watch a series in order, head over to the On-demand section. You can select one using filters such as TV Sitcoms, TV Dramas, Reality TV, Action TV, SciFi + Fantasy TV, and more. 

Pluto TV page showing available selections for Action TV shows

On the title page, you can select the episode you’d like as well as read the bylines.

A screenshot of The Unit Season 1 Episode 1 playing on Pluto TV

Once you start playing, you can add captions, edit the play settings, and more.



Soap2Day home page

In case you experience issues with, is your go-to alternative. It is a free streaming site that features thousands of movies and TV shows, and you can watch anything you’d like without having to sign up or log in. You can get your favorite titles by filtering them based on Year, Genre, Update day of the week, IMDB rating, and popularity. There’s also a search button to make everything easier.

Soap2Day doesn’t boast the visual appeal of WatchSeries, and it contains a few more ads, but its ads are easily blocked using Adblocker. You will also find classics that may not be common on other sites.

How to Use Soap2Day to Watch TV Shows Online: Free, No Signup

Soap2Day is only web-based, so you will need to open your browser and head to From there, click TV Series on the main menu. You’ll get a list of TV Shows based on popularity, rating, and update date. 

Soap2Day page for the TV Series category

You can use the filters provided to narrow down the list or simply search for your interested title. Once you open it, you will find all the necessary metadata and links to the various episodes.

A screenshot of the details provided by Soap2Day for The Book of Boba Fett TV series

Click the Play button next to the episode you’d like, and the site will open a player. Click play to start watching!

A screenshot of an episode of The Book of Boba Fett TV series playing on Soap2Day

You can add subtitles in several languages.

Official Domains:,,,,

Tubi TV


Tubi TV page for TV shows category

Tubi TV is an utterly legal streaming service owned by Fox where you can watch free TV shows. The service started way back in 2014, and it hosts lots of movies and TV shows that you can stream without even creating an account. Logging in with one will then let you customize your watch list and resume playback on any device.

Tubi TV is supported by ads, and it provides Android and iOS apps for free. You can also stream using its browser interface, which is super clean and well organized into categories such as Action, Comedy, Most Popular, Horror, Family Movies, Thrillers, and more. The service is available globally, but it is not available in the UK and EU countries. Further, you will need to connect your VPN to the US to access the entire library.



sWatchSeries page for the TV Series category

WatchSeries rose up the ranks as the go-to free site for all streaming needs, but its eventual closure led to the rise of several forks. is one of the best working ones, and it uses the original theme of WatchSeries. The main categories are Home, Genre, Country Movies, Tv-Shows, and Top IMDb. There’s an option to toggle between Movies, TV Shows, and Trending without having to reload the entire site.

In terms of the content, WatchSeries provides pretty much anything you’d like. All titles have been given all the necessary metadata, and you can even switch servers if one is not working as you’d like. You’ll come across a few adverts, but none that adblocker can’t deal with.



FlixTor web page for TV Shows category

FlixTor is one of the most impressive alternative streaming sites as it boasts a rich database, a superb interface, zero ads, and smooth playback. This makes the site rank highly on our list of the best streaming sites, and it’s one that you should definitely check out. You will find the latest episodes for your favorite TV show as well as the not-so-popular shows you love.

However, one thing to note about FlixTor is that they have a system in place that is meant to prevent bots, but it also locks out users from some regions. This means you may need a VPN to access it, depending on where you are. On top of that, you may not be able to use the site during peak hours unless you are a VIP member. In case you are locked out, we still have plenty of other options you can use, so continue reading.

Mirror Domains:,,,,,,



Solar movie web page for their All Series category

SolarMovie has been around for a while, and it is easily one of the best sites to watch TV shows online free. The website is designed with a simplistic look to make navigation easy, with the main page only containing three menu options (Home, Movies, and TV Series) and a search bar.

To watch your favorite TV show, you can go to TV Series and find the shows listed according to the latest episodes. You can then filter them using their release data, genre, most viewed, most favorite, most rating, country, and Top IMDB. You can view comments, play trailer, choose a server, and more on the streaming page. The site has a few ads, as you’d expect, but you’ll be good with an ad blocker.



Vumoo’s webpage for the TV Series category

Vumoo is similar to SolarMovie in that it takes a simplistic approach to serving content, and it then adds the Netflix black and red feel. The site has been reliable for quite some time now, and it provides lots of content that can be filtered using either movies or TV shows. Unfortunately, you won’t find other filters to help you narrow down.

Nevertheless, you can go through the catalog and explore what Vumoo has to offer. You won’t be annoyed with ads, and you will see all the necessary information when you open a title. You can also add subtitles in multiple languages.



PopcornFlix page for the TV series category

PopcornFlix is another of the best websites to watch TV shows for free, and it is 100% legal. Screen Media Ventures own the streaming service, and it started operating way back in 2011. However, the service only works in the US and Canada so that you will need a VPN outside those regions.

One of the best things you’ll enjoy about Popcorn Flix is its excellent interface, which gives a premium feel. The service also lets you enjoy hundreds of hours of movies and TV shows. On top of that, there are apps for iOS and Android, the latter of which you can set up on Firestick and Android TV boxes. From there, you can get your popcorn.



Crackle’s web page for the TV Shows category

Wondering where to watch free TV shows online legally? Head over to!

Crackle (formerly Sony Crackle) is a well-known free and legal streaming service that is purely ad-supported. The service is available in 21 countries, but most users will still need a VPN to access the US library as it’s the largest. Crackle makes it easy to enjoy movies and TV shows through its large-font interface, and it also provides apps for iOS, Android, Roku, and Firestick.

Crackle is known for its awesome selection of free films, from classics to cult favorites to more recent hits. Nevertheless, its TV show selection is also quite commendable, and it includes popular shows like The Chosen, Heartland, Community, Taboo, Peep Show, Happy Endings, Start Up, Merlin, and Hell’s Kitchen.



YesMovies web page for their All TV Series category

YesMovies is another free streaming site that guarantees thousands of free movies and TV shows. The website uses a similar interface to SolarMovie that prioritizes cleanliness, but it is a complete and independent site on its own. 

To access your favorite TV shows or discover new ones, just click TV-Series on the main page. This will give you access to the entire list, with filters such as Genre, Country, Release (Year), and even quality. You can also search for a particular title, and during streaming, you can switch between servers.



123Movies web page for their TV Series Movies category

123Movies has been one of the most popular free streaming names over the last eight or so years. The original site was shut down back in 2018 over copyright infringement, but several mirrors have come up to replace it – as is the norm in the world of streaming.

Although most mirrors just come up to take advantage of their fallen predecessor, 123Movies has had some noteworthy replacements. These sites mostly use the original theme, while others have edited it but still retain the original simplistic feel. Here are some of the best 123Movies alternatives/mirrors besides


With these, you may not even miss the original site to watch your favorite TV shows online for free!



NOXX’s home page is a relatively newer streaming site, but one that can easily be your “where to watch TV shows online free” top choice. The website primarily focuses on TV and web shows, and it doesn’t even require you to create an account to keep track of what you are watching. The site also features a superb design with Home (TV Shows), Timeline, Browse, and Movies as the main sections.

The timeline section gives you TV shows according to the days in which their latest episodes were uploaded, while the other sections let you filter titles depending on what you are looking for. You won’t miss any popular TV shows, and as of this writing, you can enjoy everything without a single ad!



FMovies TV Series page

FMovies is easily one of the best sites you can use to watch TV shows online: free, no signup. The site has been around for quite some time. It comes with 10+ official mirrors that ensure the original site is always available. The site’s main page doesn’t contain any content, but it allows you to access titles according to Genre, Country, Movies, TV Series, and Top IMDB.

The TV Series section also allows you to filter titles using the above categories. You can sort them further using Recently Added, Most Watched, Name, IMDb, Release Date, and Site rating. You can also choose a link from the three servers provided and activate subtitles from a list of multiple languages.

Mirror Sites:,,,



PrimeWire’s home page showing their login interface on the right, next to the TV Shows menu tiles

PrimeWire won’t be winning any design awards any time soon, but the free streaming site does quite well in terms of the content. The website is community-focused as users rate all titles, and there are tons of reviews and discussions about each.

There are also thousands of TV shows that you can stream from the site, but the unique thing is that you will find 20+ links that you can choose from. Like the titles, all these links are voted for by the viewers, so you can quickly know the ones working best. But despite the tons of user-generated content and somehow outdated interface, the site is still easy to use, and there are only a few ads. 

Mirror Domains:,



LookMovie’s TV Shows page

LookMovie is a bit unique in that it features a fun theme, but it’s also one of the best ways to watch free TV shows online. The theme puts user-friendliness at the forefront and makes it easy to discover new titles. You can search for your favorite titles or sort the TV Series section using Genre, Year, Rating, Time, and IMDb rating filters.

From there, you can choose the quality of the video and set subtitles. As you would expect, the website has some ads, but most of them can be blocked using adblocker. There’s also an option to upgrade to premium and remove ads.

Mirror Domain:


WatchSeriesHDTV home page

WatchSeriesHDTV uses the popular WatchSeries name, but it is a completely independent site sporting its own theme. It is a one-stop site for all your series needs, and it doesn’t require any registration. You’ll come across several ads, but the site still remains very user-friendly, and most of the ads can be blocked with an ad blocker.

Apart from regular TV shows, WatchSeriesHDTV is superb for Anime fans. The site provides a huge database of anime content, including the latest, and even has several categories for the niche. That doesn’t mean you’ll miss any mainstream content, though, and you’ll have 5+ links for streaming.

Mirror Domains:,



EuroPixHD’s Trending TV Shows category page

EuroPixHD is a free streaming site with a comprehensive catalog and feature-rich design. The website features fancy graphics and buttons that are not just visual but also useful in sorting the content. The main ones are Genre, Movies, Top 50, Year, and TV Shows.

Besides that, the most impressive feature of EuroPixHD is that every title has a discussion space where you can interact with other viewers, read reviews, and generally know more about the title. You will get multiple servers, and you can also enable subtitles in various languages.



Putlocker’s web page for the All TV Series category

Putlocker is arguably the pioneer in free online streaming, and it is still going strong after more than ten years (despite being banned in several countries and put on the notorious list by Motion Picture Association). The site still maintains its iconic black and green theme and simplicity that made it popular back in 2012.

To access titles, you can navigate using a few simple sections: Genre, Country, Release, Movies, TV-Series, Top IMDb, and A-Z List. The Series section lists all titles from the latest, but you can also filter them using various filters. You can also search for the title you are looking for, and you will be able to select episode links from a minimum of three servers. You’ll come across a few adverts, but they aren’t obtrusive.

If you’re interested in seeing more websites like this, check out our updated list of Putlocker alternatives



MoviesJoy Popular TV Shows page

MoviesJoy is another well-designed free streaming site, and you will surely find what you are looking for thanks to their huge library that consists of 10,000+ titles. The interface features a minimal UI design that is easy to browse and navigate, and there are only about two ads. The main sections are Movies, TV Shows, and Top IMDB.

After you select one, you can use quality, year, genre, and country filters to sort the titles. The website also has an “Android Apk” section where they let you download CineHub apk, one of the best new free streaming Android apps.



  SockShare’s web page for their TV Series Movies category

SockShare is one of the biggest and oldest names in free online streaming, and although it’s known for its comprehensive catalog of movies, it is just as impressive for TV shows. The website is well-designed to make it easy to access titles. The main sections are Cinema Movies, New Released, Recently Added, Movies, Genres, Countries, Years, Anime Series, and TV Shows.

Apart from the design, the website’s link scrapping ability is impressive. When you open a title, you’ll get hundreds of links (literally), so you surely won’t miss a stable one. If you are having some issues with a non-popular title, is where to go.


Website: (Note: This site might be temporarily down at this time.)

HDRezka’s home page

HDRezka is originally in Russian, but the site is still super popular thanks to its reliability and the huge amount of content it provides. The site’s language isn’t much of a bother as your browser will automatically give you an option for translating it to English. From there, it will be doing so automatically. 

HDRezka presents its content on the main page to make it easy to discover titles. You will find all latest updates, and you can also filter content using Movies, Series, Cartoons, Anime, and New. As its name suggests, everything here is in HD, so you can enjoy content with a minimum of 720p.



CineB home page is another excellent destination if you are looking for the latest movies and TV shows. The site hosts thousands of titles that you can view for free with several ads. The interface is designed to be similar on both desktop and mobile, which makes browsing easy regardless of the device. The main sections are Top IMDd, Movies, TV Shows, Genre, and Country.

One of the best things about CineB is that it has an Android app, CineHub. The app makes it easier and convenient to stream movies and TV shows using Firestick and Android TV devices. Both the website and the app offer multiple servers to ensure smooth streaming.



Vudu’s web page for their Free Movies & TV category

Vudu is an official and legal streaming service owned by Fandango Media, a joint venture between NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia. The service is ad-supported, and you can stream 10,000+ movies and episodes with a free subscription.

However, you will often see that some titles are only available for rent, although the majority have a free alternative. The interface is easy to navigate through when looking for free content as there are filters for ad-supported content.



M4ufree TV Series page

M4ufree is a superb free streaming site, especially if you want to discover new awesome content. This is because the website is designed with lots of filtering options on the homepage that enable you to single down to the particular type of content you’d like. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows, and it also feature Anime and 18+ content.

The main sections also have more filtering options, and you can see the top titles for the day, week, and month. There are a few ads to support server costs, but none are obtrusive. You will then have multiple server options for streaming.



EMovies page for their TV Series category

EMovies is another site that has grown quite popular over the last few years (under the name, and it is one of the places you can find pretty much anything you are looking for. The huge library ensures that you get classics, niche content, and even the latest episodes.

The website first checks your IP address to see if you are a bot, but after that, you should have no trouble using it. The latest, highly-rated releases grace the homepage, and there are also multiple sections and filters to help you narrow down. You’ll also be able to choose between multiple servers and activate subtitles.



CMoviesHD menu tile showing their TV Series library

CMoviesHD is another site that provides huge libraries so you can watch tv shows online – free no, signup. It starts with the latest episodes

The site is well structured, with galleries of the latest episodes and suggestions for movies and TV shows on the homepage. The main page categories are Genre, Country, TV Series, Top IMDb, and Latest Releases.

To start watching, you won’t need to create an account, and the ads you’ll find aren’t so annoying, especially if you have a blocker. You will get 5+ options of streaming links.



MovieCrumbs popular TV Shows page

MovieCrumbs is another go-to site for free online streaming. The site provides thousands of movies and TV shows, and you will most likely find what you are looking for here. The homepage organizes content in a simple manner starting with the trending titles. You then move to What’s Popular, Latest Movies, and Latest TV shows. 

One of the site’s great features is that when you select a link, you will also get a download option that you can use to watch later. The downside is that there are two persistent ads that you’ll have to keep on closing, but they are small in size and on the top-right side, so they shouldn’t bother you much.



WatchMovieStream’s web page for TV Shows

WatchMovieStream is another free streaming site that you should definitely check out. The website provides a huge database of movies and TV shows, and it is frequently updated to ensure that you find the latest episodes.

The TV Shows section provides several options to discover new titles: New Seasons, Best TV Shows, Most Viewed TV Shows, and Top Rated TV Shows. All titles have all the necessary metadata, and you can change the source stream if it doesn’t work well.



MovieStars TV Shows category page

MovieStars is yet another website named “Movie,” but it features a rich TV shows section like all the listed options above. The website has a section for the recently added TV shows where you can find the latest episodes, and you can also see the entire catalog by going to the TV Shows category.

MovieStars has some annoying ads, but most of them are easily blocked by adblocker. The only major issue is that filtering options are pretty much non-existent, so you may need to know what you want and then use the search option. Note that you may not really see the latest episodes on the main page, but we found that even day-old episodes are also available.



SpaceMov’s page for TV Shows

SpaceMov is one of the most comprehensive movies and TV show streaming sites, and it features 25,000+ titles. The homepage combines both movies and TV shows under “movies,” but there’s a TV Shows section dedicated to series. However, adding further filters will still take you back to the combined categories.

That said, SpaceMov is super easy to navigate and use. All titles have all necessary information, including votes and ratings from multiple sources (not just IMDb). You can select the source for your stream, and the fact that there are only minimal ads sort of makes up for the lack of filtering options.



123Chill’s tile menu for the TV Shows category

123Chill is a fork of 123Movies, and it works quite well in providing movies and TV shows. The site features thousands of TV series, and it’s frequently updated to ensure that you can catch the latest episode.

When you select TV Shows, you can easily sort them according to Genre, Country, Release, and Quality. You will be able to stream without an account, but you can also register for one to keep track of what you are watching.



YMovies page for their All TV Series category

To conclude our exhaustive (kinda) list is YMovies, another impressive alternative site you can use to watch TV series for free online without an account. The website does not provide any content on the homepage, choosing to provide a few categories and a huge search bar.

The Series section lists everything, starting with the newest highly-rated TV Shows. However, you can use multiple filtering options provided to narrow your search or discover content that meets certain criteria. There are only a few ads, although the website could be faster.


As you can see, there are lots of options out there that you can use to watch TV shows online free. And in most cases, you won’t even need to sign up for an account. Sure, free means that you’ll come across adverts and you may be monitored by your ISP, but if you have an ad blocker and a reliable VPN, that shouldn’t be an issue. Enjoy!